Born Champs Korean Clothing Review

Korean Woman Wearing Born Champs Jelly Bear Shirt

One of the most exciting aspects of Korean fashion is that it’s dynamic and ever-changing. Not only are the local fashion trends constantly evolving and changing, but there are always new brands popping up and bringing new ideas to the industry. The brand that I want to talk about today, Born Champs, is one of these brands. 

Born Champs was founded in 2020 in Seoul. Despite being a newer brand, they already have a wide variety of products on sale. Currently, their collection includes everything from tracksuits to hats – of course, they also have t-shirts, shorts, and everything else that you would expect. 

What makes Born Champs unique among other Korean fashion brands is that they are revitalising many past trends, primarily from the ’80s and ’90s. They are then infusing a modern feel into the clothing and creating a catalogue full of clothing that combines ever-green trends with a contemporary touch. In this way, the clothing is very iconic and easily recognisable. 

With summer recently arriving in Korea, many people are looking to update their wardrobes. Born Champs is a great choice as they offer a wide range of bright and colourful summer clothing. While they sell items for other seasons too, I will focus on their summer collection in this article.

If you are looking to revamp your wardrobe with some of the most recent Korean fashion make sure to check out Born Champs at StyleupK. If you want to learn more about what’s new in Korea, I also have an article on the most recent fashion trends in Korea as well as Korean men’s fashion trends.

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Although Born Champs is a relatively new brand, they already have a large range of clothes available. As I previously mentioned, I will only cover their summer clothing in this article. However, they do have a range of clothing that is suitable in the colder months also.

While I feel that Born Champs excels in their lighter clothing (shirts and shorts) due to the designs that they use, you can also find outer-wear. This outer-wear comes in the form of down jackets, hoodies and rain jackets.

On top of this, the company also has a range of interesting accessories with both cute and elegant styles. If you are looking for anything from an air-pods case to a cap then Born Champs probably has something that will interest you!

Overall, besides shoes you can already purchase a full outfit from Born Champs. This collection will only be expanded upon in the future and it’s worth checking out StyleupK to see what new designs they are releasing.

Mentioning StyleupK, I recommend them for anyone living overseas who is looking for authentic Korean fashion. I recently wrote an article covering the best websites to purchase Korean fashion from and StyleupK is one of the few websites that offers only authentic brands. On top of this, they have affordable shipping fees and other benefits through their membership program.

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In total, I received 7 items from Born Champs that I will be reviewing in this article. This selection included four of their new tie-dye shirts, a two-piece outfit and two other t-shirts. I will cover each piece of clothing in more detail below, so please keep reading for specifics.

However, if you’re looking for a quick recommendation then I can safely say that I recommend the Korean fashion from Born Champs. The items can be a bit more expensive than other brands, but they quality is very high for both the printings and materials. The designs are also unique and you will have trouble finding anything similar elsewhere!

With that being said, let me get into each product individually…

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My personal favourite design from Born Champs was the tie dye style. I tried four different colour variations of the shirt. Red, purple + blue, pink + blue and grey + black. Yeah… You can probably tell that I loved this design. 

Tie dye has been popular for decades, and it’s truly one of the most cemented trends in an industry that usually moves rapidly. While tie dye has always been around, it died down in popularity a bit in recent times. However, since 2020 it’s taken off and even websites like BBC have included it in their list of the biggest 2021 fashion trends.

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All of this is to say that tie dye designs are back. Not only are they back, but they are incredibly popular this year and the trend is sure to continue into the future. It was with this in mind that I really wanted to try the different tie dye designs that Born Champs offer

There are a few different styles available. You can go for a simple style with a plain tie dye tee with the Born Champs (CHMPS) logo on the left breast and across the back. If you want something a bit more eye-catching, you can also go for a tee with a wave design on the back. 

Born Champs Korean Clothing Review 6

It’s often hard to add something else to a tie dye shirt as they are already quite complex. Designs are often hard to see or make the shirt look too crowded. However, I feel like Born Champs hit the nail on the head with this design as it isn’t too busy, but it also adds something more to the shirt. 

There are also some tie dye designs with other graphics on the front & back available. However, as someone who prefers more subtle clothing (I almost never wear clothes with graphics) I opted to go for the simple logo design and wave design.

Although these shirts aren’t limited to summer, I feel like they enhance the happy mood that summer brings with it. The shirts are colourful and eye-catching. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like wearing a colourful shirt just makes me happier – Perhaps there is some science behind that?

Okay, that’s enough about these shirts! However, I will just add one more thing before moving on. The shirts are made from cotton and they feel very premium. The cotton is thick and it makes the shirts heavier than most t-shirts – it also makes them feel like higher quality shirts. The printing is also of good quality but I would recommend using delicate washing cycles to maintain the printing for longer.

Styling tip: If you are wondering what to style Born Champs tie dye shirts with, it’s best to go for something simple. Single colour pants, shorts or skirts work best as the shirt is the centerpiece of whatever outfit it’s in, meaning that it’s usually best to let it shine and to not draw attention away from it with other pieces of clothing. If you have shorts, skirts, or pants in a muted colour or black, grey, or denim these will work well.

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While most of Born Champ’s clothing comes as single-piece items, they also sell a few ready-to-go two-piece outfits. These outfits interested me because not only are they stylish, but they are easy to wear – there’s no need to think about what to match each item with! 

With that being said, while the set is intended to be worn together, there is nothing stopping you from mixing and matching as desired. Since these two-piece outfits are currently offered in black and grey, they can be matched with a plethora of other items. 

Both the shorts and shirt are made from cotton. However, unlike the tie dye shirts, this cotton is lighter and therefore more comfortable in high-humidity and high-temperatures. In saying that, the quality still feels premium and long-lasting. 

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The shirt is similar in design to a button-up shirt with buttons on the upper chest. Instead of using buttons though, a zip is used. This allows you to easily choose how open you would like to keep the collar. The zip also adds a nice bit of detail to the otherwise simple design.

The shorts use the same material and follow the simple yet stylish design philosophy of the shirt. Other than a small CHMP logo, the shorts are bare. They have an elastic waist-band and pull string meaning that they are loose fitting and will fit a wide variety of people.

Styling tip: Since this outfit is already two-piece, there really isn’t much that you need to worry about. When it comes to shoes I prefer to go for black with white highlights as these compliment the rest of the outfit. However, white shoes with black highlights can also work very well!

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While the tie dye shirts may have been the biggest attraction for me, Born Champs also offers a wide range of other t-shirts. These printed shirts have a massive range of designs that I can’t even begin to scratch the surface with here. However, I’ll definitely introduce some of the designs we tried!

At the time of writing, Born Champs offers a lot of animal-character shirts, from jelly bears to basketball-rabbit shirts. These shirts are super cute and anyone looking to bring some more adorable clothing to their collection is sure to love these designs.

The two shirts that my girlfriend (who also blogs) picked out were the jelly bear and blue bear shirt. Although, the jelly bear colour that she picked was also blue, so this is admittedly a little confusing. I’ll just call them the ‘jelly bear shirt’ and ‘bear outline shirt’.

As with the other shirts from Born champs, these are also cotton shirts. Similarly, these shirts also feel like they are made from high-quality cotton and they are on the thicker side for t-shirts. The printing feels of an equal grade. Overall, they just feel high-quality, even compared when compared to t-shirts that I have from other Korean brands that cost significantly more.

Both the jelly bear shirt and the bear outline shirt have a white background. However, the bear outline shirt also comes in an inverted variant, with a white outlined-bear and a black background. We chose to go for the white version though as it feels much more ‘summery’.

The major difference between the two shirts is that the main graphic on the jelly bear shirt is on the back, with only a smaller jelly bear shown on the front. The bear outline, on the other hand, is totally blank on the back and features the bear outline on the front with a Born Champs logo on the left sleeve.

Styling tip: Due to the similar style of both shirts, they can easily be styled with similar outfits. Since both shirts go for a cute feeling and have a very ‘summery’ aesthetic, they work well when partnered with other cute pieces of clothing with summer vibes. Tennis skirts, denim shorts, sandals, chunky (or ‘ugly’ in Korea) shoes and other bright clothing tends to combine well.

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While the selection of clothing offered by Born Champions will be constantly growing and evolving, I hope that this insight into their 2021 collection has given you an idea of what to expect from both their current catalogue and future products. 

Overall, I have been very happy with the quality and style of the clothes that I received from Born Champs. The shirts (tie dye especially) are some of the most premium-feeling cotton shirts I’ve experienced and they were also very comfortable to wear. 

Their designs are also special and I have not seen anything similar. This is what is driving their recent popularity – I’m beginning to see the brand pop up more and more around Seoul.

Despite being a relatively new brand, Born Champs has come into the industry strong and with a unique take on fashion. I hope they can continue to expand their collection and diversify into the future as I would love to see this retro yet contemporary clothing around more!

Check out Born Champs at StyleupK Korean Clothing Website

Where Can I Buy Born Champs Clothing?

If you are looking to outfit your wardrobe with some Born Champs clothing then make sure to check out StyleupK.

What Is Born Champs?

Born Champs is a Korean streetwear brand that seeks to revitalise fashion trends from the 80’s and 90’s by infusing them with contemporary ideas and designs.

What Clothing Does Born Champs Sell?

Born Champs makes and sells everything from pants to outer-wear. You can also find accessories such as hats, air-pod cases and beanies.

What Makes Born Champs Clothing Unique?

Born Champs clothing is made unique by their unique blend of ever-green fashion trends and those from past decades with modern trends. This blend of past and present creates a very unique feeling in their clothing.

Where Can I Buy Born Champs Clothing Internationally?

StyleupK offers affordable international shipping for anyone looking to purchase Born Champs clothing internationally.

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