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Although Kpop music is fantastic and has many fans worldwide, music alone is only a small part of what makes Kpop performances so atmospheric and fun to attend. As someone who has been to a range of concerts over the years, nothing has compared to the Kpop concerts and events I’ve attended.

Why? In part, it’s because of the performances. Kpop is one of the few genres that combines singing and dancing into one form that grows beyond both alone. However, there’s a second big part – the fans. While the group themselves can provide stage presence and make the event a blast, it’s the fans who truly bring the atmosphere and vibe to an event. One of the most unique and special ways fans can do this is with Kpop lightsticks.

It’s hard to explain how breathtaking it is to see an event with thousands of lightsticks. If you’ve been to a Kpop concert before, you will know what I mean. The moment the lightsticks are turned on and in sync is truly a sight to behold.

Since Kpop lightsticks are an integral part of both performances and fan collections, I wanted to dedicate a post to the topic. In this article, I want to take a deep dive into how lightsticks became such an essential aspect of the Kpop scene. After that, we can look at some of the best Kpop lightsticks that you can collect today.

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Kpop lightsticks are small devices that fandoms can use to show their support of a specific group or idol. While each lightstick can vary significantly in size, shape, and features, lightsticks typically feature a handle (or stick) with a transparent bulb at the end. There will be a design or logo on the lightstick that represents the group.

More modern Kpop lightsticks are also capable of more advanced features, and many can be synced to a central control point at concerts. This means that when fans bring their lightstick to the groups’ show, each stick can be synchronised to create some fantastic lighting patterns throughout the venue. 

While this is a more technical look at what a Kpop lightstick is, it’s also essential to consider the other importances. These devices are not only pretty, but they also allow fans to show their support for a group and to display their solidarity as a fan community. For this reason, lightsticks have a meaning much deeper than just their appearance.

2020 SMA Kpop Performance

To understand the history of Kpop lightsticks, it’s vital first to understand the importance and solidarity of the fandoms that surround each group. For many fans, Kpop isn’t only about the music. Instead, it’s about idols, music, community, friendship, and more. It isn’t uncommon for fans to be supporting their favourite idols and groups in competitions, be active in online communities, and even buy all of the related Kpop merchandise. The most dedicated fans may even replicate their favourite idols’ fashion!

While it’s hard to draw a parallel to other entertainment, it’s important to understand that the fandoms surrounding most Korean groups aren’t there simply for the music. It’s much larger than that, and community is a vital element. In the first generation of Kpop, fans wanted to identify as part of a fandom, and that is where the concept of lightsticks was born.

Lightsticks weren’t used during the first generation of Kpop (throughout the 90s). However, raincoats, balloons and paper became common. According to the group or a particular idol’s colour, these items would be colour-coded. With these items, fans could demonstrate their solidarity, support, and sense of community.

Over time, this expanded. Where raincoats and balloons were trendy in the 90s, the second generation of Kpop saw a change come. From first generation Kpop, colours were already seen as a way to represent groups. However, how could this be expanded upon? 

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 1

Image from @lizahasanova on Twitter.

Lightsticks became a popular way to represent support for a group and solidarity within the community because they were easier to manage than raincoats and balloons. On top of that, many multiple-performance events would have many groups, and lightsticks allowed the audience to change colours when needed.

However, while these could be considered the first lightsticks, they weren’t the ones we know today. These lightsticks were simple and lit up in a few basic colours. Today, lightsticks are far more complicated and more personalised for each group. So who started this trend?

BigBang was the group to create the first Kpop lightstick as we know them today. As opposed to the simple lightsticks of the previous years, the Bang Bong (BigBang’s lightstick) was designed to stand out. It was designed to attract attention even among a sea of thousands of other lightsticks and to allow Bigbang fans to be unique among the masses of lightsticks. The Bang Bong started the culture of more complex lightsticks that we see today.

While BigBang can be credited with creating lightsticks as we know them today, they didn’t become massively popular until the most recent generation of Kpop. During 2017 and 2018, many companies began to adopt official lightsticks for their groups. Since then, Kpop lightsticks have boomed in popularity, and now almost every group with a significant fandom has their own representative lightstick.

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 2

Kpopomo has an impressive lightstick collection at affordable prices.

Finding websites that sell lightsticks online isn’t the most straightforward task. While there is a range of websites from which you can purchase Kpop lightsticks, no website currently appears to have a complete collection, and therefore there is no one-stop-shop. However, each of the following websites sells some lightsticks, and they’re worth checking out.

Kpopomo – If you’re looking for a website with a massive range of lightsticks, this is your best bet. They have lightsticks from over 30 groups, with many sticks from different generations on sale. They also offer a massive range of other Kpop goods, making this website an easy place to shop.

Cokodive – One of the most trusted websites for purchasing official Kpop lightsticks, Cokodive is loved by fans worldwide. This website doesn’t have the most extensive selection of lightsticks, but they stock them from all top groups. Further, shipping from Cokodive is generally fast, and products come straight from South Korea.

Amazon – Amazon sells pretty much everything, and Kpop lightsticks are no exception. They have official lightsticks from various groups, and they also offer lightsticks from previous generations. However, before purchasing on Amazon, ensure that you buy from a trusted seller with high ratings. 

Daebak – One of the most trusted websites for purchasing anything Korean, Daebak has lightsticks from nearly every group. Even better, they offer pre-orders on upcoming lightsticks. When I discussed Daebak in my Kpop merch article, I said they tend to be more expensive than alternative sites. However, when it comes to lightsticks, their prices are quite comparable.

YesAsia – Although a bit harder to navigate since there is no category dedicated to lightsticks, YesAsia does have a wide selection of Kpop lightsticks. Just make sure to navigate to the group you want and search there. From the home screen, they can be challenging to find! YesAsia has some of the better prices on this list, and they also offer free international shipping.

Official websites – If you are interested in a specific lightstick, you will want to check out the company’s official website. These websites are the best as you are guaranteed high-quality official goods. However, they are also very limited in selection – if you want only a single lightstick, official websites are your best bet. However, if you’re going to buy multiple lightsticks or buy other goods alongside lightsticks, the websites above tend to be better choices.

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 3

BigBang was the first k-pop group to officially have a lightstick, and it was designed by the members of the boy group. The lightstick is called Bang Bong, with bang representing the group and bong being the name for lightsticks.

Since its first launch, the Bang Bong has gone through several modifications. The most recent version of the lightstick comes in two colours; black and white. The lightstick has a ‘B’ emblem and a crown design at its head. The latest version allows the lightstick to change colours in sync with the song beats.

Out of all of the lightsticks on this list, the Bang Bong has gone through the most iterations. Over time, the design of the lightstick has been refined until we reached the most recent design. This lightstick is a great visual explanation as to how the sticks have changed over the years.

Purchase BigBang Bang Bong

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 4

BTS’s lightstick is named the Army Bomb. The first version was released in 2015, and it has a simple yet classy design. The grey sphere at the head of the lightstick symbolizes a globe, representing how BTS has fans worldwide and how their music has transcended languages and boundaries. In 2017, a refined version of Amy Bomb was released, and it came with a sleeker stand, refined tip and a translucent sheen.

BTS then announced a third iteration of the lightstick on Wednesday, July 5, 2018. This version was officially released on July 27, 2018, and it includes an official app that allows you to use Bluetooth to shift the light stick between concert and manual modes.

Finally, the Map of the Soul Special Edition edition was released on April 14, 2020, and also it comes with an official app that allows you to use Bluetooth to switch the light stick between concert and manual mode.

Purchase BTS Army Bomb

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 5

Bl-ping-bong is the official name of BLACKPINK’s lightstick, and it was first released on May 28, 2018. Although officially named Bl-ping-bong, it’s often called Bbyongbong – a term created by Blackpink member Jisoo. The word ‘Bbyong’ is Korean onomatopoeia, representing a ‘pop’ sound like a toy hammer would make.

The BLACKPINK lightstick looks like a toy hammer with two hearts on either side of a dark handle, with the hearts conveying the YG Entertainment girl group’s logo. Turning the lightstick on makes it pink, which is the symbolic colour of the group. Amazingly, the group members additionally participated while thinking of the design plan for the bong.

While the lightstick certainly draws attention, the appearance isn’t the main feature of the Hammer Bong. Instead, what draws in fans is the intriguing “squeak” sound you can make with this lightstick, very much like a toy hammer, which is something that no other lightsticks in Korea can do. How cute!

Purchase Black Pink Hammer Bong

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 6

TWICE’s lightstick – Candy Bong was inspired by the song Candy kid, released in their debut mini-album The Story Begins. The lightstick glows in Twice’s official colours; apricot and neon magenta.

The most exciting feature of Twice’s lightstick, the Candy Bong, is that it can be used as a mood light. While the lightstick is fantastic at concerts, owners can also connect the device to their phones when they want to sleep. This provides fantastic mood lighting and allows the lightstick to have a purpose outside of concerts! This lightstick is perfect even if you’re not sleeping but want a pleasant atmosphere.

The second version of the lightstick is Candy Bong Z. It launched in 2019. This newer version has incorporated each member’s official colours, which are cycled through during concerts.

The Twice application also allows manually changing tones and colours, among other options. What’s even more remarkable is that the Candy Bong Z can be set up to let you know when you receive notifications like messages! The light stick application is accessible in both Android and iOS forms.

Purchase TWICE Candy Bong

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 7

Even without taking a gander at the lightstick, the MAMAMOO lightstick has a cute charm. In Korean, “moo” or “mu” is the word for “radish”, so likewise, the lightstick of Mamamoo is prominently known as Moo-bong (radish bar). This will make even more sense once you see the lightstick! Although, if you’re reading this, you already have…

With a similar look to a maraca, the initially released lightstick from 2015 was white and green, complete with an embellishment that makes the lightstick look just like a radish!

Mamamoo released its subsequent lightstick in 2017, which generally has internal enhancements. The greatest is that with the new stick, fans have the choice of 256 colours. The 2017 version of the lightstick also has a vibration motor allowing it to vibrate.

One more overhauled form of Mamamoo’s official lightstick was delivered on July 11, 2018. The shape remained very similar – it still resembles a radish. The main difference between the new form and the past one is the power button currently located on the handle instead of at the base.

The radish-moulded lightsticks have vibrations designed for fans who may be unable to enjoy the beautiful-looking lightstick. Deaf fans or anyone visually impaired can feel the atmosphere of the concert through the vibrations of the lightstick. This is such a good idea and something that will hopefully carry over to other lightsticks in the future.

Purchase Mamamoo Moo Bong

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 8

Panda Bong is an extremely adorable and pink lightstick – just like Apink! The Panda Bong lightstick represents the fanbase of Apink. Apink planned a panda with pink accents to be the focal point of its first light stick in 2016.

The Apink lightstick addresses the young ladies’ fan base name, Panda, and official tone, strawberry pink. When the lightstick is turned on, the panda’s nose, eyes, and ears light up. Apink delivered the plan for the second form of its light stick after two years, in 2018. While the newer lightstick doesn’t appear unmistakably unique from the previous adaptation, it introduced some new features such as external control.

Along with a refreshed controller and more shading choices, the lightstick was also sold alongside photocards that were unobtainable elsewhere. The second lightstick was officialy released on September 4, 2018 and turned into the thirteenth most famous lightstick of 2018.

Purchase Apink Panda Bong

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 9

This kpop lightstick is a combination of white and Red Velvet’s concealing pastel coral. Inside the lightstick bulb, adorned by lights, are the initials “RV”. The bulb itself looks like… Can you guess? A dumpling! That also explains the name of the lightstick – Kim Man Bong. Kim(chi) man(du) is the name of kimchi dumplings in Korea!

The Red Velvet lightstick was initially released on July 23, 2018 and it was subsequently released not long after. The head of the light stick was actually supposed to be a cupcake (I’d guess a red velvet cupcake!), but fans believed otherwise.

Due to this, the Red Velvet lightstick has since adopted the fanmade name Kim Man Bong. When the members of Red Velvet became aware of the fan name, they thought it was funny and cute. Now, although not the official name, most people refer to the lightstick as Kim Man Bong!

Purchase Red Velvet Kim Man Bong

Astro’s first light stick was released on July 15, 2017. The colour scheme is white, with the purple highlights. Of most importance, at the top of the device there is a purple star highlight that represents the Astro group. Although it’s just my opinion, I love the colour scheme on this lightstick!

Similarly to Twice’s lightstick, the Ro-Bong from Astro can transform into a moodlight. This can be done using an included dock, that the Ro-Bong can be placed inside. When inside, the moodlight projects stars around the room that it is in!

The second generation of Ro-Bong was released in mid-2020. This second-generation Astro light stick can be controlled through a central control system which allows fans to coordinate their lightsticks during concerts. While many lightsticks feature similar functionalities, it’s truly a sight to behold when all of the lightsticks are synchronised!

Purchase Astro Ro-Bong

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 10

Although not as cute as Mamamoo’s Moo Bong, GFriend has one of the cutest lightsticks. The Glass Marble, announced on April 4, 2017, and subsequently updated in April 2019, represents GFriend’s early albums. Their first album, Glass Bead, can be seen as the inspiration for the name and design of this beautiful lightstick.

This lightstick is unique and perhaps one of the most intriguing on this list. Why? Because it’s filled with liquid! While this makes the lightstick a bit heavier than others on this list, it also allows the lightstick to sparkle with glitter that fills the marble. When lit up, this provides a stunning sight and makes the Glass Marble one of the coolest Kpop lightsticks currently available.

The head (or marble?) completely lights up, illuminating the “G” as well as the moon that surrounds it. This lightstick connects via Bluetooth to a GFriend app and may be operated remotely. The light stick also supports two built-in modes, solid and blinking.

Purchase GFriend Glass Marble

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 11

Exo’s lightstick (officially Pharynx, but called Eribong by many fans) is hexagonal-headed. I believe it’s the only hexagon lightstick currently available! In the centre of the lightstick, Exo’s logo can be seen. Not only is it a logo, but the shape spells the groups name!

The Pharynx lightstick is one of the most sophisticated-looking Kpop lightsticks on this list, and many people love the sleek style that it follows. Currently, the second generation of Exo’s lightstick is released – however, the third version is very near and will be released in April!

The lightstick can gleam 12 different colours. Although Exo no longer has 12 members, this of colours was likely symbolism of the group’s beginnings. On top of the colours, the lightstick has many different modes that light up different parts of the Exo logo.

Although each lightstick version has internal changes with new features, the lightsticks can be harder to differentiate externally. For example, with a black and white motif, version 1 featured a dominating Black Flat colour, whereas versions 2 and 3 featured white, with version 2 being a flat white and the most recent version being 3D white.

Purchase EXO Pharynx

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 12

Seventeen’s official lightstick is known as Carat Bong, and it’s one of the most lavish but elegant lightsticks. Carat Bong is named after the group’s fan club, which is known as Carat.

The Carat Bong became Seventeen’s official lightstick in 2016, following an online contest in which fans voted for their preferred design out of six contenders. It contains the official colours of the group – rose quartz and serenity. Bluetooth connection is included with this lightstick. However, the best part of the lightstick is that it is customisable, and fans can customise it to their will. This has led to some stunning lightsticks being created by the most dedicated fans!

By downloading an IOS or Android app, fans can connect to the lightstick and change the appearance of the device. In addition, fans can change the colours, shades, and more. This makes the Seventeen lightsticks very flexible, and sometimes fans will even take it to other groups’ concerts to support them.

Purchase Seventeen Carat Bong

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 13

Monsta X’s authorized lightstick (Mondoongie) was unveiled in 2017 to commemorate the group’s second anniversary. Each hue in the light stick, turquoise, blue, and pink, signifies a different album in the “Clan” series. This means that the lightstick illuminates in four different colours.

Mondoongie was initially shown to fans via Monsta X’s online media on May 14, 2017 – this day they had celebrated their second debut commemoration. Known as the Mondoongie, this lightstick has a striking contrast between the black handle and transparent, lighted head.

Where the first generation of the Kpop lightstick had a turquoise-lighted dome, the second generation changed this to white. The handle also changed from black to charcoal grey. While the second generation doesn’t have the striking contrast of the first lightstick, it looks more elegant and iconic.

The lightstick was designed by group member Wonho. His touch can be seen added to a lot of the group’s merchandise, and this lightstick is no exception. The name of this Kpop lightstick quickly makes sense once you hear the fan club name – Monbebe. This name can be translated from French as ‘my baby’ or more eloquently as ‘my darling.’

Purchase MONSTA X Mondoongie

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 14

The Stray Kids lightstick is called Nachimbong, and it was launched in November 2019. It features a white handle with a red and silver compass on top with the inscription “You make Stray Kids remain.” The Korean business 101X created the fan light with the permission of JYP Entertainment.

The name was created by using a play on words. In Korean, the word for compass is nachimban, and the word for rod is bong. Combining these words makes the name Nachimbong – perhaps the compass references their early song Broken Compass.

Unlike many lightsticks that light up in a limited range of colours, Nachimbong can light up in any colour due to RGBW lights (red, green, blue, white). This means that the lightstick can display virtually any shade, and it can fit anywhere!

However, with this many colours, it can be hard to coordinate. Luckily, the device also features a control mode where a central system at concerts can control the colours and shades. This allows everyone to be in sync and allows for some spectacular shows!

Purchase Stray Kids Nachimbong

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 15

The TXT (Tomorrow X Together) Kpop light stick was officially released on January 21, 2020. The design of TXT’s lightstick is a lot less serious than many other boy groups, and it has a playful vibe to it. This is primarily due to the buttons’ colours, which are yellow, green and teal. These buttons can be found on a white stick with a transparent head.

Inside the top of the lightstick, you can find a simple +. This symbol represents the initials of the group – TXT. T can clearly be seen, and if you rotate the lightstick slightly, you will see the X! This is a simple design but very clean and creative.

Three buttons on the stick allow the user to perform different functions. While most of the lighting is controlled via Bluetooth, these buttons allow fans to change modes without reaching for their phones. This is very handy and comes in useful when you don’t want to be getting distracted with your phone!

However, the coolest feature of TXT’s lightstick is the Discover MOA feature. This feature lets you discover MOA’ (TXT’s fan group) by simply using your lightstick. Once you activate the mode, other TXT lightsticks within close proximity to your own will respond and flash green. How cool is that?!

Purchase TXT Moabong

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 16

I don’t think anyone would argue with me if I said that Ikon’s KonBat is by far the most eye-catching Kpop lightstick on this list. Although it’s not my favourite, there’s no denying that this lightstick demands attention wherever it is.

The lightstick is aptly named KonBat because Kon, can be taken from the name Ikon, and the lightstick is in the shape of a baseball bat. Despite the fact that the lightstick is certainly eyecatching, many fans were not particularly impressed with it. Many fans believe that the lightstick looks like a weapon, which could reflect on the fan group.

Although many fans aren’t thrilled with the design of the KonBat, some fans praise the unique design that is truly unique among lightsticks. Either way, there’s no denying that you’ll recognise the Ikon lightstick instantly!

Purchase iKON KonBat

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 17

NCT’s lightstick has an interesting name. Many people may not know, but the full word for lightstick in Korea is eungwonbong. Although this is normally shortened to bong as it’s far easier to say.

NCT’s lightstick isn’t circular like most groups but rather a rectangle. In Korean, there is a rectangular character that can rougly be translated as M in English.

Since the world for lightstick is normally 응원봉, NCT decided to change the first and last characters to the rectangular character in order to represent their rectangular lightstick! Therefore, the Korean name became 믐뭔봄 or Meummwonbom. However, the word Meumwonbong is often used also.

The Meumwonbong is a white and yellowish-green lightstick (not sure about the accurate colour term) that spells the letters NCT. Despite the lightstick appearing more yellow when turned off, it becomes a very bright and fluorescent green when turned on.

Purchase NCT Meumwonbong

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 18

GOT7’s lightstick is another of my personal favourite lightsticks. Like Mamamoo’s Moo Bong, the GOT7 Ahgabong is very cute. Named after their fan group – Ahgase – the lightstick combines the word with bong for a stick.

IGOT7 sounds a lot like the word for baby bird in Korean. Therefore, the GOT7 fan group decided to shorten their name to ahgase (baby bird). This explains why GOT7 decided on a seemingly unrelated baby bird theme on their lightstick.

The lightstick features a transparent head in the shape of a bird, and within the bird is the GOT7 logo. This is accented in a light green, with the second generation lightsticks being more muted than the original generation.

Purchase GOT7 Ahgabong

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 19

When it comes to fandom names, (G) IDLE has the best. (G) IDLE fans get to go by the name Neverland. Why do I mention this? Because Neverland features prominently on (G) IDLE’s official lightstick. The name of the lightstick? Never Bong!

The Never Bong is one of the more recent lightsticks, only being introduced in October 2019. But, despite that, it’s become trendy – for a good reason! This is one of the most elegant lightsticks that you can currently find in the world of Kpop.

The lightstick features a two-sided design within a bulb. On one side of the lightstick, you can see the (G) IDLE logo, designed in the shape of a castle. On the backside of the lightstick, you will see the castle that the logo fits into!

This theme makes the (G) IDLE lightstick one of the most consistent Kpop lightsticks. The whole stick feels like something from a fantasy world – Neverland.

Purchase (G) IDLE Never Bong

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 20

JYP Entertainment’s girl group ITZY has made a mark in the music industry and reserved a special place in the hearts of the fans.

However, the lightstick of ITZY is not that popular among the fans. ITZY chose the shape of a ring as their lightstick, which many fans disliked. The lightsticks are supposed to be held like a tambourine, but many fans believe the lightstick looks more like a doughnut.

With that being said, the lightstick does have one cool redeeming factor. Included is a dock, and unlike other lightstick docks, this dock can be wall-mounted. The circular lightstick can be placed around the hub for atmospheric lighting when mounted. This lightstick can be controlled with Bluetooth for ease of use.

Interestingly, some fans were upset enough that they created the unofficial ICY Bong lightstick. If you want to support ITZY but aren’t a fan of the light…doughnut? This might be worth checking out instead!

Purchase ITZY Light Ring

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 21

In keeping with the group’s space concept, Cosmic Girls’ lightstick is shaped like Saturn, with rings surrounding the core. However, unlike Saturn, the core of this lightstick is a heart. Around the bulb is a band with the text WJSN (Cosmic Girl’s abbreviation) X Ujung. Ujung is Cosmic Girls’ fan group name.

This lightstick lights up in both navy and peach, the girl group’s two representative colours. However, while the colours are nice, the glitter in the bulb makes this lightstick look stunning in the dark.

This lightstick has three settings: on, slow flicker, and quick blink. Together with the stunning colours and glitter, these modes are sure to impress!

Purchase Cosmic Girls Ujung

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 22

Highlight, formerly known as Beast, is the longest ongoing Kpop group on this list. Since 2009 its members have been dominating stages worldwide. Now known as Highlight, the group has the perfect Kpop lightstick to match.

Highlight’s lightstick (named Hallabong) is one of the most simple on this list. However, the simplicity of the lightstick is also what makes it so attractive – it looks just like a lightbulb. In fact, if it got mixed up with my lightbulbs, I might not be able to find it again!

Inside the bulb, you will find the word HIGHLIGHT. Other than a single button on the handle of the lightstick, there is little to note on the device’s exterior.

However, unlike most lightsticks on this list, the Highlight lightstick supports RGB. This means that you can make a total of 3800 colours with the lightstick, and you can dial the colour in to match your exact taste.

Purchase HIGHLIGHT Hallabong

Only formally together for under one year, I.O.I has some of the most famous lightsticks in the world of Kpop. This is due to two reasons – the lightsticks are very scarce, with only 2500 in existence, and the lightstick is very unique.

Although I think iKON’s lightstick still takes the cake for the most eye-catching on this list, I.O.I’s lightstick isn’t very far behind. Rather than a bat, I.O.I’s lightstick is an adorable ice cream.

While it sits alongside TWICE and Mamamoo’s food-themed lightsticks, I have to admit that this is the cutest of the three.

When turned on, Ice Cream (it has no official name) alternates between yellow and purple. In addition, the button on the bottom of the device allows the speed to be adjusted between two set patterns.

Purchase I.O.I Ice Cream

Kpop Lightstick Guide - Where to buy, Lightstick History & More 23

Although Wanna One is no longer active as a group, their lightsticks are collectable items for many. On top of that, since some of the group members have gone on to do solo acts, the lightsticks may even be able to still get some use!

Wanna One’s official lightstick, Neobeulbong (Wannable Bong), was released through the group’s official fan cafe on December 10, 2017. The unofficial name, Wannable Bong, was suggested by Jaehwan as the fan group name for Wanna One is Wannables. Therefore, he wanted to name the lightstick after the group’s dedicated fans.

The Wannable Bong is a sleek black-coloured stick with their signature number “1” inside a clear bulb. The lightstick also comes with a strap to prevent fans from dropping the stick and a dark rectangular box to keep the lightstick protected and in good condition.

Purchase Wanna One Wannable Bong

How Much Does a Kpop Lightstick Cost?

The price of lightsticks can vary greatly depending on their features, age, and scarcity. Cheaper lightsticks begin at around $30, but some will go for $120 or more.

Where Can I Buy Kpop Lightsticks?

You can purchase Kpop lightsticks at Kpopomo, Amazon, Daebak Co, Cokodive, or on the company’s official website.

Where Can I Buy Kpop Lightsticks in Seoul?

There are many stores in Seoul that sell lightsticks. One of the most popular places to buy lightsticks in Seoul is in the underground shopping mall in Myeongdong. Both official and unofficial goods can be found here.

Where Can I Buy Official Kpop Lightsticks?

Official lightsticks are best purchased from the group’s official website or from sites such as daebak Co or Kpopomo.

Which Kpop Lightstick Is the Most Expensive?

Second-hand, many lightsticks go for incredibly high prices due to being limited edition. One such lightstick is IU’s 2019 Love, Poem lightstick that now demands over $300 online.

Why Are Kpop Lightsticks Called Bongs?

The full name for lightstick in Korean is eungwonbong. Since this word is long and somewhat difficult to say, it was shortened to simply be ‘bong’.

Do Kpop Concerts Sell Lightsticks?

Yes! Many concerts will sell official lightsticks at the entrance.

When Do Kpop Groups Get a Lightstick?

Kpop groups will usually get lightsticks after they build a decently sized fandom. This is usually after an album or two has been released. Unfortunately, some groups will never create a lightstick as it’s based on demand from the fans.

What Is the Prettiest Kpop Lightstick?

This one is controversial! I believe the prettiest lightstick is WSJN’s Ujung. The space theme really sets it apart from other lightsticks, and the thing looks amazing when turned on!

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  1. Hey. I’m Tiffany.. I’m going to the Ateez concert in November. All stores are all sold out on the Ateez light stick. Wanted to know when stored will restock. Thank you in advance..

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