Where to Buy Korean Snacks Online – 12 Best Korean Snack Websites

Where to Buy Korean Snacks Online - 12 Best Korean Snack Websites 1

Korean snacks are quickly becoming the favourites of many people worldwide. Whether it’s the well-known Pepero or Orion Chocopies or the lesser-known Chocolate Mushrooms, Korean snack foods are becoming popular worldwide.

However, although many of us have a soft spot for delectable treats from the peninsula, it can be surprisingly hard to obtain such items. Not many websites sell Korean snacks in the first place and those that do often have exorbitant prices or restrictive shipping fees.

For that reason, today, I wanted to discuss the best places to buy Korean snacks online. I have personally worked with some of the websites on this list over the years of running Seoulinspired. I’ve used these websites myself and trust them.

I haven’t interacted with other websites on this list personally, but I have heard good things either online or from my readers. This gave me enough Korean snack websites to compile a definitive list of the best places to buy Korean snacks online.

If you’ve shopped on any of these websites before, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. If you believe I have missed a website, please let me know! I am happy to update this list to include more fantastic websites that sell Korean snacks online.

This article contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide me with a percentage of purchases made from links on this page. This comes at no extra cost to you – for more information, please refer to my affiliate disclaimer.

Where to Buy Korean Snacks Online - 12 Best Korean Snack Websites 2

Daebak is a fantastic website from which to buy Korean snacks online. While they don’t have the lowest prices on this list, they have a large selection of snacks. More importantly, all snacks are authentic and products that you will actually encounter in Korea.

One point that sets Daebak apart from other Korean snack websites on this list is that they also offer a fantastic snack box, SnackFever. I tried this box a couple of years ago, and I was surprised at the value contained within the box. So if you want to try some Korean snacks but are not sure what’s good, this snack box is a great idea.

If you’re looking to surprise someone, whether for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or otherwise, Korean snack boxes are a great choice. They’re easy to prepare and deliver, and if you’re buying for a foodie (especially one who loves Korea), then you can’t go wrong.

You can then purchase all snacks included in the box separately on the website. Therefore, if you do become particularly fond of a particular Korean snack food, it’s easy to replenish your stocks in the future!

With that being said, as mentioned previously, shopping on Daebak is not as cheap as some websites on this list. Shipping is a fixed price under $100 (or $149 depending on your region) but becomes free over this price. Therefore, it’s better to buy Korean snacks online in bulk here.

A final note; Daebak also made my list for the best Kpop merch websites and best Korean cosmetic websites. Daebak is a website dedicated to all Korean products, and therefore it sells a wide range of products. This makes it a useful website to shop on because you aren’t limited to just snacks!

Shop Korean snacks on Daebak.

Where to Buy Korean Snacks Online - 12 Best Korean Snack Websites 3
  • U.S continental shipping only

As the name implies, this website is dedicated to not only Korean snack food but instead to Asian food in general. This makes Just Asian Food an excellent choice for anyone who isn’t looking solely for Korean snacks but who is also looking to experience a taste of Taiwan, Japan, China, or the Philippines. 

However, even if you are only interested in buying Korean snacks online, this website has a good selection. While the selection isn’t as large as some other websites on this list, there are still hundreds of items, and you will be able to find most of the popular Korean snacks here. The one exception is if you are looking for more specific products, such as a less famous Pepero flavour.

The prices on Just Asian Food are the Korean snack websites’ most significant advantage. The prices are… Frankly, I don’t know how they do it! The prices are very affordable and the markup compared to purchasing the items locally in South Korea is very low relative to other snack websites on this list. 

The biggest drawback of Just Asian Food is that they only ship within the continental U.S. While it is unfortunate for anyone outside of the U.S, it makes sense why the food prices and shipping are so low here. On that note, any purchase over $59 on Just Asian Food will be shipped free of charge.

With these great prices, this is perhaps the best place to buy Korean snacks online for anyone based in the U.S. While the selection isn’t the best on this list, the pricing and shipping are very competitive. Further, while I haven’t experienced it myself, reviews state that the shipping is rapid, and orders show up within a few days.

Shop Korean snacks on Just Asian Food.

Where to Buy Korean Snacks Online - 12 Best Korean Snack Websites 4

If you’re looking to buy Korean snacks online but aren’t sure about exactly what to try, Cratejoy is a website worth checking out. They don’t sell any individual snacks (or anything individually for that matter), but they have a range of subscription boxes. Most of these boxes fit into one of two categories – beauty boxes and snack boxes.

Of course, we are interested in the snack boxes! What makes Cratejoy an excellent website for exploring Korean snacks is that they stock snack boxes from a range of other sellers. For example, Seoulbox, a snack box that I reviewed previously, is sold on Cratejoy.

You can also find other snack boxes on the website, but these will vary over time as new sellers join the platform and some sellers leave. While it’s often cheaper to purchase the snack box from the vendor’s website, Cratejoy provides an excellent way to view the currently hot snack boxes!

I often find that snack boxes are a great way to explore new snacks and foods that I may not have known about previously. While the vast majority of the snacks are fantastic, there are some curious and unusual tasting items at times. These are definitely for the more curious snackers!

Shop Korean snacks on Cratejoy.

Where to Buy Korean Snacks Online - 12 Best Korean Snack Websites 5

Koreadepart is a website that has been around for years and has a good reputation online. However, it’s also a website many people have never heard of! This included me until recently. While I’m not sure how it’s flown under the radar, it’s a great website to buy Korean snacks online.

The snack selection of Koreadepart (short for Korean Department Store) is, I believe, the best on this list. While Amazon and Gmarket may have more items, Koreadepart sorts them far better and makes them easy to purchase. I find that Amazon and Gmarket often require very specific search terms to return the right results, and therefore it’s hard to judge their total selection.

Koreadepart is the opposite of this. The website has a great snack section that allows you to scroll through hundreds of Korean snacks easily. So whether you are looking for savoury snacks such as potato chips (although many chips are sweet in Korea) or sweets, Koreadepart will likely have something for you.

The biggest downside to Koreadepart is that the shipping can quickly add up. While there is free shipping over $200 to many Southeast Asian countries, other countries don’t have an accessible shipping price point. Instead, shipping prices are based on weight, which can quickly add up…

The prices for the products on the website are reasonable, however, and the website is cheaper than many alternative sites where you can buy Korean snacks online. Just make sure to keep in mind that unless you live in east or southeast Asia, shipping from Koreadepart can be very pricey.

Shop Korean snacks on Koreadepart.

Where to Buy Korean Snacks Online - 12 Best Korean Snack Websites 6
  • Shipping/pickup limited to The Netherlands

If you’re living in The Netherlands, look no further. Snacktoko is the best place to get Korean snacks online. Not only does the website offer same-day delivery to anyone living in Amsterdam, but customers can even avoid the shipping fee altogether by picking up items from the warehouse.

Snacktoko specialises in all Asian snacks, but most of their stock is from Japan and Korea. Interestingly, at the time of writing, every snack under their best sellers is from Korea! I guess people love Korean snacks! For a good reason though, as there are many delicious choices.

Snacktoko is similar to Just Asian Food in that since it only operates domestically, the prices are very reasonable. These domestic websites offer far better pricing than international sites from which you can buy Korean snacks online. The shipping is also very affordable, at less than seven euros.

This website has a great variety of Korean ramyun, and it’s a great place to shop for this particularly famous Korean snack. However, the selection doesn’t stop there. There is an extensive range of drinks, sweets, seaweed snacks, chips, and more. 

Shop Korean snacks on Snacktoko.

Where to Buy Korean Snacks Online - 12 Best Korean Snack Websites 7
  • U.S continental shipping only (international shipping offered, but prices are incredibly high)

Cokoyam is a Korean goods website based in the U.S. Although they specialise in selling Korean snacks, they also offer a range of Korean beauty products and Kpop merchandise. Similarly to Daebak, this makes them an excellent choice for anyone to purchase more than just Korean snacks online.

The elephant in the room when it comes to Cokoyam is the shipping. The shipping is acceptable for anyone in the continental U.S, and this website is easy to recommend. However, while Cokoyam offers international shipping, the prices are far too high to justify snacks. There is a fixed rate of $99 for most regions, and there is no free shipping bracket.

Therefore, this website is only worth shopping from if you are in the continental U.S, U.S, or Canada (even then, it can be pricey). If you are lucky enough to be located in one of those areas, Cokoyam may well be the best place to buy Korean snacks online. 

While this Korean snack website has an extensive range of snacks, ramyun, and even meal food, many websites on this list share the same strength. What makes Cokoyam stand out is that they have many tailor-made food combos. These aren’t like snackboxes because you know what you will be getting. However, these combos allow you to experience 20 different types of ramyun (for example).

On top of this, there are massive snack assortments available! Want to try all of the Lotte snacks? Looking to try every Korena soft drink? Interested in eating every flavour of Korean potato chip? Cokoyam offers pre-made assortments of all these and more.

Shop Korean snacks on Cokoyam.

Where to Buy Korean Snacks Online - 12 Best Korean Snack Websites 8
  • U.K shipping only. Prices vary between countries.

If you live in the U.K and love Asian food, then you are likely already aware of Korea Foods. While its name indicates that it sells only Korean foods, there is a much wider variety on sale here. Essentially, you can find any Asian food on this website.

However, that’s not why we are here today. Instead, we’re here to talk about the best places to buy Korean snacks online! Luckily, Korea Foods excels in this area too. There is a complete selection of Korean snack foods available on the website. 

The prices are also competitive and (for some items) not much more expensive than what I have paid in Korea. One of the bonuses of shopping for Korean snacks on Korea Foods is that anyone in England, Wales, and Scotland can get free shipping over 55 pounds. So if you’re looking to buy snacks in bulk, this is a tempting place to do so.

If you’re looking to enjoy more than just snacks, Korea Foods acts as a supermarket website for virtually anything Asian. Alongside your snacks, it’s possible to purchase all the ingredients needed to make Korean food at home. 

Shop Korean snacks on Korea Foods.

Where to Buy Korean Snacks Online - 12 Best Korean Snack Websites 9
  • Singapore shipping only.

Harinmart is a Korean food website usable by anybody living in Singapore. Fantastic shipping prices are offered, with delivery costing only SGD 3 on orders over $50. At this point, shipping will cost the same as a bag of chips!

Harinmart does not have the most fantastic selection of Korean snacks online, and it does fall behind other websites on this list in regards to choice. However, with that being said, if you’re living in Singapore, it’s hard to find a better option as the pricing for products and shipping on Harinmart are very competitive. 

While the website doesn’t stock many less popular snacks, you can still find all the most famous Korean snack foods here. Products such as Chocopies, honey butter chips, and Lotte Custard are available alongside popular ramyun brands and flavours. 

Harinmart sells more than just Korean snacks, and you will be able to find ready-to-eat meal foods and fresh produce here. So if you’re looking to prepare some Korean at home, you will be able to find everything you need here.

Shop Korean snacks on Harinmart.

Where to Buy Korean Snacks Online - 12 Best Korean Snack Websites 10
  • Australia shipping only

I love the name of this website – it made me instantly want to buy some Korean snacks. Too bad I don’t live in Australia! If you do happen to live in Australia, you might want to check this website out, as it has a flat fee of $6.90 for shipping within the country.

As the name suggests, Snackaffair is dedicated to snacks. Furthermore, the selection seems specifically dedicated to Korean snacks, which makes it the best website to buy Korean snacks online for anyone in Australia.

Not only does the website stock the more common snack foods that you expect to see on every website selling Korean snacks, but there are also some more obscure snack foods here. For example, while I expect to see honey butter chips on most websites, I don’t expect Sun chips and Turtle Chips.

While the prices here aren’t the cheapest on the list, they are relatively affordable. The higher prices are likely due to the increased costs of importing food to Australia. With that being said, the prices are far from expensive. 

While Snackaffair specialises in Korean snacks, there is a wide variety of ramyun on sale. If you’re curious to try some ultra-spicy chicken noodles or looking to replace your Shin Ramyun, it can all be done on this website!

Shop Korean snacks on Snackaffair.

Okay, this seems like a cheat answer. After all, you probably didn’t come to this article without already considering Amazon. However, you may not be aware of some exciting benefits to shopping for Korean snacks on Amazon.

Amazon has by far the largest selection of Korean snack boxes. I didn’t realise until recently that the website stocked these boxes at all. After searching, I found that there are a ton of different snack boxes organised by different people and businesses. With this massive selection of snack boxes in different price ranges, Amazon has become one of the best websites for Korean snacks online.

Snack boxes are a great way to experience a range of Korean snacks that you may have never heard about or considered otherwise. Even after living in Korea for five years, I’ve found that snack boxes often include a few snacks that I have never tried before!

I don’t want to jump into the specifics of shopping on Amazon because I am sure most people are already aware of the shipping and shopping policies there. Needless to say, the website has a fantastic selection of snacks. However, shopping can be a lot more convoluted and complicated than using a dedicated Korean snack/Korean products website due to the multiplicity of sellers.

Shop Korean snacks on Amazon.

Where to Buy Korean Snacks Online - 12 Best Korean Snack Websites 11

I contemplated whether or not Gmarket should be added to this list. In the end, I decided it would be disingenuous not to include this goliath shopping website. If you’re not familiar with the name, Gmarket is one of the largest shopping websites in South Korea. They offer a global version of their website and international shipping.

I contemplated adding Gmarket because the site can be complicated to use. While they have a massive selection of not only snacks but… Well, everything, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. I recently purchased some snacks there, and I had difficulty finding exactly what I wanted. Often you will have to rephrase search queries many times to get the right results.

With that being said, while Gmarket is not particularly user-friendly, they do have a massive variety of Korean snacks. If you sort by products that offer international shipping, you will be met with almost every Korean snack imaginable.

If you want to keep shipping costs minimised, make sure to purchase from the same seller. Many sellers specialise in snack food, and buying everything from one seller will mean only one shipping fee.

While I don’t recommend buying Korean snacks online with Gmarket, there are times when the website is handy. If other websites don’t have the snack food you are looking for, or if they are selling at a hefty premium, Gmarket may be your savior!

Shop Korean snacks on Gmarket.

Where to Buy Korean Snacks Online - 12 Best Korean Snack Websites 12
  • Sweden shipping only

The final website on this list is one that is based in Sweden. If you’re looking to buy Korean snacks online and happen to live in this Scandinavian country, Gimme Food is the website that you will want to check out. 

As with all domestic websites on this list, Gimme Food has relatively affordable prices compared to international websites. The shipping fees are also very reasonable but will vary based on the total weight of your order. With that being said, regardless of the weight of your package, fees are under 100 SEK and very affordable. For example, packages under 5kg will only have a shipping fee of 59 SEK!

Gimme Food specialises in Korean snacks when it comes to the snacks on offer. They only sell Food from the country, and they have a decent variety of Korean snack foods. On top of snacks, they also offer a range of meal preparation foods such as sauces and noodles.

Although you won’t find all of the lesser-known Korean snacks on Gimme food, you will be able to find all of the more well-known foods. Gimme Food also has a great selection of Korean drinks and ramyun. If you live in Sweden, you will easily find all of the essential Korean snacks and food here!

Shop Korean snacks on Gimme Food.

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