Best Korean Instant Coffee – Everything You Need to Know

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 1

Although you may not think about Korea when you hear the word ‘coffee’, Korea has rapidly created a very unique coffee culture unlike anywhere else. It’s so unique that I wrote an article explaining the phenomenon of Korean coffee culture

In that article, I dive into the rather interesting cafes you can find around Korea – and especially Seoul. However, I only briefly touched on Instant coffee. This seems wrong, considering how important instant coffee has become on the peninsula.

Where cafes have their own unique culture, Korean instant coffee has also taken off in a direction unlike anywhere else. While every country has instant coffee, Korean instant coffee is vastly different. This is because decades ago, the ‘coffee stick’ was created in the country.

This creation has quickly led to stick coffee rapidly spreading and seemingly taking over the country. Now, many Koreans and foreigners alike rely on Korean instant coffee every morning! In fact, Korean instant coffee has become so popular that it is now exported all over the world.

If you’ve ever wondered which Korean instant coffee types and brands are the best and which are worth trying, you’re in luck! In this article, I will take a look at the Korean instant coffee phenomenon and what makes it so unique. Afterwards, let’s take a look at the best Korean instant coffee you can buy today. Let’s get started!

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When you think about instant coffee, you likely think of a powder like in the images above. If this is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about instant coffee, Korean instant coffee will be quite a surprise! While you can buy powder form coffees, these aren’t the most popular way to consume instant coffee in Korea.

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 4

Instead, that award goes to ‘stick coffee’. A few decades ago, this form of coffee was created in Korea, and it consists of combining the essential coffee ingredients in a ready-to-drink stick! All the user needs to do is add water. Although it depends on the coffee in question, the stick may just contain ground coffee, or it might also have a combination of milk, sugar, and creamer.

This means that Korean instant coffee comes in many flavours and styles. If you want something bitter and awakening, there are tons of stick americano styles from different brands. On the same note, if you want a relaxing morning coffee with some sweet tones, you can find a stick latte, stick mocha, and a range of other sweet coffees.

While Korean instant coffee is far from barista quality, some brands produce coffee that is head and shoulders above ‘traditional’ instant coffee. Further, you don’t need to add anything except for water! This makes Korean instant coffee exceptionally easy to prepare – even when camping or travelling.

At the end of the day, the coffees on this list are still instant coffee. However, they all offer different tastes and drinking experiences compared to the instant coffee you are likely used to. If you’re looking for a tasty coffee that is super straightforward to prepare, you’ll want to check out Korean instant coffee!

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 5

What led to the incredible popularity of Korean instant coffee, which we see today? Well, the history of coffee in South Korea is actually relatively short. I recommend reading this post for a great explanation of how coffee became so popular in the country. However, if you just want a summary, continue reading!

In the 1920s, the first dabang (tea room) was opened with the support of King Gojong – a big fan of coffee. Although this was the first dabang, it was far from the last, and soon many dabangs opened around Seoul. Attracting a range of scholars, politicians, and intellectuals, dabangs quickly become a place for the elite to gather.

These dabangs gradually died out throughout the Korean war, and instant coffee brought over by American soldiers quickly gained popularity. Throughout this period, instant coffee was favoured as it was cheap, quick, and easy to prepare. 

As the country rebuilt, the remaining dabangs began to transition into the more traditional cafes we can see today. Further, the clientele changed as cafes became more accessible to everyone. They were no longer for only the wealthy and elite but rather for everyone.

However, even in these cafes and dabangs, instant coffee was served. The instant coffee was often mixed with powdered cream (or milk) and sugar to tailor to each customer’s taste. Seeing the popularity of this combination of ingredients, Maxwell House and Dongsuh Foods (the company behind Maxim) partnered to release a 3-in-1 instant coffee mix.

This coffee mix gradually transitioned into sticks. Nowadays, these instant coffee sticks can be found in any Korean supermarket, and many brands are competing to produce the most delicious instant coffee sticks.

With the creation of Korean-style instant coffee, cafes had to move away from instant coffee. Since the quick form of coffee could be enjoyed by anyone cheaply at home, cafes had to begin to offer barista coffee to keep customers.

While instant coffee has fallen off slightly in Korea (it was enjoyed by over 75% of Koreans daily, now that figure stands at just over 35%), it’s still wildly popular. Almost every house in Korea will have instant coffee on hand for emergency coffee situations!

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 6

Perhaps you’ve already set your mind on trying some Korean instant coffee by this point. Whether for the fascinating history, the smooth taste, or just to experience the trend, I recommend trying some when you get the chance. However, that brings us to perhaps the biggest issue with obtaining Korean instant coffee – if you’re not in Korea, where can you purchase some for yourself?

Luckily, Korean instant coffee is far from rare. In fact, these days, it’s very easy to pick up some for yourself. Here are the websites that I recommend checking:

Amazon – you probably expected this to be first, and it is! Amazon has most of the Korean instant coffee brands on this list, and they also have reasonable prices. If you are in the U.S or another country with a local Amazon website, I recommend checking it first.

Gmarket – Owned by eBay Korea, Gmarket is essentially the Amazon of Korea. Luckily, they offer a good English website, and many of its listings have international shipping. Although Gmarket isn’t as user-friendly as Amazon, this is a great place to purchase Korean instant coffee.

Daebak – Daebak is a store for all things Korean. The recent introduction of the Daebak Cafe, means they also sell Korean instant coffee! Although the prices here are a bit higher and the selection a bit more limited, they are a well-trusted Korean shopping platform stocking everything from Kpop merch to Korean jewelry.

There are other sites where you can find Korean instant coffee, and if you have a local equivalent to Gmarket or Amazon, I recommend checking those websites out. They often have a great selection at the most reasonable prices! So, without further ado, which Korean instant coffee should you be buying?

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 7

Before you blame me for discussing the obvious, hear me out. There are a few things to remember when making Korean instant coffee! While the process is super straightforward and easy, there are a few tips you only learn after making it a few times.

Firstly, how much water should you use in Korean stick coffee? Well, the normal rule is one stick is good for 3/4oz. If you have no idea what that means (like me!), it’s around 100ml. Many people make the mistake of watering down their coffee far too much, and therefore they never fully enjoy Korean instant coffee. If you want a full mug of coffee, you’ll likely want to use two sticks of coffee.

For sticks with multiple ingredients, you’ll usually find the sugar at the end of the stick (opposite the ‘easy open’ end). This is done intentionally, and it lets you somewhat control the amount of sugar you put in your coffee. If you’re looking to cut down on sugar, pinch the end of the stick and keep the sugar there when you pour.

Finally, sometimes it can be good to mix sticks of coffee. Now, this is also a great way to ruin your coffee totally, so tread with caution. However, I know people who drink one stick of Maxim Original with one stick of White Gold. Since both have similar taste notes, this creates a sweet but not overly sweet coffee – indeed, much less sweet than using two sticks of Maxim White Gold!

Other than these tips, there isn’t much to Korean instant coffee! Simply open the stick using the ‘easy open’ line, and pour the contents into a cup. If the cup is larger, add two sticks, either of the same or complementing types. Finally, add water! You don’t even need to stir – you’re good to go!

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 8

Maxim Coffee is a famous Korean instant coffee brand found at most Korean supermarkets and convenience stores. The product comes in various flavours, including Original, Ice Coffee, Cappuccino Hazelnut, Maxim White Gold and the infamous Mocha Gold, also known to be the brand’s top-selling flavour to date! So, if you’re new to this instant coffee brand, this makes a great introduction. 

The Classic flavour tastes like any regular instant coffee, with hints of chocolate and caramel. While it doesn’t taste as good as proper coffee, the flavour is quite good for an instant drink. It’s not bitter or acidic; instead, it has a smooth and mild taste with just the right blend of cream, coffee, and sugar so that one doesn’t overpower the other. On top of that, this Korean instant coffee is Halal friendly. 

If you are someone who can’t stand sugar in coffee (like myself), then Maxim Coffee isn’t the choice for you. For anyone who doesn’t mind sweet coffee, the blend is great. But for people who prefer sugar-free coffee or black coffee, this isn’t for you!

These instant coffees don’t taste as good as freshly brewed coffee. The flavours are still good for a quick fix but won’t compare to the taste of an authentic cup of newly brewed deliciousness! The packaging is excellent and easy to open. It has a resealable cap, great for keeping your coffee fresh. The ingredients are simple: coffee powder, sugar, corn syrup and coconut oil (at least in Maxim Original).

Other mixes, such as Mocha Gold, have added ingredients to give the mocha feel. In these mixes, you will find non-diary creamer as well. In Maxim White Gold, non-fat milk is used instead!

Purchase Maxim Coffee | Gmarket

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 9

Jardin is a Korean instant coffee brand that isn’t to be confused with other companies of the same name. With a history in coffee since 1988, when they opened the first brewed coffee house in Korea, Jardin has ample experience creating delicious instant coffee!

Although Jardin has been creating coffee for decades, it’s only since 2001 that Jardin has been in the Korean instant coffee game. Also, rather confusingly, Jardin’s instant coffee range is often actually sold under the name Cafe Mori. So, while you will see the Jardin logo on the packaging, it’s Cafe Mori coffee you are looking for!

Of the various instant coffee styles from Jardin, Classic Black Coffee is the staple flavour for those who love their coffee without the sweetness. However, if you prefer something else, the Korean instant coffee brand comes in various flavours that cater to everyone’s personal preference. Flavours include Classic Black Coffee, Columbia Supremo, Mocha Capuccino, Espresso Cafe Latte, and Espresso Ice Blend.

If you’re in Korea, you can also experience Jardin coffee in various other forms. Many convenience stores offer instant coffee machines, and lots of these are stocked with Jardin coffee. If you are looking for a cooler drink during summer, Jardin also has a few cold brew instant coffees perfect with the cup ice you can purchase at convenience stores.

You can purchase all these flavours through Amazon if you are not in Korea. However, Jardin coffee is straightforward to find for anyone in Korea. If you want to browse, visit your local supermarket or convenience store. If you would prefer to comfort of home, you can order all flavours from Coupang or GMarket!

If you want to try something new, Jardin is the perfect option. It’s got a delicious taste and is easy to make in the morning, making it a win-win for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much time fussing with their coffee.

Interestingly, Jardin manufactured coffee for the next brand on this list, Namyang French Cafe. While I’m unsure if they still produce coffee for the aforementioned brand, back in 1998, they handled at least part of Namyang’s production, meaning they have even more experience in the Korean instant coffee industry!

Purchase Jardin Coffee | Gmarket

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 10

Namyang French Cafe is a newer Korean instant coffee brand emphasising high-quality non-fat creamer. Why this focus? Well, Namyang is one of Korea’s most famous dairy product brands, and they thought they could produce the best instant coffee on the market with this expertise! Is this true? I’ll say that French Cafe is better than Maxim, but that’s my opinion!

Namyang’s French Cafe range comes in a range of flavours. For non-americano drinkers, you can find flavours such as vanilla latte, tiramisu latte, and hazelnut latte. In addition, French Cafe has the Lookas9 line of americano coffee for anyone wanting a bit more kick. So, if you’re an americano fan, you’re in luck! Lookas9 has a couple of different americano flavours for sweet-tooths and black-coffee lovers alike!

The taste of Namyang French Cafe is very smooth and straightforward—it’s nothing too over the top like other flavours you’ll find on the market today. However, this instant coffee does kick a punch on caffeine content, making it a great way to jumpstart your day or workout. 

Particular varieties have different notes, though, depending on what kind you choose. Original roast has hints of caramel but otherwise tastes standard. Cappuccino smells strongly roasted but doesn’t taste like one because there isn’t any creaminess involved (definitely one for fans who enjoy black coffee). Finally, caramel macchiato tastes as its name suggests—you get hints of sweetness from sugar and caramel syrup with no bitterness whatsoever! 

Lookas9, on the other hand, tastes like americano. I’m not sure what to comment here, as the dark americano tastes exactly as I would expect. The mild version tastes a bit sweeter, but it’s not sweet by any means. Either way, these are solid coffees but don’t feature the signature milk creamer of Namyang.

Both French Cafe and Lookas9 coffee sticks are affordable, and you can get them at most grocery stores or online on Amazon or eBay for about $8 per box (6 packets). So while they are usually a bit more pricey than Maxim, I’d say you get what you pay for (can you tell I’m not a big Maxim fan?).

Purchase Namyang French Cafe Coffee | Gmarket

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 11

Maxpresso 3-in-1 Instant Coffee, as the name suggests, is an all-in-one instant coffee with coffee, creamer, and sugar included in its sole classic flavour. Each packet comes with all the ingredients you need for a quick coffee, and you can make this coffee in under a minute! Of course, you can also add milk or cream if you feel extra indulgent!

Unlike other Korean instant coffees, which are mixed in the stick, Maxpresso allows users to vary their portions. So, for example, if you want only coffee and creamer but no sugar, you can do this with Maxpresso! Likewise, if you’d like only coffee, that’s possible too! The only issue is that since sugar is located at the end of the stick, you can’t get only coffee and sugar (with no creamer).

Maxpresso manufacturers have a unique crafting technique as they freeze the coffee mix at freezing temperatures to make granules and dry them to preserve and protect the quality of the taste. The result is a fresh and lasting aroma as soon as you take that first sip. 

If your local grocery store doesn’t carry these handy little packets yet (which seems unlikely given their popularity), check out Amazon or other online retailers where they are likely available. Recently, this Korean instant coffee brand has even been spotted at big retailers such as Walmart!

Purchase Maxpresso 3-in-1 Coffee | Gmarket

Korean instant coffee

Kanu is a Korean instant coffee brand owned by the same company as Maxim. However, where Maxim is considered the ‘mainstream’ coffee brand, Kanu is more premium. Being a recent entry into the market, Kanu doesn’t have the same reputation as Maxim. However, the coffee is generally better quality, making Kanu one of my preferred Korean instant coffee brands.

Despite being a recent entry, Kanu already has a robust lineup of instant coffee flavours you’ll want to taste your way through! That said, Kanu has gained fame from its black coffee. Specifically, Kanu Dark Roast. So if you’re looking for the best black Korean instant coffee, this is where you’ll want to start. It’s a rich coffee which is also bitter – definitely more bitter than you’ll find with most other coffee on this list.

Although Kanu gained fame due to its Dark Roast, it has now built out its coffee flavours, and you can find everything from Kanu Latte to Kanu Mint Chocolate Lattes. Personally, I avoid coffee with sugar so I’m not a fan of these coffee flavours. However, I can understand the followers these flavours are gaining!

An important thing to note with Kanu black coffee is that the coffee comes in small sticks. Where Maxim, French Cafe, and Maxpresso come in sticks containing creamer, coffee, and sugar (in most cases), Kanu Dark Roast is just freeze-dried coffee. This means Kanu sticks tend to be much smaller and lighter in weight. If you’re like me, you’ll use two sticks per cup! This is worth keeping in mind because I find a box of Kanu never goes as far as other Korean instant coffee. Of course, with the different Kanu flavours, you’ll get a more similar experience to Maxim coffee.

The caffeine content per packet is enough to give you that much-needed boost without overwhelming you with too much at once. The flavour options are also refreshingly simple: Dark Roast Americano, Latte, Mint Choco Latte, Double Shot Latte, Ice Latte Coffee, Tiramisu Latte, Dolce Latte, and Vanilla latte. This product is perfect if you like your coffee with a punch of unique flavours! Keep in mind, however, that these coffees are quite high in sugar.

If you just want a little hit of coffee to get you started in the morning, Kanu offers a mini variety of their coffee. These cute sticks are tiny and contain just enough coffee for people who are more greatly impacted by the effects of caffeine.

Kanu Mini Instant Coffee comes in packs of 10 for around $4, though the other flavours, such as Mint Choco, come with 24 sticks and cost more. You can also find them at Korean grocery stores and on websites such as Gmarket or Coupang if you visit or travel to Korea. If you’re overseas, check out Amazon.

Suppose you’re not a fan of the sweetness or cream. In that case, I highly recommend going for the Dark Roast Americano flavour that gives you the right caffeine strength to boost the rest of your day. It’s one of the tastiest black instant coffees on this list and well worth trying!

Purchase Kanu Coffee | Gmarket

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 12

Ediya Coffee Beanist is Ediya Coffee’s instant coffee brand. If you’ve never been to Korea, you might be unfamiliar with Ediya. However, for anyone who’s visited the country, this chain is hugely famous. In fact, Ediya is the largest coffee chain in Korea by store locations, having more branches than even international brands such as Starbucks. This is an amazing feat because Seoul has more Starbucks than any other city. With this feat also comes ample experience with making fantastic coffee.

Ediya has been around for decades and has won many awards for its taste. Its coffee is traditionally roasted—a more labour-intensive process than flash roasting—which delivers a cup with fuller flavour and less bitterness. While the Beanist brand isn’t quite as good as in-store coffee, it’s one of the better Korean instant coffee brands.

The Ediya Coffee Beanist Mild Americano and Cafe Latte are notably bitter but not too bitter; they’re definitely not lacking in flavour. Both are also very smooth and easy to drink, so it won’t be hard for you to get into the habit of drinking coffee again! If you’re looking for something sweet, try adding a bit of sugar or honey; if you’re looking for something creamy, try adding some milk or half-and-half.

Flavours include Caffe Latte, Mild Americano, Vanilla Latte, and Mild Americano. The caffeine content ranges from 25mg to 40mg depending on which flavour you choose; not too strong but still enough to give you an energy boost if you need one!

They’re available online at Amazon or any convenience store in Korea. While you’ll probably pay a bit more for Ediya Coffee Beanist compared to other, more affordable brands on this list, many will consider the premium worthwhile.

Purchase Ediya Coffee Beanist Coffee | Gmarket

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 13

Caffe Bene MANO is a unique instant coffee that comes in powder form but can be prepared just like any other hot beverage. It’s made with real beans and has a smooth, creamy taste. The product is made by the same company behind the famous Caffe Bene brand across various parts of the world, including their branches in Malaysia, Taiwan, and South Korea. 

There is a range of flavours available: MANO Africa Mild, MANO Latin America Mild, MANO Columbia Mild and MANO Medium Dark Roast, to name a few. These flavours are all designed to cater to the preferences of coffee enthusiasts. Despite this, even non-enthusiasts will love the variety of Korean instant coffee on offer from MANO.

MANO can be purchased in large boxes containing 100 servings of MANO Instant Coffee Powder. These can be found on Amazon for around $15 or KRW 17,900 per box (2 boxes per pack). The coffee pack can also be bought on Caffe bene’s official site or Gmarket as an alternative. This is definitely a coffee sip you do not want to miss out on! 

Purchase Caffe Bene MANO

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 14

You can’t go wrong with Hollys Coffee. The brand is widely known for its distinctive flavour and aroma, which make it stand out from other instant coffees. It comes in various flavours, including Original, Hazelnut Latte, Caramel Macchiato, and Irish Cream (to name a few).

If you’re looking for something sweet and decadent, try the caramel macchiato or hazelnut latte flavours. If you prefer something bolder with an extra kick of caffeine, go with the original variety—it has an earthy taste that will wake up your senses.

Hollys Coffee is also available in several different styles. The brand offers a variety of flavored instant coffees, including Signature Americano, Vanilla Delight, Real Belgian Chocolate Latte, Ice Cold Brew, the old but gold Cafe Latte, and Hazelnut Americano. 

To get your hands on these, you can find them on Gmarket and make an online purchase from there. Hollys Coffee is also available on Amazon for $12 per package (32 packets).

A particular brand highlight is their Ice Cold Brew flavour which, unlike other flavours, is best served and served cold with an ice cube or two to get that kick of freshness for those hot summer days or in the winter; I am certainly not judging!

Buying this coffee brand comes with unmatched perks as they occasionally give out limited edition gift sets and merchandise such as coffee flasks, mugs, and more! Although most of these limited sets are limited to Korea, some are available internationally!

The Twosome a-List coffee also has drip coffee, which means you just need to open the packet and pour in some hot water, and your long-awaited morning coffee is ready to drink! Their packaging is also worth highlighting, with a simple yet classy look that completes the overall feel of drinking great instant coffee. 

Purchase Hollys Coffee Coffee

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 15

Twosome a-List Stick Coffee is the perfect way to start your morning, especially if you’re already running late. These coffee sticks are easy to use and have no artificial flavours or sweeteners, so they’ll keep your mind clear during busy mornings. 

And yes, it is owned by the famous A Twosome Place coffee chain in South Korea, which you can see in Korean Dramas such as Master’s Sun.

Twosome a-List Stick Coffee is one of their coffee product lines. The instant coffee brand comes in 5 different flavours, which include Dark Blend, Vanilla Latte, Chocolate Latte, Decaf, and Black Ground for you to choose from. 

The unique thing about this brand is that it has two different flavours in one stick—the typical taste of coffee with either sweet or salty nuances, depending on your preference! So if you’re looking for some flavour variety without paying extra for fancy flavours like Chocolate Latte or vanilla Latte, this is worth trying out.

However, if you’re looking for a healthier option or are sensitive to caffeine, then the Decaf flavour might be the perfect choice for you! 

The Twosome a-List coffee also has drip coffee, which means you just need to open the packet and pour in some hot water, and your long-awaited morning coffee is ready to drink! Their packaging is also worth highlighting, with a simple yet classy look that completes the overall feel of drinking great instant coffee. 

Purchase Twosome a-list Coffee

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 16

Rosebud instant coffee is confusingly named because, as far as I can tell, the coffee has nothing at all to do with rose buds! However, it’s a cute name and, therefore, one I can get behind!

Rosebud is a Korean instant coffee brand that isn’t quite as well known as the other instant coffee brands on this list. Although the brand has been around since 1968 – making it one of the oldest Korean instant coffee brands – the coffee isn’t as easily found in supermarkets or online.

Rosebud has two flavours: Original and Mocha. Although I am not a fan of sweet coffee, I have to say that Rosebud Mocha is my personal preference. The coffee is very smooth and has an outstanding balance of cream, coffee, and sugar. Since the sugar is placed at the end of the tube, the sweetness is adjustable by pinching the stick.

Both the Mocha and Original flavours are smooth and mild. Neither of these is great if you’re looking for coffee with a kick. However, say you’re looking for an enjoyable morning coffee to sip on without worrying too much about the caffiene. Well, the Rosebud Korean instant coffee is ideal for you!

If you do want to go for Rosebud Original, expect to get a more ‘coffee’ flavour. Mocha tastes quite sweet, and the coffee flavour takes a backseat to the sweetness. On the other hand, Original emphasises the coffee flavour itself, making it ideal for anyone who enjoys the taste of roast coffee!

Purchase Rosebud Coffee

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 17

Yes, I’m aware that Maxwell House is not a Korean instant coffee brand. However, I wanted to include its coffee on this list for two reasons. Firstly, Maxwell House only sells coffee sticks in Korea – at least to my knowledge. Secondly, Maxwell House’s Korean instant coffee is produced by Dongsuh, the same company behind Maxim instant coffee. For these reasons, it’s fair to include Maxwell House on this list of the best Korean instant coffee brands!

Dongsuh creates two types of coffee in Korea – Original and Mild. Original tastes similar to Maxim Original – perhaps because the same company produces it. Mild is a bit weak for my tastes, but many people love it because it’s very smooth and easy to consume. If you want coffee but aren’t a particular fan of the taste, you’ll want to check out Maxwell House Mild.

When it comes to the stick, Maxwell House is much the same as other Korean instant coffee brands on this list. You’ll find instant coffee, sugar, vegetable oil (powdered), and milk powder in the stick. These can all be quickly poured into a cup, and all you need to add is hot water! This makes it extremely easy to prepare a cup of morning coffee to enjoy!

Anyway, if you’re a fan of Maxwell House coffee, this is a Korean instant coffee you’ll want to try. While the taste is similar to what you’ve come to expect from the brand, the form is ‘Koreanised’. This means it not only tastes great, but it’s also effortless to prepare.

Purchase Maxwell House Coffee

Best Korean Instant Coffee - Everything You Need to Know 18

Where Can I Buy Korean Instant Coffee?

The best places to purchase Korean instant coffee are Amazon and Gmarket.

What Is the Best Korean Instant Coffee?

Most people will say Maxim. However, I believe the best instant coffee is from Maxim’s sister brand, Kanu.

Is Korean Instant Coffee Sweet?

It can be! However, there are so many different brands and flavours that it doesn’t need to be,

Why Does Korean Instant Coffee Come in Tubes?

Korean instant coffee comes in tubes called ‘sticks’ because they include all the essential ingredients required. All you need to do is add water!

How Much Caffeine Is in Korean Instant Coffee?

Korean instant coffee normally has between 30 and 90mg of coffee per stick.

What Kind of Korean Instant Coffee Is There?

You can find all kinds! If you like black coffee, check out Kanu. If you prefer something sweeter, check out Maxim!

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