Jeffrey Cafe, Seoul’s Best Flower Cafe


Seoul is a city with an incredible amount of cafes. In fact, Seoul has the most Starbucks per capita in the world. This is a fact which surprises many people, me included! But actually, Korea has a very strong cafe culture.

Along with the more ‘standard’ cafes, a large variety of more unique cafes have also appeared around the city – and around the country. Jeffrey Cafe is one such cafe.

Although the concept of flower cafes may seem odd at first, it makes a lot of sense when you consider life in Seoul. Although there are some fantastic parks in Seoul, there are comparatively few places you can go and see a wide variety of flowers. Although Seoul Botanic Park was opened recently, it’s a long-distance for many people to travel.

Further, with Korea’s famous dating culture, couples are always looking for great locations that they can visit with their lovers. This makes flower cafes such as Jeffrey Cafe a popular spot for both couples and those just want to have some colour in their life.

Jeffrey Cafe, Seoul's Best Flower Cafe 1

The cafe has a wonderful atmosphere!

Flower cafes have sprung up to try and fill this gap, creating places where you can go to enjoy a drink of tea or coffee and see (and smell) a variety of flowers and plants. While they are often a bit more expensive than normal cafes, they are also often very nice with great atmospheres.

Jeffrey Cafe is a flower and specialty drinks cafe in Hyehwa (click here for more detailed directions), a suburb in the northern area of Seoul. Hyehwa is famous for being a great place for university students and it has a wide variety of activities and places for students to visit and hang out at. This means that Hyehwa has many unique places that can’t be found elsewhere in Seoul.

Jeffrey Cafe

Jeffrey Cafe, Seoul's Best Flower Cafe 2

Some of the flowers that are for sale at Jeffrey Flower Cafe.

The cafe doubles as a florist where you can buy a wide variety of flowers and even some plants. This makes the cafe a perfect place for a date or if you would just like to spend some time in a beautiful place (it also smells fantastic… Like flowers, funnily enough!). The flowers are a bit more expensive than what you will find elsewhere though so keep that in mind.

It is primarily a cafe though, and that means it must sell drinks! Like I said earlier, this cafe is rather exceptional. I think that the picture below explains exactly what I mean. However, these drinks weren’t even the more ‘crazy’ drinks that the cafe offers, the cafe is famous for its cotton candy drinks.

Jeffrey Cafe, Seoul's Best Flower Cafe 3

Cotton candy drinks! (the cotton candy dissolves when you pour syrup over it)

There is a very large menu (more than 10 pages of different drinks), that range from fruit and vegetable juices (broccoli all the way to strawberry), to cotton candy lattes (basically a latte with a massive ball of cotton candy on top). If you want sweet or bitter, healthy or unhealthy, this cafe has it all.

Jeffrey Cafe, Seoul's Best Flower Cafe 4

The drinks at Jeffrey Flower Cafe are works of art themselves!

The drinks that we got were both strawberry. The drink on the left was cheese/strawberry, and the drink on the right was a strawberry smoothie. While looking like expensive drinks they aren’t actually too badly priced (for what you get), ranging from 5000KRW to around 10,000KRW. There are also deserts and brunch if you want food.

Delicious Drinks and Beautiful Flowers!

Jeffrey Cafe, Seoul's Best Flower Cafe 5

One of the flower displays at the cafe.

The cafe is very pretty and makes for a very nice place to sit and relax for a few hours. The location of this cafe is also rather great, being close to the subway (and busier areas), but far enough out of the way that it is very quiet and calm. The cafe also offers a small outdoor sitting area for the days when it is warm and pleasant outside!

The cafe fits its theme very well. I have been to a few flower cafes in my time in Korea, but none are anything like this. Jeffrey Cafe does something to stand apart from other similar cafes, and this makes it a very cool place to visit. If the look of the cafe isn’t enough to make you visit, then the menu should be!

15 thoughts on “Jeffrey Cafe, Seoul’s Best Flower Cafe”

  1. I’ve also visited a flower cafe in my local neighbourhood in Gangnam. I love being in nature where, especially in a cement maze like Daechi Dong. Plants are good for our psychological health and it makes sense that we feel happier surrounded by them. Your article reminded me that I should go enjoy coffee at my local flower cafe 🙂

    1. I have visited one or two in Gangnam and they were really beautiful. I remember one that was two stories and had amazing chandeliers and flowers. It definitely can help with how you feel after being surrounded by the constant rush of the city, not to mention the buildings and concrete. Haha, definitely! Enjoy!

  2. Looks so cute! Might visit this place when I’m in Seoul and try out their cotton candy drinks 🙂 I love cotton candy!

    1. It’s really great! And they give you some type of liquid to pour onto the candy… It sort of dissolves it? But if you would prefer to not use the liquid and just eat the candy you can do that too!

  3. I’ve been to Hyehwa many times but I haven’t been here yet. HUHUHU! It’s a great find, thanks for sharing! The cafe has an awesome ambiance, very perfect for Instagram! I’m going to check this out myself when I’m in the area.

    1. Oh really? I actually was told about it by a friend a long time ago, so I was lucky to find it! It’s definitely on the less popular side of the street in Hyehwa, but it is better this way as it is much more calm and quiet. Will you make a post on it? I hope to see it!

  4. This is so cool! The one thing I really miss from back home is the abundance of space and greenery no matter where I go. Or even if it isn’t everywhere, it’s easy to access! I’ll definitely have to check this out the next time I’m in Seoul!

  5. this is a place i could visit on a Sunday when my family decides to visit the Filipino Sunday market there. i hope it isn’t too far. i love the abundance of flowers inside this cafe.

    1. Is there a Filipino market near there? I had no idea, but that sounds like something I want to check out! The cafe is quite close to the station, about a 5-10 minute walk. It is such a pretty place!

        1. Definitely something I am interested in checking out though! I will see if I am free on a Sunday soon!

  6. Great photography! I can see a fellow photog based on your composition rules, lighting and attention to detail. So based on the Cheese and Strawberry drink’s profile, I think I noticed cheese cake pieces at the top not Parmesan or Blue Cheese floating strangely? I’ve never been to a flower cafe before, but now that I know that they smell great, I’m gonna go check out their silly drink menus. Thanks!

    1. Haha, thank you! Yeah, right! It was cheesecake… I probably should have said that! I’m not too sure how it would taste if it was blue cheese…. It might not quite fit the sweet taste they are going for? If you do go don’t be surprised to spend 15 minutes just reading the menu!

  7. It’s a very beautiful place. I’ve been to lots of cool and unique cafes, but this one has one of the best atmospheres I’ve experienced. Hyehwa is very nice and it has a lot of art… it feels quite different to anywhere else in Seoul!

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