Best Han River Views

Best Han River Views

With a river as large as the Han it can be pretty hard to find the perfect photo location. With that being said, I want to share with you some of my top photo locations – and a few that I don’t think you would have heard of before!

The river has some fantastic locations to take photos. From more standard locations such as Nanji Hangang park to Ttukseom Resort to the Han River bridges, I will cover all of the best locations in this post! Most of these locations offer picnic locations and public facilities which make them perfect to enjoy an evening near the Han.

With that being said, let’s start with what you probably know…

Ttukseom Resort

Ttukseom resort is one of the best places for photos in Seoul, period. With stunning views towards both Namsan Tower and Lotte Tower, there is a lot to love. I have witnessed some of the most stunning sunsets I have ever seen from Ttukseom Resort and it holds a special place in my heart.

The view from J-Bug is especially stunning when combined with an amazing sunset!

There is a large area right outside exit 3 of the station which holds many events throughout the year. The area also doubles as a picnic location and is often a popular place when the weather is warmer. Bikes can be hired to ride along the river, and really it’s just a nice place to spend some time.

J-Bug slithers around overhead, and if you need to retreat to the warmth you can. The snake-like building also has many exhibitions and displays throughout the year. Ttukseom is really a great place for any kind of photo. Whether you want to take some profile photos, sunset photos, or just some generally nice photos, it is easily possible here! This has got to be the best Han River view in my opinion.

Whether you want portrait shots or city-scapes, Ttukseom is amazing!


Yeouido is a word that you’ve probably heard in the same sentence as ‘Han River’ many many times. However, it really is a beautiful place and as such, I had to include it. There are a few downsides to Yeouido however, so make sure to keep reading further!

Yeouido is the location of not only one of the most beautiful Han River locations, but also of some of the most expensive real estate in the city. The sunsets here are also stunning and similar to Ttukseom, Yeouido has a lot of picnic space and fantastic public facilities.

One of my favourite images ever – taken in Yeouido!

What sets Yeouido apart from some of the other locations on this list are the fantastic facilities and the central city location. You can get fantastic views in any direction from here! However, it isn’t perfect. Since it is such a popular location, you will also find that at times it is packed. Packed packed. Really packed.

It is a very popular pastime to order chicken and beer and enjoy the Yeouido sunset. Not only that, but many people hire tents and spend hours enjoying the river and the warm summer weather. Really, it all depends on when you visit, but I do recommend being careful. Sometimes it is VERY busy!

Nanji Hangang Park

I never really knew about Nanji Hangang park until just the other week! However, I now wish that I knew about it earlier. Nanji Hangang Park is one of the many parks located at World Cup Stadium, and while that means it is out of the way, it also means that it is surrounded by fantastic parks.

Nanji Hangang Park is out of the way for most people, however, and that can make it quite hard to visit. However, it is well worth a visit if you have some spare time! Its location may make it harder to reach, but that isn’t always a bad thing – It means that less other people will visit too! At the moment (December 2018), the area is still under construction as a new bridge is being made. This will soon be complete though, and the area will be completely open once again. It is still worth visiting currently, just keep in mind that the area isn’t completely open currently.

The new bridge that is under construction!

Nanji Hangang Park is quite similar to both Yeouido and Ttukseom in regards to facilities and functionality. There are a lot of picnic areas, and the area has public toilets and is close to convenience stores and children’s playgrounds.

I like the view from Nanji Hangang Park because it is very unique to the others on this list!

What sets Nanji apart from the other locations are the views. The views here are very unique and you can see a lot of the less built-up areas towards the west of Seoul. I like this view a lot because it is just so different from the views you usually encounter in the more typical viewing locations. As with pretty much any Han River location, the sunsets here are stunning!

Dongho Bridge

This one is a little less known. Maybe because it is a bit more difficult to get to, or maybe because it is a little cold and windy in the middle. I am not sure! However, Dongho Bridge has some stunning views of the city and is probably my personal favourite bridge view in Seoul.

There are many different bridges with great views in Seoul, however, what sets Dongho apart is the stunning views on both sides of the bridge. On one side you have the more typical view with Namsan Tower, and on the other side, you get a really nice view facing east.

Dongho Bridge has some stunning photo opportunities!

It is relatively easy to reach the bridge, and you will have no problem reaching it from either side of the river. Apgujeong Station and Oksu Station both provide easy and fast access. In summer especially, this makes the bridge a very nice and calming walk.

If you can only visit one bridge in the city, then I would recommend that you visit Dongho Bridge. While there are many other bridges with unique and stunning views also, Dongho holds a place in my heart as I have taken some of my favourite pictures there.

Dongjak Bridge E-mart

What would you say if I said that an E-mart 24 holds one of the best views in the city? Would you believe me? Well whether you believe me or not, I will prove it. This particular E-mart sits on the Dongjak Bridge and overlooks both eastern and western Han River views. Actually, it is two separate E-marts. There is one on each side of the bridge!

The E-mart is three stories tall and houses a convenience store, small library, roof-top views, and more. For a convenience store, these E-marts are both really well equipped and have great atmospheres. The prices are the same as any other convenience store, and as such, are very cheap. If you want something fancier, you can also order restaurant and cafe like foods.

From the roof, you can get some stunning shots. Definitely think about which view you want before crossing the bridge, however, as once you are on the bridge you can’t cross to the other side. Decide first if you want to visit the east or west E-mart.

I’ve personally only visited the eastern E-mart, and the views were great. Both the northern view towards Namsan Tower and along the Dongjak bridge, and the eastern view towards the city are beautiful.

What do you think? Where are your favourite Han River views? And is there anywhere that you would add to the list? Feel free to let me know! I might even consider adding more locations to this post if you have any good ideas.

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