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Recently I’ve been looking into the best apps and communities for K-pop lovers. Along the way, TheQoos reached out to me asking if I would be interested in taking a look at their app and the platform, and the community that they have built around it. 

I am always somewhat cautious regarding partnerships and the companies that I work with as my goal is, and always has been, to remain honest and provide insightful information on my blog. Due to this, I made sure to use the app and to spend time on it myself before committing to anything.

However, I was actually quite impressed by TheQoos app. While it also provides the basics – the latest news, fan content, a strong community, and chat rooms, it also goes above and beyond and offers some unique features that other K-pop apps don’t. 

In my full review of TheQoos I go over the app and user experience as a whole. If you are looking for more information on the app in general, please refer to that article. In this article, I want to focus on some of the unique aspects that TheQoos has to offer. 

Not only does the app offer a variety of different competitions and giveaways, but they also offer Q&As between artists and fans! This is the only time I have actually seen artists use such a platform and it adds a unique reason to use TheQoos

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This article was sponsored by TheQoos. After using the app myself for a few days I believe it is a great app for anyone who loves Kpop. I will never recommend a product that I don’t believe in. TheQoos provided images for this post.

Win Kpop Merch and Meet Idols With TheQoos 1

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the whole app, and indeed one of my favourite parts, is the Q&A. However, where a normal Q&A involves fan interacting with fans, TheQoos offers a way for fans to interact with some idols!

This happens through short videos (think of something like an Instagram story) where users can record a short video of themselves asking a question to a particular idol. These videos are then made public on the app and other users can vote on their favourite videos.

Users may vote on a video because they also want to know the answer to the question. At the end (when the idol answers questions) they will answer the most upvoted questions also in a short video format. While you won’t directly interact with the idol or group, you can ask and get answers through short videos. 

The Q&A function within the app is still quite new and is still in the early stages. However, despite that the group A.C.E has already answered questions and currently you can ask questions to Chungha. Chungha will be answering the most popular questions in the near future. 

I have also been informed that the team behind TheQoos intends to keep growing this function in the future. While the idols that may join in the future are currently unknown, there are bound to be more Q&As and there is a chance that your favourite idol or idols may make an appearance.

I’ve been using the app since early January (around one month ago) and throughout this period I have seen two Q&As. So far they seem quite common and I am hoping that the team is able to keep up with bringing new idols to the app.

Win Kpop Merch and Meet Idols With TheQoos 2

Another factor that makes TheQoos stand out is the competitions and giveaways that are run on the platform. While there are always different giveaways running among the different K-pop apps and websites, being able to find many competitions in one place is always nice!

TheQoos is currently running a competition called ‘K-Pop Bingo’ where users can fill up a bingo sheet and cross off the activities that they have done. Some of the activities are things such as ‘went to a K-pop concert’ or ‘Watching K-dramas’. There are also some harder activities such as ‘meet your bias IRL’.

Of course, some people may not have completed many of the activities yet, or perhaps you didn’t get a full line in a row. However, even if this is the case you can submit your results and enter the competition!

The winners (2) will both win $100 worth of K-pop merchandise. The best part, however, is that you can pick the exact merch that you would like! This means that you matter what group you like you can get merch related to them. 

Another competition that just finished recently was 4 Nights of Blackpink. This competition allowed users to enter the competition simply by choosing which member of Blackpink they would like to see a solo stage from the most. 

The winners of this competition (4) were able to receive a ticket to Blackpink’s online concert, ‘THE SHOW’. This allowed the lucky winners to attend the event online for free, simply for voting for the solo act that they most want to see! 

These competitions are just some of the events that you can expect to see on TheQoos. I get the feeling that these ideas competitions and events are just beginning to kick off too, and that there will be more (and perhaps bigger) events in the future. 

Win Kpop Merch and Meet Idols With TheQoos 3

On top of the officially run events mentioned above, there are also many other activities going on inside the app. One of my favourite sections in the app to check out is the community quiz & poll section. This section contains a variety of community-created pools and quizzes that any user can take.

While there are no rewards for these since they are community-driven, they are fun to do and some of them are very well made. I’m always a fan of seeing other people’s opinions and as such, I have a lot of fun participating in the polls and seeing the answers. 

Along with the polls and interactive activities, there is also a lot else that you can do in the app. There are news feeds, community discussion and chatting, and more. Of course, you can even share your own content!

While I do appreciate more static platforms such as news websites, it’s the interaction that really makes me come back to an app or website. This is the reason why I keep using TheQoos and why I believe it is a good platform for anyone who loves K-pop.

Win Kpop Merch and Meet Idols With TheQoos 4

If you’ve downloaded the app already and are struggling to find the sections that I’ve mentioned above, then there’s no need to fear. I will show you exactly where to find the competitions, events, polls, and community content. 

To access all of these areas navigate to ‘community’ on the bottom bar (the navigation bar) of the app. There should be five icons – home, my artists, community, chat, and my profile. Simply click on the middle icon. 

From here, you will see another navigation bar appear at the top of your screen. This navigation bar should have categories such as popular, fan Q&A, latest, and more. This bar is where you will find everything mentioned in this article!

The last category is generally ‘Quiz & Poll’, however, when there are active events and competitions running there may also be extra categories tagged on to the end. For example, right now I can see ‘4 Nights of Blackpink’ after Quiz & Poll. 

When you start the app you may also receive a pop-up notifying you that there is an active event running. These are the easiest ways to keep up to date, as a notification will get pushed any time there is a new event 

As I hope this article has helped to show you, TheQoos is an app that is much more than a K-pop news app or K-pop community. There is a lot of interactive content, and there are even chances to personally ask idols questions and more.

If you are looking for one app to keep you up to date with the latest happenings in the K-pop industry, then TheQoos is a great app to look into. While it can keep you up to date with news, it can also do much more! If you’re wanting to follow the latest K-pop fashion trends, learn about upcoming projects, or otherwise, TheQoos is fantastic.

After trying a variety of apps and websites, I don’t think that there are any as well-rounded as TheQoos. It has many different features and I found this to be one of the reasons that I wanted to keep using the app.

On top of this, the competitions and Q&As are something that is unique to TheQoos. I hope that in the future they expand these parts of the app and that they keep bringing in new opportunities and idols. 

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