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After recently writing an article on the best websites for Korean fashion shopping, I wanted to write another article to go alongside it. This time, however, I wanted to cover the best Korean cosmetic websites in 2022.

Both Korean fashion and cosmetics have grown to be incredibly popular in recent years. While it’s easy to find clothing and cosmetics in Korea, it can be a bit harder to find authentic products online – even more so when you need international shipping.

For this reason, I wanted to create a post discussing the best websites through which to buy cosmetics from Korea. Whether you are looking for Korean skincare, makeup, or otherwise, these Korean cosmetics websites have will have you covered. All websites on this list offer international shipping and have websites available in English. 

Further, all of the websites have products that are actually popular in Korea or that are from Korea. If you shop from these websites (especially some brands) you can know that you are getting cosmetics straight from the streets of Seoul!

I’ve noticed that a lot of these lists tend to include skincare and makeup products that aren’t actually popular locally. For that reason, I’ve tried my best to only include websites and brands that sell products that are popular locally.

With that being said, there are a ton of websites out there and I couldn’t include them all because there are just so many! I tried my best to include a wide variety of websites though. If you believe a website should be added to this list, please comment and let me know. As of the time of writing, these are the best websites to purchase cosmetics from Korea!

This article contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a percentage of purchases that are made from links on this article, this comes at no extra cost to the user. Full disclaimer.

The makeup and skincare markets in Korea are constantly changing and product trends are different every few months. However, there are some brands that have remained relatively popular over the past years. Firstly, I’ll mention some of the popular but affordable cosmetic brands in Korea followed by some of the more premium brands.

Premium Brands

Of course, these aren’t the only brands that fall into each category. There are hundreds of Korean cosmetic brands alone! However, these are some of the most well-known, both in Korea and overseas.

Some of these brands will have their own websites while others are sold either primarily or entirely through third-party Korean cosmetic websites. If you’re looking for a specific brand, the best collection will usually be on its own website – provided it has one.

However, shopping mall websites tend to be better if you want to shop for individual products from a range of different brands. Further, bigger websites often tend to have better deals, especially when it comes to events such as Christmas and Black Friday.

All of the sites below offer international shipping & English websites. However, not all of them are equal when it comes to shipping fees. For that reason, I have included a table below listing shipping fees and the price requirements for free shipping. Please note that these costs are to the U.S (although some apply globally).

CompanyShipping Fees
Amore PacificFree
YesStyleVaries ($50 + free)
BloomingkocoVaries ($50 + free)
Althea KoreaVaries (flat fee over $50)
Daebak Company$9.99 ($149 + free)
Beautynet KoreaVaries
Stylevana$4.99 ($53 + free)
W Concept Varies ($99 + free)
Peach & Lily$6.95 ($50 + free)
Olive YoungVaries ($60 + free)
Korea Beauty CosmeticsFree (up to 1.5kg)
Aloisia Beauty$5.95 ($25 + free)
Jolse$2.50-$22 (express)
Style KoreanVaries ($80 + free)
Wishtrend$5 ($60 + free)
Facetory$9.95 ($25 + free)
Soko GlamVaries ($35+ free)
Cosmetic LoveVaries

Gmarket best website for cosmetics from Korea

GMarket is Korea’s top shopping website and it’s most comparable to Amazon. Owned by eBay Korea, GMarket has virtually everything you could ever want. This makes it a great website to shop from whether you want Korean gifts, masks, fashion, or cosmetics!

Gmarket stocks a LOT of Korean cosmetic brands. You can find luxury brands such as Sulwhasoo and Sum37 along with more affordable brands such as It’s SKIN, Innisfree, Etude House and COSRX. This combination of luxury brands along with more budget-friendly brands makes GMarket one of the best websites to get cosmetics from Korea.

Since GMarket is such a large website, there are regular sales. No matter what brand or product you are seeking, it’s likely that GMarket will have a sale at some point. It’s not uncommon to see 1+1, 50% off (or more) sales and included gift promotions.

GMarket is the best website on this list to use if you don’t only seek Korean cosmetics but also want to do some other shopping. If you’re looking for Korean souvenirs, Kpop merchandise, or otherwise, GMarket will allow you to do all of your shopping in one place.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 1

Amore Pacific is the company behind many of Korea’s top cosmetic brands. Owning brands such as IOPE, Espoir, Etude House, HERA, Innisfree, Laneige and Sulwhasoo, it’s easy to see that Amore Pacific is a big player in the Korean cosmetics scene. Amore Pacific also sells products under its own name, and these can be found on Amore Pacific’s website.

Amore Pacific itself is a luxury brand that sells everything from skincare products to makeup. Their Time Response series of skincare is particularly popular and liked. However, the prices are definitely on the premium end.

What makes this brand particulary appealing is the range of brands that they own. While I won’t create a seperate entry for every brand, I’ve linked to some of Amore Pacific’s brands below. If you’re looking for the best quality cosmetics from Korea, look no further!

IOPE – My personal favourite Korean skincare brand, IOPE is dedicated to research and science. This Skincare brand focuses on revitalising the skin through extensive research. Visit site.

Laneige – Focusing on skin hydration, Laneige is a more affordable brand from Amore Pacific. Laneige is particular well known for their hydrating water science skin care products. Visit site.

Etude House – Along with Innisfree, Etude House makes up Amore Pacific’s budget-friendly cosmetic lineup. Etude is famous for its foundation products which are famous for lasting throughout the day. Visit site.

Sulwhasoo – Focusing on holisitic skincare, Sulwhasoo is one of the most well-known cosmetic companies in Korea. However, while its products are well-liked, they are also very premium. Visit site.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 2

While YesStyle is best known for its fashion selection, the website also has an amazing selection of skincare and makeup products making it one of the best websites for Korean cosmetics. YesStyle is also a great choice because a large range of its products are affordable. On top of that, shipping is often free!

YesStyle stocks a range of brands including SOME BY MI, COSRX, and Etude House. Personally, I love SOME BY MI’s miracle cream and it’s something that I use regularly. COSRX and Etude are both extremely popular brands within Korea, especially among students and youth.

YesStyle has a selection that is perhaps second to only GMarket. It offers everything from bodywash to sunscreen and makeup. Since it also offers a range of Korean fashion, it’s a fantastic website to shop on if you are looking to purchase more than just cosmetics.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 3

Despite what the name may suggest, Style Korean is a site that focuses on Korean cosmetics and skin care. They have an incredibly large range of brands, and they are comparable to the biggest Korean skin care and cosmetic websites in terms of selection.

Style Korean offers free shipping to many regions on orders ranging from $80+ to $120+. The pricing on the website is generally quite affordable and you will find a large range of quality and pricing here. 

I appreciate the sorting that Style Korean offers as you can sort brands by their ingredients and whether or not they are vegan. The site also offers large discounts at times, meaning that you can find good deals. 

Style Korean does not have their own brand, but this is understandable considering the massive variety of cosmetics. Brands such as Missha, 3CE, Innisfree, Holika Holika, the SAEM and Tony Moly can be found here!

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 4

Blooming KOCO is a Korean cosmetics website that advertises authenticity, free shipping (over $50, within the U.S) and competitive pricing. While these claims are all true from my experience, the shipping can be expensive below the threshold. As such, I recommend purchasing only if you can get free shipping and also to wait for sales.

With that being said, Blooming KOCO has a wide range of Korean brands. While these are mostly budget-friendly brands, anyone not wanting to spend a fortune will appreciate this cosmetic website. You will be able to find brands such as COSRX, Missha, Neogen, Tony Moly, Nature Republic and SOME BY MI at competitive prices.

What’s more, Blooming KOCO often has fantastic sales. If you are purchasing around a holiday period, it’s easy to find great deals on this website. Even if a holiday is not near, it’s worth checking Blooming KOCO for any sales that they might be having.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 5

Another big name, Beautynetkorea makes this list due to its large selection of cosmetics but also the fact that it offers many popular Korean brands that aren’t on the other big Korean cosmetic websites.

Some of the famous brands that can be found on Beautynetkorea are Tonymoly, Missha, Its Skin, Holika Holika, and The Face Shop. Nearly all of these brands have large selections on Beautynetkorea and there are tons more brands that you can also find on the website!

Pricing on Beautynetkorea is very reasonable and it has many affordable brands with thousands of product choices. If you are looking to save money, Beautynetkorea can also have big sales at times with some products being 75% off or more. 

These sales make Beautynetkorea a great place to shop for anyone looking to save some money while still getting quality cosmetic products from Korea. Whether you are looking for a moisturizer or makeup, Beautynetkorea has it – if you’re looking for cosmetics from Korea, make sure to check this website out!

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 6

Perhaps one of the most famous online shopping malls for Korean cosmetics, Stylevana is very popular for Korean fashion, makeup, and skincare. The site offers international shipping to most of the world and is available fully in English.

Stylevana has an incredibly large selection of cosmetics and it aggregates many popular Korean cosmetic brands in one place. Some of the more well-known brands are Nature Republic (very popular in Korea), IOPE, and Sulwhasoo.

With the large selection that Stylevana has, you can also find products for nearly all price ranges. Brands such as Nature Republic are known for being a bit cheaper, whereas brands like IOPE are generally more premium. 

Stylevana has large collections for both skincare and makeup. On top of this, they also sell a lot of Korean fashion from big brands making the website a great one-stop-shop. Stylevana is focused on women’s fashion.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 7

When you first visit W Concept you may be lead to think that it’s only a fashion website. In fact, it also made my list of the best Korean fashion websites! However, W Concept also has a massive variety of Korean makeup and skincare. Just make sure to navigate to the K Beauty section of the website.

W Concept doesn’t have the largest variety of famous Korean cosmetic brands. While it does have some, such as COSRX, Hera, and Espoir, there are also many smaller brands on the website. For this reason, it’s a great place to shop for smaller and lesser-known Korean cosmetic products.

While perhaps less-known, many of the products sold on W Concept are premium quality and amongst the best that you can buy. For this reason, I recommend W Concept for anyone looking for higher-end cosmetics. While there are some cheaper products also, the selection is not as large as you will find on other sites such as Stylevana.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 8

Soko Glam is another popular Korean cosmetic shopping mall. Soko Glam is the website behind The Klog, a popular Korean beauty blog. They also sell some of their own products under the same name.

Brands such as Neogen, Mediheal and The Klog can only be found here from what I have seen while researching for this article. Of course, there are also other brands such as Tony Moly and Skinfood (among tens of others!).

Soko Glam is a skincare website and you will find a range of face masks and skin health products on this site. However, you will not find makeup or other such cosmetics on this site. Rather, Soko Glam focuse on revitalising and keeping your skin healthy.

Soko Glam also gives out their own awards (from The Klog) meaning that they also act as a syndication website. Some items have two or three awards, making it easy to see exactly which products are highly rated and why. If you are looking for cosmetics from Korea but unsure which to pick, Soko Glam is a great place to discover what’s hot.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 9

Althea Korea is a Korean cosmetic website that has many local variations. No matter where in the world you are shopping from, there’s a good chance that Althea Korea has a branch that can ship cosmetic products to you!

Althea Korea focuses primarily on more affordable Korean brands. As such, you can expect to find products from Innisfree, Etude House, Laneige, and Missha here. They are constantly expanding their brands list, however, and it’s worth checking back regularly to see if the website has added more brands.

The website also offers a 30-day return policy for any products that are defective or otherwise not what you wanted. This is a rather unique offer among websites on this list and provides an extra level of security and confience when shopping. Make sure to check out Althea Korea if you want to purchase some cosmetics from Korea!

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 10

When you first visit Facetory you will notice that it looks unlike any other cosmetic store on this list. The products are all designed to be very cute and bright, and the cosmetics all have a very cute feeling. 

Facetory sells purely its own brand – aptly named Facetory. They offer a wide range of products from sheet masks to exfoliating sprays and more. They don’t offer makeup, however, as Facetory is meant as a skincare brand.

What I really like about the Facetory website is the fact that they offer a skin type quiz (that only takes 30 seconds) which will allow you to find the right products to help with any skin issues that you might be having.

Once you finish the quiz, Facetory will recommend not only products that are designed for your skin/skin conditions but also bundles that include a variety of products that you can use. I really appreciate this function as someone unfamiliar with many of the intricacies of skincare.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 11

Banila Co is one of the few websites on this list that doesn’t feature a range of Korean cosmetic brands and products, but rather that sells only their own products – Banila Co. Recently Banila Co has become very popular due to their Clean It Zero skincare products.

Banila Co was founded in 2006 and has always been aimed at providing the best skincare at an affordable price. While they do now also offer a range of make-up products, there selection is more limited and less well-known than their skincare range.

The website sorts skincare products by condition. They have sections dedicated to revitalising, nourishing and purifying skin. There are many more sections too! No matter what skin condition you are trying to solve, Banila Co has something for you.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 12

Peach and Lily is a rather unique Korean cosmetic website as they not only offer their own lineup of products, but they act as a syndication website rather than an online shopping mall. This means that rather than acting as a storefront for any brand, they actively chose brands and products to host on their website.

This means that Peach and Lily has products that are from their own brand or that have been chosen by the Peach and Lily team for their quality. This means that while Peach and Lily is more premium in regards to cost, they also have one of the highest quality selections of Korean cosmetics.

Another interesting choice is that Peach and Lily allows the user to choose cosmetics by skin issue (blackheads, dullness, dryness, acne, etc). This is a great way to sort products as it helps users who may not be familiar with all of the brands and products.

Peach and Lily also has a unique referral program where both the inviter and invitee can save $10 on their first purchase of over $50. If you know others who are also interested in Korean beauty products this might be a good way to save some money.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 13

Olive Young is the first website on this list that has a very large physical presence in Korea. Olive Young is incredibly common in South Korea and it’s hard to walk even a block in Seoul without seeing their stores. 

Although the physical locations of Olive Young are only partly for cosmetics (they are more like drug stores or pharmacies) their online store is mainly focused on cosmetics. However, you can also find other products such as hair curlers, straighteners, and even some food items!

While the Olive Young website has a large variety of cosmetics, it doesn’t have quite the variety of some of the dedicated cosmetic sites listed above. With that being said, there are still some brands unique to Olive Young and it’s worth checking out their site.

Olive Young also tends to be a bit more expensive than the sites listed above. While this does differ depending on the brands in question, you will generally find that Olive Young has higher pricing – whether the higher prices are worth it is up to you.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 14

Daebak Company is a company that is perhaps best known for its Korean subscription boxes. In fact, I already did reviews of both their Daebak Box and their SnackFever Box. However, on top of these boxes, they actually offer a whole storefront for a wide range of Korean goods. This includes K-beauty!

Daebak has one of the smaller selections of cosmetics on this list as they aren’t a dedicated beauty platform. However, they do offer some of the most well-known Korean cosmetic and skincare brands. Of course, they also offer a massive variety of other Korean goods meaning that you can purchase all of your Korean needs in one place.

The most well-known brands that Daebak offers are Innissfree, Etude, Mediheal, and I’m Sorry for My Skin. The exact items that they stock change quite regularly as well, so it’s worth checking out the site regularly.

Most interestingly, however, is that Daebak also offers a Korean beauty box. This box contains a random selection of Korean beauty items and it’s a great way to discover new beauty products. While I’ve never tried the beauty box, I did research on the Daebak Box in my review and found the price to be better than purchasing the items outright.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 15

Korea Beauty Cosmetics has one standout feature that makes it stand out amongst the competition. That is the fact that KBC offers free shipping on all products – no matter the cost. The free shipping will take longer than other options, but it’s free and can be applied to all products!

KBC offers all products from skin care to makeup and lipstick. Further, they also offer many other cosmetic devices such as LED face masks and wrinkle-reducing tools. Although they don’t have the largest variety of brands, they may have the largest variety of products.

Interestingly, Korea Beauty Cosmetics also offers a full 11-step routine for skincare from removing makeup to reapplying it. Each step has products relating to it, allowing you to easily pick from exactly which kind of product you want. 

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 16

Aloisia Marie Beauty is a brand that believes in clean beauty. With the amount of skincare and cosmetic products that many of us use daily, it’s important to make sure that you are using only products that aren’t harming your skin. Due to this, Aloisia Beauty has a list of chemicals and harmful ingredients that they promise to never include in their beauty products.

While their selection is one of the smallest on this list, this is due to the fact all products on their site are from the Aloisia brand. That is to say, they sell only their own products. These products are high quality and they have great reviews.

The website allows you to sort by skin concern. This means that you can select the exact issue you are facing (dry skin, oily skin, acne, etc) and find products that are effective against such conditions. This makes it easy to find the right products.

Aloisia Beauty also has a blog section that has a range of free advice and tips for skin care. It’s updated every few weeks and there is some interesting content there – especially when it comes to natural ingredients for skincare.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 17

Jolse is another online shopping mall that focuses on Korean cosmetics. They are an aggregation site and as such, have products from many other companies. Similar to Olive Young, they tend to have slightly higher prices.

Jolse has a large variety of cosmetics from brands that are popular domestically such as Innisfree, Missha and Some by Mi. Jolse often has sales that can drop the prices on products significantly (sometimes by 80%), and if you are shopping at the right time you can save a lot.

They are a good choice for sheet masks as they have a large variety from different brands and their prices are also competitive. In fact, many of the prices for sheet masks on Jolse are similar to the prices that I see in Seoul.

If you are based in the US or Canada they offer free shipping on orders over $30. Many other countries get free shipping on purchases over $40-$80 (depending on location). For this reason, Jolse is a good choice for anyone in the U.S, Canada, or much of Europe.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 18

Wishtrend is a Korean cosmetic brand that is very famous internationally. It has little presence within Korea, but both its store and its brand (By Wishtrend) are well known by many people familiar with K-beauty.

Wishtrend’s own brand, By Wishtrend, takes front place on the Wishtrend website. While I have no experience with the brand myself, I have heard good things about it from friends that have used it in the past. 

Wishtrend also features a few other brands such as COSRX and ECLAIR. However, their list of brands is much smaller than some of the aforementioned shopping malls and as such Wishtrend acts more like a syndication website. 

One of the biggest advantages of the Wishtrend website is the ability to sort products by those that are vegan friendly. Despite being very important, many websites still don’t offer this option. This makes Wishtrend a great website to shop for cosmetics from Korea.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 19

Cosmetic Love is one of the first sites on this list in a while that offers both skin care products and makeup. On top of this, they also offer a large range of hair products and makeup tools. 

Cosmetic is another cosmetic shopping mall, and I believe that they don’t sell their own products. They offer over a hundred Korean cosmetic brands and they also have a large range of makeup tools from brands such as Innisfree, The SAEM, Hera, and more.

Although selling many similar brands to the other cosmetic websites, Cosmetic Love also offers a whole sample section. This section offers small amounts of very cheap products which provide a great way for customers to try products before purchasing larger amounts. 

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 20

If you are looking to purchase some cheaper Korean cosmetics then you are in luck! There are a lot of sites on this list that offer affordable prices for makeup and skincare products. The sites listed below offer products for affordable prices (however, it does depend on the brand in question).

  • Yesstyle (big variety of affordable cosmetics)
  • Stylevana (not as large of a variety of affordable cosmetics, but still some options)
  • Beautynetkorea (has big sales, sometimes 90% off!)
  • Style Korean (large clearance section at times)
  • Amazon (large variety of different brands but limited selection for some brands)

While there are some other websites that offer cheap cosmetics (especially when it comes to sales), these are some of the best places to look for affordable Korean skincare and makeup products!

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 21

If you are looking to purchase Korean cosmetics on a larger scale, many of these sites also offer wholesale deals. If you are looking to purchase very large amounts of products, make sure to check out the sites below.

Best K-Beauty Websites - Where to Buy Cosmetics from Korea 22

Along with cosmetics, skincare products from Korea are also very popular and well-liked. Every website on this list sells Korean skincare products, so you can check out any site on the site. However, I do have some recommendations.

  • Jolse (decent prices with many brands including Tony Moly and Etude House)
  • Beautynetkorea (great prices for single masks with many under 50 cents)
  • Soko Glam (more premium masks)

What Is the Best Website for Cheap Korean Cosmetics?

If you are looking for more affordable Korean cosmetics and skincare products I recommend checking out Stylevana, Beautynetkorea, and Yesstyle.

What Is the Best Website for Korean Skincare Products?

There are so many and there’s really no ‘best’ website. However, some good websites for getting started are Stylevana, Beautynetkorea and Cosmetic Love.

What Websites Offer International Shipping?

All of the website on this list offer international shipping and English websites.

What Cosmetic Brands Are Popular in Korea?

There are tons of very popular cosmetic brands in Korea. Some of the most popular are Etude House, Innisfree, Tony Moly, Missha, IOPE, Sulwhasoo, The Face Shop and more.

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