Colorpool Museum- Seoul’s Most Instagrammable Place

Color Pool Museum

The Colorpool Museum is Seoul’s newest, most instagrammable hotspot. 

If you follow many blogs and especially Korean blogs, you may have noticed that many of them have articles listing the most ‘instagrammable’ places in Seoul. Instagram is a massive trend everywhere, but it is especially popular in South Korea.

However, many of the places that these blog articles list only offer one, or a few, particular photos. They are great for that one popular photo location, but they don’t offer much else. The issue with these kinds of places is that these photos become very common and they lose their ‘unique’ factor.

This is where the Colorpool Museum differs, and what makes it without a doubt, one of the best locations in Seoul for Instagram photos. However, even if you’re not interested in Instagram photos, it’s still a fun experience!

The museum offers a wide array of different photo opportunities, and everyone’s photos come out slightly differently. Not only that, but they are incredibly colorful, vibrant and fun.

It is worth noting that this museum is a museum only by name – it’s really not a museum at all. It’s more like a playground with many different photo opportunities. Although there is one room where you will learn about colours, Colorpool is mostly dedicated to photo opportunities.

With that being said, in this post, I want to share some photos that my girlfriend and I took while at Colorpool Museum. I also want to share our experiences there. While I am not much of an Instagrammer, I have found that these photos do fantastically on social media and I can see why Colorpool has become so popular.

Outdoor Garden at Colorpool Museum. Model’s website.

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Museum Location

Colorpool Museum- Seoul's Most Instagrammable Place 2

The Colorpool Museum is easily reachable from Anguk, Jonggak, and Jongno 3-ga stations.

The Colorpool Museum is located in Annyeong Insadong, a big building complex that is located in the popular tourist destination, Insadong. Reaching the museum is very easy, and it is hard to miss since Annyeong Insadong stands out and is very large. 

Reaching the building complex is best done from Anguk Station on Line 3. From Exit 6 of the station, you can reach the museum within 5 minutes. 

Colorpool Museum- Seoul's Most Instagrammable Place 3

The museum is very easy to find as it is found within Annyeong Insadong.

From Exit 6 of Anguk Station, walk straight until you come to the first intersection. The first left turn on this intersection will go down the main street of Insadong – turn down this street. From there, continue down the street until there is a road on the left. Annyeong Insadong is directly opposite that.

Once in Annyeong Insadong, you can easily find the museum. Just take the elevator to floor 6 and you can’t miss it! It’s the only way to go once you exit the elevator. 

The location of the museum also means that it is easy to spend a morning or afternoon in the area. Insadong is rich in activities to do, and along with the Colorpool Museum, you can easily spend a day there!

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Operating Hours & Cost

Colorpool Museum- Seoul's Most Instagrammable Place 4

The Colorpool Museum operates every day and is open from 10 am until 9 pm. However, the last entrance is at 8:20 pm (and you will probably want longer than 40 minutes).

When we visited, we spent about an hour and a half in the museum. We took our time and took lots of photos, and as such, I wouldn’t recommend entering after 8 pm – you will probably find yourself rushed for time. 

If you are looking for the least busy time, try to visit as early as possible. Before noon, the museum tends to be quiet, and this is the best time to visit for Instagram photos. As with most of Seoul, you can expect the museum to get a lot busier in the later afternoon and evening. 

The Colorpool Museum has an entry cost of 15,000KRW per youth/adult and 12,000KRW for children under 12. However, this is often discounted by certain events. You can also find discounted tickets online.

For example, when we visited there was a discount for Russian citizens, this was in honour of the recent 30 years of diplomatic relations between the two. In the future, more events are planned. For example, on Women’s Day you might be able to find a discount for women. 

While the exact events they celebrate can only be found by visiting, you may get a discount if you visit at the right times!

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Museum Attractions

There are many fantastic photo locations!

As previously mentioned, the Colorpool Museum is dedicated to colors and allowing for the most beautiful and unique photos. This combination means that it has some very cool (and interactive) attractions. 

Each display is dedicated to a different colour, and there are a total of eight rooms (nine if you include the gift store). These colours range all the way from rose to ocean breeze blue. Whatever your favourite colour, you can find some nice Instagram photo opportunities here!

Colorpool Museum- Seoul's Most Instagrammable Place 6

Summer vacation room!

The rooms are mostly filled with coloured balls, and you are free to play in these and take all of the photos that you want! Although they are intended as photo locations, it is also a lot of fun to just play in the ball-pits.

Although the museum is mostly aimed at allowing for fun and photos, you will also learn a bit about colours while you explore the museum. The museum aims to add more art exhibitions and events in the future, as they aim to become more of a ‘museum’.

The first room of the museum is called the Pink Spa, and it is very aptly named! This room has a large swimming pool that is filled with thousands of pink balls.

Colorpool Museum- Seoul's Most Instagrammable Place 7

Pink Spa room in Colorpool Museum!

The pool also has a diving board and slide into it, and both of these can make for some fantastic photos! Whether you want to take photos for Instagram or just have some fun, the Pink Spa is perfect.

Probably the most common Instagram photo that is taken inside Colorpool Museum is taken in the corner above. The Colorpool lettering with the toll phones make for some fantastic photo opportunities. While we both enjoyed this room, I actually don’t think it is the highlight of the exhibition!


Story of Color Room.

The next room is the Story of Color, and this is where you will get to learn about the different colours and what they all represent. Reading everything in this room won’t take too long, and you will easily be able to get through it in 10 minutes. 

Currently, this is the only informative room in the museum. All of the other rooms are aimed at providing the visitors with photo opportunities, but the Story of Color room explains a bit of information behind each colour.

I hope that in the future they spread this room out a bit and instead of providing information about all of the colours in one place, explain one colour per room. However, either way it is interesting to learn about the colours and what they represent.

Colorpool Museum- Seoul's Most Instagrammable Place 8

The confetti spinning machine!

After that comes the Color Boom room. This room is one of the most unique and fun in Colorpool Museum, and it also offers some exciting Photo opportunities! 

This room is all about rainbow colors and has a lot of confetti which can be used for pictures. There is also a cool spinning wheel which allows for some very unique images! I almost felt bad after visiting this room as we made quite a mess!

Color Pool Museum

On the lookout at the Colorpool Party!

Adjacent to this room is the Palette Wall, a wall that has many different colours, each of which provides a nice backdrop for images. 

The next three areas, Summer Vacance, Sweet Swing, and Pool Party are all themed areas with more colourful balls – similar to Pink Spa. All of these rooms have different scenes, and they all (perhaps expectedly at this point) have amazing Instagram photo locations.

Each area is themed after a specific colour or colour combination. The best part is that some of these rooms also offer photo props, allowing you to take unique pictures with colourful clothing items.

There are also some props provided to take photos with!

Towards the end of the museum there is also a gift shop. The gift shop has a few different kinds of colourful goods that can be purchased. 

Soap, shower backs, and loofa are all available here, and in nearly every colour you can imagine! Further, most of these products are reasonably priced. You can even get some for free if you share a post on your social media. 

Colorpool Museum- Seoul's Most Instagrammable Place 10

The gift store at the Colorpool Museum.

Finally, the last room is the Sparkling Garden. This outdoor area has lots of ribbons and a large archway which make for some spectacular and colorful photos.

Although the whole museum was great, I think that the Sparkling Garden and Pool Party made for some of the best images. 

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The Best Place for Instagram Pictures in Seoul

With all of this being said, I am sure it’s easy for you to see why Colorpool Museum is one of the best, if not the best, place to take Instagram pictures in Seoul. Unlike many of the other places that I see being suggested, this museum has a wide variety of different and unique images, and I think that is what appeals the most.

Is Colorpool Museum the most Instagrammable place in Seoul? I think so!

If you are someone who wants to post some beautiful pictures on social media, then this is the place to visit. On the other hand, if you are just looking to have some fun it is also a fantastic place to visit.

I know I have talked a lot about the fantastic pictures that you can take at Colorpool Museum and that’s because this is how the museum is marketed. However, whether or not you want to take photos, the museum is still a ton of fun either way!

I can imagine that visiting as a family would be a lot of fun, and this adds another reason to why Seoul is a fantastic city to visit as a family.

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Colorpool Museum FAQ

Where Is Colorpool Museum?

Colorpool Museum is located in the Annyeong Insadong complex. This building can be reached most easily from Anguk Station, Exit 6. It is a very popular area and the museum can be reached with a 5-10 minute walk from Gyeongbokgung Palace.

What Is Colorpool Museum?

Colorpool Museum is an exhibition all about color. Although it’s not really a museum (it’s more a photo area/playground), you will learn a bit about the colors as you progress through the areas. If you are looking for some amazing Instagram photos, this is the place to go!

How Much Does Colorpool Cost?

Colorpool tickets cost 15,000KRW for adults and 12,000KRW for children under 12. However, tickets can be found slightly cheaper online.

Why Should I Visit Colorpool?

Colorpool is a great place to visit because it provides some very unique photo opportunities that you can’t find elsewhere. If you aren’t looking for photos, the museum is a lot of fun too!

Is Colorpool Child-Friendly?

Yes! In fact, children who are old enough to play in the ball pits will probably have a wonderful time. However, you will need to keep an eye on them as some of the ball-pits are quite deep, and there are some hard surfaces.

How Do I Get to Colorpool Museum?

The easiest way to get to the Colorpool Museum is to take the orange line (Line 5) to Anguk Station. From there, exit the station via Exit 6. Walk straight until you come to a big intersection (it is about 100 metres from the station) and turn left at the first turn. Walk down this street until you see another street branching off to the left. Annyeong Insadong is directly opposite this.

How Long Does Exploring Colorpool Take?

If you are looking to make the most of the museum (in other words, capture a lot of photos) expect to leave around 2 hours free for Colorpool Museum. I wouldn’t leave anything less than one hour, as there are 9 different areas within the museum.

Where Can I Buy Colorpool Tickets?

You can purchase tickets either at the door or online. The online tickets are a bit cheaper, and if you want to save it might be worth checking them out.

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