Cute Korean Outfits – 10 You Need to Try!

Cute Korean Outfits - 10 You Need to Try! 1

Like all fashion types, Korean fashion comes in a wide range of styles. Whether you seek elegant clothing, streetwear, or vintage fashion, you can find Korean fashion to suit. However, I’ve wanted to cover one particular style of Korean fashion for a while: cute Korean outfits. 

Out of all of the fashion styles of Seoul, it feels like cute is the most synonymous word with Korean fashion. Although there is a lot of diversity within the local trends these days, cute Korean outfits are still trendy and perhaps that which comes to people’s minds first. 

While I’m not sure where the trend began, it’s now perpetuated by idols and actors from the world of Kpop and Kdramas. With idols like Twice Nayeon, Somi, and Apink Bomi styling the latest cute Korean outfits, it’s no wonder that more and more people are following the trend and creating their own cute outfits.

With cute outfits and clothing being as popular as ever and defining a large portion of the peninsula’s fashion, I wanted to put together an article. While I’ve already extensively discussed Korean fashion trends for women and fashion trends for men, today I wanted to dedicate a post specifically to cute Korean outfits. 

You’ll love this post if you’re looking to add some endearing clothing to your wardrobe. Put together in conjunction with some fashion brands specialising in cute, I will introduce some currently trendy yet cute Korean outfits and let you know where you can purchase the clothing for yourself!

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The first outfit that I want to introduce today fits the theme perfectly! Although turtle necks may not commonly be associated with the word ‘cute’, they certainly can be. This checkered turtle-neck from NCover is a great addition to any wardrobe, utilising light tones to give a happy, summery vibe. 

In the pictures above, Rebecca matched this long-sleeved top with slightly baggy jeans. These two pieces complement each other well, with both being slightly oversized and not too tight, which tends to lean towards a more elegant look. Although the shirt is intended to be fitted, it did end up being slightly too large. Either way, it contributes to a charming outfit.

Cute Korean Outfits - 10 You Need to Try! 3

When it comes to this style of wearing a cute shirt with baggy jeans, tucking the shirt in can not only enhance the outfit but also give it another detail – this makes it a great choice for simple shirts that aren’t overly complicated. It’s worth experimenting with, as some people prefer the tucked-in look while others lean towards a more ‘free’ style.

When it comes to footwear, you’re free to experiment! In these photos, the outfit was paired with chunky shoes, which have been incredibly hot in Korea over the past couple of years. Flat and canvas shoes also augment the outfit while retaining the cute look.

If you’re looking for a cute Korean outfit with jeans, this style is a massive trend in Korea at the moment and one that you will want to check out. While we used a checkered turtle neck from NCover (which looks amazing!), many Korean online clothing stores are stocking different styles of these cute tops. The best bit? These tops can also be matched with a range of other clothes to craft even more cute Korean outfits!

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If you’re looking to create a similar outfit to the first one but would prefer to match it with something other than jeans, there are still many options! In fact, almost all baggy pants can match turtlenecks well. While fitted pants can go well together, these pants tend to lead more towards a ‘hot’ look as opposed to cute.

This iteration of the first style replaces the simple checker-designed shirt with a shirt that features a graphic. This changes the outfit from something very minimal (which is currently a big craze in Korea) to something with more personality and flair. 

Of course, this whole post is about cute outfits in Korea, so the graphic should suit the theme! Luckily, we found the perfect shirt from NCover. This particular top is a fitted turtleneck with a baby angel on the front. We couldn’t have asked for a better match!

Since the shirt is more attention-grabbing, the pants should be something simple that acts only to complement and bring forward the shirt’s design. For this reason, shirts like this are best matched with single-coloured pants with not too much styling.

This style and the more minimal style that matches well with jeans can currently be seen all over Seoul. The outfit is both comfortable and cute – what more could you want? This also shows the flexibility of turtle-neck sweaters, as they can work wonders in a range of cute outfits.

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Cute Korean Outfits - 10 You Need to Try! 6

A variation of the first look, albeit a slight one, this cute Korean outfit is also very trendy right now. Rather than wearing a looser-fitting top such as a turtleneck, a fitted top can also make for a great look. Both full shirts and crop tops are a great accompaniment to a cute Korean outfit with jeans.

Rebecca modelled two different outfits here – one using the same baggy jeans as the previous photos and one using a pair of beige-coloured pants. Both of these styles are very comfortable and easy to wear while looking fantastic.

This look can be pulled off with either fitted short-sleeve shirts or longer-sleeved tops. The one thing you will want to keep in mind is the colour – lighter colours work much better as they feel cheerful and upbeat. Currently, pink, purple, white, and light brown tops are the most trendy in Korea.

The shirts we chose for this outfit both used added detail to make them stand out. Since both the pants and shirt are a single colour, the style can sometimes feel a bit too basic. For this reason, we chose to use a top with a stitched flower from Graver. This little extra adds just enough to the outfit to make it stand out.

If you’re looking to spice up the outfit, crop tops can also match very well with baggy jeans. However, the look in the pictures above is perhaps the most popular cute Korean outfit that you will see in Seoul currently!

Speaking of crop tops and how they can work in a similarly styled outfit, I guess I should share some photos! The above photos feature a crop top from Fila (which, while technically not of Korean origin, is now a Korean company and is incredibly popular locally) with a similar baggy pair of jeans.

The biggest difference is that these jeans are not tapered near the bottom, meaning they keep a consistent thickness from the top to the bottom. This is an especially interesting outfit because the top half is fitted and will show your body, while the bottom half is the complete opposite.

Since the shoes in this style feature less prominently due to being partly obscured, a range of different footwear can complement this cute Korean outfit. In particular, ankle-length boots can add a hint of elegance while keeping the outfit cute.

Is the weather too cold for a crop or fitted top? Why not match the outfit with a fleece jacket? More on that in a second…

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During the colder months, it can be hard to find and wear good-looking clothes, let alone cute clothing. However, fleece jackets can be a great choice! Not only are these jackets super warm and comfortable, but they are easy to match with a range of long pants.

At the time of writing this article, it is November. That means that Seoul is getting colder, and locals have started wearing warmer clothes. Among those warmer clothes are fleece jackets – everywhere! They are incredibly trendy at the moment, and it’s hard to go outside for more than a few minutes without seeing one.

These elements together make fleece jackets a great choice for a cute Korean outfit. Most commonly, you will see white jackets. However, black and brown can also be spotted quite often. While in and of themselves, these jackets are not an outfit, they can be the key element in a range of outfits.

You will also notice that many of these fleece jackets have highlights and added design elements. This means they match well with almost any form of simple pants – whether jeans, track pants, canvas pants, or otherwise.

The first look we tried was made using a fleece jacket from NCover. This jacket has a more traditional look and is bare on the front except for a small logo on the left-hand side. On the back, you will find a larger logo that spans the back of the jacket.

Secondly, we tried a cute fleece jacket from Graver with hearts on each elbow. This jacket embraced the theme and even included little details, such as a paper clip attached to the jacket’s zipper.

As mentioned, these jackets can be matched with a wide range of pants. Rebecca chose to combine these jackets with beige canvas pants as the muted colours suit. Another good option is to create a cute outfit with jeans – both blue and black can match well!

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Another mainstay of cute Korean outfits is the flannel jacket. While not usually associated with ‘cute’, these jackets make for an endearing outfit when styled correctly! In this particular example, Rebecca styled the flannel jacket with a pair of baggy pants. This look juxtaposes between top and bottom, but it looks super cute!

While any pair of baggy pants will work, this particular outfit features a black pair of corduroy pants. Although these pants aren’t typically in fashion, it appears as though their time is coming back, as I’ve seen them worn quite a few times recently.

You will want to leave the jacket either unbuttoned or only partly buttoned for a cute look. For this reason, you’ll need to ensure you have a shirt underneath to complete this cute Korean outfit. Rebecca wore a simple, partly transparent white turtle neck during our photoshoot.

Although shoes are missing in these photos, wearing a pair of chunky sneakers perfectly complements the outfit and makes it adorable. If you have a pair of chunky sneakers, this is the perfect outfit to combine them with!

Alternatively, flat shoes can work too. In Korea, the Adidas Stan Smiths are incredibly popular. However, they’re far from the only match for this outfit, and any form of canvas shoe or otherwise flat shoe will work well!

If you’re looking for a more traditionally cute Korean outfit, you might want to consider using the same outfit but with baggy jeans instead. This is also a great choice because nearly everyone already has a pair of jeans on hand, and it doesn’t require you to make any extra purchases!

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Chunky shoes have already made this list many, many times. In fact, I’m pretty sure they work with nearly every outfit on this list! This is for good reason, though, as chunky shoes can make nearly any outfit cute. However, this next outfit really leans into chunky shoes and is super adorable!

Rebecca styled chunky shoes in this cute Korean outfit with a simple, semi-button-up dress. However, the standout feature of this dress, and what makes it delightful, is the collar on the dress. Although collars are normally associated with formality, the dress’s design, combined with the cute shoes, go a long way towards making this dress casual instead.

However, whilst cute, this outfit alone looks a bit bare without anything else. There’s no feature piece in the outfit, and due to the dress’s minimal design, there’s no focus with the outfit. To add another element, we decided to add a small, white handbag that contrasts the dress well.

This contrast works because the outfit is otherwise very minimal. Although contrasting colours often detract from an outfit, in this case, they work wonders because of the simplistic nature of this particular cute Korean outfit.

Although collared dresses aren’t ubiquitous, I recommend picking one up for this outfit if for nothing else. Combined with some chunky shoes, it’s a simple and extremely comfortable outfit that works in various settings – whether out on a date or going to a restaurant.

Now, it might be a bit chilly if you wear this outfit during spring or fall (or even on a summer evening). If this is the case, a knitted sweater is a perfect fit! However, if you want the perfect cute Korean outfit, I recommend a knitted vest. It’s the perfect pairing for this outfit!

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By this point, I feel most readers have probably already identified one of the overarching themes of current Korean fashion – minimalism. Minimalist outfits are popular among men and women, and this cute outfit perfectly fits the trend.

These sweatshirts epitomise this trend by remaining simple while featuring an adorable cloud smile character. If you’re familiar with popular Korean characters or use SNS such as KakaoTalk (the biggest messenger in Korea), you will know just how popular endearing characters are in the form of stickers and emojis. 

Graver’s sweatshirts are not without inspiration from previously existing sweatshirts, but the cloud character can’t be found elsewhere. While only a minimal addition, it brings the otherwise fill-colour shirt to life. The best part? These sweatshirts work fantastically as couple’s clothing too!

These sweatshirts are a loose fit, and such styles aren’t popular only within Korea but can be found globally. What tends to differentiate sweatshirts like this in Korea is the small characters and elements that they integrate into the design. Often, seeing characters like the clouds is a good way to identify Korean fashion!

Cute Korean Outfits - 10 You Need to Try! 21

Sweatshirts like these are typically popular in achromatic colours such as white, black, grey, and muted shades of grey and brown. At times you will come across more eye-catching colours, but more often than not, sweatshirts of this style will be seen in achromatic shades in Korea.

While brighter colours require more thought when matching, these more simple colours can easily be matched with a range of lower clothing. In colder months this can mean jeans and trousers, and in summer it can mean skirts and shorts. Brighter skirts match these darker shades and white especially well and create a coherent contrast within the outfit.

Although the sweatshirts used in these images are from Graver, many other Korean fashion brands also create similarly cute designs. Some other brands worth checking out are AQO Studiospace and Ambler. They all have a range of sweatshirts that can make for the perfect cute Korean outfit.

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When it comes to mainstays in Korean fashion, there is probably no item that has stayed in fashion as consistently and for as long as tennis (pleated) skirts. Not only have these skirts stayed relevant for as long as I can remember, but they are more than relevant – they are popular. You will often see outfits featuring pleated skirts when the weather gets warmer in Korea.

While there is a range of pleated skirts in fashion, tennis skirts are most applicable to this article as they can be put with a range of tops to make for adorable outfits. In particular, skirts using warmer and more vibrant colours such as pink and teal are fashionable. However, more basic colours such as beige, cream and white can also work well with a range of shirts.

Of course, a skirt only makes half of an outfit. The other half is often the harder part. Luckily, a range of Korean fashion brands make exceptionally cute t-shirts that match perfectly. In the images above, Rebecca matched a tennis skirt with a blue bear t-shirt from Born Champs.

This, and other similarly endearing designs really bring out this outfit and make it stand out. While tennis skirts can be matched with a wide range of clothes, tucked-in t-shirts suit very well and are very comfortable to wear in summer’s warmer months.

When it comes to shoes, this outfit can be matched easily with any cute shoes. Chunky shoes with thick soles work well, but they aren’t everyone’s style. If this is the case for you, thin sole shoes also work well – canvas shoes are quite popular with this cute Korean outfit.

Another form of this outfit that you may want to try involves swapping out the t-shirt for a simple collared shirt. This super cute Korean outfit excels in its simplicity – in this particular example, the skirt is the most eye-catching piece of clothing while the shirt features less obviously.

The photo on the right also displays exactly what the outfit will look like when wearing canvas shoes. Shoes in white or light pink suit the outfit perfectly and will not draw away from the overall look. Why not add cute socks if you’re looking to add an extra element? When matched with canvas shoes, any designs on the ankle will show, giving the perfect opportunity to show off your socks!

Wondering where the photos were taken? You’ll want to check out this post on Colorpool Museum in Seoul!

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Korean Woman Wearing Born Champs Jelly Bear Shirt

Another outfit ideal for summer and the warmer months of spring and fall is this one which features a tucked-in graphic T-shirt with above-the-knee denim shorts. When it comes to shorts in Korea, denim shorts are a mainstay and something that everyone has in their wardrobe.

Although you will see a lot of short shorts in Korea, these slightly longer shorts are ideal for this outfit as they are less revealing while remaining cool during the hottest months of the year. Shorts of this style can be found affordably and allow this cute Korean outfit to be accessible.

Similarly to the outfit featuring a short skirt, we styled this outfit using a Born Champs shirt. This shirt also features a bear – the difference is that in this design, the bear is a cute jelly bear! This bear reminds me a lot of jelly candy (as I’m sure it is supposed to) and fits the outfit’s colour scheme well.

While there are a ton of different shirts that would complement these shorts, white is the most reliable colour. Since denim shorts tend to be a light blue, the colours aren’t conflicting, and they naturally combine to make a perfectly fitted outfit.

With that being said, nothing is stopping you from experimenting! Other lighter colours can work well too, and many other brighter colours can work too. However, you will most often see this outfit with white or light grey shirts in Korea.

When it comes to shoes, sandals fit this look very well. Especially Roman-style sandals as they have an added layer of sophistication introduced with the many straps. If you are looking for covered shoes, any flat-soled footwear should work – just make sure the colours match!

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Cute Korean Outfits - 10 You Need to Try! 28

Let’s be honest – couple’s clothing is the epitome of cute clothing in Korea. While it’s quite a polarising trend, with many people loving and hating it, it is not only cute but also a distinct trend that you will find commonly in Korea.

For anyone unfamiliar, couple’s clothing is the term used for two similar pieces of clothing worn by each couple member. Commonly couple’s will wear matching shirts, shoes, or hats. Slightly less common (but still something you’ll see every few days), couple’s may even wear fully matching outfits.

Typically these outfits will either use identical pieces of clothing or inverted clothing. For example, one person might wear a white shirt with black highlights while the mother will wear a black shirt with white highlights. Either way, it creates a unique bond with your significant other that you can show off while out and about. 

Cute Korean Outfits - 10 You Need to Try! 29

I don’t know exactly where couple’s clothing originated, but it’s definitely most famous in Korea and is very often associated with the country. If you’re looking for some cute Korean clothing and are currently in a relationship, why not purchase some matching clothing?

My girlfriend and I wanted to demo some couple’s clothing, and we chose two pieces – one set of matching jerseys with a cute cloud on them and two matching fleece jerseys. We picked both of these in inverted colours to show off some more dynamic cute couple styles!

The jerseys (sorry, I speak British English!) from Graver are a great choice for seasons that aren’t too cold, fall and spring are great times to wear these! The second set of clothes is a sheepskin-like fluffy outer piece from NCover. This style is very hot in Korea right now; you will see this clothing style all over the place!

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Where Can I Buy Cute Korean Clothing?

You can purchase cute clothing from a range of sites. The best site for branded clothing is WConcept, and the best for affordable clothing is Lianox.

What Are the Most Popular Cute Korean Outfits?

Right now, the hottest trends are denim jackets, chunky shoes and baggy pants. When combined, these three pieces of clothing make an adorable outfit!

Who Can I Follow to Discover New Cute Outfits?

Bomi, Somi and Nayeon are three of the best idols to follow for new outfit ideas!

Does Korea Have Other Clothing Styles?

Of course! Streetwear is recently becoming popular in Korea alongside athleisure.

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