31 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Korea

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Namdaemun Market Seoul
These are photos that will make you want to visit Korea! From the rich culture to the stunning vistas, to the beautiful nature, Korea has it all and more.
Recently I have seen a lot of photo lists around. From ’38 photos that will make you want to visit Korea’ to ’12 photos of the stunning autumn colours in South Korea’. Image lists seem to be everywhere now!

Since I already have a lot of images from South Korea and Seoul, I thought it would be a cool idea to make an addition to these lists. Since my blog is often photography focused, I have already shared a lot of these images of Seoul. However, if you are someone who is looking for motivation to visit Korea, this list is for you! This is my list of photos that will make you want to visit Korea!

1. Yeouido Sunset

A summer sunset at Yeouido.

Perhaps expectedly, one of my favourite pictures of all time begins this list. Yeouido is a (sort of) island located on the Han River, and a very popular place for picnics and enjoying the view. It also has some stunning sunsets and some which have to be seen to be believed! On top of all this, it also provides some stunning views of the Seoul skyline. This is a must-see sunset if you visit Seoul!

2. Hajodae Beach

Hajodae Beach as seen from the lighthouse.

Korea is renowned for its world-class, hyper-modern cities. But it also has some stunning natural scenery! This image was taken on a recent trip to Yangyang, a town on the north-east coast of the country. It is a fantastic place to learn to surf and avoid the summer heat!

3. Fall Colours

Fall colours in Seoul at World Cup Stadium.

Korea has stunning nature, but the fall and spring nature is especially breath-taking. From the cherry blossoms to bright yellows and reds, there is always something to see in nature in South Korea. Visiting the parks is one of the best things to do in Seoul.

4. Korean Countryside

The countryside becomes so colourful in fall!

While you can see the colours come out all over the country in fall, they are especially obvious in the countryside. I’ve seen some drone photos of the fall, and they are almost unbelievably colourful! If you come to Korea, make sure to not only visit Seoul.

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5. Ttukseom View

Looking across the Han from Ttukseom.

Ttukseom is another very famous Han River Park, and perhaps the one with the most beautiful view. Not only this but in summer there are a lot of festivals, making it the ideal place to hang out and enjoy the evening. If you are at a loss for what to do in Seoul, I highly recommend it!

6. Gyeongbokgung Gates

Gyeongbokgung Palace main entrance.

Gyeongbokgung Palace is one of the most visited places in Seoul. For good reason too, as it is a beautiful and expansive palace. Gyeongbokgung is easily one of the most unique things to see in Seoul. A lot of visitors also enjoy dressing in traditional Korean clothes called Hanbok. If you are interested in a traditional Korean experience, this is one of the best!

7. Hanbok

A couple wearing traditional Hanbok.

Dressing up in Hanbok and exploring the palaces in Seoul is a unique experience that can’t be had anywhere else. Not only that, but the clothes are beautiful and make for some fantastic photo opportunities!

8. Namsan Tower View

Sunset view from Namsan Tower.

As I mentioned earlier, Seoul has some stunning sunsets. These are best witnessed from any high-point in the city, and Namsan Tower is one of the most accessible places to witness the spectacle. Not only in the evening but at day and night the cityscape is breathtaking. On top of that, Namsan also has one of the best views of the Seoul skyline.

9. Lake Reflections

Reflections on the lake at Seoul Forest.

Nature is something that isn’t lacking in Seoul. With fantastic parks like Seoul Forest, there is always some nature close by.

10. Korean DMZ

View over the Korean DMZ, as seen from Dorasan.

The reminder of a sad reality, the Korean DMZ is one of the eeriest places I have ever visited in my life. Empty apart from a few patrols, patriotic music blasts across an otherwise silent landscape. If you travel to South Korea, make sure that you get the chance to visit the DMZ.

11. Cafe Seoulism

The view from Cafe Seoulism.

If you want cafes with stunning views, exotic animals, or flowery decors, then Seoul is the place for you! With a unique and fascinating coffee culture, it’s a great place for coffee lovers! Seoulism is a cafe famous for its stunning views over the city. It is one of the best things to see in Seoul!

12. Lighthouse

The lighthouse at Hajodae.

Hajodae (Hajo Beach), gets a lot of entries on this list. Why? Simply put, it’s beautiful. My pictures can’t do it justice!

13. The Han River

The Han River in the evening sun. Taken from Dongho Bridge.

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The Han River is one of the most beautiful places in Seoul. Flowing through the centre of the city, it divides old Seoul from the new Seoul. It is a large part of Seoul’s identity. The river has always been one of the highlights of Seoul for me – It’s stunning.

14. Seoul Cityscape

The sunset over Myeondong in Seoul.

Being one of the biggest cities in the world, Seoul also features some of the best skylines that the world has to offer. If you are on a Seoul trip, make sure to take the time to see some of the city views and sunsets!

15. Crystal Ocean

The stunningly clear water at Hajodae Lighthouse.

The water was almost unbearably tempting. I just wish I could jump in and go snorkelling! Taken on the north-east coast of Korea, near Yangyang.

16. Neon Streets

Asia is known for its neon streets. Seoul is no exception!

At night Seoul comes to life. Filled with neon billboards and signs, life never really stops in this incredibly large city!

17. Nightlife

Nightlife in Seoul. Taken in Sungshin.

Being as large and busy as it is, the nightlife is fantastic in Seoul. There is always something to see and do, and many stores are open 24 hours. Experiencing the nightlife should be on everyone’s Seoul travel plans!

18. Kwangjang Market

Kwangjang Market is one of the oldest markets in Seoul.

While it’s true that a lot of Seoul is incredibly modern and futuristic, there is also a lot of the city that is still in the past. Exploring the endless markets of Kwangjang and Namdaemun always leads to pleasant surprises.

19. Namdaemun Market Crowds

Namdaemun Market on a busy day!

Namdaemun Market is one of the most popular and largest markets in Seoul. Selling nearly everything, thousands visit daily for their shopping needs. This is yet another of the best things to do in Seoul!

20. Cheonggyecheon Stream

Cheonggyecheon stream is a great place to stroll and is always a pleasant relief from the bustle of the city.

Cheonggyecheon is not only one of the big tourist attractions in Seoul, but it is also popular with the locals. Providing a nice relief from the city, it is easy to see why!

21. Seoul Botanic Park

An indoor waterfall at Seoul Botanic Park

While the city of Seoul is beautiful, so is nature. With many parks and more being added constantly, nature is never far away in Seoul. Seoul Botanic Park recently opened and adds another fantastic park to the city’s list.

22. Seoul Forest

Some friends and a couple enjoying the summer evening at Seoul Forest.

Seoul Forest is one of the best outdoor spots in the city. With playgrounds, a lake, many animals, and more, it is a great spot to visit anytime in the year. It is especially pleasant in spring and summer!

23. Street Food

A couple enjoys street food in Hongdae.

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Korea also has a very rich food culture. As long as you don’t mind spicy or sweet food, Korean food is easily some of the best in the world. If you are asking yourself ‘why should I visit Seoul?’ the food alone is a good reason!

24. Namdaemun Market Vendors

A man sells his doughnuts at Namdaemun Market.

There are a lot of hotspots for food in Seoul. From Kwangjang market for general food to specialised markets such as Noryangjin and Majang, there is so much food to experience!

25. Namsan Tower in the Setting Sun

Namsan Tower from Ttukseom Resort.

Wherever in the city you visit, there is always a beautiful view awaiting. I think I would be justified in saying that the city is one of the most beautiful in the world! Namsan in the setting sun is one of the most beautiful things to see in Seoul.

26. Night Lights

View of the city at night.

The city looks beautiful from street-level at night. However, it looks even more beautiful from above!

27. Summer at the Beach

Learning to surf at Surfyy Beach.

I didn’t think I’d be learning to surf in Korea, but that’s what ended up happening! The beaches are crystal-clear and (in the summer) pleasantly warm. This is one of the best Seoul getaways if you need some time away from the city!

28. Udo Lighthouse

Udo Island Lighthouse.

Jeju is known for being the paradise within Korea. However, I would go even further and say that Udo is the paradise within Jeju. That is to say, it is the paradise within paradise!

29. Olympic Park

Olympic Park view of Lotte Tower.

Olympic Park is known for the famous ‘lone tree’. But that’s far from the most beautiful view that the park has to offer!

30. Golden Skies

Golden skies over the Han River.

Yet another stunning Seoul sunset. I don’t know what it is, but I love the sunsets here. But I don’t think anyone can blame me, they have been my personal Seoul highlight.

31. Raccoons!

Akdong Raccoon Cafe.

But wait. What do raccoons have to do with Korea? Honestly, not much. But I wanted to include them to represent the animal-cafe aspect of Korea. Animal cafes have taken off recently, and I thought that the raccoon is just too cute not to include!

That concludes my list of photos. For now! I want to keep adding to this list in the future, to show off more of Korea to the world. It’s a beautiful country, and I think it is often overlooked. Remember to check back on this post in the future to see if more images have been added!

If you enjoyed this post please feel free to share it on social media. Every share helps, and I hope that as many people can see how beautiful Korea is as possible.

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  1. Beautiful photos. You managed to get a nice balance between urban dynamism and rural serenity with this collection. Great work.

    1. Thank you William! I appreciate your kind words. That was my main aim – I wanted to capture some of the extreme, yet beautiful, contrasts of South Korea.

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