Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 1

Over the past few years, Korea has risen to become one of the most significant cultural superpowers in the world. Largely off the back of the increasing popularity of the Hallyu Wave, Korean culture has taken the world by storm. However, no element of Korean culture has gained popularity faster than Kpop.

As Kpop has risen in popularity, so too have the idols and groups at the forefront of the wave. Although most famous for their music and performances, these idols have a lot of influence outside of music. This is particularly apparent when it comes to the world of Kpop fashion.

Celebrities worldwide are often responsible for creating and directing future fashion trends. However, this is even more apparent in Korea, where celebrities are more often than not defining fashion trends for years to come. For this reason, today, I wanted to introduce and discuss some recent Kpop clothing and Kpop-inspired outfits.

While I’ve already discussed Korean fashion trends for women and Korean fashion trends for men, I’ve only touched on Kpop-inspired outfits and clothing. However, idol outfits’ incredible variety and diversity deserve a separate article dedicated to the topic.

Therefore, I want to discuss everything you need to know about Kpop fashion and outfits! In this article, I will introduce some of the latest idol-inspired fashion trends and some background information. If you’re wondering where you can purchase such clothing or how to find the latest trends, I will cover everything in this post!

Before we jump into the article, I want to mention that this article mainly focuses on Kpop-inspired outfits that have become mainstream. While there are more ‘out there’ styles, this article focuses on the styles you can see on the streets of Seoul. I’ve also mainly focused on women’s fashion and outfits. This is for no reason other than I struggled to find a male model, and I have less information regarding male Kpop-inspired style.

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With two industries that move incredibly fast, Kpop and fashion, it can be hard to keep updated with the latest styles and outfits. However, a few places are ideal for finding and seeing the newest fashion from your favourite idols!

I already put together a whole article dedicated to the best online Kpop communities. So, if you are looking for a general community, I recommend checking out that article. However, if you’re looking to follow Kpop fashion and see what trends might be popular in the coming months and years, I recommend using Twitter, YouTube, and a few other websites!

Of course, when it comes to breaking news, Twitter is usually the place to find it. The same goes for the latest Kpop fashion. There are a ton of official pages and fan pages alike. Through these, you will be able to see both official photos and fan photos from which you can see the latest styles.

YouTube is also an excellent resource for the simple reason that this is where you will find music videos. Often, idols will set new trends either through official music videos or through performances posted on the video platform. As such, YouTube is a great platform to find the hottest Kpop idol outfits.

Regarding websites dedicated to Kpop fashion, I recommend checking out Inkistyle. This website is all about Korean media, and it regularly covers the latest Kpop outfits. If you are also an avid fan of Kdrama, this website also has you covered!

Soompi and Allkpop are two more sites worth checking out. While both sites discuss everything Kpop, they also regularly release fashion articles. Usually, these articles will discuss the latest outfits worn by popular groups and idols. However, sometimes they will also cover smaller groups.

Koreanfashiontrends is a website that, as the name implies, is dedicated to the hottest trends from the peninsula. This website has a good balance of images and writing, and it gives the background behind each trend and often discusses who started it. If you’re looking to keep up to date with the latest Kpop outfits, this website is worth checking out.

Reddit is also a great place to follow the latest Kpop styles. In particular, r/kpopfashion, r/kpophelp, and r/kpop are good subs to investigate. Only r/kpopfashion is dedicated to Kpop fashion, but r/kpophelp and r/kpop also regularly discuss fashion and, in the case of the former, can help you with any queries you might have.

Of course, some other websites and apps are great for finding the latest Kpop idol fashion. Tiktok, Kpop Amino, and more make a case for being good platforms to check out the latest Kpop fashion trends. However, I believe these apps and websites are all you need to keep up to date.

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 4

With how fast fashion moves, it can be hard to keep up with the latest Kpop outfits that are in fashion. With that being said, there are a few groups and idols in particular that are worth following depending on what kind of fashion you are into.

Mamamoo Kpop fashion

Firstly, Mamamoo is one group worth keeping an eye on. In particular, Hwasa and Wheein. While Hwasa is well-known for being a Kpop fashion trendsetter due to her impeccable street sense and casual, comfortable style, Wheein is also worth following.

While not as well known outside of Korea, she is considered one of the top women’s fashion trendsetters within Korea. While she regularly styles similar outfits to Hwasa, street and casual, she adds more minimalistic and elegant styles. Of course, the other members of Mamamoo have fantastic fashion sense too!

On the topic of streetwear, Jessi is another idol worth following. Hwasa and Jessi are known for having more curvy figures, and their fashion choices are great to follow for anyone with a similar body type. As such, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on Jessi – she is a Kpop outfit trendsetter for casual and street clothing.

If you are more interested in cute Kpop fashion, it’s worth following Twice, Aespa and (G)I-DLE. Each of these groups wears varying outfits from member to member and music video to music video. However, I recommend checking them out and finding an idol with a clothing taste similar to your own.

If you’re looking for a more elegant or glamorous style, Blackpink is likely where you’ll want to be looking. In particular, Lisa and Jennie are Kpop fashion trendsetters in Korea and abroad. However, even if you’re not looking for these fashion styles, Blackpink is worth following due to its vast influence over fashion in Korea and worldwide.

Red Velvet’s Joy is another fashion icon incredibly popular within the world of Kpop. She has a sense of fashion that combines youthful elements with minimalism, simplicity and a hint of elegance. Both in Korea and internationally, Joy is known for her iconic outfits.

Kpop Fashion on Super Junior

For me, when it comes to male Kpop fashion, one group dominates above all. You can probably already guess who it is. BTS! Among BTS, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope and V are mainly looked towards for the latest fashion.

Jimin is most noted for his simple-casual style. He can often be spotted wearing slacks with a simple shirt. Jimin’s style is famous because while his outfits are usually simple, they are attractive and good-looking. He will also add jackets or accessories such as hats to his look at times. I recommend following Jimin because his style is something many guys can replicate with success.

J-Hope‘s style is almost the complete opposite of Jimin’s. Jimin applies simplicity in his outfits; J-Hope often opts for a unique style with more layers, accessories, and complexity. J-Hope also tends to go for more colourful styles, making his fashion ideal for anyone looking for a more unique look.

All of the other members of BTS also have unique takes on fashion, and I recommend looking at some of their outfits and finding what agrees best with your style. If you can’t find a look from a BTS member, why not check out G-Dragon from BigBang?

G-Dragon’s style could be considered ‘out there’, but not in a bad way. No one in the world of Kpop dresses even similarly to G-Dragon, which makes his colourful and comfortable street style extremely special. Look no further than G-Dragon for the latest Kpop fashion if you want to stand out!

Mingyu from Seventeen is one of the most followed male Kpop idols due to his dress sense that follows one of the hottest trends in Korea currently, minimalism. Where Jimin tends to dress more simply, Mingyu likes to add more flair, such as wearing ripped jeans or graphic shirts with otherwise simple outfits.

This list is far from complete. This is because there are so many idols out there with fantastic fashion sense. However, I hope these suggestions can give some ideas on where to begin looking for the latest Kpop idol outfits!

If you’re looking to create some of your own Kpop-inspired outfits, there’s no need to rely on brands, especially with websites such as Fashion Chingu dedicated to finding lookalike Kpop fashion at much more affordable prices. That said, if you are looking for branded goods, these are some of the hottest brands among idols.

Please keep in mind that only Korean brands are mentioned here. While idols are often seen wearing non-Korean brands, many of those are already extremely well-known worldwide. As such, this section is dedicated to Korean brands that are popular among Kpop idols.

Fila – Fila is originally an Italian sportswear brand. However, in 2007 Fila Korea acquired Fila, and now Fila is one of the top sportswear brands in the country. A couple of years ago, Fila had a big collaboration with BTS, resulting in a range of limited-edition clothing. Since then, Fila has only become more popular, and now it can be seen worn by tons of idols – especially Fila shoes! Seriously, these shoes seem to have taken over Kpop fashion!

Gentle Monster – Gentle Monster is synonymous with Kpop fashion in 2021. Established in 2012 and popularised initially by Ji-Hyun Jun, this glasses brand is now everywhere in Kpop. Jennie has recently collaborated with them, and members from BTS have been spotted wearing these shades.

AQO Studiospace – This brand specialises in making cute clothing that is often stylized by a teddy bear outline. If you’ve seen an idol wearing clothing with such a bear, then it’s likely from AQO. Members from NCT, Red Velvet, Aespa, (G)I-DLE, and even EXO have been spotted wearing clothing from AQO Studiospace. If you’re looking to follow Kpop fashion, this brand is a must-buy!

23.65 – If you’re looking for the same shoes that your favourite idols wear, it’s worth checking out 23.65. This brand has been spotted worn by BTS and IU. In style, the shoes are primarily sneakers similar to Fila’s. However, 23.65 has a selection worth checking out!

Born Champs – Another clothing brand going for a cute style, Born Champs has recently gained a lot of attention due to idols from NCT, Seventeen, and The Boyz wearing their items. This brand has unique styles and a lot of cool collaborations with companies such as Maeil Milk and Malpyo. If you’re looking for the coolest Kpop fashion, check out Born Champs.

OIOI – If you follow Kpop closely, you probably already know about OIOI. This brand makes a range of clothing worn by some of the most popular idols, including Jungkook and Rose. OIOI clothing usually remains simple, with branding being the primary focus. However, the brand is now very iconic and well known among fans of Kpop fashion. Check out OIOI clothing here.

Engbrox – Engbrox makes all kinds of accessories that can complement almost any Kpop-inspired outfit. No matter your style, Engbrox has a ton of different accessories that have been worn by a range of idols. So many idols have been spotted wearing Engbrox accessories that I can’t list them all here!

Dominant – Recently spotted worn by members of Itzy and NCT, Dominant is a Korean streetwear brand that designs clothing that is intended to stand out and make the wearer’s outfit unique and individual. With that goal, much of Dominant’s clothing makes a statement, and it best complements street-style Kpop-inspired outfits.

Nerdy – Ah, Nerdy. Over the past couple of years, Nerdy has gone from a brand that no one knew of to one that you can’t step outside without seeing. Really, Nerdy is everywhere in Seoul! This brand specialises in creating minimalistic clothing with a few cute designs mixed in. Taeyeon recently had a collaboration with Nerdy to release a clothing range. Nerdy has risen to be one of the top Kpop fashion brands recently.

ADLV – ACME DE LA VIE, or ADLV for short, stands for the pinnacle of life in French. This philosophy applies to the clothing that ADLV releases, with comfortable streetwear that follows and creates the latest trends. With Twice sporting lots of their apparel, ADLV is a Kpop fashion brand worth adding to your wardrobe.

Kore Limited – Kore Limited is a Korean-American streetwear company that focuses on creating contemporary designs with roots in Korean history and culture. This makes Kore Limited one of a few clothing brands that create all their clothes with a deeper meaning. Recently, Kore limited has been spotted on Kpop idols and a wide range of Korean celebrities. I’ve previously worked with Kore Limited and reviewed their clothing. Needless to say, if you want more meaningful Kpop fashion, make sure to check out Kore Limited.

If you’re wondering where to purchase Kpop fashion, I have a whole post dedicated to the best Korean clothing websites. However, that post is quite broad and covers a range of Korean clothing products. If you’re looking to shop specifically for the latest Kpop fashion, there are a few sites worth checking out!

These shopping websites all focus on Korean idol outfits. Some sites sell lookalike Kpop outfits, while others sell authentic Korean brands. However, if you’re looking for a non-Korean piece of clothing, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Idols can often be seen wearing non-Korean branded clothing, but the majority of this clothing carries extremely high price tags. As such, I wanted to ensure that this list of Kpop fashion websites is accessible to everyone.

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 7

YesStyle is a website that stocks pretty much everything regarding both Kpop fashion and Korean cosmetics. This holds true when it comes to Kpop outfits, as YesStyle stocks a massive range of clothing inspired by idols and groups.

While you won’t find many more premium brands here, YesStyle has a great selection of imitation clothing. The benefit of this is that you won’t need to spend a fortune to wear an outfit identical to that of your favourite idol. Instead, YesStyle excels at providing affordable clothing for anyone – they also offer international shipping.

The website also has a blog dedicated to the latest Kpop fashion. If you’re looking for the exact clothing pieces that can be used to create a particular outfit, it’s worth checking out. The articles discuss how you can recreate outfits from the hottest music videos.

YesStyle is a great place to shop if you also want to pick up beauty products. They have a great range of the best Korean cosmetic brands, which can easily be added to your cart while shopping for the latest Kpop fashion!

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 8

Lianox is a website that isn’t dedicated to Kpop fashion but rather Asian fashion. As such, it has a massive range of clothing from trends in China, Japan, Korea and more countries. However, due to the incredible range of the website, it’s also a great place to shop for the latest Kpop style.

If you have a specific style that you are looking for, Lianox is a great website to check out. Although most of the clothing comes from China, there is a lot of fashion inspired by Kpop. While the brands aren’t the same that you would find on the streets of Seoul, the style is very similar. 

This also has the extra benefit of making the clothing from Lianox affordable. Many domestic Korean brands can be very pricey, and this website offers a great way to enter the world of Kpop fashion while remaining affordable!

Lianox focuses on women’s fashion and isn’t suitable for men looking to follow the latest Kpop clothing trends. If you’re looking for men’s clothing, read on! Anyway, if you are looking for affordable Kpop fashion for women then Lianox is an online shopping mall worth looking into.

Looking to save some money? Use the code ‘SEOULINSPIRED’ at checkout for 10% off!

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 9

Fashion Chingu is a Kpop fashion website dedicated solely (okay, that Seoul pun tempted me) to Kpop fashion – you won’t find general fashion here. In fact, I just finished a review of the website, including the shopping experience and clothing we received. If you’re looking to shop the latest Kpop styles but have an idol/group in mind rather than a specific style, Fashion Chingu is ideal.

Fashion Chingu has a range of clothing from nearly all current and famous Kpop groups and idols. Whether you are looking to find the latest Kpop fashion from BTS, Blackpink, Twice, Aespa, Seventeen, IU, or Girl’s Generation, this website has you covered. 

Fashion Chingu does not sell original clothing. Idols often wear luxury brands and products worth hundreds of dollars or more. As such, Fashion Chingu intends to provide identical-looking clothing that is still of high quality at a much more affordable price. From my experience, they do very well at achieving this goal. 

The pricing on the website is reasonable, with many items being below $40. For heavier items that inherently use more materials, such as winter clothing, prices can go higher but are often under $100. For this reason, it’s easy to recommend Fashion Chingu for anyone looking for the latest Kpop fashion.

Also worth noting is that this website offers free shipping for purchases over $60. On top of this, dispatching and shipping take under a month for most areas worldwide, meaning that you can rest assured that you will get your clothes in due time. For Kpop fashion, it’s hard to beat Fashion Chingu!

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 10

Where Fashion Chingu focuses on providing clothing similar to that which idols have been spotted wearing, Idols Fashion takes a different approach. Instead, it sells clothing merch from various groups and idols. If you’re looking for collaboration Kpop fashion, this is the place to find it.

While Idols Fashion’s selection isn’t near as big as the previously mentioned Kpop fashion websites, Idols Fashion is unique in the limited-edition fandom clothing it offers. Much of the Kpop fashion you can find here is hard to locate elsewhere.

The pricing and Idols Fashion is also very affordable. Many of the Kpop clothing items come in at under $30, making it a Kpop fashion website that is ideal for anyone looking to not spend too much.

Idols fashion also has a limited selection of Kpop merch. This selection grows and declines at times depending on what’s available. While it lacks the selection of dedicated Kpop merchandise websites, it may have some items you are looking for that can be purchased alongside clothing.

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 11

If you’re looking for the latest fashion from local Korean clothing brands, StyleupK is the best place to look. Where many other Kpop fashion websites will offer limited brands, there is often a lot of subpar quality clothing mixed in. StyleupK offers only authentic Korean brands that are popular in Korea itself.

I have had the pleasure of working extensively with StyleupK in the past and am always impressed by the quality of the clothing they offer. While the prices are often more expensive, this is because all of the items are from domestic brands in Korea – many of which have gained recognition due to idols wearing them.

Brands such as AQO Studiospace (seen worn by members of Stray Kids), 23.65 (seen worn by BTS jungkook), Born Champs (seen worn by Stray Kids Seungmin), Nerdy (designed in collaboration with Taeyeon) and OIOI (worn by Blackpink Rose) show just how many Kpop clothing items StyleupK stocks.

StyleupK can take longer to ship because they have to source all of the clothes from each brand before shipping. However, once shipped, the products are well worth it! You can rest assured that you are purchasing from an authentic Korean clothing brand. Further, StyleupK will mention if a particular clothing piece was worn by a particular idol. This makes it effortless to shop Kpop fashion from your favourite idols!

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 12

W Concept is a heavy hitter in the Kpop fashion industry. It’s one of the most well-known and trafficked fashion websites. However, while its focus is general fashion, it also has a section dedicated to Kpop outfits from different female idols.

While the website also offers an extensive selection for men, the dedicated Kpop is currently only available for women. That said, navigating through the website and finding Kpop-styled clothing yourself is still possible! It just isn’t sorted in the same easy-to-navigate format.

W Concept has an extensive range of clothing. Whether you are looking for standard clothing items such as shirts, skirts or pants, accessories or handbags, W Concept has a large selection.

On top of this, W Concept has a vast range of Korean brands on sale. Therefore, if you see an idol wearing a particular clothing brand, it’s more than likely that you can find that same brand on W Concept. While I can’t count precisely how many brands they offer, it’s easily in the hundreds.

The quality of products will largely depend on the brand. A similar situation is encountered with the price, as W Concept prices can vary greatly. The good news is that the price generally reflects the quality, and you can find authentic Korean brands here.

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 13

OKVIT is a fashion website that has a wide range of clothing. While the website isn’t dedicated to Kpop fashion exclusively, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many popular Kpop fashion pieces! On top of that, OKVIT even offers some other Kpop-related goods!

What makes OKVIT unique is that it offers a range of local brands that you won’t find on other websites listed here. Where StyleupK and W Concept focus on more prominent domestic brands, OKVIT stocks some brands that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Prices on the website are reasonable and international shipping is available. While there is no way to specifically sort by idol or group, if you have a Kpop fashion idea in mind, you are likely to be able to find it on OKVIT.

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 14

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These clothing items and styles are the overarching pieces that create the Kpop outfits mentioned below. If you’ve watched any music videos or keep up to date with Kpop, you will likely already be familiar with some of these trends!

Jelly Bear top from Born Champs.

What can I say? Denim is always in. On top of that, short shorts and skirts are trendy in Korea almost year-round (the exception being the coldest days of winter). This style is reflected in Kpop fashion, where denim shorts and skirts can be seen worn by groups from Blackpink to Twice. These items are essentials in your wardrobe if you want to follow the latest Kpop fashion!

Similar to denim shorts, plaid skirts are a mainstay in Kpop fashion. They are prevalent due to their incredible diversity – they can complement so many different outfits. While the traditional style is most common, layered and slit skirts are currently worn by many Kpop idols. During the summer months, tennis skirts are essential for anyone wanting to follow Kpop fashion.

Tweed outfits from Chuu.

Recently popularised by Itzy during one of their MVs and also worn by Hwasa, tweed two or three-piece outfits and jackets are making a comeback. Tweed pieces can give extra detail to an otherwise minimal outfit. If you’re looking for an outfit, look for a two-piece. Check out tweed blazers and jackets if you just want to highlight an outfit. Tweed is a Kpop fashion trend that looks to continue to rise in popularity over the next few years.

Long-sleeved crop top from Kore Limited.

Popularised by idols such as Jessi and Hwasa, athleisure has become a defining movement of Kpop fashion in the past few years. While Athleisure overall has been growing in popularity in Korea, Jessi and Hwasa have expedited the trend. Mixing baggy sweatpants with fitted crop tops, this Kpop fashion trend is exceptionally comfortable and easy to wear.

Blazers from Kooding

While usually confined to formal wear and suits, blazers are becoming hot in Kpop fashion as they are a great transitional piece. For a semi-casual look, blazers can be matched with jeans or other long pants. For a cuter, more summery look, blazers can even be combined with skirts or shorts. 

Blazers come in a range of styles. The traditional-length blazer is that which you’ve likely seen worn with suits. Cropped blazers – which are a few inches shorter – are also in fashion, along with longer blazers that sit slightly under a trench coat in length.

Boots have been making a strong resurgence in many forms over the past couple of years. Where military boots have been popular in street-style and cute outfits, high boots have been popular in elegant and glamorous outfits. Inspired by a range of idols – really, too many to count, thigh-high boots are a prevalent Kpop fashion trend. 

Cowboy boots are also back in fashion! Popularised by idols such as Mamamoo’s Hwasa and Itzy (Not Shy), these boots are perfect for creating a stylised vintage outfit. If you want to bring the retro into 2021, pick up some Kpop-inspired cowboy boots!

Bucket hat from Kore Limited.

It goes without saying, but crop tops are trendy outside of Kpop fashion. However, they are also prevalent within the Korean entertainment industry. Further, many idols put a unique spin on crop tops! While crop tops vary wildly in terms of looks and style, I recommend checking out what your favourite idol is sporting!

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 29

Oversized cardigans can be seen all over the Kpop industry. From Sunmi to Jimin, a member from nearly every group has been seen flaunting an oversized cardigan at some point in time! Particularly popular are knitted cardigans, a style that Lisa has recently been seen wearing. 

What makes oversized cardigans such essential wardrobe items is that they fit nearly every outfit. Wearing a crop top and denim shorts outfit? Add an oversized cardigan! Wearing a pleated skirt with a tucked-in shirt? Add an oversized cardigan! This Kpop-inspired clothing works with virtually everything!

Turtle neck sweater from NCover.

Perhaps best worn by Mamamoo’s Wheein, a trend leader for women’s fashion in Korea, the sweater vest combo has become incredibly popular. This outfit is fantastic year-round because it can be warm or cool, depending on the seater. In particular, knit vests on top of simple white, black, or mute-coloured sweaters are in fashion. Although knit vests might not be part of most wardrobes, make sure to add one to your wardrobe if you want to follow the latest Kpop fashion!

Wide-legged pants have also been around for a while, but they are usually associated with street-style or workout clothes. However, wide-legged pants have recently transitioned to becoming a popular casual outfit that is comfortable. Jennie has worn jogger pants and a crop top on many occasions to great effect. For a great semi-casual Kpop-inspired outfit, match jogger pants or track pants with a crop top. Consider mixing oversized jeans with a ruched top for a more street-style outfit!

Matching sets are very broad and can be found in nearly every style imaginable. However, there’s no denying that matching sets have recently taken off in Kpop fashion. If you’re looking for a hip, street outfit, check out this set worn by Twice members.

On the other hand, if you want something a bit more formal, you might want to follow Itzy’s style, which is a more glamorous look. However, the best part of either Kpop-inspired outfit is that they are simple! There’s no need to worry about matching outside of shoes and accessories.

For any more sophisticated look, long boots complement the outfit fantastically. If you’re going for a more street-inspired look, then skate shoes or other flat shoes such as the all-famous Adidas Stan Smith are a perfect match.

While two-piece and three-piece sets generally don’t work well as individual pieces, they make for a fantastic-looking, easy outfit. If you don’t want to spend too long considering your outfit, why not add some sets to your wardrobe?

Suits from Fromwhere

One of the most unique Kpop fashion trends in 2022, casual suits have taken over men’s and women’s fashion alike. Best worn by idols such as Sunmi, Moonbyul, IU and Lisa, these casual suits can be seen worn by idols almost daily.

While every idol puts their spin on this outfit – some prefer to match the oversized blazer with a skirt – most idols match an oversized blazer with large slacks in the same colour. Underneath, you can wear any comfortable clothing. For many idols, they choose to match a suit with an office shirt and tie (Shuhua did this to great effect).

For a more casual look (it seems odd to be discussing a suit in the context of casual outfits), consider matching the suit with a half or full tube top similar to the look in the images above!

If you pick up a suit, you can use just the blazer to create some magnificent outfits. Since blazers alone are one of the hottest Kpop fashion trends at the moment, purchasing a suit is almost like a two-in-one!

Jindo Dog crop top from Kore Limited.

This is one that you will regularly see both on idols and the streets of Seoul. High-waisted clothing is an extremely popular Kpop fashion trend and works with everything from long pants to shorts and skirts. Whether a long-sleeved button-up top or an oversized cardigan, tucked-in shirts and high-waisted clothing can be seen worn by many idols.

During summer, shorts and skirts make an appearance. The current Kpop-inspired trend is to mix ripped denim shorts with an oversized, button-up, collared shirt. This outfit strikes the perfect balance between casual and formal and makes for a great semi-casual outfit.

During the colder months, shorts can be swapped up for any kind of pants. However, while slacks and joggers work, jeans are most popular among idols. On top, an oversized cardigan can go over the tucked-in shirt to provide more warmth and add a layered look to the outfit.

Cow print coat and Aespa-inspired dress from Fashion Chingu.

Popularised by Blackpink Jisoo, cow print jackets are currently hot among Kpop-inspired outfits. While it’s possible to find different styles of this coat, cropped, normal and button-up, to name a few, the style that Jiso typically wears uses a button-up design. 

While we went with a cow print design for these photos, members of Blackpink have been spotted in a range of faux-fur coats with various prints. Members have been seen wearing leopard and jaguar prints as well as standard brown (I’m going to call this a grizzly bear print).

With these coats, the members of Blackpink have mainstreamed a fashionable yet casual style that looks great with a range of jeans. Although fitted jeans in black or blue are the best way to complement this coat, non-tapered jeans and even baggy jeans can be worn to enhance the casual look.

As for shirts to match, there are a lot of choices. Lisa matched with a simple black crop top and again with a black turtle neck. On the other hand, Jennie matched with an oversized-tucked-in white top. Both of these styles focus on the coat and make it stand out. 

Getting an animal-printed fur coat is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a great Kpop style for the colder months. They match well with a range of casual outfits and can change an otherwise minimal outfit into something eye-catching.

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 42

This particular aspect of Kpop fashion has been incredibly popular in Korea over the past two years. I even named it one of my articles defining Korean fashion trends! While the style isn’t limited to dresses, this style of dress is currently very trendy due to some idols modelling the style.

In particular, members of Aespa have recently added to the trend’s popularity. This makes a ruched dress a fantastic addition to the wardrobe of anyone looking to follow the latest Kpop outfits. 

While the printing can vary from person to person, these dresses are casual and cute. They look fabulous alone, but they also pair well with various cardigans and coats. If you’re looking for a fully Kpop-inspired outfit, matching a ruched dress with an animal print coat and military boots is perfect!

The current trend of ruched dresses is for them to be high-waist. However, with this style being extremely popular, it’s possible to find longer versions of the dress. While this style lends itself to a cute but straightforward vibe, ruched dresses can also be found in more floral and colourful styles ideal for summer.

Denim dresses are fashion pieces that have been in and out of fashion for decades. It’s about that time again, and the denim dress cycle is back upon us! Started by members of Twice and then built upon by other idols such as Yeji from Itzy, this K-pop outfit is currently very trendy.

While every idol puts a unique spin on this outfit, the most popular outfit involves matching a lighter denim dress with either heeled boots or military boots. However, some members of Twice changed up the style slightly by wearing a denim two-piece, either with denim shorts or a skirt.

This style is timeless because of the already long history of denim clothing. On top of that, it’s easy to wear! There’s no need to worry about what to match the outfit with, as all that needs to be considered is shoes and accessories. In this way, it’s a great outfit to wear when you don’t want to put too much thought into what to match.

Of course, even among denim dresses, there is a ton of variation. In my opinion, Yeji’s style looks best with the skirt and shirt two-piece that matches so well it appears as a dress. The top is a collared, long-sleeved, button-up shirt, and the skirt is a simple belted denim short skirt.

Oversized blazers from Kooding.

Oversized blazers have become a massive hit in the past year or two. This trend looks poised to grow in popularity, with idols like Blackpink’s Rose donning these coats regularly. However, this trend is not unique to Rose, with many other idols also sporting it recently.

While oversized blazers are often paired with skirts or dresses, idols such as Rose and Seolhyun look amazing, combining these formal pieces with plain denim jeans. This combination of casual and formal clothing creates a very iconic Kpop-inspired look.

For an even more extreme juxtaposition, idols such as Sunmi have combined oversized blazers with leggings and track pants. Both of these casual bottoms wouldn’t seem to work with blazers, yet somehow she makes it work, and it looks fantastic!

Sticking to the denim trend, one more outfit is synonymous with Kpop. That is the combo of a crop top and denim shorts or jeans. I can’t pinpoint a group that defined this trend because nearly every girl group has used this style in at least one song. 

Perhaps it was Girl’s Generation back in 2009 with Gee? I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, one this is for sure – this style is a mainstay among Kpop-inspired outfits. Most recently, members from groups such as (G)I-dle, Blackpink, and Aespa have all styled their own takes on this outfit.

Made famous recently by Aespa, the blue denim short and white shirt combo is trendy in Seoul during summer. Denim shorts can also match brighter crop tops if you’re looking for a cuter outfit. 

Perhaps the best bit about this outfit is it’s affordable and easy to obtain. In fact, I’m sure a lot of readers already have denim shorts and crop tops! But if not, both of these clothing items are easy to find. These factors make this one of the best Kpop outfits to try!

Like denim shorts, plaid skirts are essential for anyone wanting to replicate or build upon Kpop-style outfits. Worn by many idols over the years, I want to focus on a particular style that was popularised by Twice members.

This style combines a plaid skirt with a tucked-in bright top. In the case of Twice, yellow, pink, and cream were worn. This is all you need if you’re looking for a simple outfit! However, to add some more detail, you can layer clothing either by putting a collared top underneath or an oversized sweater on top.

These looks match perfectly with flat-soled canvas shoes (laced or velcro). While colour-matching the top and shoes make for a well-coordinated outfit, using standard colours such as white, black, and shades of grey also work well!

Slip dresses are loved among idols due to their minimalist look and comfort. They’re easy to wear, yet they look elegant. Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Yeri and Mamamoo’s Solar have all recently styled slip dresses on their Instagram pages.

The traditional way to wear a slip dress is to merely wear one (obviously!). However, if you want to go for a cute look, you can add a white, black, or otherwise colour-matched long-sleeve top underneath. This also makes the outfit a lot warmer and, for some people, more comfortable.

Following the Kpop idol outfit, this layered appearance can be matched with flat shoes such as canvas shoes. While it depends on your style, many idols match this look with tall socks that finish this pretty outfit!

Puffed sleeve clothing is a big trend in Korea recently. I named it one of the top Korean fashion trends in my article, and it’s also a big trend in Kpop fashion. Particularly famous for being worn by idols such as Joy and Jessica Jung, puff-sleeved clothing is in! Especially dresses.

While there isn’t much that can be said about puffed sleeve dresses overall due to how much they differ, it can be said that these dresses are a great statement piece. If you’re aiming for a glamorous look, these dresses can be combined with heels or boots. If you prefer a cute Kpop-inspired outfit, these dresses can be matched with flat shoes.

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 55

Looking for a Kpop outfit that can be worn anywhere? Look no further than the hooded sweater and jeans combo! While by no means unique to Kpop, this particular outfit has been sported by idols on many occasions. Perhaps most famous for this casual yet hip look is IU who started this trend that was quickly picked up by students worldwide.

IU’s outfit consisted of a simple purple hoody with a black backpack. For pants, simple ripped jeans combined perfectly with a pair of Fila sneakers. The emphasis on comfort makes this particular Kpop fashion trend extremely easy to wear, making it so popular among students.

This look is perhaps even more enhanced with chunky shoes or street-style footwear. In the end, it’s really up to your preference! However, nearly all casual footwear can look amazing with this outfit! If you happen to be a student, are travelling, or otherwise carry a backpack, it’s a fantastic choice as the backpack completes the ‘student’ look.

Nerdy Track set from StyleupK

If you want to follow Kpop fashion but also want the most comfortable outfit around, look no further! Track sets have recently gained rapid popularity due to idols such as Taeyeon (pictured above) wearing them. Due to their comfort, track sets are trendy among idols as airport clothes.

However, while track sets are often associated with ‘unfashionable’, these sets couldn’t be further from the truth. When matched with a simple shirt, track sets can be very fashionable – especially with the right footwear and accessories. I think Taeyeon does a great job of showing how good tracksuits can look.

Right now, Nerdy track sets are incredibly popular. However, there are many brands selling similar sets, so there is no need to stick with nerdy. That said, it seems as though nerdy has taken over every part of Korean fashion – from Kpop to street fashion. If you’re looking for the most hip track sets, Nerdy is a good place to start.

Kpop Fashion: 20+ Hottest Kpop Clothes and Idol Outfits 58

Whether you’re looking for a street-style outfit, a casual-comfortable outfit, or an elegant night-out look, there’s bound to be some inspiration that you can take from the world of Kpop. While it’s impossible to cover every look in a single post (or ten, or 100!), I hope this post has given you some ideas about the hottest Kpop fashion trends and outfits.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let me know! What outfits have you found particularly trendy? Who is your favourite idol to follow for the latest outfits? I’d love to hear from you, and I look to keep expanding this post in the future.

What Is Kpop Fashion?

Kpop fashion is too diverse to boil it down to one outfit. However, Kpop’s fashion style follows the hottest trends set by Kpop idols.

How Do I Dress Like a Kpop Idol?

This depends on the idol that you want to dress up like! First, find an idol with a fashion sense similar to yours. After this, you can replicate and adjust their outfit to fit your ideal look.

What Are the Hottest Kpop Outfits in 2022?

The hottest Kpop outfits in 2022 are tucked-in shirts & high-waist clothing, blazers & jeans, plaid skirts & crop tops, and athleisure.

Where Can I Find the Latest Kpop Outfits?

I’ll make sure to keep this post updated with the latest trends!

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