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Lush Shores of Seongbuk Cheon

Seoul Streams – Summer in Seoul

It feels like mere weeks ago I was writing about how spring was finally here! Now, just weeks later, I am sitting here writing about how summer has finally come. This year’s cherry blossom season was rather short, and it feels like there hasn’t been a big downtime between that and summer. While the temperature isn’t quite 35 degrees yet, it is nearing the top of the ‘comfortable weather’ spectrum.

Seongbuk Cheon (Seongbuk Stream)

With all of that said, today I decided to finally get out my skateboard and go on a proper adventure. Many streams twist through the city, and the one closest to my home is 성북천 (Seongbuk River). This river goes through Seongbuk and is an easy way to travel, whether walking, biking, or skating. I decided to head there as I wanted to take some photographs there anyway!

My favourite transportation!

These areas can be quite barren in the colder months, but in summer they really come to life; to the point where some say the council needs to manage them better!

Seongbuk River starts at 한성대학교 (Hansung University) station and flows all the way down to the most famous river in Seoul – 청계천 (Cheonggye River). If you have seen images of a stream in Seoul, there’s a 99% chance they are from Cheonggye River.

Everywhere along the stream is very pretty!

These streams appear to be one of the areas where the local councils really focus their attention. Often they have displays, water parks, or (in this case) lanterns hanging from the trees. I can understand why though! If somewhere is pretty, why not make it more pretty? In a way, I guess that these places also represent their respective districts.

Roads along the river.

Nature Amongst the City

Along the stream other types of things pop up, small stores and businesses especially. Even small markets are scattered around if you can find them.

The streams are definitely an appealing place to visit as they are very distinct and very striking. I think that if you looked at a satellite map of Seoul (in summer), these streams would be like green snakes through the city. The difference in comparison to the nearby buildings is stunning.

In winter these streams are bland and make the season seem even sadder. But in summer, these streams attract people from everywhere nearby. Waterparks for children to play in, paths for adults to travel, and beautiful scenery for everyone!

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