Korean Clothes Online – 30 Best Korean Clothing Stores!

Korean clothing has seemingly taken the world by storm, and more and more people are looking to try out the latest fashion straight out of Seoul. However, finding suitable sites to purchase Korean clothing can be hard, especially when you don’t live in Korea.

Luckily, as Korean fashion becomes more popular, there are also many places to find Korean clothes online. Where relatively few online clothing stores existed a few years ago, there are now hundreds. Even better, they are based worldwide, and many even offer international shipping!

In this article, I want to go over some of the best Korean online clothing stores that are available in English and offer complete international shipping to all destinations or ship to at least some countries outside of Korea. If you are looking for the best selection and prices, then I recommend checking out all of the Korean shopping websites on this list.

Some of the online shopping malls on this list are more niche than others. I chose to include some smaller sites that offer only their own brand line and bigger online Korean clothing sites that offer clothes from various brands. I hope that through this list, you can find the best place to purchase some Korean clothing no matter where in the world you are!

I’ve also divided the list into a few subcategories. If you are looking for the best Korean clothes website for couples, traditional, or even cheap Korean clothing, I have identified a few online stores that do well in that area. At the end of the list, I will provide a more general list of websites with a wide variety of clothing.

With that being said, let’s get into the best websites for shopping for Korean clothing online. If I missed anything on this list, I would love to hear from you in the comments on this post. Are there any websites that you would add? If so, let me know!


Korean Modern Hanbok


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Check out the top fashion trends in 2022

All of these websites offer both a version in English and international shipping. I have tried to cover a variety of price ranges and catalogues. With the sites in this list, you should be able to find all of the Korean clothing that your heart desires!

This list doesn’t contain every Korean clothing website out there – there are more, but I chose not to add some to this list. There were also many fashion stores that either didn’t offer international shipping or English sites. Let me know if this list is missing something that you believe should be added!

While all these sites offer international shipping, they vary in fees. Below I have added a table with all of the shipping fees per site. The prices below are for those in the U.S. Fees to other countries are often slightly higher, but every website offers free shipping above a specific price.


Korean Clothing Store Shipping Fee Free Shipping
66Girls Varies based on weight $200+
Blackup Varies based on weight N/A
Codibook Varies based on weight $100+ to $200+ (depends on region)
Common Unique $10 – $50 $200+
Chuu $8.99 $100+
Daba Girl $7.99 – $14.99 $69+
Dark Victory $14.99 $100+
Dint Varies based on weight $200+
Etsy Varies based on seller N/A
Fashion Chingu Varies based on weight $60
GMarket Varies based on seller N/A
Jogunshop Varies based on weight N/A
Justone Varies based on weight N/A
Kore Limited Varies based on weight N/A
Kooding $4.99 $69+
Leesle $37 $199+
Lianox Free Free
Miamasvin $10 – $20 $200+
Mixxmix $14.99 $200+
Moco Bling $15 – $30 $400+
Naning9 $5 – $25 $150+
OKVIT Varies based on weight $80+ – $120+ (depends on region)
Sthsweet $8.99 $100+
Stylenanda $10 $100+
Stylevana $6.99 $69+
The Bald Tiger Free Free
The Handsome Varies based on weight $200+
Unnie Looks $7 $100+
W Concept Varies based on weight $99+
YesStyle $6 $70+


If you haven’t already checked, Amazon also has a large variety of Korean fashion. Many brands also sell on this platform, so it’s possible to find authentic brands.





66Girls Korean Clothing Website

66Girls (Yook Yook Girls) is on the more pricey end of this budget-friendly section, but they are deserving of a place as a fantastic website to purchase Korean clothing while on a budget. 66Girls is a combination of a shopping mall and 66Made clothing. That’s to say, while they sell their own brands, they also stock a range of Korean clothing from other companies.

For the most budget-friendly clothing, navigate to 66Made and check out the 66 Basic selection. As the name implies, these pieces of clothing are fundamental and simple, but they will quickly become staples in your wardrobe. They match fantastically with various outfits, and the prices are very competitive.

Other 66Made categories, such as the 66 Knit and Activewear sections, are also affordable. While the prices in these other sections are slightly higher than the 66 Basic collection, they are still very affordable.

If price isn’t an issue, you’ll find that 66Girls has an incredibly diverse selection of Korean clothing. While no clothing on the website is costly, you will find a lot of mid-range clothing in terms of both price and quality.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of shopping for Korean clothing on 66girls is finding everything in one place. No matter what kind of outfit you are going for, you can easily purchase a complete outfit here. Unlike many websites on this list, they even sell shoes! That said, the shoes aren’t the best quality, and you’re probably better off purchasing them elsewhere.





Codibook Korean fashion website

Codibook has a fantastic selection of Korean clothing. In fact, the total number of items that Codibook stocks is listed on their homepage – currently, that number sits at 187,000 items. Needless to say, no matter what you are looking for, Codibook will have something to fit.

Despite the large clothing selection on this Korean clothes website, there is no men’s clothing. The site is dedicated entirely to women’s clothing, and you’ll find a range of both smaller and more prominent brands here. Due to the extensive range of brands, prices also vary greatly depending on what Korean clothing you are looking for.

One of my favourite aspects of Codibook is that you can check out trending outfits. If you click on the ‘trending’ tab, the site will provide you with a range of hot outfits. Each of these outfits has links to all of the individual items, ensuring that you can purchase matching outfits easily.

Codibook sells everything you need to complete an outfit – from essential clothing items to shoes and accessories. It’s entirely possible to make Codibook your one-stop shop for all of your Korean clothing needs.

The quality of clothing on this Korean clothes website is a bit better than the other websites mentioned in the budget-friendly section. It’s most comparable to 66Girls – a step above websites such as Lianox, but with an increased cost.





fashion Chingu Korean clothes website

Fashion Chingu takes a more unique spin on fashion compared to many of the other websites on this list. Whereas other websites tend to follow general Korean clothing trends, Fashion Chingu specifically follows the fashion of Kpop idols.

Since celebrities are often leading the fashion trends in Korea, you will be able to see the newest trends even before they hit the streets of Seoul. Even better, if you particularly like an idol or group, you can shop by their fashion choices!

Currently, the most-shopped idols/groups are BTS, Blackpink and IU. However, there are a ton of other groups and idols too! Are you a fan of GOT7, Hyuna, Mamamoo, or Twice? Then you can find their favourite clothes here!

Even better, Fashion Chingu stocks all kinds of clothing, meaning it’s possible to purchase all of the Korean clothes you need here. Even if you’re looking for a layered outfit, you’ll be able to find a complete outfit on this Korean clothing website!

Since Fashion Chingu follows the trends of celebrities, you will find that there is a good balance of men’s and women’s clothing here. With that being said, the clothing here is reflective of the price. My girlfriend and I received some items from Fashion Chingu, and we were happy with the quality. However, you shouldn’t expect the highest quality at this lower price.





Korean Clothes Online - 30 Best Korean Clothing Stores! 25

GMarket is a goliath of a shopping website. I can draw the best comparison to Amazon – GMarket is essentially Korea’s Amazon. This website has virtually anything you could ever want, including clothing. However, what makes GMarket stand out is that you can buy a whole range of goods here – if you want to buy some clothing along with some Kpop merchandise, Korean souvenirs, or otherwise, this is the website on which to do so.

When it comes to clothing, GMarket has a massive selection. While you won’t be able to find every brand here (many sell exclusively on their own websites), you will be able to find a fantastic range of Korean clothing products. Currently, the top fashion brands on GMarket are the likes of UPTOWNHOLIC, Secret Label, and Imvely.

GMarket also has an extensive selection of Korean fashion for men. They stock some famous men’s fashion brands, and it’s easy to purchase a whole outfit here – all the way from accessories to shoes!

GMarket doesn’t have the best website, and some parts of the site seem archaic. However, I’ve used GMarket for years and never had any issues with the website. The site is owned by eBay Korea and is one of the most trusted and trafficked online shopping websites in Korea.

Finally, it is worth noting that Gmarket sells Korean clothing from many luxury and budget-friendly brands alike. Depending on what clothing section you browse, you’ll be able to find products to fit any price range here.





Lianox Korean fashion website

Lianox is a website that I only came across recently. However, it’s quickly become a fashion website that I recommend to friends and family. Not only does it have an extensive catalogue of not only Korean clothing but a lot of East-Asian fashion, but it also has affordable prices and free shipping in most cases!

What I like about Lianox is that it sorts clothing by aesthetic. Rather than just searching for a type of clothing such as shirts or skirts, you can search by the look you want. Want a cute Korean outfit? How about a casual streetwear outfit? You can sort by these and more to find clothing that matches your desired aesthetic.

Since the clothing is sourced from many different places, the quality and price of items can differ greatly. However, the good news is that they have great reviews and many people recommend their store for any Korean clothing needs that you might have!

It is worth noting that most of the clothing from Lianox does not come from Korea. Instead, a lot of products ship from China. The products are based on Korean clothing trends, and it’s easy to find the hottest Korean clothing here. Selling from China makes the prices affordable while still providing decent quality clothing.

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect the best quality from Lianox. The clothing is available at excellent prices, and that’s the big appeal of Lianox. My girlfriend and I found all of the clothing to have acceptable quality, but this is not the best Korean clothing website for high-quality clothing.

Save 10% at Lianox with code ‘SEOULINSPIRED’





Yesstyle Korean clothes store

Perhaps the most famous Korean clothes website on this list, Yesstyle is a name that many who are interested in Korean clothing are already familiar with. Not only does Yesstyle offer clothing for both men and women, but they also offer more. You can find cosmetics, pet clothing, and even art goods on this website.

This website has an incredible variety of Korean clothing on sale, and I would guess that it has a more extensive catalogue than any other Korean clothing website on this list. However, it is worth noting that not all clothing on their site is Korean (they also offer other fashion, but they do focus on Korean clothing).

Yesstyle is an online shopping mall; therefore, they stock clothes from hundreds of different brands. This means that the price and quality of their products vary greatly. Pricing on this website starts at around $5 for some of the cheaper T-shirts, shorts, and pants. However, the quality is generally reflective of the price.

Yesstyle is a great website to check out if you are looking to dabble in Korean clothing for the first time or if you are already familiar with some brands and know what you want. They offer a great variety of cheaper clothing, but the variety can be overwhelming. For this reason, it’s great to already know some brands before using Yesstyle.

If you’re looking for the best budget Korean clothing, you’ll want to check out the hot deals section on YesStyle. This section has a range of discounts that are constantly changing. Let’s just say it’s entirely possible to put together a fantastic outfit for under $75 using the hot deals section of YesStyle.






Blackup Korean clothes website

If you shop for an outfit on Blackup, there’s no doubt you’ll stand out. The Korean clothing sold on this website has a look you won’t find elsewhere – both chic and hip, Blackup will allow you to form the street-style outfit of your dreams.

Blackup sells both its own brand (Blackup) and other brands on its website. While the focus is primarily on their own products, it’s possible to find a full outfit on this website alone. With mid-range prices and quality, Blackup is a good choice for Korean clothing – provided you are into streetwear.

The standout products on Blackup are undeniably its pants. With a range of jeans, cotton pants, and track pants (all at reasonable prices), it’s worth checking out this Korean clothes website if you’re in the market for some pants. They also make fantastic crop tops in various styles that perfectly match their range of pants!





Common unique Korean fashion store

I’m not entirely sure what Common Unique’s name is trying to imply – do they make common clothing that’s also unique? Or is the clothing unique yet common? Or are those the same things? Regardless of the name, Common Unique is a website that sells Korean clothes for women. Its style? Minimal, muted and elegant.

For reasonable prices, Common Unique will happily sell you a full outfit. This website has everything from simple shirts to mini skirts and cardigans. However, while they excel at what they do (minimalistic clothing), there is no denying they stay within that style.

That is to say; Common Unique is a one-stop-shop Korean clothing store if you appreciate the style they sell and are happy to purchase that type of clothing exclusively. However, if you want to have a shopping spree and buy a range of different styles, you’ll want to check out other clothes websites on this list.

The best bit? Common Unique is one of the most popular brands amongst idols. Not only are the clothes often spotted being worn by Korea’s most famous idols, but the Common Unique showroom was featured in a couple of Kdramas!





Etsy Korean clothing

But… Etsy isn’t a Korean clothes website! I can already hear people asking me why Etsy is deserving of a place on this list. Well, Etsy has a good range of Korean clothing worth checking out. Quality and price will vary greatly depending on the seller, but Etsy has a few unique benefits when it comes to shopping for Korean clothing.

For anyone unfamiliar, Etsy is a craft website intended for artists and product creators to sell their creations. However, it’s picked up a lot of popularity recently, and now you can find virtually anything on the website. Due to the craft-based nature of the platform, you can also find some beautiful, unique clothing here.

Pricing on Etsy is generally higher than you will find on similar websites. This is primarily because many sellers here are smaller, and the clothes are often of higher quality. On top of this, you will find many designs unique to the website that can’t be found elsewhere.

While Etsy might not be the first website to come to mind when thinking about Korean clothes websites, it is a website that should be considered. There is a massive range of clothing here, and a lot of it is inspired or based on fashion in the peninsula.





Kooding Korean clothing website

Kooding is another Korean clothing website with international shipping. Like Yesstyle and Mixxmix, Kooding is an online shopping mall that stocks a wide variety of clothing from many Korean clothing brands.

Kooding offers Korean fashion for men and women. On top of this, while the website focuses on clothing, some other items, such as phone cases, pens and pencils, and even masks, can be purchased from the site. Overall, it has a large variety of Korean goods but also has a definite focus on fashion.

Interestingly, Kooding also offers some unique Korean clothing, such as modern hanbok. Not many sites offer modern hanbok, and I’m happy to see Kooding offering it, as I love the style. They also offer some traditional Korean accessories, making Kooding stand out from the other sites on this list.

The pricing on Kooding starts at around $10. However, most of the cheaper items (such as T-shirts) begin to have a lot of choices at about $20-$30. While Kooding is more affordable than some of the sites on this list, it’s a bit more expensive than sites such as Yesstyle.





Mixxmix Korean fashion and clothes store

Mixxmix is one of the most well-known online shopping sites for Korean clothing. This website is focused exclusively on women’s fashion but also has some unisex clothing. However, if you are looking for men’s fashion, then there will not be a large variety on Mixxmix.

Mixxmix is an online shopping mall, so it contains clothing from many different Korean brands. On this site, you can find brands such as Neverm!nd, Essay, Lonely Club and more. Although you may not have heard of these brands outside of Korea, I have noticed at least a few of them in my time here.

The pricing on Mixxmix is in the middle for Korean online shopping sites. Some of the cheaper clothing items start at around $10. However, the more expensive items will go up into the hundreds. With many shirts, dresses, and pants starting at approximately $15, you can find both cheaper and more expensive clothing here.

Mixxmix offers a huge variety of clothing – provided you are searching for women’s clothing. They have one of the more extensive catalogues out of the shopping sites on this list, and they are one of the better choices if you are looking for a single site to buy everything from.





OKVIT Korean clothes store

When it comes to Korean clothes, OKVIT is one of the most well-known clothing websites and for good reason. It has an extensive collection of clothing from tons of Korean brands. In fact, many of the brands you find listed in this article will also sell their products on OKVIT!

Since OKVIT is a large website, it stocks men’s and women’s fashion in nearly every imaginable style. Whether you’re looking for streetwear or a new semi-formal outfit, you’ll be able to find it on this Korean clothing website. Some brands will even have cheaper products on OKVIT than on their own websites.

Further, due to the large variety on this website, you’ll be able to find clothes fitting every price range. While it’s entirely possible to pick up a complete outfit for under $100, it’s also possible to spend significantly more if you’re looking for higher-quality clothing.





Sthsweet Korean clothes store

Sthsweet is an online Korean clothing store that is owned by the same company as Chuu. Where Chuu specialises in its clothing line, Sthsweet is an aggregation website selling a wide range of popular Korean brands. This includes, of course, Chuu!

On their website, you can expect to find clothes from JustOne, Dabagirl, Cherrykoko, Choper, and more. I appreciate that Sthsweet makes the brands very obvious, making it easy to find and follow brands with a clothing style that you like.

In regards to pricing, Sthsweet sits in the middle. While their clothes aren’t as cheap as websites such as YesStyle, they also aren’t as pricey as some of the more expensive sites on this list. All in all, the prices are reasonable from Sthsweet.

Sthsweet also offers a range of other items, such as K-beauty products, accessories, and masks. This makes them a great one-stop shop for anyone looking to stock up on Korean beauty and fashion products!





Stylevana Korean clothes website

Stylevana is a bit unusual on this list because this is a Korean clothing online store that doesn’t focus on clothing. Instead, it focuses a lot on makeup and skincare – I recently included them on my list of the best Korean cosmetic websites also. However, they do also offer a decent variety of Korean clothing, and you can find some nice clothing here.

Worth noting is that Stylevana is, again, a women’s only site. While they offer some clothes, they also don’t provide the variety that many other sites on this list offer. That said, they are an excellent choice for anyone looking for clothing and cosmetics in the same place.

At the time of writing this article, Stylevana did have some categories without options (or with very few options). For this reason, I would not recommend Stylevana for Korean clothes alone. However, it’s still worth checking out as new products are continually added!

The pricing on Stylevana is reasonable and on the cheaper end of the fashion websites on this list. Many items are available in the $10-$25 price range, and most of the items on the site are cheaper. However, there aren’t as many items available.





Unnie Looks Korean clothing store

If you’re looking to stock up on some Kpop fashion, Unnie Looks is the Korean clothes website for you. Focusing on women’s clothing, Unnie Looks is easily navigatable and affordable. Not only that, but you can sort looks by your favourite idols and groups.

Currently, Unnie Looks stocks clothing from big groups such as Blackpink, Twice, Red Velvet, Itzy, Everglow, SNSD, IU and more. If any of these idols are among your favourites for fashion, you’ll be able to find their inspired outfits here.

Clothing on Unnie Looks is moderately-priced. While some websites are more affordable (such as Lianox), there are also many more pricey options. Therefore, Clothing Unnie strikes a good balance between affordability and quality.

Another attractive appeal of Clothing Unnie is that they have an email list providing the latest fashion updates from the Kpop world. Once Clothing Unnie has sourced the trendy clothing, they will release an email update showing the new stock.

Save 10% at Clothing Unnie with code ‘SEOULINSPIRED’





W Concept Korean clothes website

W Concept is one of the biggest fashion websites in Korea – in fact, it’s usually within the top three. This is because it offers a vast variety of clothes from many brands. You will be hard-pressed to find a website with a more extensive variety of clothing.

W Concept offers a U.S website that has both Korean and non-Korean brands. While the U.S version of the website features different clothing to appeal to American shoppers, you can still find many Korean brands on the website using the search bar.

You will find many Korean brands on W Concept that you can’t find on any other website. Even better is that W Concept offers a wide range of beauty products from famous Korean cosmetic brands such as COSRX and Hera.

W Concept’s biggest appeal to many is the website’s ease of use. Korean websites are generally not great (quite the contrary), and oftentimes, they are not user-friendly at all. W Concept functions much more like a ‘good’ website that is readily useable and navigatable.






Dint Korean clothing website

The problem with luxury Korean clothing brands is that they often lose touch with what is actually trendy in Korea. While there are a lot of high-end brands out there, very few of them actually remain ‘Korean fashion’ as opposed to luxury fashion. For this reason, I appreciate what Dint is doing.

Dint is a luxury Korean clothing store that stays in touch with the clothing that you will see worn on the streets of Seoul. While many of the items on sale here are more lavish, they are still variants of trends that are actually popular in the country.

Pricing on Dint is reasonable for a high-end brand too. It’s entirely possible to pick up a layered outfit for a couple of hundred dollars. Compared to other Korean designer brands, this pricing is very competitive. However, despite being a bit more affordable, the quality of Dint clothing remains fantastic.

Also, unlike most Korean luxury clothing stores, Dint allows you to pick up everything that you need in one place. They sell everything from shoes to accessories – you don’t need to shop elsewhere! Provided, of course, that cost isn’t an issue.





Leesle Korean fashion website

Looking for something a bit more high-end? Looking to add some traditional Korean elements to your outfit? Well, you can’t beat Leesle. This Korean clothes website has become incredibly popular recently due to its fusion of traditional and contemporary clothing.

Leesle offers clothing for both men and women, and both sets of clothing are inspired by the traditional Korean hanbok. This influence is visible across all of Leesle’s clothing and is what makes clothing from this Korean clothes store so unique and special.

Prices here are higher than most sites on this list, with many items costing hundreds of dollars. That said, all the clothing is exceptionally high quality, and you certainly get the extra quality that you pay for. Further, many of the clothes you can purchase here have been spotted worn by Korean celebrities.

There’s no better Korean clothing store to shop on if you want genuinely iconic clothing that blends the past and present so well. While hanbok itself is challenging to wear in modern life due to its weight and size, these contemporary twists bring life to traditional clothing in the modern world.





The Handsome Korean clothes store

The most expensive Korean clothing store on this list, The Handsome gets its place for the same reason as Dint. Where many luxury brands quickly lose touch with trends from regular people, The Handsome manages to put a luxury spin on clothing that you can actually see being worn in Korea.

The Handsome sells clothes for everyone and has catalogues for both men and women. They also have a similar design philosophy across both sets of clothing – simple clothes that create a minimalist look. However, these are some of the highest quality minimal clothes that you can currently find.

While The Handsome focuses on simple clothing, they do also have a couple of collections that fit more into the streetwear category. These collections are renewed from time to time, and it’s essential to check out the store regularly to see if there have been any new releases.

Whether you’re looking for simple clothing or Korean streetwear, The Handsome has you covered – as long as you’re looking on the luxury side. Its clothes are contemporary spins on big fashion trends in Korea, making it a Korean clothing store well worth checking out.






Chuu Korean clothing and fashion website

Like Stylenanda, Chuu is a website that offers a variety of clothing but mainly focuses on its own brand. In particular, Chuu is famous in Korea for its jeans. These jeans are aptly named the -5kg jeans, making the wearer look skinnier.

On top of the jeans, Chuu also offers a variety of other clothing. While there is no denying that their jean line is their primary focus, Chuu also offers all kinds of fashion for women, from tops and pants all the way to phone cases. They also have limited edition goods in the way of collaborations.

As per many of the sites on this list, Chuu offers only clothing for women. The pricing is reasonable but slightly higher than the shopping malls such as Yesstyle and Kooding. The average prices for clothing are around $30, but there are some cheaper items such as shirts and some jeans.

However, this price is justifiable when looking at the quality of the products from Chuu. For the relatively low prices, the quality is fantastic. Even compared to the more pricey Korean clothing on this list, Chuu can hold its own.





Dabagirl Korean clothes store

As the name implies, Dabagirl is another Korean clothing shopping website aimed at women’s fashion. Dabagirl is both its own clothing store and an online shopping mall combined. Dabagirl clothing is common on the site, but other brands can also be found. You can also find Dabagirl clothing on other Korean clothing websites.

As with all of the Korean shopping websites on this list, Dabagirl offers international shipping to most of the world. The site also has an English version that is easy to use and makes shopping on Dabagirl very straightforward.

Although Dabagirl only offers women’s fashion, they also offer accessories to complete the outfits. They offer everything from handbags to Korean jewellery and other accessories. You can easily purchase an entire outfit here if that’s what you want!

Price-wise, Dabagirl is one of the more expensive Korean clothing shopping malls. While the prices are lower than many shopping sites that sell a smaller variety, Dabagirl tends to be more expensive than the other large shopping sites such as Yesstyle.

Therefore, I don’t recommend shopping for other brands on Dabagirl. However, if you’re looking for Dabagirl branded clothing, there is no better place to find it than on their own website! Prices for Dabagirl products tend to be a bit cheaper here than on other Korean clothing websites.





Dark Victory Korean clothing store

Dark Victory offers some of the most trendy clothing from Korea. Specialising primarily in Korean streetwear, Dark Victory also offers a range of other clothing – particularly if you are looking for casual Korean clothes. What is for sure is that this store offers a range of very unique clothing options that you won’t find elsewhere.

Dark Victory offers a wide range of women’s fashion. Prices range from under $10 to over $100, meaning many affordable and premium options exist. On top of this, you can find both Dark Victory’s clothing brand and other brands sold on the website.

Most clothing from the Dark Victory brand is very hip and contemporary. This allows Dark Victory to set itself apart regarding outfits – Dark Victory clothing is very eye-catching and makes a statement. Even when it comes to more ‘common’ clothing such as dresses, Dark Victory puts a unique spin on them to ensure that you’re outfit always stands out.

Interestingly, it seems that Dark Victory also stays updated with Korea’s most recent fashion trends better than other sites. This is an excellent website to check out if you are looking for the latest trends!





Jogun shop Korean clothing website

Unfortunately, many Korean fashion websites on this list cater only to women. However, this website is one of the few on this list that sells Korean clothing exclusively for men. So, if you’re a guy looking to follow the latest trends, this is the website for you!

But why shop on Jogunshop? Well, there are a few good reasons! Firstly, the prices are reasonable. Whether you want an affordable suit or are looking to put together a casual outfit, you’ll be able to find them well-priced here.

Perhaps more importantly, however, are that the products are of good quality – especially for the price. You’ll notice that most products on the website are annotated with ‘Made by Jogun’ or ‘Jogun_Made’. Clothes indicated in such a way are made by the company and – from my experience – are of decent quality.

While Jogunshop does stock a few different styles, there is no denying they focus on minimal and semi-formal men’s wear. This style is a big men’s fashion trend in Korea, and if you appreciate the current trends in Korean fashion, this is the place to shop!





Justone Korean clothes store

Justone is a Korean online shopping site for clothing that is slightly different from the other sites on this list. I only recently came across this site, but it stood out as the catalogue is quite different from many of the other shopping sites on this list.

Justone is another site offering only women’s clothing. However, the clothing it offers is different from most other sites as the clothing goes for a more elegant look. Despite this, the prices are still affordable, and some shirts are under $20, with many options under $30.

Justone also has its own fashion line, and this line is at the forefront of its website. Their own clothing is found along with some other brands, which is generally a bit more expensive. However, the quality of their clothes is generally high, and the extra price can be worth it.

Justone clothing can be found on many other Korean clothes websites on this list. However, you’ll find better prices if you purchase from the brand itself. That said, sometimes it’s worth shopping on more prominent clothing websites because you can bundle your Justone clothes with other brands.





Kore Limited Korean clothes shop

Kore Limited is a brand that has become extremely popular recently. I’ve personally tried their clothing, and I must admit, I’m a fan. Recently many celebrities have been spotted wearing their clothing, and it seems like they are getting more popular by the day. If you want the hottest Korean clothing – especially streetwear – make sure to check out Kore Limited.

Kore Limited is a Korean streetwear brand that offers clothing for both men and women. They even have some options for children! Since Kore Limited is a streetwear brand, they offer just street-style clothing. However, even if street fashion isn’t your thing, I recommend checking them out because they have some very unique and iconic designs.

New catalogues are released every season, so it’s worth checking out the website regularly. You never know what you will find, and I often find new designs that I like every season. On top of this, it also means that some of the designs are limited edition.

Kore Limited is a bit more pricey than some of the other Korean online clothing stores on this list. Since they offer only their own clothing, and they are generally a more premium brand, this makes sense. However, from my experience, the quality of their clothing is always very high.

A word of caution – when shopping on Kore Limited, make sure to purchase clothing you like as soon as possible. It seems like a lot of their clothing is single-run, so once it’s sold out, you won’t find it on sale again. This is especially true when it’s nearing the end of the season.





Miamasvin Korean clothing website

Miamasvin is a Korean clothing website that works similarly to Stylenanda and Justone. While they stock clothing from various brands, they focus on their own brand. Therefore, you will notice Miamasvin’s own brands at the forefront of this Korean clothes website.

The brands that are created by Miamasvin are Malrang Pants (which is a range of jeans) and Mi&You (semi-formal clothing). Both of these brands stand out as Malrang creates iconic baggy jeans and pants that have recently taken off in Korea. On the other hand, Mi&You is the brand for Miamasvin’s semi-formal clothing – if you’re looking for something elegant, this is the Korean clothing website to check out.

Prices on Miamasvin are slap-bang in the middle of this list. While it’s possible to find cheaper clothing from other brands, most of Miamasvin’s own clothing is mid-range, with prices reflecting this. Expect to pay $50-$70, depending on the clothing you are looking for.

Both of its own brands are still relatively small, and the selection is somewhat limited. You will find only a page or two of Korean clothing from each brand. However, despite having a limited selection, Miamasvin is worth checking out due to its unique spin on fashion.





Moco Bling Korean fashion store

Moco Bling is a Korean clothing website stocking four different brands – ILOVEMOCO, MOCODENIM, MOCOSTREET and MOCOISLAND. As you may have already guessed, all the brands are under the Moco Bling umbrella, so everything sold on this website is unique.

So, what do the brands offer? Well, a bit of everything! ILOVEMOCO is a brand that focuses on chic, feminine clothing. You’ll find a range of cardigans, crop tops, knitted sweaters and the like here. This is the brand you’ll want to check out for a cute or elegant look!

The other three brands are a bit more self-explanatory. MOCODENIM focuses on denims (primarily jeans and shorts) but lacks the diversity of the other brands. Luckily, you can purchase your Korean-style denims alongside some streetwear from MOCOSTREET.

Finally, if you’re heading into the summer, you’ll want to check out MOCOISLAND. This one focuses on swimwear and has a wide range of chic outfits ready for the beach! Whether you would prefer to opt for a conservative look or don’t mind revealing a bit more, MOCOISLAND has something for you!





Naning9 Korean clothes website

Naning9 is one of the biggest branded Korean clothing stores on this list. Where most websites add some off-brand clothing to make expand their catalogue, Naning9 simply has a massive selection of its own clothing. Even better, this clothing is priced affordably!

Due to the vast size of Naning9’s collection, you can find virtually any look here. Although the website is dedicated to women’s clothing, if you’re looking for anything for women, you’re in luck! Casual, semi-formal, and even some formal clothing can be found here.

In terms of aesthetics, Naning9 offers a wide range of looks. While most of their clothing is either casual or semi-formal with a hip, contemporary look, you can find minimalist outfits and more refined Korean clothing if that is what you are after.

A highlight of shopping on Naning9 is the wide pants offered as part of the N9 Label Pants line. These pants are stunning and fit summer and spring outfits fantastically – they are comfortable to wear and fit the feeling of the warmer months.





Stylenanda Korean clothes

Stylenanda is a brand that I see a lot in Korea. While I don’t know anyone who has tried their clothing themselves, the brand is familiar to many people. Stylenanda offers international shipping and an English website but only provides Korean clothes to women.

The site has a vast variety of clothing, and impressively much of this clothing is from their own brand. Any clothing from the Stylenanda brand will have the name in the picture, making it easy to identify what clothes are theirs and what they are just selling.

The cheapest products on Stylenanda begin at under $20. From there, prices go up depending on the exact product. While many affordable options are available, Stylenanda also has more premium choices with more pricey clothing.

In the past couple of years, Stylenanda has blown up. Whether you’re looking for an elegant or charming outfit, Stylenanda has become one of the hottest clothing brands in Korea. Nowadays, Stylenanda is often a trendsetter for clothing in Korea.





The Bald Tiger Korean clothing website

Somewhat similar to Kore Limited in concept but very different in execution, The Bald Tiger provides clothing with a unique twist. As the name implies, the goal of The Bald Tiger clothing is to infuse both American and Korean street-wear elements into each piece of their clothing.

Using many elements of Korean culture, such as tigers, goblins, and yin and yang clothing from The Bald Tiger instantly stands out and is recognisable from their unique designs. Not only will you not find these designs anywhere else, but the clothing all has a contemporary design that is ideal for matching with streetwear.

The Bald Tiger offers clothing for everyone and constantly expands its catalogue. Currently, their catalogue is more limited than some sites on this list as they sell only their own brand. However, there are new clothes being released every few months, and the catalogue is sure to grow in the coming months.

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Korean Clothes Online - 30 Best Korean Clothing Stores! 26


Image from Etsy Privatecraft store.

One of the most exciting trends to come out of Korea is that of couple’s clothing. If you aren’t already familiar with the concept, couple’s clothing involves matching shirts, shoes, hats, or other clothing items for both partners. While sometimes the two pieces of clothing will be identical, other times they will be inverted (for example, one partner will wear a black shirt with a white image, and the other will wear a white shirt with a black image).

Couple’s clothing isn’t everyone’s thing, but it is pretty popular in Korea. I often see a few couples wearing it every day, and I have seen the trend begin to spread overseas. If you are looking for something less obvious, why not try couple’s shoes or hats?

The best Korean clothing store for couple’s clothing is Etsy. They have a massive range with many exciting and unique designs. I recommend checking out Etsy first, as they have reasonable prices and designs that you won’t find elsewhere.


      • Etsy (biggest variety)

      • Yesstyle (a few options with good prices)

    • Gmarket or 11 Street (much larger variety of couple’s clothing)




2021 Korean Fashion Ribbed Dress

Although many Korean clothing websites can be quite pricey due to the costs of obtaining the clothes and sending them, some websites offer Korean clothing at affordable prices. However, keep in mind that cheaper clothing may be of lesser quality.

If you are looking to find cheap Korean clothes online, I recommend checking out the larger shopping malls that offer a wide range of clothes. Yesstyle offers the cheapest clothing and has the most extensive variety of it. However, the quality tends to be slightly lower than the other Korean clothes stores.

Another site worth checking out for cheaper Korean clothing is Mixxmix. However, this site does only offer women’s fashion. If you are searching for cheap women’s fashion, it’s a great choice!

Finally, the larger shopping malls with international shipping are also worth checking out if you are looking for cheaper clothing. 11 Street and Gmarket are good choices with a lot of variety – just make sure to sort the clothes by those that offer international shipping!


      • Yesstyle (large variety and cheap pricing)

      • Mixxmix (big selection of women’s clothing)

      • 11 Street or Gmarket (huge variety, but limited international shipping)

    • Amazon (many Korean brands also sell here)




Modern Hanbok Korea 2020 Fashion

Looking to find some hanbok online? Luckily there are a few sites that have you covered! Hanbok prices can vary greatly – you can find the cheapest, starting at around $30, while some cost over $1000! There are also two different types, traditional hanbok and modern hanbok.

Traditional hanbok is what you usually see photos of, and it’s what you can hire at many locations in Korea. On the other hand, modern hanbok is a more contemporary style of hanbok that is made for regular wear. Modern hanbok is generally cheaper as it is a cut-down version of traditional hanbok.

For traditional hanbok, the best online stores to search are HanbokSarang, The Korean In Me, and Jote Ta (for children’s hanbok). HanbokSarang is the most pricey but also the best quality. The Korean In Me makes more affordable hanbok, and Jode Ta has a good selection if you are looking for a hanbok for children.

If you are looking for modern hanbok, you can find it on sites such as Kooding, Yesstyle, and Leesle. Yesstyle is generally the cheapest store to find modern hanbok, followed by Kooding. Leesle offers the most contemporary styles of modern hanbok, but it is also more pricey.

Want to learn more about modern hanbok and where to find it? Check out this complete guide on modern hanbok.


      • Kooding (cheaper options with a vast variety)

      • Yesstyle (cheapest options with a large variety)

      • Leesle (contemporary hanbok that is more unique)

    • Amazon (also sells some of the hanbok listed above)




Korean Clothes Online - 30 Best Korean Clothing Stores! 27

You may have already noticed, but most of the sites on this list are for women’s and adult fashion only. It can actually be tough to find Korean clothing for children online. It took me a while to find some stores that offer a decent variety of clothing.

The best selection of Korean clothing for children online is from Kkami. However, you can’t view the prices without logging in, and I am not a fan of this system. If you are not wanting to make an account just to view the website, Kkami may be worth skipping.

Kooding has some clothing for children. However, the selection is limited. If you search for kid’s clothing on the website, you should come across a small selection of clothing for children. Perhaps the best website for children’s clothing (especially if you just want to browse) is Minitotz. They offer a large range and are focused on children’s clothing.


      • Kkami (largest variety but requires a login)

    • Minitotz (large variety with a range of prices)






Seoul Angeles shirt from Kore Limited

Looking for some Korean clothing for men? Then make sure to check out Kore Limited, Yesstyle and Kooding. They all offer a large variety of men’s clothing, and they cover most price ranges among the three websites.

Kore Limited is an excellent choice if you are looking for men’s streetwear. StyleupK is a good choice if you want brands that are common in Korea – I often see many of the brands on StyleupK on the streets of Seoul. Finally, Yesstyle and Kooding are good if you want to look through many different brands and are looking for cheaper clothing.

Yesstyle has the largest variety of men’s fashion. However, as per usual, the quality can vary a lot. Kooding is generally a bit higher quality, but the prices are also higher. Between these sites, however, you can find a lot of Korean clothing for men online.





What Are the Most Popular Sites to Buy Korean Clothes Online?

The most popular sites are Yesstyle, Kooding, Mixxmix and Chuu. However, many other smaller sites offer a great selection of Korean clothes.

Where Can I Buy Korean Clothes Online?

This post lists the u003ca class=u0022keychainify-checkedu0022 href=u0022https://www.seoulinspired.com/korean-clothes-online/u0022 data-type=u0022postu0022 data-id=u00227637u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003ebest u003c/au003eonline stores to buy Korean clothes.

What Sites Have International Shipping?

Many Korean clothing stores offer international shipping. Some examples are Yesstyle, Kooding, Mixxmix, u003ca aria-label=u0022Kore Limited (opens in a new tab)u0022 class=u0022rank-math-link keychainify-checkedu0022 href=u0022https://korelimited.com/?rfsn=4039808.32f8c8u0026amp;utm_source=refersionu0026amp;utm_medium=affiliateu0026amp;utm_campaign=4039808.32f8c8u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopener nofollowu0022u003eKore Limitedu003c/au003e, u003ca aria-label=u0022Styleupk (opens in a new tab)u0022 class=u0022rank-math-link keychainify-checkedu0022 href=u0022https://www.styleupk.com/?ref=b3rdbe3_upgfu0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopener nofollowu0022u003eStyleupku003c/au003e, and more.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Korean Clothing Online?

The best sites to buy cheap Korean clothing online are Yesstyle, Mixxmix, Kooding, and larger shopping malls such as 11 Street and Gmarket.

What Fashion Websites Are Popular in Korea?

While all of the sites in this list are popular, the most popular are Mixxmix, u003ca href=u0022https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1328758u0026amp;u=2659735u0026amp;m=87126u0026amp;urllink=u0026amp;afftrack=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 aria-label=u0022Stylevana (opens in a new tab)u0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopener nofollow sponsoredu0022 class=u0022rank-math-linku0022u003eStylevanau003c/au003e, u003ca href=u0022https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1235953u0026amp;u=2659735u0026amp;m=82268u0026amp;urllink=u0026amp;afftrack=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 aria-label=u0022Stylenanda (opens in a new tab)u0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopener nofollow sponsoredu0022 class=u0022rank-math-linku0022u003eStylenandau003c/au003e and Chuu.

Where Can I Buy Traditional Korean Clothing Online?

If you are looking to buy traditional Korean clothing such as Hanbok or u003ca aria-label=u0022modern hanbok (opens in a new tab)u0022 class=u0022rank-math-link keychainify-checkedu0022 href=u0022https://www.Seoulinspired.com/korean-modern-hanbok-guide/u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003emodern hanboku003c/au003e then I recommend checking out u003ca aria-label=u0022websites like Joteta (opens in a new tab)u0022 class=u0022rank-math-link keychainify-checkedu0022 href=u0022https://joteta.com/?ref=Seoulinspiredu0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopener nofollow sponsoredu0022u003ewebsites like Jotetau003c/au003e and TheKoreaninMe.

Where Can I Learn More About Korean Fashion?

If you want to learn more about Korean fashion, it might be worth checking out the u003ca class=u0022keychainify-checkedu0022 href=u0022https://www.seoulinspired.com/korean-fashion-trends/u0022 data-type=u0022postu0022 data-id=u00227236u0022u003ecurrent fashion trends in Koreau003c/au003e.



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  1. I dont recommend ordering on kooding, send some stuff back and its almost 1,5months since they got it but still didnt check and refund. Never had such a bad customer service!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences Isabel. It sounds like a few people have had issues with Kooding…

  2. Do not order from Kooding!

    I did and I really regret it. I paid for the shipping (even though I ordered for almost 300 dollars… on many other websites, the shipping is free once you’ve shopped more than 100 dollars) and then the delivery service they chose (you don’t have a word to say on that matter) asked me 100 dollars to deliver the package to me! I don’t usually spend this much in shopping but I thought I would treat myself as I really liked their product but it was still a great deal for me. So asking me 100 dollars in addition to their 20 dollars shipping, it was way too much.
    So I asked them to please cancel my order (as it was not even shipped yet) because I don’t wish to spend almost 500 dollars in clothes.. and they refused saying that I was too blame and they didn’t want to hear anything.
    I agree that it was written there could be fees but I never expected this much, on this part I can be to blame maybe but the fact they don’t even try to understand you and let you in your problems… I think this is terrible.

    Also I already had some mails exchanged with them as many of the products they display on their websites are often out of stock so it’s often disappointing and they take a very very long time just preparing your order.

    Anyways they’re not customer friendly and seem very greedy to me. I’ll stick to the other websites I usually order from.

    Sorry for the long post, I’m still a bit annoyed and I don’t want anyone else to be in the same situation so I’ll warn as many people as I can.

    By the way, I don’t post this expecting that you will all take my side ^^. I really tried to write in all honesty what happened so you can all have your own opinion on the matter and decide if whether or not you are ready to order from them. I, personnally, do not recommand it at all.

    1. Hello Solene,

      I am sorry to hear about you experiences – that sounds terrible! Thank you for sharing, I hope it’s helpful to others that may be planning to purchase clothes on Kooding.

      What websites do you normally order from? I would love to hear as I can add them to this article if they aren’t already there 🙂

  3. I usually shop on Yesstyle almost every single day but I don’t buy anything. I just save them so that I will buy them once I am ready. When I went back to try to buy it, the website is different now. It is all word and white background. It is not the same as it was before, I am scare to buy thing from a page that is not the same anymore. So I stop. If the website developer fix it, then I will go back to buy what I save up but now, I don’t want to anymore. It is like someone will hack your account if you order the yesstyle website that is not the same anymore.

  4. I bought 3 pieces of clothing from Soomin Clothing and they are a CON! I paid for 3 pieces of clothes and only 2 were shipped. When I opened them, the cutting was horrible and the size was not the usual size. I ordered size M and they look more like XL. And guess what? Those clothes were from a recent retail shop that has closed in Malaysia – Forever21! And the clothes were made in China! When I complained, and want to send back the clothes, asking for a refund, there was no reply from them. All they did was to refund me for the piece of blouse that was not sent, minus bank charges! No email to apologise or to explain or to see if I could change the clothes for a smaller size. Such bad customer service. I hope you review them and take them off your list!

  5. I’m huge on Kbeauty, but so interested in Korean fashion, too. This post was super helpful! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  6. Hey, a lot of these websites are unreliable. Ones like Chuu, Mixxmix, and Dark Victory are reliable and have their own designs. Lianox, Fashion Chingu, Unnie Looks, and more, are not reliable. They are resellers who mark up these clothes from aliexpress and other cheap companies. The quality is not there.

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