Summer in Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest Lake

Seoul Forest is one of the largest green spaces in Seoul and is also among the most popular. In summer it is one of the most beautiful parts of the city, and in spring it is a stunning place to see the blossoms.

If you haven’t visited yet, then make sure you do soon as it is especially great in summer. With shaded areas, playgrounds, walking tracks, picnic locations and two stunning lakes, it is really an ideal summer destination.

Quick Facts:

Cost: Seoul Forest is free to access.

Time: Seoul Forest is open 24 hours.

Location: Seoul Forest is located at the Seoul Forest Station on the Bundang Line (yellow) | Location

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Seoul Forest is located next to the Jungangcheon and Han River merging points. It is almost an island between the two rivers!

The closest subway station to Seoul Forest is the Seoul Forest subway station. This can be found on the Bundang Line (the yellow line), near Wangsimni. From the Seoul Forest Subway station, exit the station via exit 3 – this will take you right into the park.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind a bit more walking, you can also access the park from Ttukseom Station on Line 2 (green line) and exit the station by exit number 9. Ttukseom station is quite close, but expect to walk 10-15 minutes to reach the park.

Other than the subway, Seoul Forest can also be accessed by bus. Green buses 2014, 2412, 2224, 2413 and blue buses 121, 141, 145, 148, and 463 all stop close to the park. For the full details on buses, please refer to the official Seoul Forest website.


Seoul Forest Lake
Lake at Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest is one of the amazing free parks of Seoul. There is no cost to access the park, and all of it can be accessed freely. This is one of the greatest attractions of the park and what makes it an ideal outing or date location.

The park can be entered from all sides. Roads border the park, and all of them have multiple entrances into the forest.

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Opening Hours

Seoul Forest Picnic

One of the many stunning views in the forest!

Seoul Forest is open 24 hours due to the large nature of the park. However, it is worth noting that parts of the park only operate at certain times. The visitor centre is open from 10 am until 6 pm, and the insect garden and butterfly garden are both open from 10 am until 5 pm. These are both closed on Mondays.

The eco forest is open from 7 am until 8 pm, and this includes the footbridge which crosses into the Hangang Park. In the summer months (June-August), both the eco forest and the footbridge are open until 9 pm. For more information on hours, please refer to the official site.

Seoul Forest Wetlands Park
Seoul Forest Wetlands Park

Seoul Forest is large. 1,200,000 m² large to be exact. It is also the third-largest park in the city of Seoul.

The park is divided into five areas. The Ecological Forest, Culture and Arts Park, Nature Experience Study Field, Wetlands Ecological Field, and the Han River Waterside Park. It can also be divided into three quarters around the Ttukseom-ro intersection runs through the centre of the forest.

As the park is so large, it can be easy to get lost. Luckily, a map can be downloaded and viewed. Most of the park is flat, but there are some steeper sections. Seoul Forest doesn’t have difficult walking tracks, however, and none of the walks would be considered hard. The biggest difficulty is caused by the size of the park – as it is very large.

Parts of Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest is a big park and as such, it is divided into many separate areas. Most people will get to experience the Culture and Arts Park, but there is a lot more to Seoul Forest than may initially meet the eye!

There are also some great areas in the park for learning about ecology, spending time with animals, and more! If you do get the chance to visit Seoul Forest, make sure to explore the whole park.

Culture and Arts Park

Seoul Forest’s main area is the Culture and Arts Park, and this is what you will enter from the subway station exit. It is the largest part of the park and has the most exhibits. It has many facilities ranging from a skate park, a visitor’s centre and a stage. There is also lots of nature to enjoy!

Seoul Forest in Summer

Summer in the park is especially nice.

Seoul Forest Poppies

The poppy fields in Seoul Forest

Wetlands Ecological Park

Next up is the Wetlands Ecological Park. This was my personal favourite part of the park due to the amount of wildlife that we got to see. Visiting the park doesn’t feel like visiting somewhere within the city – it feels far more natural. While walking along the boardwalks we could hear frogs croaking, and fish swimming beneath us.

Another fact that added to this feeling of nature was that this part of the park is far less busy than the Culture and Arts Park. We visited in the evening on a summer Friday, and there was no one else on the boardwalk. A few other people did pass, but no one was interested in crossing the swamp. It’s amazing to consider that this park is located right in the centre of a massive city.

Seoul Forest Wetlands

The Wetlands Park at Seoul Forest

Ecological Forest

The Ecological Forest is another highlight of the park for many visitors. There are hundreds of animals living in the forest, but most people are interested in meeting the friendly deer residents. Food cups for the deer can be purchased for 1000KRW. Be careful though, because they will steal your food cup if you aren’t careful!

The Ecological Forest also features an observatory that overlooks the wildlife and many more walking paths. From ducks to deer, this part of Seoul Forest is great for anyone that loves animals.

Hangang Park and Nature Experience Study Field

On this visit, we, unfortunately, didn’t get the chance to visit the Hangang Riverside Park. However, from past experiences, it is very nice and among the best Hangang Parks in Seoul.

Finally, the Nature Experience Study Field is located in an old water treatment facility. This has now been converted to an educational area and also houses some indoor gardens.

Should You Visit Seoul Forest?

Seoul Forest is amongst the nicest parks in Seoul. It is great for a date location, or if you want to have a picnic with some friends. It is fantastic in all seasons, but in summer and spring, it is the best. If you get the chance to visit, make sure you do!

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