DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe Busan

DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe

On our trip to Busan we spent a good amount of time in cafes due to the terribly stormy and wet weather. However, while this was a change of plans, it was by no means unwelcome!

After visiting Knockout the day before, we wanted to experience some more of the amazing cafes that Busan had to offer. On this day, we decided to visit another popular cafe – Cafe DOCO (also called DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe). 

This cafe is well known not only for its beautifully designed interior and unique atmosphere but also for the range of interesting and tasty drinks that it has to offer. There is also a large range of food available depending on whether or not you would like some snacks with your drinks. 

DOCO is located near Busan’s Seomyeon district, and as such, it is very convenient to reach. Most visitors to Busan will already have Seomyeon on their itinerary, and from the station, DOCO can be reached within 10 minutes. 

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DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe Busan 1

DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe is located in Seomyeon in Busan. Seomyeon is quite central in Busan and is located at the meeting point between the green and orange lines. 

From the station, exit via Exit 2. When you come out of the exit, continue down the road straight ahead (towards the south). Continuing south, you should pass four roads to the left. On the fifth turn, follow the road. 

There should be a large shopping mall right before this turn, making it hard to miss. Once you turn down the road, continue past the mall. There will be a left turn. Continue just past this. There will be a CU convenience store. Right next to this you can find DOCO Cafe! 

It can be hard to notice, so make sure to keep an eye out. The cafe is located down a small alley between two other buildings. There will be a sign out front, but it can be easy to miss if you don’t know what you are looking for.  

Opening Hours 

DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe Busan 2

Cafe Doco is open every day of the week. However, the weekday and weekend hours differ, so make sure to take that into account when deciding when to visit.

On Monday to Friday the cafe is open from 9 am until 10:30 pm. In the weekend, the cafe is open from noon until 10:30 pm.

The cafe is popular, and as such, you can expect it to be crowded at the busier times of day. In Korea, cafes are typically at their peak business between 3 pm and 7 pm. On the other hand, if you visit in the morning (before 1 pm), they are usually almost empty!


DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe Busan 3

DOCO has a range of beverage options available. There are many choices that are both hot and cold. Whether you prefer coffee, teas, or yogurts, this cafe has you covered. 

They offer a few standard coffee options such as americano and latte. However, they also offer many more unusual and unique options that can’t be found elsewhere. I have included an image of the menu so that you can see all of the options. 

DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe Busan 4

On top of the coffee options, there are also some fruit drinks, teas, and yogurt drinks. Although I am definitely a coffee person, I opted to get the Tropical Crimson Ice Tea this time around while my girlfriend got the Orange Citron Yogurt. 

Both of these drinks were fantastic and the presentation of both were best in class. The drinks were presented well, and they tasted fantastic. I was glad to have decided to try something new this time!

There are also many food options available. These foods are lighter foods such as cookies, cakes, and other cafe style dishes. These food options ranged from around 3000KRW to 10,000KRW. Although we didn’t try any of the food options, they looked appetising. 

DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe Busan 5

On top of this, there are many more specialised menu options. The drink that I ordered (Tropical Crimson Ice Tea) was certified Kosher. Many of the food options also appeared to be labelled as vegan. According to Happy Cow, there is a large range of vegan foods available.

Overall, the menu prices aren’t the cheapest. However, compared to cafe prices in Seoul, DOCO is definitely on the more reasonable end. 

Atmosphere and Interior 

DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe Busan 6

While the menu is interesting enough on its own, it isn’t the main attraction of the cafe. Rather, the main attraction is the unique interior and atmosphere that DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe has.

When entering the cafe through the small alley gateway, you will quickly realise that this is no standard cafe. It’s almost secret passageway opens up into a spacious outdoor area that has ample sunlight on good days. 

In this courtyard there are also four little huts. Visitors are free to sit in any of these huts and to enjoy the outdoor weather while still getting some shade and comfortable seats. 

DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe Busan 7

On the other side of the courtyard you can find the main entrance to the cafe. The cafe interior spans over two quite large floors, and they both have a variety of different seating options. 

The whole indoor area has a kind of vintage or rustic theme. This theme carries over into how the drinks are presented, and the whole cafe feels very complete in this theme. Often theme cafes will lapse in some area and not every item fully fits the theme, however, DOCO does a great job in this respect. 

Depending on the kind of seating that you would like, there are many different areas throughout the cafe. There is an area that is surrounded by sofa-like seats on one end of the cafe. On the other side, there are more standard seats and tables. 

DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe Busan 8

The cafe also has a lot of different tools for making coffee. While I am not sure of the particulars, it seems like lots of the coffee that is served at the cafe may be handmade there. 

Another rather cute appeal of the cafe is that the outdoor area is actually home to a few different cats. At the time that we visited, there was a mother cat and three kittens that were living outside in the huts. 

Conclusion – Cafe DOCO, a Unique Experience 

DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe Busan 9

I don’t think that Cafe DOCO is a cafe that you will always remember visiting. For example, I still remember visiting Cafe Seoulism even though I visited a couple of years ago. 

On the other hand, DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe is a great cafe experience and it’s one of the nicest cafes I have visited in Busan – actually, it’s one of the best that I have visited in Korea. 

If you are visiting Busan and looking for something to spend a few hours doing, why not visit DOCO? 

If you are looking for more cafes to visit in Busan, check out my recent post on Knockout Cafe. If you are interested in cafes elsewhere in Korea, I have covered many in Seoul and recently visited Yangyang and wrote about the cafes there!

2 thoughts on “DOCO City Farmhouse Cafe Busan”

  1. what a lovely cafe 🙂
    Even I’ve lived in Busan, I never ever seen as beautiful as this cafe.
    Thanks for the info.

    1. Thank you for your comment! The cafe is definitely beautiful… It’s one of my favourite cafes in Korea. I hope you can visit sometime!

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