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Chungha at Seoul Music Awards 2020

While Kpop has been growing in popularity for many years now, it’s recently exploded in popularity as groups like BTS and Blackpink have drawn a large amount of international attention. With this surge in popularity, more people than ever are looking to find Kpop stores to buy Kpop merch from.

However, with this increase in attention a lot of different websites have popped up. Where there were only a few dedicated kpop-goods websites a few years ago, there are now tens, if not hundreds. In other words, it’s hard to know exactly where to shop. 

Many questions come to mind – which websites offer official kpop products? Which websites offer signed albums? Which websites can I buy lightsticks from? These were questions that I have had myself. With that in mind, I wanted to put together an article that aggregates some of the biggest and most famous Kpop store websites on the internet. 

I’ve ordered from many of these websites myself, have friends who have, or have checked online reviews before adding them to this list. Most of these websites have been around for many years and are well-known among Kpop fans. Some of them are newer but have a lot of good reviews.

With that being said, in this article I want to cover some of the best online Kpop shops to purchase albums, merchandise and apparel from. If I’ve missed your favourite website I would love to know – please feel free to leave a comment down below! I’ll be sure to update the article.

This article contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide me with a percentage of purchases made from links on this page. This comes at no extra cost to you – for more information, please refer to my affiliate disclaimer.

It took a long time to put together this post and to include a range of different Kpop shops that offer quality goods. However, in the end I am confident that many of the best websites for Kpop fans are included here! Please check out the full list below for more information on each individual store.

The table below includes most of the major Kpop shopping websites and between them you should be able to find anything that you want! Entries marked as ‘All Products’ are sites that sell a range of items from group merch (such as clothing, photocards, lightsticks and more) to albums. Other websites sell more niche products such as Kpop fashion or Kpop mystery boxes.

Top Kpop Shopping Websites

Kpop ShopAll Products
Kpop OmoAll Products
Kpop TownAll Products
Daebak CompanyAll Products
Kpop UltraAll Products
CokodiveAll Products
KpopUSAAll Products
Kpop MartAll Products
SM Global ShopAll Products
YesAsiaAll Products
KTown4UAll Products
Music KoreaAlbums
Fashion ChinguKpop Fashion
StyleupKKpop Fashion
LianoxKpop Fashion
Korea BoxKpop Box
Kloot BoxKpop Box
12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 1

Kpopshop is one of the most well-known names among kpop merch websites due to its large selection of goods and affordable prices. Unlike some of the websites on this list Kpopshop also stocks kpop merch from nearly every famous artist and group out there. While they do have more products for more popular groups (such as BTS and Blackpink), they do also have albums for many smaller groups and singers. 

In saying that, the majority of non-album merchandise here is definitely targeted at BTS, Blackpink, Straykids and Ateez fans. At least this is the case currently – hopefully it changes in the future and they stock more apparel from other groups too! In the meantime, if you are a fan of any of the aforementioned groups then Kpopshop is sure to have some Kpop merchandise for you!

They stock everything from custom shoes and clothing to posters featuring the most prominent celebrities in Korea. A lot of their clothing seems to be custom-made, rather than official merch. However, there is a wide range of apparel and a lot of interesting designs that are hard to find elsewhere.

Shop Kpop goods at Kpop Shop!

12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 2

Kpop Omo is a very different Kpop shop as they advertise selling only official merchandise. On top of this, they have a massive selection with products for over 20 of the most popular Kpop groups on sale. Of course, the larger groups will still have a larger catalogue, however, it’s great to see even just a few products for the smaller groups.

Kpop Omo sells a variety of both current and past albums, and they feature all of the big releases. Even better, all albums purchased through the site count towards Hanteo and Geon charts for albums sold, meaning that you can support your favourite idol or group simply by shopping here!

Outside of the albums and group-specific merch that Kpop Omo sells, there is also a large lightstick section! I’ve always loved lightsticks because they are something that is so unique to Kpop. When seen in full-effect at a large concert they are truly breathtaking. On top of this, they are a great way to support your favourite idols and groups.

Shop Kpop goods at Kpop Omo!

Fashion Chingu Website Homepage

Okay, this one isn’t exactly ‘kpop merch’, but it does feature almost everything that you could want when it comes to Kpop fashion trends. Fashion Chingu is a Korean online clothing website that has a wide range of fashion on offer. What makes the site so unique is that it targets specifically the clothing worn by idols. 

Rather than going to a typical shopping site where you can browse by shirts, shoes, pants, and more, you will be faced with a question – what group’s fashion do you want to shop for? From there you can pick from many major groups and singers such as BTS, IU, Twice and NCT. Once you select a group, you will be sent to a page listing fashion that they have been seen wearing (or that is very similar)!

While this fashion is not branded for specific groups, it’s a great way to shop for Korean fashion if you have an idol who’s fashion-sense you particularly like. Shopping for an idol’s fashion can often be very difficult, but Fashion Chingu makes it much easier and puts all of the clothing in one place. Even better, it’s a lot of fun buying the same clothes as your favourite idols!

Shop Kpop clothes at Fashion Chingu!

Daebak Company Korean Goods Website Homepage

Daebak Company is mostly famous for their Korean Subscription boxes including their K-goods box, K-jewelry box and K-snacks box. On top of these boxes which they are most famous for, however, they also have a whole shopping platform! Whether you are looking for Kpop merch or Korean beauty products Daebak Company has everything Korea-related.

While not strictly a Kpop store, their selection of Kpop goods is still quite large and definitely larger than some of the other sites on this list. They also sell a wide range of official products such as official lightsticks, photo books, posters, and more. They also stock all of the basics like albums, and magazines. 

While Daebak Company may be more expensive than some of the sites on this list, they are a very reputable company – I’ve worked with them multiple times in the past and they have great reviews. Further, it’s one of the best platforms to shop on if you want not just Kpop goods but also other Korean items such as cosmetics and lifestyle products!

Shop Kpop goods at Daebak Company!

12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 3

Kpop Ultra is another very well-known name when it comes to online Kpop stores. While they don’t focus exclusively on Kpop (or even Korea as they often stock Japanese products), they do still have a wide range of products for some groups such as BTS and EXO. Their biggest selling point, and what makes them so popular is that they offer free shipping on a lot of their products.

If you are looking for items for a more popular group, Kpop Ultra has by far one of the best selections of items on this list. You can find everything from the commonly-found albums and posters to far more unique items such as keyrings, plushies, backpacks, and more. Further, Kpop Ultra is much more affordable than some of the other websites on this list.

With that being said, I believe that many of the non-album products on Kpop Ultra are drop shipped and not official. While this won’t be an issue for many people (and the products are much cheaper!) it is something to keep in mind and to know when you are shopping there. 

If you are a fan of one of the bigger Kpop groups then Kpop Ultra will have a massive variety of Kpop merch for you to choose from. Even for smaller groups, they have a lot of products. While I haven’t shopped here myself yet, they do also boast high customer satisfaction.

Shop Kpop goods at Kpop Ultra!

12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 4

This brings us to what is probably the dedicated kpop website on this list with the biggest selection of Kpop merch. Cokodive is a Kpop store that has items for fans of nearly every group or solo singer in existence. Really, there are that many items! Although admittedly there are only a few items on sale for smaller idols, there are at least a few items for almost any fan.

Cokodive has a range of both official and unofficial goods. On top of this, the prices are reasonable – while not the cheapest on the list, they are far from the priciest. Better yet, they have a good reputation online and the reviews on both their site and third-party sites show a lot of happy customers. 

Due to the current global situation, Cokodive also offers free shipping on every item. While the delivery times vary depending on location, they are able to deliver to almost anywhere in the world within one month – all for free! This is a massive bonus especially considering that items such as albums can be quite heavy at times.

If you are someone that likes surprises, you can also purchase their Kpop Mystery Box. There is both a BTS Mystery Box and a Kpop Mystery Album bag. Both of these will send you a random variety of merchandise (or an album) and they can make for fantastic gifts if you know someone else that loves Kpop!

Shop Kpop goods at Cokodive! Save 10% with coupon code ‘Seoulinspired’

12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 5

While not as strictly Kpop fashion as Fashion Chingu, Lianox has a large variety of Korean clothing – including all of the latest fashion trends from Korean idols! You can sort the website depending on what kind of clothing you want (cute, street, etc) and this will allow you to easily find the look that you are after!

Compared to other sites that sell Kpop fashion, Lianox tends to be more affordable. Further, the selection rivals (if not beats) many of the other popular Korean fashion websites. On top of this, Lianox has a loyalty program that offers many rewards if you regularly use the website or refer family and friends to the website.

While it can be a bit hard to navigate the site based on trends, you will be able to find all of the biggest idol trends if you know what to search. While this can take a bit of time, it’s often worth it to find the latest fashion at affordable prices.

Shop Kpop clothes at Fashion Lianox! Get 10% off with code ‘Seoulinspired’

12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 6

Kpop USA is a one of the only Kpop merch websites on this list that also has a physical branch. You can probably guess what country that branch is located in! If you’re ever in Las Vegas, make sure to check out their store – a store that is now the biggest Kpop store in the USA!

All album purchases count towards both the Gaon and Hanteo Chart. Therefore, if you’re looking for a site to purchase any kind of Kpop products on make sure to keep them in mind. There is one big downside to Kpop USA, however, and that is that they only ship within the U.S.

The website has a large range of different goods. You will find a large range of albums, lightsticks, posters, photobooks and other official merchandise. It’s also worth noting that they advertise that all products are 100% official. Therefore, it’s easy to feel comfortable shopping here.

Shop Kpop goods at Kpop USA!

12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 7

Kpop Mart is a Korean-based Kpop online store that claims to be the origin of Kpop goods. While I am unsure of the authenticity of this statement, I could definitely believe it based on how much Kpop merchandise they have on sale! Similar to some of the other stores on this list, purchases from Kpop Mart count towards the Hanteo Chart.

Kpop Mart products come directly from Korea and their prices for kpop goods are in line with what you will find at other sites like Daebak Company. With that being said, some of the other products on Kpop Mart (such as beauty items) can be found cheaper elsewhere. Yes, Kpop Mart, despite the name, sells a lot more than just Kpop-related items!

Kpop Mart has the biggest selection of light sticks that I have seen on any of the sites in this list and all of the light sticks are official. If you are searching for limited edition or special edition albums then this site is the place to look as they have a massive variety of albums that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Shop Kpop goods at Kpop Mart!

12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 8

MWave is a website run by Mnet, which is, in turn, owned by CJ – one of the biggest companies in South Korea. If you’ve followed Kpop for any length of time then you are probably already familiar with MNet as it’s one of Korea’s largest music channels with many famous music shows. As you would expect, MWave purchases count towards the Hanteo Chart.

Now MWave has quite a small selection of Kpop goods and the products are often quite expensive. However, they do have one very cool selling point – they offer a lot of signed albums and packages. If there is a new or upcoming album that you are interested in I recommend checking out MWave as they might offer a signed version!

Of course, the signing process can take some time and it may take a few months to receive albums purchased here. However, the fact that you can easily purchase signed albums will make the wait worth it for anyone who is a big fan.

Shop Kpop goods at MWave!

12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 9

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without YesAsia. When combined with its sister site for fashion (YesStyle), YesAsia becomes one of the biggest Asian shopping sites. It has an incredibly large selection of items and YesAsia is mainly aimed at Korean, Chinese and Japanese music and other media. 

That means that if you are searching for an album there is a very high chance that YesAsia has it. However, YesAsia definitely focuses on albums and while they do sell other kpop merchandise the selection is generally lower than other sites on this list. The site can also be a bit harder to navigate since it has such a large range of items.

YesAsia products are a bit pricier but this is largely in order to offset shipping costs (shipping from YesAsia is usually free, but can take a while). If you factor in shipping costs from other websites then the prices become more comparable.

Shop Kpop goods at YesAsia!

12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 10

KTown4U is probably the most diverse and varied website on this list. While they stock a lot of Kpop merchandise they also offer a large selection of Korean fashion, Korean beauty products, Korean movies and more. While they don’t offer as much of a fashion or beauty selection as dedicated websites, they do have a decent selection.

When it comes to Kpop albums, all purchases will count towards both the Hanteo and Goan charts. This means that you will be supporting your favourite idols and groups simply by purchasing from KTown4U. To make the site even more appealing, many of the albums here are cheaper than I’ve found on other sites. 

KTown4U also offers signings on some of their albums. While they don’t offer as much of a signed range as MWave, they do still have a decent number of albums that you can purchase signed versions of also. Further, they also offer a range of collectables, photo books, and posters.

Shop Kpop goods at KTown4U!

Below I’ve tried to list the shipping fees for all of the sites included in this list. It may not be totally accurate as shipping fees change often, however, at the time of writing these are the fees for each site. Any entry marked as ‘varies’ means that the price fluctuates greatly based on weight and location. All prices are in USD.

Kpop ShopFree
Kpop OmoVaries
Fashion Chingu$7 (free above $60)
Daebak CompanyVaries (free above $149)
Kpop UltraOften free, sometimes $2
Kpop USAVaries (usually under $10)
Kpop MartVaries
Mwave$5-$24 based on weight
YesAsia$12.99 (free above $79)

12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 11

Lightsticks are one of the best ways to show your fandom and to show your support for your favourite groups. One of the most breathtaking sights I’ve seen in my life was when I first went to a Kpop concert (B.A.P back in 2015). After a few songs the lights turned off and everyone turned on their lightsticks – it was truly a sight to behold!

If you are looking to purchase lightsticks for your favourite group then you are in luck! The majority of sites on this list offer lightsticks. However, the biggest thing to look out for when purchasing lightsticks is whether or not they are official. While non-official lightsticks are often cheaper, they are usually of lesser quality and what you spend may not support your favourite group or idol.

If you are looking to purchase some Kpop lightsticks make sure to check out the sites below:

  • Kpop Omo – pricier lightsticks but they are all official from their respective manufacturers.
  • Kpop Mart – cheaper prices while still selling official products.
  • KTown4U – the cheapest out of the sites that I check. However, stock is often low.

12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 12

Butter album from BTS.

This one may sound a bit silly because every Kpop merchandise store offers albums, right? Well, generally yes! You will find Kpop albums on almost every site on this list. However, there is a very large variation in the prices and quality of albums offered by each site. For this reason, it’s worth listing the best websites to buy Kpop albums from.

If you are looking for standard albums then I will list the best websites below. However, if you are looking for signed albums, limited edition albums or special edition albums then I will include a section below specifically for signed albums.

  • Kpop Shop – official albums that are priced in the middle.
  • Kpop Omo – official albums with (generally) lower prices. Sales also count towards the Goan and Hanteo Chart.
  • Daebak Co – similar prices to Kpop Shop. However, you can choose to pay in installments making it much more convenient for more costly purchases.
  • Kpop Mart – often the cheapest site to purchase albums from. All sales count towards the Hanteo chart.

Products included in the Kloot Box

Image from Kloot Box.

Subscription boxes have been a hot topic recently. In fact, I recently wrote an article covering all of the best Korean subscription boxes. Subscription boxes are a great way to receive a random variety of merchandise to your house every month, two months, three months, or six months (depending on the box in question).

Initially, I was quite unsure about subscription boxes – why would I pay so much for a box when I can get the goods cheaper by purchasing them outright? However, after doing some research I actually found that boxes such as Daebak Box are much cheaper than purchasing items outright. While I can’t say that this is true for all boxes, I found it quite interesting.

With that in mind, Kpop subscription boxes are a great way to get a random assortment of goods delivered to your doorstep every few months. You will discover items that you never even knew about and (hopefully) find a lot of new merch that you like! They also make for great gifts.

  • Kloot Box – pick what group you are a fan of and receive only merch related to that group!
  • Korea Box – Choose from the Kpop box or the Kpop Album box. Both allow for customisation and you can let them know your favourite idols.

12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 13

Signed Kpop albums from Kpopstoreinusa.

While getting a normal album feels amazing, there is a very special feel to receiving an album that has been signed by your favourite idol (or in very special cases, group)! While you will usually have to pay a bit more for a signed album, the cost will be worth it for many people as signed albums feel that extra bit special.

It’s worth noting that signed albums are usually very limited – either by timeframe or amount. With that in mind, if there is a signed album that you are after it’s often worth purchasing as early as you can. Otherwise, you risk the chance of them selling out. Once they sell out they often go for much higher prices and it’s hard to guarantee their condition.

  • MWave – large selection of signed albums and a trustworthy site. However, albums can sell out very fast!
  • Kpop Omo – small selection of signed albums, but you may be able to find what you are looking for.
  • Kpopstoreinusa – large variety of signed albums including many older albums.
  • Many other sites such as Cokodive, Kpop Ultra and more can have signed albums but they usually sell out very fast and only a small number are in stock.


Super Junior at the Seoul Music Awards.

Looking to pick up the latest fashion trends from your favourite idol? Then you are in the right place! I’ve covered fashion a lot recently and it’s been a lot of fun. Korean fashion is spreading all across the world and this is something that many people are excited about. While it’s easy to find Korean fashion, though, it’s often harder to find the fashion that idols have been wearing recently.

Although Korean fashion and Kpop fashion may seem quite similar initially, it’s often not the case. As with most countries, celebrities will often lead the charge with new trends but it can often take the industry (and society) a year or two to catch up and for those trends to really catch on. While the Korean fashion industry moves very fast, it’s similar here.

If you are looking for the latest Korean fashion trends then I recommend checking out this article. However, if you are wanting to keep up to date with the latest trends seen in Kpop make sure to check out the websites listed below:

  • Fashion Chingu – the easiest site to purchase Kpop fashion on as everything is sorted by idol. Prices are also reasonable.
  • Lianox – large fashion website with all of the latest trends. You can find all of the new trends here.
  • StylupK – sells products from authentic Korean fashion brands. The prices tend to be a bit higher, but you know that you are getting authentic goods from real brands that are popular in Seoul.

12 Best Kpop Merchandise Websites - Best Online Kpop Stores 14

Kpop photocards have become incredibly popular over the past few years. Originally, these were often included in albums as an added bonus. However, over time they have become a very popular standalone product. These days, photocards are one of the most popular forms of Kpop merchandise out there!

Photocards are postcards (or smaller) sized cards that have an image or a group on them. Many fans like to collect these as there are often multiple cards in each collection. These cards often become collectables and begin to gain value over time as they become less and less common.

  • Kpop Shop – massive variety of photocards from nearly every group
  • Kpop Ultra – also has a very large range of photocards. Many are very affordable also.
  • Cokodive – decent range of photocards and other photo media such as photobooks and posters.

Where Can I Buy Official Kpop Goods?

If you are looking for official albums, the MWave, Daebak Company, and KTown4U are good places to look. For other official goods, check out Daebak Company.

What Websites Have Free Shipping?

Kpop Shop and Kpop Ultra offer free shipping. However, many other sites also offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount.

What Websites Offer International Shipping?

All of the websites on this list offer international shipping!

What Is the Best Website to Buy Kpop Albums On?

If you are looking to purchase Kpop albums then I recommend MWave, Daebak Company, KTown4U and Kpop Omo.

Where Can I Buy Kpop Albums in the US?

All of the sites on this list offer international shipping. However, KpopUSA, Kpop Mart, and Kpop Omo all tend to be quite popular in the U.S.

Can I Buy Kpop Albums on Amazon?

Yes! There are many authentic products. However, make sure to check a seller’s reviews first as there are also fake products. Further, purchases on Amazon won’t count towards the Goan Chart of Hanteo Chart.

Where Can I Buy BTS Albums?

You can buy BTS albums from KpopUSA, Kpop Mart, Kpop Omo, or many other websites on this list!

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