Fashion Chingu Review | Best Website for Kpop-Inspired Outfits?

Fashion Chingu Review | Best Website for Kpop-Inspired Outfits? 1

While European countries have long been famed for their sense of fashion and domestic fashion brands, it’s no longer these countries that are driving youth fashion around the globe. Rather, attention has shifted to east-Asian countries. In particular, South Korea. 

Seoul is largely considered to be the fashion capital of Asia and has had this title for many years. However, while Korea has always had a strong fashion identity locally, it wasn’t until recently that these fashion trends began to spread from the peninsula to other countries all around the world.

While there are many reasons that explain this massive growth in popularity of Korean fashion, there is one particular element that can’t be overlooked. That is the rise of prominent Korean celebrities due to the Hallyu Wave. Specifically, Kpop groups and idols. 

All over the world, celebrities have shaped and continue to shape future trends. This is truer and more applicable than ever in the world of fashion, where celebrities can shape upcoming trends simply with their choice of clothes.

This is no different in Korea, where, as the Hallyu Wave has picked up traction Kpop idols have become incredibly influential figures. With BTS just winning the American Music Award for Artist of the Year, this influence looks poised to only grow more. Along with it, their fashion trends and choices.

With that in mind, today I want to introduce a fantastic website for purchasing Kpop outfits and Kpop inspired items. If you are looking to shop for the latest trends that you’ve seen among idols and groups, Fashion Chingu is a fantastic store that makes shopping for the latest Kpop trends super easy!

Although I will be introducing a range of outfits for women today, it’s worth noting that Fashion Chingu has a great range of clothing for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves Kpop or are shopping for yourself, you’re almost certain to find something here!

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Fashion Chingu Review | Best Website for Kpop-Inspired Outfits? 2

Fashion Chingu is a website that sells Kpop outfits and clothing. They are one of the only Korean fashion websites that focus entirely on stocking and selling the same or identical clothing to that which idols are wearing. 

While the main focus of the website is Kpop clothes, you can also find clothing from your favourite dramas here. While the selection is smaller than the Kpop clothing section, it’s very cool to also be able to find your favourite clothing from that Kdrama that was recently hot!

While it’s true that nearly every Korean fashion website sells clothing inspired by or directly from idols, Fashion Chingu has crafted a unique identity and shopping experience for itself. Where many websites will sort by categories such as ‘shirts’ and ‘jeans’, Fashion Chingu takes a far interesting approach that allows you to shop by idol or group.

Fashion Chingu Review | Best Website for Kpop-Inspired Outfits? 3

This approach consolidates the shopping experience and makes it a far more breezy process. Rather than needing to separately identify and locate every piece of clothing from your favourite idol, you can instead sort clothing to only show that from a particular idol or group.

This redesigned shopping experience makes Fashion Chingu easy to recommend for anyone inspired by Kpop fashion. The shopping process is straightforward and the team does their best to stock whatever they see Korea’s hottest celebrities wearing. 

Of course, this begs the question; from what groups and idols does Fashion Chingu stock clothes? Well, as long as the group is either current or famous then it’s likely that you will be able to find clothes here. For groups, such as BTS and Blackpink, you can shop by group fashion. However, you can also shop by idol in the case of solo artists such as IU and Chungha.

Before diving into the shopping experience and pricing of Fashion Chingu, it is worth noting that the products on the website generally are NOT the original clothing. As mentioned in the website FAQ, the original clothing that idols wear is very expensive in the majority of cases. As such, unless otherwise stated, the clothing on Fashion Chingu is similar-looking rather than original.

While this may disappoint some people, I can understand this. I think it’s a very fair point – some of the outfits worn by idols are in the tens of thousands of dollars! Whether this is due to the quality or the brand name, most people won’t be interested in this type of clothing. Rather, Fashion Chingu focuses on providing high-quality clothing that looks identical or near enough.

Fashion Chingu Review | Best Website for Kpop-Inspired Outfits? 4

For that reason, the prices on the website are generally reasonable with many summer items going for $20-$40. In the case of heavier, winter items, pricing can go up to $100. Due to the inherent increase in materials used, this makes sense. Overall, the pricing is quite comparable to what I have found locally in Korea.

The shopping experience is rather straightforward and the site is fast and easy to navigate. While you can navigate the massive variety of clothing on the website by group or idol, there are also more standard categories such as ‘Korean jeans’ that you can choose to sort by if you prefer.

Fashion Chingu Review | Best Website for Kpop-Inspired Outfits? 5

Perhaps the most important aspect to keep in mind when shopping on Fashion Chingu is to keep sizing in mind. Since the clothing is designed for Asian wearers, the sizing is likely different to what you’re familiar with. Therefore, make sure to check the sizing comparison tables that the website provides before committing to a purchase.

When it comes to shipping on Fashion Chingu you are in luck. Shipping over $60 is free and this makes the clothing significantly more accessible considering that shipping can often cost as much as a single clothing item or more!

Shipping times are generally quite good, and I found that it took around two weeks to receive the order that I made. This is in line with the advertised shipping rates on Fashion Chingu’s website which indicate that for more regions in the world, shipping takes 7-15 days.

It is worth noting that once you place an order, it won’t be shipped straight away. It takes a week or less to process the order in which time the clothes are inspected for quality and aggregated, ready to send! Therefore, expect shipping to take three weeks to a month depending on where you live.

The packages are tracked and therefore it’s possible to keep an eye on them and also to set custom delivery parameters if desired. This makes the whole shipping process as painless as possible and ensures that you receive the items.

Fashion Chingu Review | Best Website for Kpop-Inspired Outfits? 6

Photos of BerryLoveFashion

For this article, my girlfriend chose a range of clothing from the most popular girl groups (and one idol) in Korea. Inspired by Aespa, Girls Generation, Blackpink, (G)I-DLE and Hyuna, these clothing items have all caught on after being spotted on Korean celebrities in their daily lives.

From Aespa and Girls Generation, a black and white checkered dress and white puff sleeve dress were picked respectively. From Blackpink, a cream crocodile leather handbag from Jennie’s wardrobe and a cow print fur coat from Jisoo’s wardrobe were chosen. Finally, a blue fluffy sleeveless top and cardigan set from (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon and brown teddy coat from Hyuna were selected.

With this selection, a good balance of clothing from but cute, elegant, and sexy styles was chosen. While it might be easy to see Kpop fashion as quite narrow, there is a lot of diversity among the different fashion tastes and trends of each idol. This is reflected in the clothing selection of Fashion Chingu, which has clothes from a large range of different styles on offer.

Overall, we were happy with the quality of the items that we received. There were no defects or faults that we found and this is more than we can say for a lot of Korean clothes shopping websites! The cow print fur jacket did have shed a lot of fibres on whatever was worn underneath, but this doesn’t seem like a quality issue and, is rather, inherent of the type of clothing that it is.

The first outfit that I want to show features the black and white checkered dress inspired by Aespa with the cow print fur jacket inspired by Jisoo. Since it’s currently far too cold in Korea to wear a dress alone, the cow print jacket was the perfect pairing for the checkered dress. Together, these items make for a cute combination that is also comfortable. 

The dress was matched with military boots, one of the defining fashion trends of Korea in 2021 and 2022. Where heels or long boots would make the outfit elegant, and flat shoes would make the outfit overly cute, these military boots strike a middle ground by complementing the outfit without making it overly cute or sexy.

To add extra detail to the outfit, we also chose to add the cream-coloured crocodile leather bag. While the colour match wasn’t perfect, it was close enough that the result looks well coordinated. 

Fashion Chingu Review | Best Website for Kpop-Inspired Outfits? 9

Finally, a colour-changing heart necklace popularised by BTS Taehyung was worn. This necklace is charming and fits the overall theme and feel of the outfit. Although minimal outfits and clothing are hot in Korea currently, this layered Kpop-inspired outfit takes the opposite approach and looks great because of it.

Of course, the checkered dress looks great when displayed by itself as well. The colour scheme of the clothing allows it to be complemented by simple black or white clothing items such as military boots and faux-leather bags. 

Although far too cold to wear at the moment (taking these photos was a very cold experience indeed!), this light blue sleeveless top and cardigan set from Fashion Chingu and inspired by Soyeon are the perfect summer outfit.

The top itself is a slim-fit, crop length top that is similar to a small crop top. Combined with the paired cardigan, this outfit gives a chic vibe. On top of this, the set complements a range of ankle-length pants and fitted jeans. Depending on your shoe choice, it can lean towards a cute or elegant look.

This two-piece is ideal for anyone that doesn’t want to spend too long matching clothing and would prefer a ready-to-wear outfit. While shoes and lower clothing do need to be chosen, this Kpop-inspired outfit is versatile and works with anything from jeans to skirts and flat shoes to heels.

Depending on what style you lean into, this outfit can also appear minimal which is one of Korea’s biggest overarching fashion trends currently. With this look, you can follow not only Kpop-inspired fashion but also one of Korea’s hottest fashion trends.

Overall, we are happy with the clothing from Fashion Chingu. The quality was good and the items were all as shown in the images on the website. The pricing was also very affordable and when taken into consideration, Fashion Chingu becomes a very appealing website to shop for Korean fashion online.

If you’re looking for a quick answer, yes. I think that Fashion Chingu is a great website for anyone looking to shop the latest Korean idol clothing trends. There is a massive variety of clothing for everyone, and all of this comes at an affordable price. On top of this, free shipping is offered at a very reasonable $60. 

The quality of the clothing was also good. We’ve experienced a lot of Korean fashion websites and there are some that leave us wanting in terms of quality. Luckily, Fashion Chingu was not one of these websites. We were very happy with the items received!

Finally, while I can’t very this for myself, the fact that each item is inspected before being shipped shows the teams dedication to quality. If you do happen to receive an item that you aren’t happy with, you can even return it within a 30-day window. This minimises the risk and ensures that you receive the product as expected.

If you have any experiences with Fashion Chingu please feel free to let everyone in the comments below. What were your experiences like? Please also feel free to refer here if you’re interested in checking out more Korean fashion websites.

Shop K-pop Clothing at Fashion Chingu

What Clothing Does Fashion Chingu Sell?

Fashion Chingu sells a wide range of K-pop inspired clothing. Anything related to K-pop (and even K-drama to a degree) can be found here!

What Alternatives Are There to Fashion Chingu?

While there are many Korean fashion websites out there, there is no website quite like Fashion Chingu. This site specialises only on K-pop-inspired clothing and allows you to sort by group or idol fashion – something that other sites lack.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping is free on purchases over $60. Under $60, shipping prices vary.

What Idols does Fashion Chingu have clothing from?

They have clothing from pretty much every big group and idol in 2022 and also have clothing from some older yet famous groups!

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