Best Places to Date in Seoul for Animal Lovers!

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Hongdae Healing Cafe

Korea is a country that is famous for its dating culture. From its celebration of events such as one month, 100 days, and days such as White Day (March 14, a day where guys should give gifts to their partners). All the way to wearing couples shirts and matching hats. Korea is unique in the way that dating works, and at times can even be confusing to understand. That is why it is important to know the best places to date in Seoul (if you like animals anyway!)

This means that there are thousands of different places to date in Seoul alone. An article that listed all of these would be infinitely long and ever-changing. Since that doesn’t sound like much fun to write or for you to read, I decided to narrow it down a bit. This is a list of the best places to date in Seoul for animal lovers.

The places in this list are great places to visit with your date if you both love animals. From raccoons to rabbits, there are so many possible places to visit if you are in Seoul and love animals. There are also many places that aren’t cafes that I couldn’t add to the list this time. If you are interested in another animal location that isn’t included here let me know in the comments. I know lots more places that I just couldn’t include in this post due to the length.

Cat Cafes

Well, who would have guessed this would come first?! Cat cafes are one of the most popular places to visit for younger people in the city. From studying places to date locations, cat cafes are fantastic if you want to play with some cats and have an enjoyable time.

However, not all cat cafes are equal, and some are definitely better than others. As a general rule of thumb, the busier a cafe, the more likely it is that the cats will be less social. This means that cafes that are in less busy areas or are further from the main roads are usually better. Don’t visit cat cafes in areas like Myeongdong, Hongdae, and Gangnam if you can avoid it!

Here are my two favourite cat cafes in Seoul and their locations.

커피타는 고양이 


Wolgok Station (Line 6) exit 3

This cat cafe in Wolgok is by far my personal favourite in Korea. It is popular, but not popular enough that the cats don’t want to interact with people anymore. Further, the cats are full of energy and wanting to play.

The cafe is large and there are many tables and couches to sit on. This is perfect as it means you can have some privacy while still interacting with the cats. The staff here are nice and the cafe is very clean compared to many others. What I love about this cafe though is definitely the cats. It just seems like they are better treated and that they actually want to interact with visitors. This is one of my personal favourite places to date in Seoul.

The cafe is spacious and the cats are a lot of fun!

If you would like to see some more images from this cafe please check out this Naver Blog (Korean).

청춘고양이카페 홍대점


Exit 9 of Hongdae Station (Hong-Ik University Station)

The second cafe I would recommend is one in Hongdae (yes, I’m a hypocrite… Sorry). But it is a little bit out of the way. If you’ve ever been to Hongdae you will probably know exactly where it is, you probably just haven’t visited it yet.

A wise cat is a lazy cat!

This cafe is a lot less clean and a lot smaller than the one I mentioned above. However, despite that, the cats are still fun to be around and active enough that you can have a good experience. This cafe is often quite busy though (as it is in Hongdae!) so if having some space is your priority, I would not recommend visiting this cafe.

Other Cool Cafes:

Cats are cool, but lots of us get to see cats every day and might be a little bit over them. Alternatively, we might just not be willing to spend money to see them. But that’s where Seoul is fantastic, there’s a lot more than just cat cafes! These are my favorite places for dating in Korea with far more unique animals!

Hongdae Meerkat Cafe


Hongdae Station Exit 9

First on this list is the Hongdae Meerkat Cafe. This particular cafe has become very famous and popular recently and is enjoyed by many. The meerkats themselves don’t run around the cafe like the cats do in cat cafes, but rather they are in an enclosure in the center of the cafe. This means that you can enjoy watching the meerkats do meerkatty things while sipping on your drink or talking to your date.

When they aren’t trying to steal all of your belongings they are actually sort of cute.

However, if you thought it would be boring because you can’t play with the meerkats while you sit, you couldn’t be more wrong! The cafe isn’t just home to meerkats, but also to foxes, a wallaby, and some cats (but not normal house cats!). These are often out and about running around the cafe. Not all of them will be out at once (for obvious reasons), but the animals are alternated and you can see some really awesome animals you would otherwise only see in zoos!

Meerkats may be the main attraction, but they certainly aren’t the only animal the cafe houses!

If you are visiting with someone young (but why would you? This article is about dating spots!) be wary as you must be over 16 to enter the cafe. I don’t know why the age is so high, but I guess to protect the animals from young and possibly rough hands. If you are interested in more info check out here.

홍대 힐링 카페


Once again, Hongdae Station exit 9!

Next up we having the Hongdae Healing Cafe. This cafe is my personal pick for a date spot out of all of these locations. However, this place is less of a cafe though and more of a petting-zoo where you can play with all the animals, but drinks cost extra. If you want to see some more exotic animals, this is totally the place to go.

Raccons also love food. Who would have figured? On the left is an arctic fox from the cafe also!

Everything from raccoons to a Coati (yeah, I had to Google that too) call this building their home. There are multiple rooms to the cafe and you can explore and interact with the animals in all of them. However, do be warned that raccoons (like meerkats) love to dig through your pockets. If you want to stay clean it’s probably best to stay away from these animals and just watch them from afar. The Hongdae Healing Cafe is another of my favourite places to date in Seoul!

Dog Cafes



Sungshin Women’s Unversity exit 1. Line 4.

Dog cafes are probably tied with raccoon cafes for the second most common type of animal cafe in Seoul. It seems weird that there are as many raccoon cafes as dog cafes though, so I assume I am totally wrong. But that’s irrelevant.

My favorite dog cafe in Seoul is one located near Sungshin Women’s University on Line 4. The cafe houses a LOT of dogs and each one of them has its own personality. Some of the dogs really don’t like people (and one can’t be touched as he doesn’t like it), but some of them are so friendly! If you sit on the floor many of the dogs will come running to you so they can sit on your lap.

My favourite dog!

The cafe has blankets that you can use to cover yourself so don’t worry too much about getting dirty. Everyone gets some dog biscuits to feed the dogs when they enter the cafe, and this means that you have some bargaining tools to make (temporary), friends. Just be careful… Dogs can be a little more demanding than cats when they want food.

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  1. I have never heard of pet cafe’s before but I think it’s a brilliant place to meet dates. I take my dog everywhere I go and it’s funny how much I rely on how he reacts to people.

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