New Zealand

Originally my home, and now my home away from home. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In this section I cover all aspects of the country and find out what's worth visiting.

  • Pukekura Park from Poet's Bridge

    Why You Must Visit Pukekura Park

    Here’s why you should add this garden of national significance to your bucket list. Pukekura Park is something quite surprising indeed. For many reasons, but among them, the location. This world-famous garden is located in what is the otherwise often overlooked city of New Plymouth. A city that is often left off of the bucket lists of tourists who visit New Zealand. However, New Plymouth is a city rich in culture, activities, and especially nature. Just recently I wrote about Tupare Gardens, another famous garden located within the city. Pukekura Park, however, is a far larger and more famous attraction. If you are visiting New Plymouth, make sure to check…

  • Tupare Gardens

    The Best Garden in New Plymouth?

    Tupare Gardens is located just inside the city limits of New Plymouth and has been standing since 1932. The garden is part of a large homestead that was built by Sir Russell Matthews. Since, it has become one of New Plymouth’s premier parks and attracts visitors year round. Tupare is a popular swimming destination as well as being a fantastic picnic location and a beautiful scenic garden. The garden sits on the banks of the Waiwhakaiho River and the carpark is located at the top of the river bank. Most of the garden is located on the hillside and at the bottom are the stunning river flats. Located about halfway…

  • Lake Rotokare in Taranaki

    Kiwi in the Heart of Taranaki

    Lake Rotokare stands as a stunning scenic reserve in the heart of Taranaki. The lake is home to much different native birdlife. It is also one of the few places that kiwi live in Taranaki. The lake itself is a community-led conservation project that aims to bring about restoration, protection, and enhancement of the local ecosystem. Native, and often endangered birds, inhabit the park. Protected from pests such as possums and ferrets (not to mention cats and dogs) by a massive barrier fence that travels the perimeter of the park. Lake Rotokare Rotokare is a stunning location just outside of Eltham. It is not only an area with a wide…

  • Must Visit Beaches in New Plymouth 4

    Must Visit Beaches in New Plymouth

    Despite being rated as the second best region in the world to visit by Lonely Planet in 2017, Taranaki is still a very underrated place within New Zealand. These are the must visit beaches in New Plymouth! Preface There’s a certain type of lifestyle that exists within Taranaki. A rather chill atmosphere with a laid-back attitude – something which makes it an ideal place to retire or vacation. Coming back from Seoul, the quietness and casual lifestyle was the first thing I noticed. Many people flock to New Zealand for the lifestyle, and Taranaki is the epitome of said lifestyle. With that being said, you may be wondering by now…