5 Things Everyone Should Do in Seoul

Seoulism Cafe View

There’s so much to do in Seoul, enough to spend weeks in the city alone. However, what about if you are only in Seoul for a day? What are the top ‘must do’ things in Seoul? These are the places to visit and things to do in Seoul that shouldn’t be missed! This is my … Read more5 Things Everyone Should Do in Seoul

Why You Must Visit Pukekura Park

Pukekura Park from Poet's Bridge

Here’s why you should add this garden of national significance to your bucket list. Pukekura Park is something quite surprising indeed. For many reasons, but among them, the location. This world-famous garden is located in what is the otherwise often overlooked city of New Plymouth. A city that is often left off of the bucket … Read moreWhy You Must Visit Pukekura Park

Must do Summer Activities in Seoul!

Distant stream

Summer is finally here, and I can’t say how glad I am that it is! Summer can feel quite extreme in Korea, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees in some cities. Seoul is lucky though as the temperature usually only reaches 35 degrees. However, this means it is the perfect time for outdoor activities! Be careful … Read moreMust do Summer Activities in Seoul!

Seoul Streams – Summer in Seoul

Lush Shores of Seongbuk Cheon

It feels like mere weeks ago I was writing about how spring was finally here! Now, just weeks later, I am sitting here writing about how summer has finally come. This year’s cherry blossom season was rather short, and it feels like there hasn’t been a big downtime between that and summer. While the temperature … Read moreSeoul Streams – Summer in Seoul

Seoul’s Grand Plan. Seoullo 7017

Seoul's Grand Plan. Seoullo 7017 1

One of Seoul’s newest, biggest, and most beautiful attractions is Seoullo 7017. Originally a highway, the structure was found to be dangerous and engineers deemed it unsafe for use after 2015. The plan was to destroy the highway, however, when the new mayor was elected, the plan was changed to instead ‘renovate’ the highway. The … Read moreSeoul’s Grand Plan. Seoullo 7017

Bukhansan, Nature Within the City!

Bukhansan, Nature Within the City! 2

Forenote: This adventure took place over a year ago, but I want to share it because it was a unique and fun time. These photos were taken on that trip, on my phone and therefore aren’t the best quality. We went in winter, in summer Bukhansan is actually quite warm and nice. It definitely won’t … Read moreBukhansan, Nature Within the City!