Top 10 Korean Classes You Can Take Online

Top 10 Korean Classes You Can Take Online 1

Learning Korean isn’t the easiest thing in the world. I’ve been a beginner looking to learn Korean, and even today, I still study and struggle with furthering my skills. When I first set out to study Korean, I was lost! There are just so many websites and resources from which you can learn. Perhaps the most problematic, however, was the Korean classes and courses. There were so many, and I had no idea what was good or not.

After many years of learning Korean and discussing it with many friends at my university, I wanted to put together a list of the best Korean classes online. Unfortunately, with the number of classes out there, it’s hard to find one that provides a solid curriculum and learning experience. With that in mind, I created this list to shed some light on what I believe to be the best Korean courses for students of different skill levels.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an advanced learner, I hope this list can guide you towards the next class to take. There’s something for everyone, and all the Korean courses listed provide excellent learning experiences if you make the most of them! With that said, let’s jump in to the list!

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Price: $35 (course only), $49 (course & tutor) per month. Annual subscriptions are available.

Strengths: Teaching foundational skills (such as reading hangul)

Best for: Beginners – Intermediate

As the name implies, 90DayKorean is a site solely focused on teaching its students Korean. It includes an online course (in many different formats) and one-on-one coaching. As the whole site is dedicated to teaching Korean, it has plentiful resources and provides a very well-thought-out curriculum for Korean language study.

Students can take 90DayKorean’s free trial for three days, which allows them to access the first two lessons of any course before deciding whether or not they want to continue. If you choose to join after your free trial, you will receive full access from there on out.

Courses are self-paced, so students can manage their own time and pace themselves according to their schedule and availability. Weekly review sessions also help students keep up with what they’ve learned throughout the week by answering questions related to their learning during each lesson.

Each lesson has a video that explains the material, followed by an exercise where students practice what they learned. There are also review sessions at the end of each week to help students keep up with their studies.

The site’s courses are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Each level has its own lessons covering different topics in Korean language study. There are also tools for students to learn more about the language’s culture and how to study efficiently.

90DayKorean provides an in-depth curriculum that covers everything you need to know about the Korean language. However, the learning can feel a bit slow for some, as each lesson is very detailed. This is probably the best Korean class if you are content learning at a slower pace but also covering all aspects of the language.

Want to learn more about 90DayKorean? I have previously used the platform for a few months, and I wrote a full review here.

Check out 90DayKorean

Talk to me in Korean Lesson 5 (days of the week)

Price: $12.99 per month, $7.75 per month on an annual subscription.

Strengths: Tons of different learning resources

Best for: Beginner – Intermediate

TalkToMeInKorean is one of the best sites for Korean classes. They offer great lessons at all levels – from beginner to advanced- and the site provides various resources to language learners, including online courses, video lessons, and even textbooks. In addition, they cover everything you need to learn about Korean, such as understanding the hangul basics to advanced writing.

Unlike many Korean classes on this list, this site is also great for intermediate and advanced learners. You can watch videos explaining how to speak Korean fluently and confidently in the real world, which is a great benefit. Native speakers have made their content, so it’s perfect if you want a more authentic experience when learning Korean.

TalkToMeInKorean is quite active on social media, and they have thousands of followers on Facebook alone! They regularly update their page with new posts, such as memes related to Korea, so if those are your thing, then definitely check them out! If you prefer to learn visually, you’ll also want to check out their excellent Youtube channel. The Youtube channel also provides a great way to try out the learning material before signing up for anything.

The only downside about TTMIK is that there’s no free version available which means some features won’t work unless you pay a small fee (but don’t worry – it’s worth paying because they offer complete access to all their resources once you subscribe).

It’s easy to navigate, and they have a lot of free resources available, which makes it perfect if you want to try out different methods before deciding on one. They cover everything from basic phrases, grammar points, and pronunciation to Korean culture.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one Korean course, TalkToMeInKorean is one of the best purchases you can make. There is a wealth of materials to refer to, and it’s an excellent platform for learners of all skill levels. 

Check out TalkToMeInKorean

Top 10 Korean Classes You Can Take Online 2

Price: Free for the course only, $59 per month for course & quizzes.

Strengths: Fantastic coverage of the Korean language basics

Best for: First-time learners

First Step Korean is one of the best Korean classes for beginners. It’s rigorous yet manageable and will provide you with a fantastic foundation upon which to build your Korean knowledge. The class is instructed by Seung Hae Kang, an associate professor of Korean Language Education as a Foreign Language at Yonsei University (one of Korea’s top universities), so you know you’re in good hands.

The course has five lessons containing pre-recorded lectures, reading assignments, and quizzes that will help you learn the basic principles of the Korean language, such as the vocabulary and writing system. You can watch these lectures for free, but you will have to pay for additional resources such as quizzes and assignments. If you find yourself self-motivated enough to study alone, there’s no need to sign up. However, if you prefer to have goals to work towards, the paid version is a worthy investment.

The course is available on the web as well as mobile. So if you’re looking to learn Korean, this is a great place to start. The course is well organized and structured, which makes it easy to follow. It also contains a wide range of resources that will help you learn Korean, including pre-recorded lectures, reading assignments, quizzes, videos, and more.

The interface is simple and clean, making it easy to use on both the web and mobile devices such as Android phones or tablets. The course is designed to be used by anyone without prior knowledge of the Korean language, including those who want to learn it for travel or business purposes.

It’s a comprehensive course that will help you master the basics of the language and give you a good foundation for further study. Pricing is at $59 per month after a one-month free trial period, and yes, you can cancel your subscription if you don’t think it’s the right fit for you at any time.

First Step Korean is perhaps the best foundational Korean class on this list. While it only covers the basics, it does this very well. I highly recommend that beginners start here before moving on to one of the more thorough courses later on.

One final note: This Korean class is currently priced at $59 per month (if you want the certificate and access to quizzes). However, the class itself only spans five weeks, meaning you can access the whole course for just over $100. For a great foundational course, this is not a bad price at all!

Check out First Step Korean

Top 10 Korean Classes You Can Take Online 3

Price: Prices depend on the teacher

Strengths: You’ll get personalised help in one-on-one classes

Best for: Every level – you can find teachers to suit all your Korean needs!

If you are looking for a Korean online class that offers one-to-one instruction and focus, then Italki is the site for you. It has been featured on Business Insider, the Guardian, BBC, and HuffPost. In addition, you can find a local teacher or someone who has learned Korean through a similar process as yourself. The best part? You can find teachers in nearly any price range!

There are two main types of teachers on Italki. The first are professional teachers who have undergone professional training either through a university or another teaching program. Secondly, you can find community tutors who are not professionally trained but have a passion for teaching Korean classes.

Italki offers a free trial period of 30 minutes so that students can see if they like their teacher’s teaching style before paying full price for any lessons. Most teachers offer around 60% off the usual hourly rate if you book more than 3 hours of classes at once, and some even offer discounts if you book more than 5 hours at once! This is an excellent choice if you’ve found a teacher who matches your learning style and you’re interested in buying Korean bulk classes!

Once you have found a teacher and scheduled your first lesson, it is time to prepare for your first class. The best way to prepare is by reading up on Korean grammar and vocabulary so you can ask questions about topics that interest you or help your teacher understand what kind of learner you are (i.e., visual, auditory, etc.).

Italki is an excellent option if you want to learn Korean with a native speaker or someone who has lived in Korea for a long time and can help you with the nuances of the language. The website offers a range of prices, but I recommend either going with a professional teacher or a highly rated community tutor for the best experience.

While the exact curriculum will differ depending on your teacher, you have some choice over the direction of your Korean classes. Let your tutor know your goal (For example, maybe you want to be able to hold a 3-minute conversation or be able to keep your ground in a Korean university class!). Since this platform is all about private lessons, you’ll be able to have some input as to what you learn!

Of course, since Italki has private Korean classes, you’ll also get personalised help. This means you can ask the teacher any questions, and the lessons will be tailored just to you! The best part? You’ll get tons of speaking practice! All-in-all, Italki Korean classes are a great way to improve your Korean skill rapidly!

Check out Italki

Top 10 Korean Classes You Can Take Online 4

Price: Prices depend on the teacher

Strengths: You’ll get personalised help in one-on-one classes

Best for: Every level – you can find teachers to suit all your Korean needs!

Verbling is a language exchange website that connects you with native speakers in real time. Using Skype or the Verbling app, you can connect with your teacher and practice speaking Korean in a relaxed environment.
Verbling has several Korean teachers, many of whom are fluent in English and their native language of Korean. You can also opt for lessons taught by native Koreans living in Korea! If you’re more advanced, you might want to look for Korean classes taught entirely in Korean – you can find those here!

The platform also connects you to lessons taught by non-native Koreans who still have excellent fluency in English. While it may seem contradictory to learn from someone who’s learnt Korean the same way you have, sometimes these teachers are the best at answering queries you might have. Another bonus? Verbling has many other languages available: Spanish, French, and Chinese! This makes it a great all-around platform for language learning.

Verbling is a great way to practice Korean and learn more about the culture. The lessons are also very flexible, which is great if you’re busy or have other commitments. You can choose how long each class lasts and when it’s scheduled. The platform also has a calendar feature where you can see your past and upcoming lessons and teachers so that you don’t miss anything!

The lessons are taught over Skype or the Verbling app. The teachers are easy to talk to and friendly, so you’ll feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and opinions. Verbling has a lot of Korean teachers, and many are very good. As a result, the lessons are not only fun but also educational; you’ll learn a lot about the Korean language and culture.

You also have the option to choose your language level when signing up for Verbling, which is great if you’re just starting out with learning Korean or want to improve on what you already know. The lessons are very interactive, and the teachers will often ask questions that allow you to practice what you learned in previous Korean classes. In addition, they will usually give you homework assignments so you can review things like vocabulary, grammar rules, or sentence structure on your own time.

Pricing starts at just $5 an hour, and similar to Italki, as the learner, you will have a lot of control over your curriculum. Want to emphasise speaking practice? Let your teacher know! Are you looking to pass TOPIK? You’ll be able to find a Korean class for that!

Check out Verbling

Top 10 Korean Classes You Can Take Online 5

Price: $12 per month or $67 annually

Strengths: Making learning fun

Best for: Beginner – Intermediate. Advanced learners can also learn something here, but the platform is better for high beginner and intermediate learners.

Lingopie is a Korean class with a unique spin. Rather than following a set curriculum, you can practice Korean by watching your favourite movies and TV shows! The platform has thousands of shows, each of which has English and Korean subtitles. With this approach, you can learn Korean while having fun! Then, after you’ve done some relaxed studying, you can test your knowledge with quizzes.

Lingopie is great for Korean learners who want to learn at their own pace and those who have a specific goal. The site offers many difficulty levels, so you can practice speaking Korean (or reading and writing it) until you’re fluent. In addition, you can take advantage of Lingopie’s live classes, where people from all over the world get together to learn about the same things at once. Plus, there are plenty of free resources available on the site—including vocabulary lists and grammar lessons—so if you don’t want to sign up for one of their paid plans, they will still be helpful!

The fact that the Korean online class is self-paced makes it ideal for Korean learners who want to learn at their own speed. In addition, many different difficulty levels are available, so you can practice speaking Korean (or reading and writing it) until you’re fluent. Of course, you can do all of this alongside your favourite TV content!

The site has a forum where you can connect with other learners and ask questions about Korean grammar or vocabulary. Lingopie is an excellent option for anyone who wants to learn Korean but doesn’t have time for an in-person class. If you’re starting out with Korean, there are some great resources on the site, as there are lists of essential vocabulary words that you can learn and practice before moving on to more advanced topics.

You can also take their free online Korean class to get started or learn how to write in Hangul (the Korean alphabet). Many of these resources are free to use, and the website has an extensive catalogue of resources available for Korean learners, including many different levels. In addition, the fact that the Korean online class is self-paced makes it ideal for people who want to learn at their own pace.

Check out Lingopie

Top 10 Korean Classes You Can Take Online 6

Price: $14.99 – $20.99 per month. Or, purchase classes for $150 per level

Strengths: Fantastic learning for on-the-go people!

Best for: Beginner – intermediate

Pimsleur is one of the best-known language learning websites. It offers a variety of courses in a wide range of languages, from Spanish to Russian to Chinese, but we want to take a look at its Korean classes! This platform mainly uses audio lessons you can take on your phone or another smart device and practice your pronunciation while commuting or doing chores around the house. There are also online interactive exercises with other learners – a nice touch that keeps things fun!

The most significant selling point for Pimsleur may be its ease of use. The audio lessons are broken up into manageable chunks, and each section has a corresponding class in print format so you can read along while listening; this way, you learn both comprehension and pronunciation skills at once. It’s excellent for beginners who want something simple without much hassle involved—if there’s any learning curve, it’ll probably be within the first few minutes as you figure out how everything works together seamlessly!

Pimsleur is the perfect solution for people who want to learn a language but are busy with other things and don’t have much time to spare. It’s also great for people who aren’t sure what they’re doing wrong with their current approach—perhaps they’ve been learning from books or podcasts but haven’t gotten very far in the process.

If there’s any downside here, it might be price: Pimsleur isn’t free (nor should it be) but compared with other options on this list, it’s relatively affordable ($0-$15 per course, depending on which level). So, for example, if someone were looking specifically just to do one thing – start speaking Korean fluently – this would qualify as great value.

My personal recommendation is to sign up for these Korean classes if you have time constraints or prefer want to have something to do while on your daily commute or while out exercising. On the other hand, if you’re looking to learn Korean as fast as possible, and have more time to study, I recommend combining this platform with another Korean class such as Italki!

Check out Pimsleur

Top 10 Korean Classes You Can Take Online 7

Price: $32 per month or $168 per year

Strengths: In-depth videos on each topic

Best for: Beginner – advanced

Skillshare is an excellent site for learning Korean. It is similar to Udemy, a course-creating and selling site. Many instructors offer their courses on Skillshare, which can be purchased individually or in packages. In addition, many Korean classes are available in audio, video, or text formats.

Since both Udemy and Skillshare are essentially marketplaces for learning, you will find some teachers have classes on both. For example, Korean for Absolute Beginners taught by Keehwan Kim can be found on both platforms. This Korean class is fantastic for beginners, so I recommend checking both platforms and comparing prices.

Since there are many Korean courses taught by different teachers, you can find various levels and styles taught here. For example, if you would like more quiz-based learning, some teachers will offer that. On the other hand, some teachers offer audio files which you can listen to on the go. Either way, Skillshare has a Korean class for everyone!

Pricing will depend on what the teacher has set. However, the prices are generally reasonable – especially considering how much content each course has. Most classes have a curriculum of around 4-8 hours. Of course, the content is mainly in video format and can be reviewed anytime!

Check out Skillshare

Top 10 Korean Classes You Can Take Online 8

Price: $13.99 – $84.99 per class. Often, the expensive classes can be found on sale

Strengths: Thorough curriculum for all levels

Best for: Beginner – advanced

Udemy is an online platform for learning… Well, virtually anything you can imagine. Among the almost infinite lessons and classes, you can learn on this platform is Korean! Even better, Udemy hosts some of the best online Korean courses on the internet. So whether you’re a total beginner or somebody looking to sharpen your skills, Udemy will have a Korean class to suit your needs!

The most popular course for beginners is The Complete Korean Course for Beginners. This course is designed to cover the essentials of the Korean language and is meant for absolute beginners. Over the 47 hours of learning, you’ll quickly become acquainted with all the language fundamentals you need for future learning!

If you’re looking to be able to hold basic conversations, you’ll want to check out a Korean class such as Complete Korean Course: Learn Korean for Beginners. The course covers topics such as greetings, introductions, and social interaction; food and drink, telling the time, shopping at a market or store, asking for directions, using public transportation (buses, subways), and going to the hospital for medical treatment or just visiting friends who work there.

However, we haven’t yet touched on the biggest strength of Udemy. That is the price! While Udemy has a ton of different Korean classes (some being great and some being not so great), many of them are incredibly priced. For example, it’s possible to get a 40-50 hour curriculum for only $13! That’s a few coffees for the price of learning all the Korean language basics. What a fantastic deal!

The learning formats in these classes will vary depending on the teacher. Most commonly, you’ll be taught with prerecorded videos, and these will be supplemented with quizzes and reading materials. Some teachers will also offer bonuses such as group calls and exclusive Facebook groups in which you can practice your newfound skills.

Prices may vary depending on the instructor, their rating, and their experience in teaching. However, there are many fantastic classes on this platform, and it’s well worth looking at the Korean courses Udemy offers.

Check out Udemy

Top 10 Korean Classes You Can Take Online 9

Price: $8, $25, or $47 per month depending on plan

Strengths: Tons of resources in different formats

Best for: Beginner – intermediate

KoreanClass101 is a paid online Korean course that features audio lessons, podcasts, and videos. It’s one of the most popular choices for auditory learners, with audio content delivered in MP3 files and through iTunes. The platform also offers video content. 

The basic subscription plan starts at $8 per month. It includes more than 200 lessons on grammar tips and vocabulary as well as access to their community forums where you can connect with other students who are learning Korean. Further, you can also get assistance from Korean teachers worldwide who can help answer your questions or give general advice about learning this language. You also get access to an interactive dictionary with more than 50,000 words translated into English, so you can quickly look up words if you don’t know how to say them correctly yet!

If you can spare a bit more, you might want to consider the Premium Plus subscription. This subscription also includes personalised assistance from Korean teachers on the platform – similar to the offering from 90DayKorean’s top tier of subscriptions. This is a great way to supplement your Korean classes with personalised help when needed!

But what else does KoreanClass101 offer? A lot, as it turns out. The materials they provide include transcripts from native speakers whom students have asked questions directly before recording themselves speaking those answers out loud so they could listen back later while practising pronunciation skills. 

Also included are listening exercises explicitly designed according to both active (listening while reading along) vs passive (reading only) modes. In addition, tons of music tracks are included, including folk songs sung by Koreans, which may help beginners learn useful informal phrases used by natives when talking casually amongst friends outside school settings, such as at home parties.

If the $8 per month materials are insufficient for your learning, consider paying $25 per month for Premium or $47 per month for Premium Plus, which will grant access to even more advanced materials.

Check out KoreanClass101

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