The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 1

Although it tends to take a back seat compared to fashion and cosmetics, Korean jewelry has been steadily growing in popularity. As the popularity grows, so too does the reputation and quality of the products available.

If you’re not familiar with jewelry from South Korea already, it’s famous for being affordable yet high-quality. In Seoul, it’s easy to find a beautiful set of jewelry for under $50. Of course, the pieces won’t be as fine as more pricey jewelry, but for the price, they are fantastic.

This makes Korean jewelry an excellent choice for anyone who wants to compliment their outfit but doesn’t want to break the bank. Of course, there are also luxury brands, but even these tend to be relatively affordable.

However, while a lot of people are interested in jewelry, there is little awareness surrounding what jewelry brands are best. Due to this lack of information, I wanted to discuss the best Korean jewelry brands.

Whether you are looking for affordable products or more premium items, this list has jewelry brands for everyone. While some of these brands are based outside of Korea, they all have significant Korean influence.

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The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 2

Price range: $10+

Jewelry type: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets

Style: minimal, colourful, elegant

Rutilar jewelry excels in its simplicity. It’s a Korean jewelry brand that knows its audience – women who want to complement an outfit with elegant, minimalist pieces. Focusing on rose gold and silver, Rutilar offers nearly all of their pieces in complementary colours meaning there is something for everyone.

While half of their selection is built upon the concept of minimalism, they also have an extensive range of feature pieces. These earrings. necklaces, and rings are eye-catching and sure to draw attention and comments wherever they are worn.

Despite having so many statement pieces, Rutilar provides affordable Korean jewelry that is affordable to all. Even after becoming trendy, they’ve kept their prices accessible.

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The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 3

Price range: $8+

Jewelry type: rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, accessories

Style: cute, simple

Although much more than just a jewelry brand, Be My Muse sells a wide range of beautiful yet straightforward rings, necklaces, earrings, and more.

Perhaps the most exciting offer on Be My Muse’s website is their jewelry packs. These packs are tailored to include a wide range of different earrings, all included in one affordable price. So with one of these earring packs, you will have a pair of earrings for any outfit and any mood.

While much of this Korean jewelry brand’s collection relies on simplicity, Be My Muse also offers floral and colourful pieces. These pieces of jewelry are super cute and well worth checking out!

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The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 4

Price range: $50+

Jewelry type: Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings

Style: elegant, simple, luxurious

If you’re looking for a more luxurious Korean jewelry brand, Hei is a brand worthy of your attention. Its pieces are eye-catching and attention-drawing. While not minimalist, its elements aren’t overly bulky either.

If you love pearls, you’re in luck because so does Hei. Throughout its seasonal 2021 and 2022 collections, pearl feature pieces can be seen throughout. Most recently, the 2022 spring collection is all about the balance between pearls and colours – either silver or gold.

Although Hei creates a range of jewelry, there’s no denying that the best pieces are necklaces. If you want to add an element of luxury to any outfit, make sure to check out Hei.

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The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 5

Price range: $5+

Jewelry type: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, mask neckstraps, accessories

Style: Cute, colourful, floral, feminine

Specialising solely in feminine jewelry, Soo & Soo is a Korean jewelry brand that creates adorable accessories that have a hint of elegance. Although they do also sell accessories, their beginnings were in jewelry. For that reason, they made my list.

Soo & Soo features a range of jewelry that is colourful and joyful in nature. An innocence and playfulness surround the many floral designs created by the brand. So if you’re looking to compliment a cute outfit, this is the jewelry brand to check out.

Recently, Soo & Soo pieces can be seen worn by many Kpop idols, making it a hot Kpop fashion trend. Despite their recent attention, Soo & Soo pieces keep a low profile and add a touch of cuteness to any outfit.

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The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 6

Price range: $20+

Jewelry type: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets

Style: street, chunky, statement

Where Korean jewelry brands tend to focus on cute or elegant themes, Pasion sets itself apart. Rather than learning into the feminine feel that other brands lean towards, Pasion goes the opposite way – it leans into Korea’s ever-growing chic and street scenes.

With chunky pieces of jewelry that feature solid clasps and sharp shapes, Pasion is a jewelry brand that has carved its own identity. However, this identity isn’t just its own; instead, it’s shared by anyone who purchases its products.

If you enjoy Korean street fashion and want to accessorise your outfit to perfection, Pasion is the brand you are looking for. Uniquely, their jewelry both makes a statement and blends in with the right outfit.

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The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 7

Price range: $30 +

Jewelry type: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings

Style: natural, crystal, colourful

Contrary to its name, Less is More doesn’t necessarily indicate anything about its jewelry. While its Kindness, Spirited and Unity collections are minimal, Less is More’s Confetti collection features more colour and complexity. Perhaps the collection’s name suggests that!

Less is More’s goal is to help women find happiness in life and inspire good in its customers. While this sounds challenging, its jewelry can certainly make anyone feel happy. Using high-quality materials such as semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and brass, this is jewelry you can trust.

Among Korean jewelry brands, Less is More focuses on natural elements. Nearly all pieces have natural gemstones and crystals featured. If you want jewelry with a natural touch, this is the brand for you.

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The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 8

Price range: $5+

Jewelry type: necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklet

Style: minimal, elegant

Meltnfloat is a Korean jewelry brand that seeks to do more than just sell jewelry. It also wants to teach you how to make stunning pieces! You might want to check out its jewelry-making classes if you’re in Korea.

Suppose you would prefer to buy it, no problem. Meltnfloat has some of the most minimal yet elegant rings, earrings and necklaces on this list. Although maximalist jewelry is currently in, Meltnfloat shows that minimalism is never out of fashion – it’s here to stay.

Featuring bare metal and intricate designs, often featuring pearls, Meltnfloat knows that many women don’t want jewelry that draws attention. Instead, jewelry that blends in yet complements many outfits has its place.

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The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 9

Price range: $5+

Jewelry type: Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets

Style: bright, colourful, joyful

As you might guess from the name, WannabeStones’ jewelry features stunning stones that make its products the perfect statement piece. Although the stones aren’t genuine, the price point is incredibly attractive. These products punch far above their weight in regards to their quality and look.

WannabeStones strikes the perfect balance between being minimal and complex. Their pieces stand in the ideal middle ground, being the ideal match for a range of outfits.

Many of its earrings feature natural elements such as stars, butterflies, or flowers. This theme gives products from WannabeStones a cute and joyful feel that makes the jewelry pleasant to wear in any situation.

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The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 10

Price range: $150+

Jewelry type: rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces,

Style: artistic, contemporary, practical

This is a member-only institute of trendy Korean jewelry brands. It is pretty simple to sign up and totally worth it once you are accepted. In English, souhait means “one wish” which makes more sense as you go through its angelic display of the halo collection.

Souhait wants to spread kindness to each of its customers. This goodwill is also spread through their groundbreaking art form of jewelry making. Even though these are trendy modern pieces, this company prides itself on creating practical jewelry anyone can feel comfortable wearing.

You can wear Souhait’s collections alone or choose to layer them with multiple pieces; either way, you are sure to find something you’ll love at Souhait.

Purchase Souhait jewelry

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 11

Price range: $80+

Jewelry type: bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, men’s

Style: contemporary, chunky, maximalist

You name it; H.R has it. They specialize in rings, bracelets and earrings. They also include a small men’s collection, so there is something for everyone at this store. The online store showcases dainty pieces, but you will find they are masters in colour and design as you go through the site.

Minimalism is slowly making its way out of the Korean jewelry brands, and maximalism, with juicy colours and chunky design, are in for Korean jewelry. This site allows you to see rings side by side that you may want to use to layer a look or view the jewels in the bracelets in multiple lights to get the full effect of how the colour will look in real life.

H.R Park mall has nostalgic pieces that will take you back to when you were a kid and elegant pieces that you can wear every day or for special occasions. In addition, they keep their designs versatile and up to date with the newest trends in fashion.

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The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 12

Price range: $80+

Jewelry type: earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, hair pins

Style: modern, minimal, neutral

If you are looking for a modern, minimal, neutral style, look towards 1064studio. The name is creative: the melting temperature of gold (1064.18 C). What is the importance of this? The studio also has live classes for customers who want to experience handmade jewelry making.

The CEO of this company wanted to have her customers closer to their jewelry. She is the leading designer of 1064 studio; her mission is to make practical jewelry that can be used in various ways, not solely on special occasions.

If you are looking for trendy Koreanjewelry brands that can melt your heart, look through 1064studio’s website.

Purchase 1064studio jewelry

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 13

Price range: $25+

Jewelry type: rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces

Style: oriental, traditional, historical

At first glance, Momentel may seem too straightforward and blunt with the pieces they provide. However, don’t be detoured by the site’s simplicity because after a few scrolls down, you will realize that these pieces are more than jewelry; they are pieces to an entire story.

Originally launched in 2016, Momentel combines Asian roots with trendy unconventional statement jewelry. There are oriental details that I love alongside signature necklaces and earrings that are fantasized by retro-style fanatics.

One of Momentel’s recent projects includes a collection specifically delegated to the Chinese symbol for happiness and good fortune. This symbol can be seen on earrings, necklaces, and rings.

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The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 14

Price range: $30+

Jewelry type: necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, piercings

Style: trendy, simple, rose gold

When you think trendy, your mind should immediately go to Lloyd. There are simple chains perfect for layering and personalized bracelets with initials. You can tell Lloyd prides itself on staying on top of the trend reports.

This company also looks like the pioneers in rose gold. The craze of rose gold is here to stay for a long time. That’s why it’s essential to have a company you can trust to provide the best options for rose gold pieces.

The best part of Lloyd is the authentic Korean flair they provide through all their pieces. There is no posing to be something they are not. Instead, you get simple, unique pieces that are sure to complete your jewelry collection.

Purchase Lloyd jewelry

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 15

Price range: $150+

Jewelry type: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, ear cuffs, rings, hair jewels, mask headbands, anklets

Style: colourful, nostalgic, complex, modern

If you want to be ahead of the fashion trends, Joomi Lim is the space for you. They have always kept a bold appearance among Koreanjewelry brands. As a result, they are consistently on the trends radar and will continue to provide the most up to date fashion trends in the area.

Their showcase collection is a combination of pearls with bright coloured gemstones. You get a sense of a nostalgic feel with the colour choices of barbie pink, 50s blue, and emerald green. There is no denying the uniqueness Joomi Lim provides with her often partially simple, partially complex designs.

Some of the most famous jewelry from this designer includes the use of half pearl, half diamond on a choker necklace. This started a ripple effect in the fashion industry. In addition, there is a feminine style to Joomi lines current line, focusing on delicate spiral lines to imitate the form of a woman’s body.

Purchase Joomi Lim jewelry

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 16

Price range: $150+

Jewelry type: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets

Style: luxurious, complex, gold

Avec is known for the dainty rings that bring a sparkle to your style. This brand was founded by Korean twin sisters named Kate and Chloe, two fashionable sisters who know how to keep up with Korean trends.

If you are looking for a famous luxury brand, AVEC New York may be the best brand for you. This brand is based in NYC but has all the details Korean jewelry is known for. These delicate pieces are made entirely out of silver or 18k rose gold.

These sisters were the pioneers of rose gold fashion. Their Korean jewelry brand is riddled with pearls and precious gemstones, highlighting the little details that make a massive difference in Korean jewelry brands.

Purchase Avec New York jewelry

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 17

Price range: $100+

Jewelry type: rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets

Style: chunky, simple, floral, feminine

Chunky jewelry is back, and Coldframe is not holding back. They provide the best chunky rings in the industry. Something you don’t see often is matching ring and bracelet sets. You can have a chunky ring that fits perfectly with a simple bracelet.

The main inspiration to ColdFrame’s newest collection is the many forms of flowers. You will see the pieces go through the many stages of floral seasons. This brand is specific to women’s needs and consistently shows a feminine flair through its products.

You can choose to focus on matching sets, but honestly, it can be more fun to curate your own set of complimentary gentle designs.

Purchase Coldframe jewelry

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 18

Price range: $150+

Jewelry type: ear cuffs, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings

Style: maximalism, modern, luxurious

As I mentioned previously, maximalism is back in the fashion industry, and I am here for it. Portrait Report takes this new trend literally, offering pieces that mix and match to be a bright turquoise with a classic sterling silver piece.

You also get the pleasure to see the combination of silver and gold that won’t make you cringe. If you are more of an earring person, consider looking at the matching earring bracelet sets Portrait provides. In addition, there are chunky pieces replicating gold bars or pearl choker necklaces to match your long pearl earrings.

The best part of Portrait Report is the celebration of all women. They truly have a powerful movement with their pieces. Some explicitly made to empower the femininity of women. This is definitely one of the top 10 Korean jewelry brands.

Purchase Portrait Report jewelry

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 19

Price range: $75+

Jewelry type: earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets

Style: oriental, traditional, statement

Unlike the name may portray, Space Oddity is a company that embraces Asian culture. There are designs based on ancient drawings in China and Korea. You can get a matching set of berets and long chunky earrings that offer a tale older than time.

Most pieces are composed of raw materials like opal or translucent clamshells. Either way, these pieces are bold and statement pieces. There are some modern takes on trends like the paperclip necklace – which instead of being all the same chain colour – is combined with every other piece being either crusted with jewels or plain gold.

There is an apparent obsession with bringing modernity to some older styles. There are hints of florals and even have pieces with an accent on the curves of women’s bodies. Some of the pieces definitely belong in a museum because they are classical art pieces.

Purchase Space Oddity jewelry

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 20

Price range: $10+

Jewelry type: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings

Style: simple, minimalistic

The first reaction to viewing Wingbling’s site is a calming effect of the cottagecore aesthetic. Wingbling has pieces that enhance your style with tiny fairy wings or moons and stars. This style can be seen across multiple Korean jewelry brands.

There are many staple pieces Wingbling has to offer, like the small hoop earrings or sterling silver chains. But this company also specializes in unique pieces seen on famous Korean singers.

Many Kpop stars are attracted to Wingblings because of the variety of handmade jewelry they offer. I like Wingbling because although they are tailored to celebrities, they keep the pricing fair. Although not considered a luxury brand, you will notice why Kpop stars are obsessed with Wingbling as soon as you visit their site.

Purchase Wing Bling jewelry

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 21

Price range: $150+

Jewelry type: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, men’s, pendants

Style: trendy, luxurious, modern

If you are into the high-quality crafting of a luxury brand, then you will love Didier Dubot. This trendy Korean jewelry store will entice your style with the simplicity of a bar ring, or a geode sterling silver chain.

This company divides its time between Seoul and Paris. You can see the French chic combined romantically with the modernization of Seoul. Didier Dubot emphasizes the quintessential beauty of both cities through their pieces.

After viewing some of their more popular pieces, it’s easy to see that they are achieving their mission of providing pieces that can inspire your dreams. In addition, they are focused on giving each piece a meaning, which in turn can help you provide yourself with purpose.

Purchase Didier Dubot jewelry

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 22

Price range: $30+

Jewelry type: rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, waist chains

Style: functional, elegant, contemporary

SCHO Studio knows how to combine functional jewelry’s simplicity with the desire to feel beautiful. They are known for their fantastic sterling silverwork but often use accent gems like rose opal and pearls to show depth in their jewelry.

The jewelry gives an overall Mediterranean vibe, a summer reflection on any given day. You may be stunned to see how this company plays with textures like silk ribbon and hard sterling silver to create true masterpieces when looking through their site.

These wearable masterpieces can be accompanied by layering simple rings with larger gemstone rings or mixing and matching your own set of bracelet and choker sets.

Purchase SCHO Studio jewelry

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 23

Price range: $150+

Jewelry type: earrings, mens

Style: minimalist, contemporary, classy

I had the pleasure of noticing this brand when it was launched back in 2016. Beauton jewelry brand is the best place to admire the minimalist lifestyle. The founder is Kayoung Kim, who has studied and pursued a career in sculpture, showing the intense style of minimalist artwork in her jewelry.

Each Beauton piece of art is turned into jewelry. Some of these pieces look as if they are defying gravity, giving the classy, contemporary look you want from trendy Korean jewelry brands. You’ll find simplistic pieces with accent pearls or entire sculptures designed to be head turners for your outfit.

Purchase Beauton jewelry

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 24

Price range: $70+

Jewelry type: necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets

Style: statement, nostalgia, pearl

There is a point in fashion where pieces start to make a blunt impression on people. Numbering is no exception to this rule. They make trendy fashion jewelry that has no other choice than to make a statement.

They can provide a huge gold hoop earring or a chunky, short statement necklace. They keep their site simple but are always on the radar when they drop new items. Unfortunately, their site is constantly out of stock on popular items, so check in periodically to get exactly what you need.

Their most recent addition to their site includes 90’s inspired nostalgia pieces. This includes chokers, big pearl earrings, and even large, chained necklaces – everything you need for IG-worthy Korean fashion trends.

Purchase Numbering jewelry

The Top 24 Korean Jewelry Brands to Complete your Look 25

Price range: $60+

Jewelry type: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings

Style: minimalist, elegant, simple

J.estina sells more than just jewelry, but it made it on our list by starting the trend to match the chain of a purse as an accessory to your jewelry. Combinations of chained purses and bracelets or chunky earrings create a complete style.

There is no denying that J.estina is a company that thrives off of Trendy Korean fashion, but they are also pioneers in feeling feminine and beautiful by adding versatile pieces into your closet.

I admire their attention to detail and expressive minimalist pieces. There are multiple ways to wear a J.estina piece of jewelry.

Purchase J.estina jewelry

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