Korea Box Review – K-pop, Cosmetics, Snacks, and More!

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With the pandemic virtually shutting down all travel for the past year, and with it looking like travel might be difficult for months to come, many people have turned to other methods for ‘travelling’. While we can’t physically travel, that doesn’t mean that we can’t experience what other countries have to offer. 

One trend that I have noticed really take off during this time is the gift-box (or subscription box) trend. It makes sense – it’s a way for your taste to travel. Of course, there aren’t just Korean snack boxes, but snack boxes are definitely one of the most popular subscription boxes.

One company that is selling Korean subscription boxes is Korea Box. Korea Box is one of the more well-known Korean subscription box companies and it’s one that I had heard about a few times prior to this article.

In this article, I want to have a look at the boxes that Korea Box offers and also look at what is included in the boxes. I also recently received the premium snack box myself and I’ve been slowly eating my way through the snacks for this month. I’ll show you what you can expect from the boxes from Korea Box and what kind of snacks are inside!

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Although the main focus of this article is on the snack box from Korea Box, the company offers quite a few different boxes that range in contents and price (a lot!). The boxes also change from time to time, so what is on offer now may not be on offer in the future.

There are two kinds of boxes – subscription boxes and special theme boxes. The subscription boxes are the boxes that are changed and sent out monthly (although you can subscribe bi-monthly also). These boxes fall into the categories below:

  • Snack boxes (standard and premium boxes) 
  • K-pop boxes (K-pop and album boxes)
  • Cosmetic box

While the subscription boxes from Korea Box are the main focus, there are also other one-time boxes that the company offers. These boxes are called ‘one-time boxes’ and will change from time to time. Currently, some of the special theme boxes on offer are:

  • BTS KF94 Mask Box (more about KF94)
  • Girl Group Christmas Box
  • BTS Cider Set Box
  • Dalgona Box
  • And more!
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The one-time boxes will change over time depending on trends and availability. As such, if you see a box that you want it’s a good idea to pick it up as early as possible. While the subscription boxes will also change contents every month, they are regular boxes and will stay around. 

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As with most subscription boxes, the exact contents will differ from month to month and are generally a surprise. This is one of the thrills of subscription boxes, but understandably it’s something that some people won’t like.

For the one-time boxes the exact contents are listed and you will know exactly what you have ordered. However, the subscription boxes will be random – especially when it comes to the snack boxes. 

However, I noticed that for the K-pop boxes there is a request form where you can mention your favourite groups or celebrities. Korea Box will then try to provide more contents based on your preferences if possible. This is a very useful inclusion and something that I wish more box companies implemented.

The boxes range in price depending on the contents. The cheaper boxes begin at around 25 USD, and the more premium boxes cost around double that. There are a lot of boxes at both ends of the price range, and shipping is also very affordable.

For countries such as the USA, Canada, and Germany, shipping only costs a few dollars per box. Other regions may have to pay more for shipping depending on the exact location and the subscription plan you opt for. 

The prices for the contents of the box seem to be decent. You will obviously pay more for a subscription box service, but the upside is that they also offer many goods that aren’t easily available (or available at all) outside of South Korea. Korea Box accepts both credit & debit cards and Paypal.

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I received the K-Snack Premium box from Korea Box and have been gradually eating my way through the snacks. The box came with 12 items and a wide variety. There were a few types of candy, some chips, and even some tea. 

All of the snacks that were included in the K-Snack box were Korean snacks that are quite popular. Some of the snacks were more familiar to me, but there were also a few new items. Even after I’ve lived in Korea for years!

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Some of the items that particularly stood out to me were the ABC Cookie and Cream Biscuits (I love cookies and cream, especially when it’s very sweet!), the Grape Peach Jellies, and the Gold Corn Chips.

What I’ve noticed is that many subscription boxes include snacks or items that are relatively easily available outside of Korea. However, I believe that Korea Box included mostly items that aren’t easily available outside of Korea. I don’t remember seeing any of the items available in Korean supermarkets in New Zealand. Even many popular Korean snack websites don’t stock them.

The exact number of items and the items themselves will change every month, so it’s hard to talk about them all individually. However, I think that everyone will find some snacks that they like in every box – there’s a good range of snacks for all tastes. 

Subscription box services have become very popular recently and I can see why. They are a fun way to explore snacks and other goods that are unique to Korea and generally not easily available outside of the country.

At times like the present, when travelling is very hard, they can make for a way to enjoy a part of Korea. They also make for great gift options if you know someone that loves Korean food, K-pop, or Korean cosmetics. 

If you don’t like the surprise that the boxes have in regards to their contents, Korea Box also offers one-time boxes that are generally limited edition but that also provide details as to what exactly is in the box. 

Want to check out the full selection of boxes? Visit Korea Box’s website to learn more.

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