3 Fantastic Parks in Incheon


I’ve written a lot about the beautiful parks that are located in Seoul. But, I have never had the chance to write about parks in other cities.

Today I will break that trend. I am going to talk about some of the amazing parks in Incheon! Not only do they have a lot to offer, but some of them are famous Kdrama filming locations!

If you are interested in Goblin (도깨비) or Who Are You (후아유) then make sure you get a chance to visit these Kdrama filming locations!

If you aren’t a fan of Kdramas, then don’t fear. These parks are still worth visiting!

Songdo Central Park

Songdo Central park

Songdo Central Park is located right next to Incheon’s International Business District.

The most famous park on this list, let’s begin with Songdo Central Park! This particular park is one of the filming locations of the famous drama, Who Are You.

The park itself surrounds a lake and is located at the Central Park Station. The park is popular due to its location, as well as the water activities.

There is a large variety of boats available to hire. From kayaks to paddle boats, there are a lot of fun water activities.

Quick Facts

Cost: The park has free entrance | Kayak and canoe hire 25,000/50 minutes | Paddleboard 10,000/50 minutes | Family boat 35,000/30 minutes

Time: Songdo Central Park is open all hours

Location: Songdo Central Park is located near Central Park Station | Location

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Park Highlights

Songdo Central Park Lake

Songdo Central Park is great for lake activities!

Songdo Central Park has a few different themed areas. When you enter the park you will quickly come across the boat hiring stand and cafe. From here, you can hire a variety of different boats.

Canoes and kayaks cost 25,000KRW for 50 minutes. Paddleboards are 10,000 for 50 minutes. Finally, the family boat (for four people) cost 35,000 for 30 minutes.

I visited the park in summer, however, I can imagine it being very nice in fall and spring also. There was an area with deer, as well as a few different themed gardens.

While the areas are very nice, the gardens themselves are quite small. You can fully explore the park within a few hours. Including hiring a boat and enjoying the water activities.

Songdo Central Park Walkway

In summer the park is beautiful!

The park also has lots of nice sitting areas. Depending on what you want, you can choose to sit in amongst the roses or the trees. For this reason, it’s a fantastic spot for dates!

On the other hand, if you are in the Songdo area and just want to enjoy the weather, Songdo Central Park is also fantastic!

Another aspect which stood out to me is how the park isn’t crowded at all. While weekends and holidays are more crowded, the park never really feels full.

This is fantastic because it means that there is always a place to sit down. Not only that, but it’s possible to get away from the park’s other visitors and enjoy your own time there!


송현근린공원 Flowers

Flower field at 송현근린공원!

This park is far less famous than Songdo Central Park. Yet, I think that it’s also much nicer. 송현근린공원 is most notable for being featured in the Goblin Kdrama. However, there’s a lot more to it than just being a Goblin filming location!

송현근린공원 is located on a hill near Dongincheon Station on Line 1. The park is a short walk from the station – just 10 minutes.

Songdo Central Park stands out because of its open areas and water activities. On the other hand, 송현근린공원 feels much more natural. The park feels like it wasn’t created from scratch. Rather, someone found the area and thought that it was pretty. They then created the park!

Quick Facts

Cost: The park has free entrance

Time: 송현근린공원 is open all hours

Location: 송현근린공원 is located near Dongincheon Station | Location

Park Highlights

Out of the parks on this list, 송현근린공원 was my favourite. While Songdo Central park feels quite artificial, 송현근린공원 felt very authentic and natural. Similar to Songdo Central Park, 송현근린공원 was also split into a few distinct areas.

Upon entering the park from the northern side you are met with a field full of flowers! These flowers are arranged in colour order and make for a stunning field in summer.

There are a few different seating areas around the field making it a great spot to sit down and relax. Not only that, but this part of the park is also very quiet.

송현근린공원 Stream

The stream was my favourite part of the park!

Continuing up the hill towards the peak of the park will lead you to the sudogugsan museum. This is a museum of housing and living. This is located near the top of the park and from here you can see the park sprawling below.

The park also has a lot of walking paths and many open spaces. A lot of these spaces are populated with different exercise equipment. If you have explored Korean parks before you will know exactly what I mean!

Korean parks often have a few different pieces of exercise equipment within them. You will often see the elderly using this equipment to stay fit! 송현근린공원 is no exception, and there are a lot of areas around the park with this free to use equipment.

Perhaps my favourite part of the park was the stream. Throughout the centre of the park, a stream runs parallel to the path. It’s a nice walk and the sound of running water is always very calming!

This park is also ideal for children. There are a variety of different playground areas around the park that look like a ton of fun!

해돋이공원 – Haedoji Park


해돋이공원 main lake.

The final park on this list is 해돋이공원. Another beautiful park in Incheon, 해돋이공원 is fantastic for its lake area and flower beds.

해돋이공원 is located at the Campus Town subway station and is a short 5-minute walk from the station. This park is the least well known of the parks on this list, but I do think that it is underrated.

If you are looking to go for a stroll and enjoy the weather, or you are looking for a great date location, then 해돋이공원 is ideal for you!

Quick Facts

Cost: The park has free entrance

Time: 해돋이공원 is open all hours

Location: 해돋이공원 is located near Campus Town Station | Location

Park Highlights

Haedoji Park

The flower fields in 해돋이공원 are stunning!

Out of all of the parks on this list 해돋이공원 impressed me the most. When I first entered the park I was amazed at the amount and beauty of the flower beds! There are thousands upon thousands of different flowers.

Next to these flowers are wooden paths which are shaded by the trees surrounding them. These trees not only give shade to the pathways but also the seating areas located next to them.

However, if you would prefer to sit in the sun, you can. There are a LOT of seating areas at 해돋이공원, and you can find something that suits you. There are also a lot of seating areas amongst the flower fields!


There are tons of seating platforms around the park!

Progressing through the park you will soon reach the lake. The northern and eastern sides of the lake are more built up. The western and southern sides go through the trees.

The lake has a lot of viewing platforms that show off the stunning contrast between the park’s nature and the city’s modernism.

The lake also has a lot of water fountains and some islands. These break up the scenery a bit and make the lake a lot more exciting to view!

Past the lake is a hill with a spiral path to the top. This hill provides a stunning view over not only the park but also parts of the city. It also has a lot of seats at the top, and when I was there, there wasn’t even a single other person on the hill!

새아침공원 – Saeachim Park

Saeachim Park Pathway

Saeachim Park is a great way to walk from Songdo Central park to 해돋이공원!

Saeachim Park isn’t a real park in my mind, but I wanted to include it for one reason. Saeachim Park is joined to 해돋이공원 by a bridge. This bridge will take you through another park before eventually leading into Saeachim Park.

If you are interested in exploring the parks of Songdo then these parks provide a great circuit! It is possible to start at Campus Town Station, proceed into 해돋이공원 and enjoy the park.

From there, you can pass over the bridge into Saeachim park. Follow the river park north until you reach the main road (michuhol-daero) and then follow the road.

After following the road for 10 minutes you will arrive at Songdo Central park!

This is a fantastic walk if you are wanting to enjoy the weather in Songdo and are someone who enjoys walking!

Quick Facts

Cost: The park has free entrance

Time: Saeachim Park is open all hours

Location: Saeachim Park is located near Campus Town Station, the park is joined to 해돋이공원 | Location

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t consider Saeachim Park a real park. It is located along the riverside and is just a walking/biking path. However, I wanted to include it for the above-mentioned reason.

On top of that, there are a few nice seating areas in Saeachim Park. Since the park follows a stream, the view is quite nice and if you are in the area then it’s still worth checking out the park!

Parks in Incheon

There are a lot of parks in Incheon, and this post barely scratches the surface. Are there any other parks that you would add to this post? I’d love to know more so that I can make this list more comprehensive in the future!

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