Sungshin Women’s University Cat Cafe. The Best in Seoul?!

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Sungshin University Cat Cafe

Sungshin Women’s University is home to what I would say is easily the most fun cat cafe in Seoul. Situated on line 4 (the light blue line), in the north of Seoul, Sungshin is a little bit out of the way. However, this is probably for the better as it allows lots of small businesses to pop up. Sungshin Women’s University Cat Cafe is one of these great little businesses.

Today I visited Sungshin Women’s University Cat Cafe (as I believe it is the only one here) with my girlfriend. It was a lot of fun and the cats are active and possibly even slightly crazy. This isn’t to say they were crazy in a bad way though!


Head out of exit one (top left), turn right, and continue straight until you find this intersection.

To reach the Sungshin Women’s University Cat Cafe simply travel to the station and walk out exit one. Walk straight until you see a big road to your right, this is the rodeo (main) street of Sungshin. The street is obvious as it has pink and grey paint, and is the home to many stores. Turn down the road and continue walking until you reach a big intersection (it is the first big intersection with roads running all four directions). Right on the corner, you will see the cafe.

Prices and menu:

The drinks at the cafe aren’t anything special, but they are decent. The interior is clean and well kept.

The entry fee is 7000 won and this does NOT include drinks. If you are interested in drinks then be prepared to pay an extra 2000 won. The menu is similar to any cafe and offers coffees, juices, iced drinks, and teas. There is no food at the cafe. Once you pay the entry fee you are allowed to stay for two hours. However, I have definitely stayed longer both times I’ve visited.


Cats get into some weird situations….

The cat cafe in Sungshin is a lot more active and energetic than most of the cafes I have visited in my time here. The cafe is located on the third floor of a building and is, therefore, a bit harder to find – meaning there are fewer visitors normally. The cafe is smaller than most, but it makes up for it in other ways.

The owner is friendly and doesn’t mind people playing with the cats (even when they are being crazy!). The cafe is also easily one of the most (if not the most) clean animal cafes I have ever visited.

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The Sungshin Women’s University Cat Cafe (which I will call it from now on!) has about 6 tables with two seats each. As I mentioned earlier, it is a small cafe. However, I have only ever seen it about half full at most. Most people opt out of sitting at the tables and prefer to sit on the mats and interact with the cats. In saying that, the cats will definitely come over and curiously investigate your table!

These cats seemed to be at constant war with each other.

I counted nine cats in total, but it is possible that I missed one or two as lots of them were spread out around the cafe. Some of the cats are rather lazy and just sleep, but some of the others are very active and will keep you on your toes.

My girlfriend had her wallet on a neck strap, and they spent about an hour chasing it. I’ve never cats with so much energy!

Other information:

The cafe is open from 1 pm until 10 pm. Make sure to keep an eye out for the cafe, as like I mentioned earlier, it is located on the third floor of an otherwise unremarkable building.

If you only want to visit one cat cafe while in Seoul, then this is the cafe I would pick.

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