Why You Need to Visit Surfyy Beach!

Hajodae Beach in Yangyang

If you are looking to escape the city, why not visit some of Korea‚Äôs stunning beaches? Surfyy Beach on Hajodae (Hajo beach) is the perfect place for a getaway! This weekend my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of escaping the city and visiting Surfyy Beach in Yangyang. Located on the north-east coast of South … Read moreWhy You Need to Visit Surfyy Beach!

The Best Beach in Korea?

The Best Beach in Korea? 1

I’ve visited a few beaches in Korea, but I have always been quite underwhelmed by the experience and beauty of them. Whether muddy or overly crowded there has always been something that put me off enough to make me not want to visit again (although admittedly I have only been to beaches within a few … Read moreThe Best Beach in Korea?