Seoul’s Grand Plan. Seoullo 7017

Seoul's Grand Plan. Seoullo 7017 1

One of Seoul’s newest, biggest, and most beautiful attractions is Seoullo 7017. Originally a highway, the structure was found to be dangerous and engineers deemed it unsafe for use after 2015. The plan was to destroy the highway, however, when the new mayor was elected, the plan was changed to instead ‘renovate’ the highway. The … Read moreSeoul’s Grand Plan. Seoullo 7017

The Best Beach in Korea?

The Best Beach in Korea? 2

I’ve visited a few beaches in Korea, but I have always been quite underwhelmed by the experience and beauty of them. Whether muddy or overly crowded there has always been something that put me off enough to make me not want to visit again (although admittedly I have only been to beaches within a few … Read moreThe Best Beach in Korea?

Naksan Mountain!

Naksan Mountain! 3

Following my recent adventures in Hyehwa (the northern area of Seoul) I have discovered a lot of new areas that I never knew about before. After visiting the Flower cafe on Wednesday, we decided to go for a walk to the nearby mountain Naksan. Naksan is located between Hyehwa and Hanseong university stations and provides a … Read moreNaksan Mountain!

Cotton Candy Drinks and Beautiful Flowers!

Cotton Candy Drinks and Beautiful Flowers! 4

As with everything, there are a lot of totally mediocre and average cafes out there. Very few are surprising or even astounding, but today I went to one such cafe! Flower cafes are a common type of cafe in Seoul as there often isn’t as much nature outdoors that can be seen easily. There especially … Read moreCotton Candy Drinks and Beautiful Flowers!

Exploring at 1am!

Exploring at 1am! 5

Exceptional boredom and a want to always be trying to do something useful drives me to do some interesting things at times. Tonight I had a totally random theory that I wanted to prove. This is one of my many adventures exploring Seoul! I have a ‘secret’ path from my home to university. While it … Read moreExploring at 1am!