After the cold winter months of Korea, everyone looks forward to summer coming back. These are the best summer activities!

  • Pukekura Park from Poet's Bridge

    Why You Must Visit Pukekura Park

    Here’s why you should add this garden of national significance to your bucket list. Pukekura Park is something quite surprising indeed. For many reasons, but among them, the location. This world-famous garden is located in what is the otherwise often overlooked city of New Plymouth. A city that is often left off of the bucket lists of tourists who visit New Zealand. However, New Plymouth is a city rich in culture, activities, and especially nature. Just recently I wrote about Tupare Gardens, another famous garden located within the city. Pukekura Park, however, is a far larger and more famous attraction. If you are visiting New Plymouth, make sure to check…

  • Must Visit Beaches in New Plymouth 2

    Must Visit Beaches in New Plymouth

    Despite being rated as the second best region in the world to visit by Lonely Planet in 2017, Taranaki is still a very underrated place within New Zealand. These are the must visit beaches in New Plymouth! Preface There’s a certain type of lifestyle that exists within Taranaki. A rather chill atmosphere with a laid-back attitude – something which makes it an ideal place to retire or vacation. Coming back from Seoul, the quietness and casual lifestyle was the first thing I noticed. Many people flock to New Zealand for the lifestyle, and Taranaki is the epitome of said lifestyle. With that being said, you may be wondering by now…

  • Distant stream

    Must do Summer Activities in Seoul!

    Summer is finally here, and I can’t say how glad I am that it is! Summer can feel quite extreme in Korea, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees in some cities. Seoul is lucky though as the temperature usually only reaches 35 degrees. However, this means it is the perfect time for outdoor activities! Be careful to check the weather before you make plans though, as it can be quite wet on some days. This list will be made up of outdoor activities, as I believe that these are the best things to do in Seoul at this time. So with that… Let me get the list started! Hanuel Garden (하늘공원)…

  • Lotte Tower from Eungbongsan

    Eungbongsan (응봉산) – The Best Views in Seoul.

    This article has a short background story. If you would like to skip this and go straight to the post, please click the link: Click here to skip to the article I go on photography trips often. I usually try to head out once or twice a week to take night photos. It’s one of the biggest benefits of photography for me, it makes me explore, it makes me experience. I honestly can’t imagine ever visiting places like 응봉산 if it wasn’t for photography. The other day I had my biggest photography success yet. My friend approached me on Instagram and asked if it was okay to share some of my…

  • Han River Traffic

    A Photographic Journey Along the Han River.

    Sometimes I go out with the intention of taking informative photos. Photos that will be helpful for visitors and photos that help explain my writing. However, the other day I needed some new photos for Instagram and I thought that the Han River (more specifically, Yeouido) was the perfect place. I asked my friend if he wanted to visit with me, and to my excitement, he agreed. The river is amazing at night and I took a lot of photos, some of which I want to share. I labelled this post as a ‘photographic’ journey, rather than a normal post. But what does this mean? I want to try to show the…

  • Namdaemun

    Best Market in Seoul? Namdaemun Market!

    Namdaemun Market is the largest market in Korea and sells a large variety of different goods. Established in 1964, it is still going strong over 50 years later! Namdaemun is open from 11 pm – 5 pm (5 pm the next day, the market runs through the night. Info from here). The market sells nearly anything you could want, and everything from clothes to stationary to cameras, is sold here.   The market is located near Hoehyeon station (line 4, near Seoul Station). Taking different exits will lead you to different parts of the market. Exits 6 and 7 are usually the best exits to get straight into the market.…