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Alleys in Seoul

Skateboarding the Streets of Seoul!

Since I moved to Seoul I’ve felt a bit lifeless at times. City life seemed to have gotten to me, and I felt the need to have some active and fun activity that I could do regularly. I thought for a while, and skateboarding seemed like the best balance of fun and function. In the end I decided to get a cruiser for travelling and I must say… I love it! I go out two or three nights a week, and just enjoy life without worries. This is my experience of skateboarding in Seoul!

I’ve skated in New Zealand before, but that was always with normal skateboards, a cruiser was totally different for me, and it took a long time to get used to. I’ve had some near misses and accidents, but it’s addicting after a while. I usually skate at 11pm-4am to avoid the crowds and traffic. At this time all the roads are empty and I can pretty much go where I want!

My other hobby of course though, is photography! It took me a long time to become confident enough to carry my camera while riding, but I feel confident now. Three nights ago, I went out for my first time with camera in hand! The streets are a totally new place at night time, and to me are also much nicer. Let me take you on a journey of the back streets of Seoul, in the early morning hours.

Skateboarding in Seoul

I started off by heading to a local stream. There’s a pretty big differentiation between the sides of the stream. One side has wide, open (and busy) streets, while the other side is covered in alleyways and small footpaths… Much more fun to skate on! Along the stream there are also some nice paths to walk, bike or skate. But I wanted something more fun! So I headed across the stream.


These pictures were taken at around 2 am, and you can still see people out and about. It’s true that the city never sleeps! Even at this time you still have to be careful and look out for vehicles and people. It’s usually okay, but always keep an eye out!


Crossing the bridge brought me to the beginning of the alleyways that I wanted to explore! I’ve been here a few times, but this time I wanted to go a bit further than usual. These streets are pretty smooth (relatively speaking anyway!), and they have few obstacles which means they are great for skating. Also, they are pretty much abandoned at this time which is perfect!


This area of Seoul is especially cool to me because lots of the buildings are older, and some even seem traditional (although I am not sure how true this is). At this point, I was about 30 minutes away from my house, and it must have been about 2:30 am. But since I am curious… I decided to go further!


Another, darker alley! What could possibly go wrong? Another thing about Seoul is that it is a rather safe city. Crime here is very low, and even skating in the wee hours of the morning I feel safe. Admittedly, in places like this I don’t feel so safe, but that’s just me. I try to go down these streets quietly because I don’t want to wake everyone up at this hour.


By this time it finally seemed reasonable to head home! I was about 45 minutes to an hour away from home and this time, I wanted to skate fast without taking photos. So just before turning back I took this photo! Overall, skateboarding in Seoul is a lot of fun and many areas of the city are perfect for it!


Hopefully my photos got to show everyone a bit more about what the streets of Seoul are like at nighttime! Not all of the streets are like this of course, and there are many very busy and modern streets. However, places like this are also common in Seoul, and they are for sure my favourite places to explore! Skateboarding in Seoul has quickly become one of my favourite pastimes.

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