What Seoul Means to Me

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What Seoul Means to Me 1

My name is Ethan Brooke and I am a New Zealander (Kiwi!) who has lived in Seoul for just under two years now. Before I came to Seoul I liked to take photos, Seoul made me want to become a photographer. Seoul has always amazed me with just how big, fast, lively, and beautiful it is. Inspiration comes differently for everyone. For me, my biggest inspiration was, and still is Seoul. It is this place that has inspired me to take more and better photos. I want to be able to share Seoul and let everyone know about how beautiful it is. This is what Seoul means to me.

Seoul – The Most Beautiful City in the World


My favourite sunset location in Seoul. Yeouido, along the banks of the Han River.

The diversity and opportunity that this city offers is something I never truly experienced before coming here. To me Seoul represents many opposites; poverty and wealth, nature and urban, and modern and traditional to name but a few. I have never visited another city where the differences are as stark as they are here. Mountains exist surrounded by the city, temples sit right next to skyscrapers, and multi-million dollar apartments look over dilapidated houses. Such vast differences exist that I had never before seen.

The blue skies after a hot summer day. Location.

Seoul initially inspired me to photograph as I wanted to share my experiences with my friends and family back home. Now it has become much more than that. I’ve come to realize that I will never be able to explore Seoul completely and that I will never stop finding unexpected places, things, and people. The fact that there is always something new to find is a big part of what inspires me to go out and shoot every week. There’s always a new story to tell. What Seoul means to me? Diversity, beauty, and excitement.

Lots of Seoul is extremely wealthy, but a lot of it is the complete opposite. However one this is universal across Seoul, you always feel safe.

However, there is one more reason that I go out to shoot as often as I do. Seoul is beautiful and I want to share that. They say that everyone sees the world differently, but I am lucky in that I am able to share how I see the world through my photographs. People don’t think of Seoul as a beautiful place, but I want to show everyone that it is.

What Does Seoul Mean to You?


Beautiful Seoul – A view that I feel not many people get to see. Location.


6 thoughts on “What Seoul Means to Me”

  1. Wow I just fell in love with your photos! Keep up the great work.
    I just cannot wait to visit Seoul. I has been my dream for the longest. You are very lucky to live there.

    Greetings from Croatia 🙂

  2. Wow~! Ethan! Just speechless and Amazed, I only can say. Even I heard from you a little bit, though….still amazing. How did you find all of that and how did you figure all this out? Please teach me more. You are an inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much, James. Comments like this make we want to improve more and keep working harder! It took a lot of time and effort, that’s for sure. I still learn new things every day! I would love to discuss it some more when we get the chance!

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