N Seoul Tower – The Best View in Seoul?

Namsan Tower Sunset

When you search for the best views in Seoul there are a few places that I am sure you have encountered more than a few times. The Han River, Lotte Tower, and Namsan Tower (also called N Seoul Tower). Each one of these locations is famous for its view and is popular because of it. I’m sure you’ve seen countless photos from these locations, but here I am today to share some more!

While Namsan Tower is definitely one of the most well-known views in Seoul it is also one of the best. I guess that’s why it’s famous after all. But while N Seoul Tower may be a cliched location to photograph, that doesn’t mean you can’t get fantastic results. Even without going up the tower there are some fantastic views.

Namsan Tower views at daytime.

Seoul Tower (Namsan tower goes by many names, Namsan Tower, Seoul Tower and N Seoul Tower!) is a tower located on Namsan mountain north of the Han River in Seoul. The tower itself is over 200 metres tall and situated on top of the mountain. And this makes it one of the highest locations in Seoul. Due to the location of it (it is very central to the northern half of Seoul), it is also very easy to access and can easily be done amongst other activities.

Getting to Namsan tower is easy, and there are two popular locations to start the journey from. Myeongdong and Itaewon subway stations are the easiest ways to reach Namsan. There are shuttles buses constantly looping to both of the stations. There are alternative routes too, but these two are the most common and tourist-friendly. Therefore, I would recommend them to most people. However, if you would prefer to not take the bus (they can quite often be crowded) you can also walk. The walk takes about 20-30 minutes and is quite steep, but it is an enjoyable walk. Just be careful of what season you do it in!

N Seoul Tower Views

Myeongdong can be seen in the distance, to the north of Namsan.

I would highly recommend checking the sunset times before visiting. This means that you can be prepared and get the best viewing positions for the sunset! N Seoul Tower is located right in the heart of the city. Being right next to Myeongdong means it is both easy to access and has amazing views.

Going to the top of the tower will cost you 10000 Won (about $8 USD), which is a very reasonable price. However if you don’t want to pay you can always get a nice view from the top of the mountain! None of my photos were actually from the tower, they were all from the mountain.

In the distance, you can see the river winding through Seoul. It’s an amazing view and a splendid place to hang-out and stroll along in summer! I will hopefully make a post in the near future covering the river and what it’s like.

As the sun goes down the view almost becomes even more beautiful.

If you weren’t planning to visit Namsan Tower though, I highly recommend that you do. Whether or not you like to visit tourist attractions, Namsan is an attraction that is famous for a good reason. Namsan Tower and Lotte Tower both provide some amazing views of this wonderful and beautiful city! Personally, I prefer the view from Namsan (and it’s less crowded and cheaper), but it’s up to you! I would definitely recommend both. Lotte Tower is amazing, but you are so high up that it is really quite hard to judge the true scale of the city and the buildings below you. Namsan Tower, on the other hand, is more central to Seoul and gives you an amazing view nearly all of the city.

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  1. An amazing view I should say, have been hooked up to some Korean dramas lately, even though I do not understand get along by seeing the subtitles, have seen this tower in many dramas. The scenery from the tower is simply amazing,,,!

  2. I have wanted to go to Seoul and seeing this view will make anyone want to be there. With as much as I have seen as far as television, I have to have had seen this view in something that I have watched.

  3. Stephanie Jeannot

    The sunset is gorgeous. I usually do not carry a tripod with me and so it would not be so bad trying to capture an image like this for me hopefully. I would definitely have my camera out for this gorgeous site.

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