Korean Men’s Fashion 2023 – Popular Korean Outfits for Men

Korean Men's Fashion 2023 - Popular Korean Outfits for Men 1

When I first came to Korea I didn’t really care about fashion. Frankly, I couldn’t have cared less. However, after living in the country for almost 5 years, I can say that my views have changed a lot. Being constantly surrounded by the latest and most stylish fashion has definitely led me to be more interested in the topic. 

While I’ve written a lot about fashion in Korea, I realised that I never wrote an article for Korean men’s fashion. This is largely due to the fact that I had a lot of difficulties finding people who could help me put together such an article. I wanted to make sure that this article is as authentic as possible and to do that I needed a lot of help from fashion experts and some of my friends who just love Korean male fashion.

For that reason, this seemingly straightforward list has taken me a few weeks to put together. I consulted a lot of people to make sure that what I discuss in this article is what is actually trendy for Korean guys at the moment. 

In this article, I will cover all of the biggest Korean male fashion trends of 2023. I will go over not only the defining trends of the year but also some of the more specific trends and particular outfits that can be seen all over Seoul.

I’ve also included links to Korean fashion websites where you can purchase any of the clothing listed. If you’re interested in a particular type of clothing, or a specific style, then please feel free to check out the websites for yourself.

All images in this post have been used with permission from their respective owners. I would like to sincerely thank the following guys for helping me put together this article. If you’re interested in keeping up to date with the latest trends, make sure to follow them!

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Korean fashion is unique in that it’s very different from other countries. Where there are usually quite a few similarities between countries when it comes to outfits, Korea is often alone as it has its own unique trends. This isn’t just the case for men’s fashion, but also for women’s fashion. 

Due to this, and also due to the fast pace at which the hottest trends change, Korean men’s fashion has a few special aspects when compared to other fashion. I will generalise ‘other fashion’ a bit as I can’t compare Korean fashion to every other country individually – that would be an essay in itself! 

Perhaps the biggest difference with men’s fashion in Korea is how accessorised outfits are. It’s far more common to see outfits complimented with bags, scarves, and more. Of course, this also applies to hats and glasses (not just sunglasses). Generally, more complex Korean men’s outfits have more pieces. Minimalist outfits are also in! However, more on that later.

Another big difference is that there is a lot of diversity between guys and how they dress. Obviously, this applies everywhere – there are always different styles in any given country. In Korea though, men’s fashion feels very diverse these days and there are many popular trends going on at any given time. Currently, simple clothing, Korean streetwear, athleisure, and mixed formal/casual are very popular and all coexist. 

One more big difference that I personally really like is the lack of definition between formal and casual wear. While there is definitely formal clothing and casual clothing, many men will combine formal pieces with casual clothing to ‘dress down’ their outfit while still appearing sophisticated. 

While there are some other points that differentiate Korean male fashion, these are the biggest that I’ve noticed this year. Are there any other differences that you have noticed with Korean fashion? If so, I would love to hear more in the comments below!

Korean Men's Fashion 2023 - Popular Korean Outfits for Men 2

There are a ton of different trends going on when it comes to men’s fashion in Korea, but there are a few overall or defining trends that can be seen this year. These are the more broad trends that influence the general direction that fashion has taken and that helped to create some of the outfits further down this list.

Images from gyeomminkim on Instagram

Minimal clothing is incredibly popular and likely the biggest Korean men’s fashion trend of 2023. This style is very broad, but it generally consists of two or three-piece outfits in a simple colouration of black, brown, grey, navy blue or other muted colours. These outfits are simple yet fashionable, and that is why they’re so well-liked.

Often these outfits pair slacks or ankle pants with a t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, or collared shirt + long-sleeved shirt. When combined properly, this outfit creates a simple yet clean aesthetic that is comfortable and easy to wear. 

Due to its flexibility, this outfit is almost year-round. While winter in Korea is too cold to not wear a jacket, the minimal outfit works perfectly in all other seasons. In summer, a simple t-shirt can be combined with slacks. In spring and autumn, the t-shirt can either be replaced by a long-sleeved top (often knitted) or a collared shirt can be worn with a long-sleeved shirt on top.

Having muted pants and shirts is also great for matching with other outfits. For this reason, the minimal outfit remains a mainstay in a lot of wardrobe repertoires. With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why this Korean outfit for men is so popular – and evergreen!

Shop minimal Korean fashion

Images from Yj_mark on Instagram

This one is very broad, but hear me out. I thought it’s worth mentioning because, for a lot of men’s fashion, especially minimal fashion, simple colours are very popular. While more boldly-coloured clothing is becoming more popular, perhaps due to increasingly common street-wear, muted and simple colour clothing is still sticking around.

When you search ‘Korean men’s fashion’ on Pinterest, Google, or otherwise you will most likely be met with a range of outfits in black, grey, brown, white, and muted colours such as beige, cream, and more. These muted colours are especially popular when it comes to slacks and trousers. 

I can hear a lot of people saying that this is the case everywhere – after all, black, brown, white and grey clothing is always common as it can be mixed with any range of other colours. But these colours along with muted colours are still very popular in Korea and especially when it comes to the recent Korean men’s styles such as the minimal look.

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Images from gyeomminkim on Instagram

Every 20 to 30 years fashion cycles tend to repeat, and this is very apparent with many of the current most popular styles in Korea. I recently discussed how tie-dye clothing has made a big comeback, and baggy clothing is coming back alongside it. This is especially true when it comes to pants!

The trend is definitely not limited to pants, however, and you will find a lot of oversized shirts, jerseys, and trousers being worn in Korea. In many ways, the recent surge in popularity of oversized clothing is also related to the increasingly common street-wear fashion.

Another popular combination is to mix an oversized shirt with standard-fitting pants or jeans. It looks stylish and the outfit is comfortable and easy to wear. It’s also a relatively evergreen trend similar to minimal outfits. If you are trying to find a fashionable Korean men’s outfit then it might be worth looking into adding some oversized clothing to your collection.

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Images from qntmxj7898 on Instagram.

As I mentioned right at the start of this article, accessories are one of the most interesting aspects of Korean men’s fashion. Accessories are quite broad, and there are a ton of elements that you can add to your outfit. However, two that I want to mention in particular are clutch bags and scarves.

Clutch bags are stylish sleeves that can be used to hold any range of small items. Usually, they don’t use a handle but are rather held in the hand. They are a great way to complement many outfits, especially if you are going for a formal or semi-formal look. They work great with loafers (which are also very popular!).

Scarves are another accessory that is very popular in the bitter cold of Korean winters. While they are used for their functionality (who doesn’t love a warm scarf?) scarves are also a great way to add a touch of colour to an outfit or to complement another element of an outfit. 

Men’s outfits in Korea often utilise a range of accessories and scarves and clutch bags are barely scratching the surface. The key takeaway here is to not be afraid – see what works well with your outfits to add an extra touch!

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Images from Accio_project (left) and gyeomminkim (right) on Instagram

Another very popular male fashion trend in Korea is to mix formal and casual clothing. This confused me a bit at first – formal clothing and casual clothing both have their place, but mixing them… Why? Well, after seeing how well a mix of both styles can complement each other, I understand!

Formal clothing is just that, formal. However, if you’re like me you might have formal clothing that you love to wear, but that you can’t wear very often because the situation rarely calls for it. To avoid feeling overdressed for simple outings, it’s become popular to ‘dress down’ an outfit by mixing (for example) a blazer or collared shirt with a simple t-shirt underneath.

This combination allows you to bring out those otherwise overly formal clothes for more casual occasions. Even when dressing down, these outfits still look elegant and sophisticated. Of course, there are other combinations too – a nice collared shirt or blazer with a casual t-shirt isn’t the only option! It is the most commonly seen though.

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Images from Yj_mark on Instagram

Tucked-in shirts, whether collared, t-shirts or otherwise have often been synonymous with ‘nerdy’ or business looks in the past. However, the look is becoming very trendy in recent times and you will very commonly see tucked-in shirts on the streets of Seoul.

Tucked-in shirts work with anything from oversized t-shirts to collared tops, and you will quickly notice this if you follow Korean men’s fashion. While this look is never out of fashion, it’s picked up a lot recently due to celebrities such as Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Jong Suk (among many others) sporting it.

Some particularly stylish looks are tucked in shirts (either short or long-sleeved) with slacks, collared tops with slacks, or t-shirts with jeans. If you want to add an element of complexity to the outfit then it’s very easy to add a blazer, leather jacket or trench coat to the outfit.

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While the trends above have largely defined the overall path of fashion this year, there are also many smaller trends that are more specific but that are also very popular. Some of these you may already know about, but hopefully, some are new!

Images from qntmxj7898 on Instagram.

Ankle-length pants… Where to start with this one! I first mentioned this trend in my article on the biggest Korean fashion trends of 2023. While that article mainly discussed women’s fashion, this trend is just as popular when it comes to Korean men’s fashion. All I can say is that you will notice a LOT of ankle pants if you visit Korea.

The popularity of ankle-length pants covers all forms of pants. Whether jeans, slacks, or track pants and regardless of whether they are oversized or tight-fitting. If you’re trying to put together a Korean-inspired outfit then at least one form of these pants is basically essential. 

While there are a lot of different styles for such pants, loose-fitting ankle-length slacks are the most popular and the style that you will see most commonly in Korea. Tapered and oversized slacks are also quite easy to find though, and they all give a similar look with some slight differences. 

The best thing about these pants is that it’s very easy to build a full outfit from them. Looking for a casual look? Add a t-shirt! Looking for a date outfit? Add a button-up shirt! Looking for a formal look? Add a collared shirt and, if you’re feeling extra fancy, a blazer! These pants can fit in almost any outfit.

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Images from gyeonminkim on Instagram.

Writing this article has made me realise how often fashion cycles apply. Cargo pants (including shorts) were very popular in the 90s and they are just now growing back in popularity in South Korea. Cargo pants are one of the most common men’s fashion trends in Korea in 2023.

For anyone unfamiliar, cargo pants are originally a style of bottoms designed for their utility. They have large pockets with tons of storage space for people such as builders, carpenters, or even soldiers. Despite originally being worn for their functional purposes, they have now become a fashion statement.

With street fashion rapidly growing in popularity in Korea, cargo pants have also been gaining attention. These pants match well with a range of clothing. Tight-fit shirts, oversized shirts, and sweaters all match fantastically.

The unique style of cargo pants combined with the fact that they don’t overly stand out has made them very popular with Korean men this year. This trend appears to still be gaining speed, so expect to see cargo pants even more in the future!

Shop Korean men’s cargo pants

Cargo Shorts

Images from gyeonminkim on Instagram.

We’ve all heard about cargo pants – at least, I hope you have as we discussed them right above! Anyway, where cargo pants have remained a mainstay of street fashion for a long time, cargo shorts are a bit more niche. Taking many of the appeals of cargo pants, these shorts are a far more comfortable alternative during the warmer months of the year.

In the images above, Min Gyeom shows the flexibility of the outfit. Whether you’re attending classes, or shopping on the streets of Gangnam, cargo shorts can blend in. The only place you might feel out of place wearing these shorts is in a formal setting where they obviously shouldn’t be your first choice!

While there are a few different varieties of cargo shorts, the most popular in Korea are three-quarter-length shorts which cover everything but the bottom of your shins and ankles. This makes this style perfect if you have a pair of shoes to show off – whether hightops, skate shoes, or your favourite pair of sneakers.

Since this Korean men’s fashion trend is so flexible, it’s easy to pair your shorts with almost anything. If you want to blend in, a cap and mask are a perfect pairing. If you want to stand out, it’s equally as easy to match your cargo shorts with a military-style vest or whatever else takes your fancy.

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Images from Puimoi__ on Instagram

Fleeces sweeter are a type of clothing that tend to be always-in, but what changes every season are the trendy colours and styles. In Korea, where men’s fashion trends change almost daily, it can be hard to keep up with which colours and designs are hot. However, having at least one fleece in your collection is never bad because they are very flexible.

In the examples above, the fleece is a rather uncommon one and one which I feel is quite unique to his outfit. Where most fleeces are white, cream, beige, or black, a green fleece easily stands out from the crowd. What makes this outfit so fantastic, is how effortlessly it works in both informal and semi-formal settings. It’s a very simple outfit, but it looks wonderful and is easy to pull off.

Although high-quality fleeces are often pricey, it’s possible to find many at affordable prices as long as you don’t mind lower-quality materials. This is great because it makes the outfit accessible for trying, and you can always buy something higher-quality later on if you feel you can pull it off.

If you’re interested in couple’s clothing, fleeces are a great choice because they suit anyone – regardless of gender or body type. For that reason alone, they’re well-worth checking out!

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Images from Yj_mark on Instagram

Some people may not know, but Korea is actually famous for socks. If you search for Korean socks online you will be met with hundreds of sites selling thousands of pairs of socks. From cute socks to simple coloured socks, Korean socks are famous for being cheap (often under $2 per pair) while maintaining high quality.

Since Korea makes such great socks, why not take advantage of it? That’s what has been happening a lot recently. Driven largely by the increasingly popular athleisure fashion, it’s very common to see long socks either being worn simply with sneakers and socks or over the top of active-wear pants.

Images from Accio_project on Instagram

I contemplated adding this particular men’s fashion trend to the list for a long time. It’s quite generic, and it felt weird adding this because it’s not something that I really consider a ‘trend’. At the same time though, it’s undeniable that this style has become more popular recently.

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Images from Puimoi__ on Instagram

Polo shirts have been around for a long time and yet they’ve always remained in the fashion cycle. They’re definitely a mainstay in many wardrobes, not just those interested in Korean fashion! With that being said, the fact that ‘polo shirt Korea’ was the first suggestion when I Googled ‘polo shirt’ says something!

Polo shirts fit in the overall trend of minimalist outfits that have taken over this year. The shirts are simple yet they always look good – they don’t overcomplicate an outfit and they have a very clean look. On top of this, they come in both short and long-sleeved versions, making them ideal for many seasons.

The most commonly spotted polo shirts in Korea tend to be in the colours mentioned earlier in this article. The essentials such as black, white, and grey are always in. However, muted colours such as beige, shades of white, and less-bold blues are also very easy to spot!

While polo shirts are most often worn alone, they can also be combined with a knitted sweater or other kinds of long-sleeved jerseys for colder months. The collar adds a level of sophistication to what can otherwise be quite a basic look.

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Images from Accio_project on Instagram

If you’ve read any of this article at all, then you have probably already figured out that slacks are an essential part of every Korean man’s wardrobe. If there is one item in this list that is needed it is slacks. Half of the outfits on this list work best with slacks, and you really can’t go wrong with adding a few pairs to your repertoire.

There are a few different types of slacks that are currently in fashion – oversized, ankle-length, hemmed, and standard. However, it’s fair to say that all of these are staples and are evergreen with the exception of oversized slacks which have only become popular recently.

The best bit about slacks is that they come cheap, and the brand is irrelevant. It’s easy to pick up a stylish pair in Seoul for under $15, and this also means that it’s relatively cheap to pick up a few different pairs in different styles and colours.

If you’re looking to fit in with the latest fashion then look at black, grey, and beige slacks that are either straight ankle-length or ankle-length with exterior hemming. These pair fantastically with almost any shirt and white shoes with black highlights. Navy slacks with black shoes are also quite popular.

Shop Korean men’s slacks

Images from gyeonminkim on Instagram.

Recently double-layer top outfits have become very popular as many Korean celebrities don these outfits. This has caused a massive surge in their popularity and this is another very common outfit that you will see in Korea during the mid-temperature months when wearing two layers is comfortable. 

Although the two-layer look can work with any range of shirts and jerseys, the most common look is that of a long-sleeved button-up shirt underneath a slightly smaller long-sleeved top above. Another very popular style is to wear a button-up long sleeve underneath with a knitted vest-style shirt on top.

No matter how you decide to pull off the two-layer look, it adds an extra level of detail to any outfit. If the rest of your outfit is simple, but not add a two-layer top as the feature? Often in Korea, you will see such a style worn with oversized or baggy pants. 

Shop Korean two-layer fashion

Images from Puimoi__ on Instagram

I’m not going to lie to you, the first time I saw a trench coat and fell in love with the style was when I watched Sherlock. If you’ve ever seen the show then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, you really should go and watch it now. Just remember to come back to this article when you’re done binging it!

It wasn’t until I came to Korea and saw just how popular trench coats are that I decided to get one. In 2019 you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a trench coat. A few years later, these coats are still incredibly popular and are becoming more refined over time. 

These coats are generally quite heavy and you won’t find them being worn until the colder parts of spring and autumn. Once winter hits they tend to stay in the wardrobe again as heavier jackets get brought out to deal with the cold winter weather that Korea faces.

While there is a large range of different styles that trench coats come in, there are two particular styles that are very popular in Korea. The first of these styles is beige with brown or black buttons. The other features a criss-cross line pattern and is generally found in a dark/light grey shade combination.

While these coats can be matched with a wide range of outfits, the most popular Korean outfit for men involves a tucked-in polo (or other collared shirts) with ankle-length pants. Belts can also complement the outfit – just make sure that the colour matches your shirt and pants.

Shop Korean trench coats

Used with permission from gyeonminkim on Instagram.

This is another interesting one because it’s another trend that’s following the fashion cycle and has therefore grown back into popularity. The past few years have seen straight cut jeans become one of the bigger Korean men’s fashion trends. 

Straight cut jeans have also met another trend that is at the same cyclical point – ripped jeans. After being incredibly popular in the 80s, ripped jeans have made a big comeback. While they never fully died off, they have definitely reached a new level of popularity in the past year.

While not all straight cut jeans are ripped, you can easily find a lot of both ripped and non-ripped jeans being worn by Korean men. There is also a range of different styles. If you prefer something simple, you can opt for standard jeans. If you want extra detail, there are many options with added styling such as large pockets, zips, hemming, and much more. 

Hemming brings me to another point. If you’ve been reading through this article in order then you will remember that I mentioned ankle pants above. I also said that the style was popular with jeans – that’s very true for straight cut jeans. You will find a lot of ankle-length straight cut jeans. Further, a lot of them have exterior hemming as an added detail.

Shop straight cut jeans

Images from Puimoi__ on Instagram. (These are shorter jackets, longer jackets are also very popular)

Oversized padding jackets are similar to trench coats in terms of length, but rather than being made from fabric they generally use down feathers. This often makes them quite pricey, and there was an interesting article written about how these padded jackets are at the centre of Korea’s class divide.

Although the article is a few years old, these down coats are still very big (literally!). The overall trend hasn’t really changed over the past few years. Rather, what has changed is the brand and colouring that is in fashion. North Face was the first big brand involved in the trend, but now other brands are also getting involved. 

Of course, these jackets are very warm and if you live somewhere warmer then this style probably isn’t for you. However, in colder areas or places that have cold seasons these jackets are sure to keep you warm!

What makes padded jackets such a popular trend among Korean men’s fashion is that they are very simple to wear. Once you’re wearing one and have it zipped up, nothing underneath is visible. The only aspects of your outfit that you need to worry about are your pants, shoes, and potentially a beanie or hat.

Shop long padding jackets

While it’s impossible to list every popular Korean outfit for men, I wanted to list a few that have been very trendy over the past year. If you’re interested in putting together a similar outfit yourself, keep in mind that not everything needs to be the same. Express yourself and change up the colours and designs to fit you!

Images from gyeonminkim on Instagram.

This outfit is one of my personal favourites. It combines a pair of full-length pants in a darker colour (in this case, black) with a cotton vest that has a slightly larger, contrasting t-shirt underneath. In this case, the t-shirt also has a slit for a bit of added detail!

Black and white is a great colour combination for this outfit because it’s easy to accessorise. Nearly everyone has a pair of white, black, or white & black shoes. On top of this, the vast majority of masks, bags, and hats will be in either black or white. Of course, the outfit can work in other contrasting colours too – just be careful when matching accessories.

Shop this style

Images from Accio_project on Instagram

Dressing down is a trend that you will regularly see in Korea both currently and in the future. Dressing down is most often seen in the form of a blazer or collared shirt being worn over top of a simple t-shirt. While it doesn’t seem like t-shirts and blazers should work well together, they often come out looking great!

In both of the examples above, oversized outer clothing is worn with a white shirt. White shirts tend to be the easiest to match with as blazers often come in darker colours. However, as seen in the first image, it doesn’t always need to be a blazer – many collared shirts work!

In each case, the shirt is worn tucked-in with a pair of full-length black pants. What differs greatly, though, is the shoes. With dressing down, the shoes can often determine the feel of the outfit with sneakers feeling more on the ‘casual’ side and loafers feeling more ‘formal’.

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Images from Accio_project on Instagram

I don’t quite know what to call this style, but I’m going to go with ‘street formal’. It’s a very hip style that embodies Korean street fashion in many ways, however, it also adds more formal elements such as loafers or business-like shoes. It’s an interesting contrast and one that I never expect to work… But it does!

You will see this full-black style commonly in Seoul’s more trendy areas. While each person styles the outfit differently, there are two main styles (shown above). One uses a jacket, which is often denim or leather, and the other uses a long-sleeved shirt.

These can be matched with a pair of full-length black jeans that are either straight cut or skinny. As long as they are a similar shade of black, they should fit well. Accessories such as bags, hats, and jewellery also go a long way to compliment the outfit. If you’re looking to add to this outfit, make sure to check out the top Korean jewellery brands!

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Images from Yj_mark on Instagram

While all of the above outfits look amazing, they aren’t exactly the most summery. If you’re looking for an outfit that is not only a bit cooler, but that has a great summer vibe then look no further! The best bit is that many men will already have a polo shirt lying around, which means that the outfit is half completed!

In the pictures above, a bright yellow polo shirt is combined with linen pants (left) and track pants (right) in white. The combination of white and yellow has a definite summer feel and it also allows for easy pairing with black or brown sandals. Gladiator-style sandals work well with this outfit.

While any colour of polo shirt can be worn, lighter colours will definitely work better with white pants. However, the look can be replicated with darker colours on both the shirt and pants if you desire a less summery look.

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Images from Puimoi__ on Instagram

While street style is very broad and the same applies in Korea, this particular style has been quite widespread over the past year. Instead of going for the more common, oversized street style, this look goes for more of a standard fit.

The pants are the focus of this look, and it’s important to get them right as the shirt and shoes are interchangeable. You can either go for athleisure pants with a tight ankle fit, or you can opt for track pants and pull socks up over the pants. However, it can be harder to find track pants that fit the look.

Any darker or muted colour shirt can contribute to the outfit. Usually something dark, but not black, works well for the top half. Black shirts tend to not work as well as they can be less defining and drag attention away from the pants.

As with any street outfit, accessories can really complement such an outfit. Since the style is black-based again, any black accessories work very well. Masks, bucket hats, caps, backpacks, and otherwise can really make the outfit stand out.

Shop this style

What’s the Biggest Men’s Fashion Trend of 2022?

The biggest Korean men’s fashion trends of 2022 are minimal, street-formal, and athleisure.

What Outfits Are Popular in 2022?

Outfits that are minimal and clean are very popular. However, street fashion (including oversized and baggy clothing) is also rapidly growing in popularity.

Where Can I Buy Korean Men’s Fashion?

If you’re looking to purchase Korean men’s fashion then make sure to check out Kooding and W Concept.

How Is Korean Men’s Fashion Different From Other Countries?

Korean fashion tends to differ a lot from other country’s styles because Korea is usually on a different point in the fashion cycle. Therefore, men’s fashion in Korea tends to be totally different to other countries.

What Evergreen Men’s Fashion Trends Are There in Korea?

Muted colours, two-layer tops, trench coats, straight cut jeans, and polo shirts are always-in in Korea.

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