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Explore the best places to visit, food to eat, and views to see!

The Ultimate Guide to Seoul

This guide is built from the posts on Seoulinspired. It lists the best places to visit, activities to do, and views to see. This list is far from exhaustive – Seoul is massive! But it is constantly being added to, and I hope that one day this list can cover hundreds of locations in Seoul.

While it is still quite short, I have started added to a list of places outside of Seoul, but within Korea. This list will definitely be expanded in time, so check back regularly!

With that being said, let’s get the list started!

Must Visit Places in Seoul


Why You Shouldn’t Visit Gyeongbokgung – there are better alternatives!

Markets in Seoul

Is Namdaemun Market Actually Worth Visiting? – should you visit Namdaemun Market?

Seoul’s Hidden Market – is this the best market in Seoul?

Namdaemun Market – a brief look at the cities most popular market

The Best Cafes in Seoul

Cafe Seoulism – stunning views of the city and a unique atmosphere

Akdong Raccoon Cafe – for animal lovers of all kinds. This cafe has more animals than I can list!

Seoul’s Cafe Culture – a look at the interesting and unique cafe culture of Seoul

Sungshin Cat Cafe – one of the best cat cafes in the city!

5 Best Cafes for Animal Lovers – if you love animals, check out these cafes!

Cat cafes in Seoul – a look at some of the best cat cafes in the city

Cotton Candy Drinks and Flowers! – the best flower cafe in Seoul

The Best Gardens in Seoul

Seoul Botanic Park – the stunning indoor garden located on the outskirts of the city

5 Must Visit Parks in Seoul – a list of amazing parks located within the city

World Cup Stadium – the park that everyone in Seoul should visit!

Other Summer Activities Рa list of summer activities in Seoul 

Summer Streams in Seoul – nature within the city

Haneul Garden – the most famous park in the city

Mountains in Seoul

Eungbongsan – one of my favourite views of the city!

Bukhansan Mountain – A fantastic hike in the city

Naksan Mountain – stunning views in Dongdaemun

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