Why You Need to Visit Surfyy Beach!

Why You Need to Visit Surfyy Beach!

If you are looking to escape the city, why not visit some of Korea’s stunning beaches? Surfyy Beach on Hajodae (Hajo beach) is the perfect place for a getaway!

This weekend my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of escaping the city and visiting Surfyy Beach in Yangyang. Located on the north-east coast of South Korea, close to Sokcho, Yangyang has some of the most beautiful beaches that the country has to offer. Hajodae is one of the most popular amongst these beaches and is located about 10-15 minutes away from the town of Yangyang.

Korea isn’t known for beautiful nature or stunning coastlines (but it should be!). However, Hajodae and Surfyy have an amazing location on an expansive white-sand coastline. The ocean is very clear and the beach compares to some of the most beautiful beaches in other countries.

Surfyy Beach is located on Hajodae beach a small distance from the Hajodae township. The beach itself is massive and spans for kilometres down the coast – Surfyy is located about a 15-minute walk from the township.

Surfyy Beach – a must-visit for anyone wanting an escape from the city!

There are many nice beaches in Korea, but there are a few key points that make Surfyy ideal for anyone living in Seoul – firstly, it is one of the closer beaches to the city. It is well equipped and has everything you need to enjoy a day (or a few!) at the beach, and the community is very friendly and kind. I loved Sokcho when I visited, but Surfyy is even better!

Getting to Yangyang

Hajodae is located about two and a half hours away from Seoul and is usually reached by bus. Buses run regularly from Seoul to Yangyang and can be found from many different services – the one we used was Kobus (if the site defaults to Korean, you can select English from the top-right dropdown).

The bus can take anywhere from two and a half hours to four hours depending on the traffic. Buses in Korea are generally very comfortable (with AC!) and are well maintained, so the trip is not unpleasant. If you are already planning a trip to Sokcho, reaching Yangyang takes less than 30 minutes and I would highly reccomend visiting, even if it is a bit out of the way.

Yangyang to Surfyy

Once you reach Yangyang, there are two options. You can either take a taxi from the taxi stand (located right next to the bus stop) to Hajodae, which will cost about 12,000-15,000KRW. Alternatively, local buses also travel from Yangyang to Hajodae. If you plan to take a bus to Hajodae, I would recommend asking at the bus terminal for directions as the bus-stop can be confusing.

If you take a taxi, you can ask it to take you directly to Surfyy Beach. If you take the bus, it will stop by Hajodae. The good news, however, is that Surfyy is a short walk from Hajodae! Walking along the beach for 10-15 minutes will take you to Surfyy.

Considering the length of the bus-trip, I would recommend visiting Hajodae and eating before proceeding down the coast to the beach. Hajodae has lots of food options on offer and you will find a lot of different restaurants.

Beach Facilities

Surfyy offers everything you need to enjoy the beach, from surfing lessons, to board hire and a beach-side bar. Hammocks and bean bags are located all over the beach and provide a great place to chill. Even if you don’t want to swim or enjoy the water, Surfyy is a great place to relax on the beach with a beer.

Surfyy takes up a space of a couple of hundred metres on the beach, and there is ample space for everyone to sit. Many seating options can be found around the main pavilion, and a stream runs nearby, providing a great place for children to play.

The entrance to Surfyy Beach!


A lot of shaded areas are provided, giving visitors to the beach some areas to escape the sun. Considering how blisteringly hot Korea can get at times, this is a much-needed addition!

The beach is popular in summer and we visited on one of the less-busy summer weekends. If you want to guarantee yourself seating at Surfyy I would recommend visiting before the crowds hit. This means getting to the beach around noon to make sure you get a spot.

The beach peaks in the mid-late afternoon with 2-5 pm being the most popular time. While the seats were full in the mid-afternoon, the beach was never overly crowded and seating was always becoming available.

To the Beach Bar!

Changing Rooms and Showers

Changing rooms and showers can also be found on the beach close to Surfyy, meaning that there is no need to get dressed before reaching the beach. Showers and hoses are also available, giving visitors a place to wash the sand off before changing.

All-in-all, the beach is very well equipped and has everything that you might need to enjoy a day there. Restaurants and more cafes can also be found 10 minutes away in the township.

Beach Bar

One of my favourite parts of Surfyy Beach has to be the beach bar and the area around it. A DJ performs and keeps the music flowing, and drinks can be bought from the bar until late. Coffee, drinks (Bundaberg and other cold drinks), and Caronas can be purchased from the bar. The bar stays open late, and the atmosphere after dark is very pleasant.

Surfyy Beach Bar Menu

The summer night scene at Surfyy makes it fantastic for any students looking to get away from the city for a while. It is lively, the music is good, and the location is beautiful!

The facilities provided at Surfyy are what put it a step above the rest of the beach. While Surfyy is located on the same beautiful beach of Hajodae, the beach bar, changing rooms, and shaded areas make it so much more convenient and enjoyable than other spots on the beach. The fact that Surfyy Beach is also quite spread out means that it doesn’t get too crowded and that there is always some room spare.

Surfing lessons

Surfyy is known for… Well, you guessed it! Surfing. Boards can be hired for 30,000KRW and wetsuits can also be hired from the beach kiosk. If you are a first-time surfer, lessons are available for 75,000KRW. This includes a 30-minute prep time (on the beach), followed by an hour in the water with the instructor, and then a further hour and a half of free time to practice your skills!

The lessons begin with an on-shore brief which covers the basics of water movement (rips, sand/wave formations, etc), and the basics of how to get on and ride the surf-board. From there, you will move into the water and the instructor will help you catch some waves. From there, it’s up to you to try and stand up!

Surfing practice!

In the lesson I went from hardly being able to surf at all to being able to stand up on about half of the waves I caught! It was a LOT of fun, and I really enjoyed the experience. If you plan to visit Surfyy, I highly reccomend taking some surfing lessons. After all, it is what makes Surfyy stand out amongst the other beaches in Korea. Our instructor was a very cool guy who was also kind and made sure that we had the best chance of catching every wave we could. I feel like I really took something away from the lesson, and if I was to try surfing again in the future, that I would remember the key lessons and have a much easier time.

The waves at the beach aren’t too big (although it depends on the weather), and this makes it ideal for beginners and anyone who hasn’t surfed for a long time.

This lesson is all that you need to learn the basics of surfing. The instructors are very skilled and will provide you with a great base for if you want to continue surfing in the future.


I wrote a full post covering our accommodation here. There are many options for accommodation around Surfyy Beach, as it is a hot-spot (especially in summer!). Unfortunately, after a lot of searching, I wasn’t able to find many options that have an online presence. As is often the case with Korean accommodation in smaller (or less-touristy) areas, it is hard to find sites without searching in Korean. I have included a map with some accommodation below, but please note, that is far from all of the places available. If you want more options either try searching in Korean (or finding someone who can speak Korean), or visit and try checking-in physically.

If you zoom in you will see one accommodation option on the marker.

Closing Words

Visiting Surfyy Beach was an amazing experience. Not only because I haven’t seen the ocean since I came back from Jeju, but also because Surfyy has a great setup on the beach at Hajodae. The provided facilities and the seating areas make Surfyy unique from the other beach locations in Korea.

Enjoying the weather at Surfyy!

The atmosphere that the beach has created (especially in the evening) is something very special. Something that I haven’t experienced elsewhere in Korea. On top of the atmosphere, the equipment hires and surfing lessons add another unique attraction to the beach. If you are interested in learning to surf, I can’t think of a better place to do so!

Finally, the township of Hajodae that is located close by has some very cool places that I highly recommend visiting! We only spent a weekend in Hajodae, but I can easily imagine staying for a week and having a great time. There are so many places we wanted to visit but didn’t get time to!

Due to the close proximity of Surfyy to Seoul, it makes for a great location to get away from the city for a few days. Even if you love the city like me, sometimes you don’t know that you need to have a break until you do (have a break). It’s easy to get stressed and be overcome by worries, but we quickly forgot them at Surfyy and had a great weekend without the problems. Everyone needs a break from time to time, and the fresh ocean air provides a great feeling of refreshment.


We received a free trip to Surfyy Beach. However, I am free to speak my opinions and all views expressed in this post are my honest opinions.

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