SnackFever Korean Snack Box Review

SnackFever Snack box from Daebak Company

I’ve reviewed a few different subscription boxes recently as I wanted to learn more about this rising trend. I started off with the snack Korea Box, before moving on to the beauty Nomakenolife Box, and finally on to the Daebak Box. The next on my list (and actually the first Korean snack box I heard about) is SnackFever.

SnackFever boxes come from the same company behind Daebak Box, The Daebak Company. This company also makes a variety of other boxes which I covered in my Daebak Box review. I found that the Daebak Box was a great box with a variety of Korean products that also cost less than purchasing the items outright.

With that in mind, in this review, I want to look at the SnackFever snack box. I recently received one of their boxes and have been gradually eating through the snacks over the past few days. I will look at what you can expect from SnackFever boxes, the cost, and shipping, and review some of the foods within.

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Before getting into SnackFever itself, it’s important to discuss what exactly a subscription box is! As I’m sure you’re already aware, a subscription is a reoccurring payment in return for a service. In this case, you can subscribe to SnackFever to receive a box full of Korean snacks every month – the best part? It arrives right on your doorstep!

Every month the box will change, with the items within being replaced by totally new products. At times there may be repeat items (if they are popular), but these repeats are far between. This means that every month you can try a whole new variety of Korean snacks.

There are different plans depending on how long you want to subscribe. In fact, there is even a no subscription plan if you would prefer to purchase the boxes less often than monthly. If you would prefer not to commit then you can choose to purchase the boxes one at a time.

However, longer subscriptions will net discounts on the box price. On top of the month to month plan, there is also a 3-monthly, 6-monthly, and annual plan. All of these plans will drop the price per box slightly, allowing customers who subscribe for longer to save some money.

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By this point you are probably already beginning to see the benefits to such services. Especially at times like the present, when travelling is off the table for most of us, being able to experience foreign foods is one of the few ways we can experience other countries.

SnackFever can bring a variety of Korean foods to your doorstep every month. While the foods within are random, you can expect 10-13 different items generally. While I’m usually not one for surprises I actually like them in this case – I’ve been able to discover snacks and foods that I’ve never tried before. I’ve lived in Korea for almost 5 years now, but I still found new foods in my SnackFever box.

The fact that there are always new foods inside means that you are bound to find a new snack or two (or a few!) that you like every box. When travel begins to open again, you can come to Korea and know exactly which snacks to pick up!

While some Korean snacks can be purchased on global sites such as Amazon, there are also many snacks that are very hard to find outside of South Korea. This is another area in which SnackFever excels – the foods inside are authentic Korean products that are often very hard to find outside of the country.

Of course, the element of surprise also makes opening the boxes and tasting the foods an enjoyable and exciting experience. This is especially true if you are someone who normally sticks to foods that you are familiar with (like me!).

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SnackFever boxes vary in price based on the subscription length that you choose. As previously mentioned, there are four plans in 1/3/6/12 month increments. Each plan saves a few dollars per box over the previous plan.

If you are looking at purchasing the boxes one-off, they start at $40. This price drops to $39, $38.50 and then $37 for the 3 month, 6 month and annual subscriptions respectively. This amounts to an 8% discount if you purchase the annual plan as opposed to 12 boxes outright.

The plans require upfront payments but can also be paid in instalments using services such as Paypal. For example, if you purchase a one-off box for $40 you can pay $10 per week every two weeks for 8 weeks using Paypal.

Shipping costs vary based upon location. Shipping costs start at $10 and proceed to $25 for countries that are harder to ship packages to. The good news is that shipping is free on purchases above $149 for most locations and $199 for other locations.

In regards to the price of the items within, SnackFever can even allow you to save some money compared to purchasing the items outright. While it’s hard to individually price every item within, most of them are between $1 and $5. Since the box costs $40 (as a one-off) and has 10-13 items the average price per item is about $3.

Some of the items within are cheaper while some are more expensive. However, many of the items are far more expensive outside of Korea – not to mention many of them are rare and therefore very hard to find in other countries.

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Every box will come with 10-13 different food items. The majority of these will be snack items such as candies, chips, or chocolate. Every box will also include one easy-prep meal such as ramyun. Drinks can also be included in the boxes, but this varies from box to box.

The items included in the boxes will be unique to Korea in some way. Most of the items are made by Korean brands, while some of them are unique to the Korean market. Whichever of these they are, you will find lots of items that are hard to find outside of South Korea.

Below is a full list of the items included in the January 2021 box. I shortened the names in order to fit each item on the table.

Dried Fish ChipsSteak Chips
Rice Beverage Cheese Sticks
Soft-Chocolate CookiesMaratang Ramyun
Doritos BitsVitamin C Candy
Chip FriesChoco Puffs
Crispy Waffles
SnackFever Korean Snack Box Review 4

The January 2021 snack box from SnackFever is the first box that I have received from The Daebak Company. I have received other snack boxes before, however, and had some idea about what to expect. The January 2021 box had a good variety of savoury and sweet snacks with a range of chip varieties followed by some sweeter snacks such as the choco puffs.

Some of the snacks came in bigger packs (such as the sweet cheese bread). Inside this box, there were 6 individually packed items. Some of the other items (such as the crispy waffles) were included individually. Since one of the best parts of snack boxes is trying new items, I appreciated this fact.

After living in Korea for quite a while I was familiar with some of the items in the box. But I was also quite surprised with how many of the items I didn’t know! There was a good variety of items that I have either seen before but haven’t tried, or that I haven’t even seen before.

I particularly enjoyed the seasoned dried fish (꾸이맨). While it might not be to everyone’s taste due to the seafood taste, I personally loved the seafood taste on dried food which essentially created fish flavoured chips. Korea has a lot of different dried seafood and seafood flavoured snacks and this is now one of my favourites!

The maratang ramyun (마라탕면) was another snack that I enjoyed a lot. If you’ve never tried maratang, I recommend it. While it’s often quite spicy, it’s worth trying at least once in your life because the taste is so unique. Maratang is traditionally from China, but it’s become very popular in Korea and there are also many ramyun versions.

Another food item which I found out that I really like is 오뜨, the sweet cheese-bread sticks. There is a box of these, with 6 pieces of bread within. The bread is quite sweet and has a slight cheese flavour but it’s not overwhelming and even people who don’t particularly like cheese might like this bread.

There were many more items in the box also, but these were the food items that stood out to me the most. All in all, no matter which month you purchase the box you can expect to find a variety of different snacks to try and there’s bound to be a few items at least that you really like!

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If you are someone that enjoys Korean foods, or even if you want to try them for the first time, then SnackFever is a great way to do so. Especially at times like the present when travel is off the table, services like SnackFever allow you to get a taste of Korea delivered to your doorstep.

If there are any snacks inside the box that you particularly like then The Daebak Company also has a store that allows you to purchase the items individually. This is a great addition to the service and means that even the harder to find items can be purchased online.

After reading this article, if you would like to try out SnackFever, you can visit The Daebak Company website below. Once on the website, simply select ‘SnackFever’ from the menu at the bottom of the website. Here you will see all of the subscription options.

Learn more about SnackFever & Purchase Boxes

Where Can I Purchase Snackfever Boxes?

You can purchase SnackFever boxes from The Daebak Company.

What Is Inside Snackfever Boxes?

The exact selection is randomised every month. However, you can expect 10-13 items with one item being an easy to prepare meal (such as ramyun).

How Many Items Are Inside?

SnackFever boxes have 10-13 items inside normally. Sometimes they may have more though.

How Much Does Snackfever Cost?

SnackFever boxes start at $40 for one-off purchases. If you subscribe for a longer period, the price can drop to $37.50.

Is SnackFever Vegan?

No. Unfortunately, some of the items will contain animal products and currently, SnackFever offers no vegan option.

Is SnackFever Halal?

No, SnackFever does not currently offer Halal boxes.

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