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With Korean music becoming more and more well-known globally, many new listeners are getting into K-pop for the first time. However, depending on where you live it can be hard to find other people who share the same interest. This is where online communities can help!

When I first got into Korean music back in 2014, I remember that it was hard to find anybody who shared this interest. While some people were familiar with the bigger groups of the time (Girl’s Generation, Bigbang and Exo particularly) I didn’t know anyone else who actively listened to K-pop.

Although times are changing, and K-pop is becoming more popular every day, it can still be hard to find people to talk to regarding the topic. This might be especially true if you come from a smaller town like me. 

Luckily, these days there are tens (if not hundreds) of large online communities for anyone that loves K-pop. Many more famous idols even have their own followings who discuss the latest news and events. No matter where in the world you are, these communities can be at your fingertips.

In this article, I want to look at some of the best communities for K-pop lovers. These communities are all active and have a variety of news, activities, chats, and more. They are a great way to meet people with similar interests and in some cases, even to make friends. 

Of course, there are tons of communities out there and I can’t possibly fit them all into this post. With that being said, I will include some of the biggest and most active here. If you feel like a community is missing, please leave a comment and let me know! I’ll add it if possible.

Best K-Pop Communities Online 1

Nearly everyone is already familiar with Reddit. However, if you aren’t then I will give a very brief explanation. Reddit is a forum that is made up of thousands of sub-forums (sub-Reddits, also called ‘subs’). Each of these subs is dedicated to a different topic. 

Every group and almost every idol will have a preexisting sub. However, if you find that a sub for someone is missing then you can create one very easily. People can choose to subscribe to subs in order to receive the latest updates and to see new posts in their home feed. 

The biggest K-pop sub is aptly named r/kpop. This community has been around since 2009 and currently has over 700,000 members. As the name suggests, this community is dedicated to K-pop overall and you will find news and content from many different groups here. 

If you are looking for a more narrow sub then you can easily search. There are subs for nearly everything and they will have a varying number of members. R/bangtan has almost 200,000 members discussing everything related to BTS. 

If you particularly like a few idols it is more than likely that they also have their own subs! Reddit is a massive place and no matter what your interest, there will be others who share it on the platform.

Best K-Pop Communities Online 2

I recently discussed TheQoos in my post about the best apps for K-pop lovers. The app also makes it into this list because it’s an app that is very community-focused. Even further though, it offers some very unique and cool opportunities to users.

I’ve covered TheQoos and how to use the platform in more detail already. In short, it works similar to Reddit in that you can choose specific group communities to join. Once you join a community, you can see all of the latest news, fan posts, chats, and more. You can also see all of the albums and songs they have ever released. 

This app offers further interaction compared to platforms like Reddit. On Reddit, all discussion takes place through comments on posts and posts themselves. However, while TheQoos does offer this functionality, it also offers chat rooms that have live chats dedicated to each group.

What makes this app truly stand out, however, is the fan Q&A section. In this section, fans can ask their favourite artists or groups questions. If they are lucky, the celebrities themselves might answer! Recently A.C.E answered fan questions on the app and soon Chungha will be doing a Q&A!

Best K-Pop Communities Online 3

I only recently stumbled upon this community website and it was entirely by accident. I’m happy to have found it though, as it’s a friendly community that is very active. The website is also relatively new, being only a few years old. 

While Kpopsource is dedicated to K-pop, they do also have off-topic forums and you may find other topics under discussion. With that being said, the vast majority of discussion is related to K-pop groups, idols, and music. 

What makes Kpopsource so unique is that it is a website dedicated entirely to K-pop and built for this purpose. Other forums are often limited as they are built on a platform (such as Reddit). However, Kpopsource is built from the ground up to be a K-pop community. 

This means that the site has completely customizable profiles, signatures, and more. Users can get a wide variety of awards, banners, and trophies. Perhaps more interestingly, users can also collect idol cards from performing quests. These cards can then be traded or collected. 

If you are looking for a more friendly community with stricter mods who care then Kpopsource is a good website to visit. The customization that users have is also quite incredible and users can have a lot of creativity when building their profiles and signatures. 

Best K-Pop Communities Online 4

Another community that has been around for a few years and is very popular, K-pop Amino makes this list due to its constant activity and many users. K-pop Amino is based on the Amino platform and can be downloaded as an app or accessed through your browser. 

K-Pop Amino can be a bit confusing at first as there is just so much to see and the layout can make it seem overwhelming. However, once you take the time to figure out the site it quickly becomes a good place to share news, meet others, and discuss idols. 

Similar to Reddit, Amino offers other communities for groups and idols. The actual K-Pop Amino covers everything related to K-pop and has around 800,000 members hundreds of members online at a time. Communities like BTS have hundreds of thousands of members with a lot of new content daily. 

Many types of content are shared here, but it’s mostly new videos, news, and user’s thoughts. As with most social platforms, this content can be liked and commented on, allowing for interaction between users. Similar to TheQoos, K-Pop Amino also offers a variety of chatrooms for users to discuss.

Best K-Pop Communities Online 5

Allkpop is well-known for being a news website that shares the latest and breaking news stories related to K-pop and idols. While the news site does allow for comments and upvotes, the real interaction happens on the Allkpop forums. 

While the forums are a great place to discuss, Allkpop also offers access to a Discord community. This community is still quite small (under 1000 members) but with how common Discord has become it’s nice to have the option as many people will already have the app downloaded.

The forums themselves are much more active and appear to have thousands of users with hundreds online at a time. Currently, there are over 2000 new posts per day! This is by far one of the most active K-pop communities on the internet.

The Allkpop community isn’t as friendly as the community on sites like Kpopsource. However, it is still well moderated and I haven’t had any harmful experiences on the site – it’s just not as heavily moderated as some other sites.

Also similar to Kpopsource, users on the Allkpop forums can create custom profiles with images, gifs, badges, and custom signatures. While there is no live chatting on the site itself, the Discord server offers a better chat experience anyway.

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