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Kore Limited dragon design shirt

Almost a year ago now, Kore Limited contacted me for the first time. Before that point, I hadn’t heard of Kore Limited and I really had no idea about who they were or their story. After doing some research into them, however, I quickly became interested. 

Whenever accepting collaborations I am always quite cautious. I don’t want to work with a brand unless I think their products are fantastic and they have a good company philosophy. Luckily, Kore Limited fits both of these criteria very well!

If you’re unfamiliar with their name, I recommend reading the initial article that I wrote during the summer. In that article, I talk about what makes Kore Limited clothing and have a look at some of their other catalogue. In this post, I want to focus on some of the items from their winter catalogue in 2020/2021!

My girlfriend and I received four different items from Kore Limited. Most of these are from the winter catalogue, but we did also get one shirt which was from one of their other collections. 

If you are interested in any of the items included in this article I will add links to each piece of clothing. Please feel free to head over to Kore Limited’s website to check out their selection if anything stands out to you!

All photos in this article were taken at Naksan Balcony. If you’re looking for an amazing place to stay in Seoul, check it out!

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Kore Limited Winter Collection Clothing 1

Kore Limited is a Korean streetwear brand that is based in LA. They have combined many aspects of Korean fashion with the streetwear trends of Los Angeles and have created a unique niche of clothing. 

However, there are many streetwear brands out there – so what exactly makes Kore Limited stand out? Well, if I had to point to one aspect it would be their inclusion of elements of Korean culture, language, and history into each piece of clothing.

On some pieces of clothing, the cultural elements are much more obvious than on others. For example, their March 1st Tee highlights some of the most famous freedom fighters and activists in Korea during the Japanese Occupation. 

Other clothing has more subtle elements. For example, some of the clothing from Kore Limited features traditional Korean artwork, has elements from the Korean flag, or something else altogether!

I have not seen any other brands bringing culture into their clothing in the same way that Kore Limited does. The clothing is not only eye-catching and stylish, but much of it also represents something more. 

While Kore Limited isn’t strictly Korean Fashion, they provide a middle ground between American fashion from the streets of LA while taking inspiration and ideas from the rich history of South Korea. 

If you are someone who loves an aspect of Korea – whether it be the history, language, culture, or everything then make sure to check out Kore Limited. They have a unique collection of clothing that can’t be found elsewhere and their clothing is often very meaningful.

Check out Kore Limited

Kore Limited Winter Collection Clothing 2

Dokdo is an island off the coast of South Korea that has been the topic of territorial disputes for many years. It has now become a very important location and you are certain to hear about it if you visit Korea. 

This long sleeve features the coordinates of Dokdo Island on the front-left chest area. The coordinates are written vertically and they are the only design on the front. I appreciate this simplicity as it provides some detail on the front but still remains simple.

The real detail is on the back, where the shirt features a silhouette of Dokdo Island sitting in front of a sunset. Underneath this, the Korean characters spell ‘Dokdo’ (ㄷ ㅗ ㄱ ㄷ ㅗ the correct spelling, but in a more artistic form. The word is normally spelt ‘독도’)

Kore Limited Winter Collection Clothing 3

On the left wrist, there is also stitching that says ‘our Dokdo’. The design of this long-sleeve really stood out to me and it was the reason that I couldn’t help but choose this jersey. The colours look fantastic and the design is my style – eye-catching but not overwhelming. 

This is a long-sleeved shirt but it is quite light. That is to say, while it could be considered a jersey it’s not really heavy enough to wear in cold weather. Rather, this piece of clothing is more like a spring/fall jersey.

Available in: charcoal heather, black and natural (white). Jacket variant also available in navy and black camo.

Purchase Dokdo Long Sleeve at Kore Limited

Kore Limited Winter Collection Clothing 4

Another design that really stood out to me was the Kore Dragon Long Sleeve. This jersey has a very unique dragon design in blue and red. Interestingly, dragons in Korea are generally considered to be benevolent beings as opposed to the deadly kind in Europe. Of course, this isn’t always true and there are bad dragons too!

While I can’t say for sure whether or not this dragon is benevolent, the design is one that I love. Against the black background, the design stands out and is very eye-catching. While the main design is on the back of this long-sleeve, there is also a design on the front left chest area.

Kore Limited Winter Collection Clothing 5

This design features Yin and Yang in the colours of the Korean flag. However, the bottom half of the symbol is made up of dragon scales and is sitting on top of what I imagine to be smoke from the dragon’s breath.

This jersey feels heavier than the Dokdo long-sleeved shirt and it is also warmer. Also worth noting is that this shirt appears to be bigger than other shirts – even though they are all the same size. This is something to keep in mind if you do decide to purchase it. 

Available in: black and heather grey. hoodie also available in black.

Purchase Kore Dragon Long Sleeve at Kore Limited

One of my personal favourite designs offered by Kore Limited is the butterfly series of clothing. While we received this design on a black hoodie, this art can also be found on a range of T-shirts.

This design shows butterflies flying around, and landing on, Korea’s national flower – the mugunghwa. This beautiful flower is one that you will see quite often in South Korea and there are many things named after the flower – even one of the inter-city trains is named after it!

Kore Limited Winter Collection Clothing 8

Since this design is found on hoodies, I find it to be a reminder of what is to come throughout the winter months. With the cold weather of this past winter, it’s easy to feel down at times. However, the mugunghwa design of the hoodie was always there to remind us that spring is soon to come!

This hoodie feels well made and is quite weighty. I found this to be a good sign, though, as it meant that was nice and warm. While I wouldn’t wear it alone in the Korean winter (it can reach -20 degrees!), I think it’s ideal for spring or fall.

Available in: black, cream and lavender.

Purchase Butterfly Kore Hoodie at Kore Limited

The final clothing item I want to discuss in this article is the Tiger Box Tee. This T-shirt has a simple back, and on the front, it features a Korea minwha tiger design. Minwha is a traditional Korean art form, and this shirt features a minwha design with a tiger in the forefront. 

This square design also features the Kore Limited Slogan down the side – Keepin Our Roots Eternal. This writing is written vertically on the left hand side of the square and allows the artwork to take the show.

Kore Limited Winter Collection Clothing 11

As with all Kore products the shirt feels quite heavy and is of a good quality. The shirt is one of the heavier T-shirts I have worn and it feels very similar to the aforementioned dragon jersey. I really love the quality of the shirts and this one doesn’t lack. 

Available in: black, washed green and black

Purchase Tiger Box Tee at Kore Limited

Kore Limited Winter Collection Clothing 12

All in all, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the Kore Limited winter catalogue. I always expect great designs from the company, but I feel like the winter collection includes some of my favourite designs yet.

I love the fact that every design includes some cultural element, and it makes Kore Limited’s clothes stand out among the many other Korean clothing brands. While their clothes do tend to cost a bit more, you get high quality clothing with unique designs.

With that being said, Kore Limited releases different catalogues every season. If you are interested in any of the items listed in this post please make sure to check out their catalogue before it changes!

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