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My name is Ethan, and I am the blogger behind

Seoulinspired is a travel blog that currently focuses on Seoul and Korea. Seoulinspired is aimed at travellers and expats living in Korea and focuses on providing both travel advice and living advice.

Get in touch with me by contacting me here or via my email: [email protected].

Why Work With Seoulinspired?

There are a ton of Korean travel blogs out there, so why pick Seoulinspired?

Seoulinspired focuses on in-depth guides. Rather than just reviews, I focus on covering all relevant information so that Seoulinspired can be a one-stop shop for readers. For examples, refer to these articles on Seoul student housing, fine dust masks, and Seoul public transport.

I value honesty above all else. My readers trust me, and that is because I always do my best to provide honest and accurate information.

Further, you can expect top-quality photography (if required). As a professional photographer, you can expect top-quality images. An example of a sponsored article with images is my recent article on Surfyy Beach.

Do You Need to Promote Your Product or Service?

If you have a product or service that you believe would be beneficial to my audience then let’s work together.

Seoulinspired has a large, engaged, audience of readers visiting and living in South Korea. If you are looking to get exposure for your product or service relating to Korea then Seoulinspired is the place to get it!

I am willing to work with any brand that I believe will be valuable to my audience. However, I maintain the right to not promote products or services that I believe aren’t valuable to my audience.

Website Audience

Ages: 18-24 (27.5%) | 24-34 (33.5%) | 35-44 (15.5%)

Gender: 46% female | 54% male

Language: 70% English | 6% Korean

Location: South Korea (30%) | United States (20%) | Singapore (5%) | Malaysia (5%)

All information is accurate as of November 2021.

Collaboration Ideas

Sponsored Posts: I write sponsored posts for companies that align with both my audience and I. Pricing varies depending upon the requirements, so please contact me for an estimate.

Examples: Surfyy Beach | Boryeong Mud Festival | Seoul Student Housing | Ziptoss (1/2)

Brand Mention With Link: If you have a brand that provides value to the readers of I can mention your brand within relevant articles.

Examples: 42ShareStudentHousing | Sidekick | KTourStory | Goshipages

Social Media Promotion: I can also promote your business/service through social media. This exposes more potential customers to your brand.

Photography:  As a professional photographer I am also happy to provide photography services. This can either be packaged with a sponsored post or can be totally separate.

Examples: Surfyy Beach | Seoulism Cafe | KtourStory & Trazy

Guest Posts: Want to write a guest post for Seoulinspired? Or vice versa? If your article is of good quality and relevant to Seoulinspired’s audience I am happy to share it.

Examples: 5 Things To Know Before Coming to Seoul

Homepage Sponsored Slot: Banner ads can be placed on the homepage (or in the sidebar) of Pricing depends on timeframe and location.

Have Another Idea? Contact me and we can work something out. These are just ideas for possible collaborations and I am open to ideas and suggestions.


I had the pleasure of working on a blog project for our surf resort with Ethan. The end result was very comprehensive, easy to read and a great representation of what we had to offer the public. I would definitely work with Ethan again in the future – Jake McFadyen, Surfyy Beach.

It’s hard to “work together” with others, but Ethan understood our values and goals well – even more than we did. We consider him an expert optimized for projects in Korea targeted at foreign customers. He has a deep understanding of Korean culture and life, while instinctively knowing the needs of foreign customers – JS Lee, Seoul Student Housing 42SHARE.

Ethan’s articles are very powerful and an effective way to do viral marketing. The articles are also of top quality and have helped us get more customers. We will definitely work with Ethan again in the future – Ziptoss (Realtor in Seoul).

Ethan showed us a great understanding of what we needed to promote our concept. Moreover, he is available and follows up with us after the completion of his work. I am extremely happy to have worked with him as the results are good and the article about our space is just simply well written. Will definitely work again together on other projects – Thomas Grounon, Color Pool Museum Operation Manager.

Work With Me

Get in touch with me by contacting me here or via my email: [email protected].