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TheQoos is an app that I recently listed in my article about the best apps for Kpop lovers and I was asked by the company to take a deeper look into the app and what it provides. In this article, I want to take a deeper look into theQoos – an app for anyone who likes Kpop.

Although there are many Kpop apps out there (I recently looked at a few), theQoos offers some unique features that are either exclusive to the platform or implemented in a different way. It’s a very community-driven platform, and it appears very active after using it for a couple of weeks.

While the majority of the platform is community-driven, with both original content and the latest news and media, there are also occasional guests. Recently, A.C.E used the platform to respond to fans, and in the future, theQoos hopes to feature more artists. 

This, along with some other features is what makes theQoos stand out from other apps on the market. At times, it allows fans to have interaction with their favourite celebrities and hopefully more celebrities will begin to use the platform in the future.

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This article was sponsored by TheQoos. After using the app myself for a few days I believe it is a great app for anyone who loves Kpop. I will never recommend a product that I don’t believe in. TheQoos provided images for this post.

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When you first open the app you can choose communities to join. Of course, these communities can always be changed at a later date if you change your group preferences or as new groups debut. 

Currently, over 75 artists are featured on the platform. This is one of the largest varieties that I have seen such apps and you will be able to find nearly every group or big celebrity on the platform. The notable exception is disbanded groups, which won’t have communities as no new content is coming out.

While every group seems to be covered, there are some solo artists that you might not be able to find. While bigger solo artists (such as IU, Zico and Somi) can be found among the communities, some smaller artists aren’t added yet. 

You can join as many communities as you want, and there is no limitation. Some of the larger communities (such as Blackpink and BTS) have around 100,000 members currently and they are very active. Some smaller communities have 5000-10,000 members, but I found even these to be quite active.

Once you have chosen the communities that you will join you will be met with the home screen. From here you can easily navigate between the communities and also see the shared content in each community.

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As is probably obvious by now, the app revolves around communities. These communities are where users will spend the majority of their time, and it’s where the latest news about artists and groups will be shared. 

The community has a few categories – feed, fan posts, chat, album, topQoos board, calendar, and about. Every community will have these categories and they allow you to easily find the information that you need pertaining to that artist. 

In the feed section you will find the latest popular content. This is mostly from news sites such as Koreaboo, but it also includes Youtube videos (such as dance covers), and social media updates from Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more. On each post you are also give the option to upvote or comment. 

The next section, fan posts, is perhaps even more interesting. In this section, you will find a lot of community content. Scrolling through, you can find everything from gifs about the artists to fan art and more. Users can receive upvotes and if they get enough points they can make the topQoos board (the points leaderboard).

The album and calendar sections are also very useful for fans. The album section has all of the albums that have been released by the artist as well as other information such as the date of release. Going into an album will take you to Youtube where you can see each song.

The calendar is also particularly useful for anyone wanting to know when members’ birthdays are, when the next album is coming out, or other events surrounding the artists. 

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Perhaps the most unique aspect of theQoos though, is not the communities or community content but rather the fan Q and A section. In this area, fans can send in short videos with questions that they would like answered. 

Currently, A.C.E is active on the platform and many of the questions that fans asked where replied to in the same way. A.C.E recorded short videos replying to the questions and uploaded them to theQoos.

This is a very unique and cool concept as it allows fans to have a way to directly interact with groups and artists using the app. Other users can view both the questions and answers and if they had the same question they can find the answers here.

At the moment only A.C.E uses the Q and A function. However, theQoos team has told me that they plan to feature other groups in the future. If this does come to fruition and more artists are featured in the future I think that theQoos will easily become the most popular Kpop app out there.

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There are also a few different chat rooms that can be found across the app. Each community will have an individual chatroom where users can discuss the latest news about their favourite groups. There are also some general chatrooms for more general purpose chat.

The issue with chatrooms is that they can often get very messy due to toxic users and a lack of moderation. Thankfully, I can say that I haven’t seen anything toxic mentioned in the groups and it seems like the admins are both active and effective. 

Most of the chatrooms are seemingly used just for introductions, but I did notice some interesting discussion going on at times. This was especially true at times when an event was about to occur – for example, an idol’s birthday, a new album release, or otherwise.

TheQoos functions very similarly to a social media website, just one that revolves around idols and Korean music. With this being said, it does also have many features that you would expect to find in your usual social media apps.

That means that along with being able to upvote and comment on posts, you can also get ‘likes’, visit users profiles, see their posting history, and customise your own profile. I was actually surprised at how robust theQoos functions as a social media app.

Something that many people might not worry too much about, but something that is very important to me is the performance. It may just be me, but if an app is slow I am instantly turned off. Luckily I can say that from my experience on IOS, theQoos performed very well. It was incredibly smooth.

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I’ve recently used a lot of different Kpop apps. These apps range from polling/quizzing apps, to social media apps, to news apps. There is a very large variety of apps out there, and there are also many good ones. 

In saying that, I do think that theQoos is perhaps the best single app out there. That is to say, if I could only use one app it would be this. It combines the functions of many of the other apps and it provides the latest information all in one place. 

On top of this, theQoos provides many unique functions that can’t be found elsewhere. The Q and A function on the app is a fantastic example of this, and it’s one of the few ways that fans can interact with idols. I hope this is expanded in the future and more idols start to use the platform.

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