17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More!

Contents of the Daebak Box from Winter 2020

Despite the trend being around for a few years, I’ve only recently started to experience subscription boxes. These boxes provide a service that you can subscribe to. In return, you will have a collection of goods delivered to your doorstep every month or season. 

Some of the most common Korean subscription boxes are cosmetic boxes, snack boxes, and K-pop boxes. All of these boxes allow you to experience an aspect of Korean culture without having to leave the comfort of your own home. 

This concept has become increasingly popular as there have been mandatory quarantines in much of the world. Even if you’re out of quarantine, many people are stuck inside and are looking for ways to bring some excitement to their lives. Subscription box services are a great way to do this!

With that in mind, I wanted to create a list of the best Korean subscription box services. No matter which element of Korea you want to experience, this list hopefully has something that interests you! While I couldn’t fit every Korean subscription box on this list, I did my best to add as many as possible.

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17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 1

Daebak Box Korean gift box.

Subscriptions boxes are a type of service that customers can subscribe to in order to receive a variety of goods at their doorstep every month (or season). In this case, the boxes in this article will bring a variety of Korean snacks, cosmetics, K-pop merchandise or other random goods to your house every month.

While you can choose to subscribe to these box services in order to receive one every month (or seasonally), you can also subscribe to these Korean gift boxes for shorter periods of time. If you would like to try a box first, you can purchase them one-off. Further, many of the boxes also offer 3-monthly or 6-monthly plans.

Since these boxes offer one-off purchasing options they make for a great gift choice. If you know someone that likes Korean snacks, cosmetics, or music then why not get them a gift box?

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 2

So, why use a subscription box service? Well, there are a few different benefits! Of course, there are the obvious perks of having things delivered directly to your doorstep. However, on top of that there are a few things that you might not have considered.

Firstly, these subscription boxes can often include goods that are hard to find otherwise. For example, many of the Korean snacks found in these boxes are very hard to find outside of Korea – especially at affordable prices. The same goes for many of the cosmetics and much of the K-pop merchandise in the other boxes.

On top of this, many of these boxes will actually allow you to save a good amount of money compared to purchasing the items inside the boxes outright. While I haven’t personally looked into every box on this list, I recently did a review of Daebak Box and found the box was much cheaper!

There is also the factor of surprise. While not everyone likes surprises, it’s one of the most fun parts of opening subscription boxes. You never know exactly what will be inside and there’s always bound to be something interesting inside!

Of course, there are other benefits too. However, these are some of the biggest benefits that I have noticed in my experience.

I have sorted the list into sections below depending on the type of box that you want. You will find snack boxes, beauty boxes, K-pop boxes and more! I will also go into detail on each box and what they contain. However, if you’re in a rush I have also created a table below that covers the basic information on each box.

Snack BoxesPrice
Snack Fever$40
Korea Box$25.99 – $37.99
Korean Snack Box$24.95 – $29.95
Seoul Box$36.95 – $43.95
Umshik Box$44.95
Beauty Boxes
Inspire Me Korea (Beauty)$30
Bomi Box$39
K-Beauty Box$34.95
Kiyomi Beauty Box$39.99
K-pop Boxes
Korea Box (K-pop)$39.99 – $49.99
BTS Box$49.99
Kloot Box$46.95
Korean Boxes
Daebak Box$54.99
Daebak Jewelry$30
Inspire Me Korea$29.99

If you are most interested in trying out some of the food culture of South Korea, then these are the boxes that you will want to check out! Most of these boxes focus on snacks such as chips, candies, and unique Korean drinks.

However, some of the snack subscription boxes also have options that can deliver a variety of ramyun or other ready to eat meals to your doorstep. While all of these boxes differ slightly, they generally offer 7+ items per box. This gives you a great way to experience a range of Korean snacks!

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 3

Price range: $37 per month to $40 per month depending on length of subscription.

Items per box: 10-13 items per box. Each box includes one small meal such as ramyun.

Regularity: Once per month.

SnackFever is perhaps the most famous Korean snack box… For good reason! They offer reasonable pricing for a large range of different Korean snacks. There is only one tier of box, meaning that you don’t need to worry about whether to get the smaller or larger box.

Each box comes with 10-13 items and they are delivered once per month. You can either purchase the boxes one at a time, three-monthly, six-monthly or annually. Each one of these subscription plans will decrease the cost per box slightly.

SnackFever boxes provide a good variety of snacks. Every box will also include one ready-made meal (such as ramyun). I noticed that many of the boxes also include one beverage that is unique to South Korea. If you are interested in seeing what a past box included, you can check out my SnackFever subscription box review!

Purchase SnackFever Box

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 4

Price range: $25.99 for the regular box and $37.99 for the premium box.

Items per box: 5-7 items for the regular box and 10-13 for the premium box.

Regularity: Once per month.

Korea Box is a company that offers not only snack boxes but also a range of other subscription boxes. I recently tried the Korea Box Snackbox and was impressed with the range of items included.

Korea Box focuses solely on snacks. This means that rather than getting items such as ramyun in your box, you will generally only receive snack items. This means a lot of Korean chips, candies, chocolates, cookies and more! The boxes also sometimes include items such as tea.

There are two tiers of boxes offered, the regular box and the premium box. Each is delivered once per month and the premium box has approximately double the items (although this can vary). If you don’t want to spend too much, but would still like to experience Korean snacks, then the regular box is a nice choice to have.

Purchase Korea Box

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 5

Price range: $24.95 for the medium box and $29.95 for the large box.

Items per box: 7-10 items per box, with the large box having more items.

Regularity: Once per month.

Korean Snack Box offers a wide-range of varied snack boxes and is sure to have something for everyone. Where most other subscription snack boxes on this list offer only one totally random box every month, Korean Snack Box offers some choice.

Korean Snack Box has two choices of totally random boxes – the medium and large box. However, on top of this, they also offer other snack boxes such as the jelly snack box, cherry blossom box, Pepero snack box, and more! If there is a particular type of Korean snack that you are partial to then you might be able to find it in a snack box here.

The boxes from Korean Snack Box are also generally a bit cheaper than many other services. This is a nice bonus and means that you don’t need to spend as much if you would prefer not to.

Purchase Korean Snack Box

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 6

Price range: $36.95 for the deluxe box and $43.95 for the signature box.

Items per box: 10-12 items for the deluxe box and 15-18 for the signature box.

Regularity: Once per month.

Seoul Box currently provides the biggest snack box on this list with their signature box. This box contains 15-18 food items and also has some other goodies such as K-pop merchandise, a tasting guide, and even access to a private community.

Seoul Box is also the only box on this list to currently offer a halal option. Most boxes on this list offer no choices for anyone looking for vegan or halal food. While Seoul Box doesn’t currently offer a vegan box, it is nice to see that they offer a halal option.

You can choose to either purchase Seoul Boxes separately, or you can subscribe to a quarterly or yearly plan. This allows you to try the box without the commitment if you are still unsure about a longer subscription. It also provides a great gift choice!

Purchase Seoul Box

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 7

Price range: $44.95 with two different box options available.

Items per box: 16 snack items per box.

Regularity: Once per month.

Umshik boxes pride themselves on not providing sample sizes of foods. Rather, they choose to include multiple smaller items such as candies and biscuits. On top of this, they also offer two choices of boxes – the Hana (one) and dul (two) box.

Both boxes are random, but they have a different variety of random snacks. This allows you to decide exactly which range of foods you would prefer to try. The boxes also include one cup/packet ramyun, allowing every customer to try one of Korea’s famous noodle flavours.

Umshik subscription boxes are also great in the range of snacks that they provide. They mix up the snacks and make sure to include both savoury and sweet snacks in every box. On top of this, they may also have some more unique flavours that you haven’t tried yet!

Purchase Umshik Box

Perhaps you aren’t looking for Korean snacks, or perhaps you just want to try finding some new cosmetic or skincare products. If this sounds like you, then these Korean cosmetic boxes include cosmetics from some of Korea’s most famous makeup and skincare brands.

Korea is very famous for many things, and beauty products are one of them. Along with Korean fashion, Korean cosmetics have swept the globe and you can now find them all over the world. Further, many people have come to love them!

Korean cosmetic boxes are a great way to experiment with new products. There are thousands of products out there, and all of these boxes provide a curated selection of beauty products for you to try. If you find something that you like, you can add it to your beauty routine!

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 8

Price range: $30

Items per box: 4 items

Regularity: Once per month.

Inspire Me Korea offers perhaps the most famous Korean cosmetic subscription box service. It’s been around for a long time, and they now offer not only beauty boxes but also a range of other Korea-related boxes.

The Inspire Me Korea beauty box offers 4 products in every box. While the exact products are a surprise, you will receive one face-related item (such as cleanser, face cream, eye shadow, etc), one body-related item (such as hand cream, temporary tattoos, etc) and two mask items (face masks, spot patches, hand masks, etc).

These items often come from well-known Korean brands such as Nature Republic. These brands are popular within Korea and you can expect to see them all over if you visit Seoul!

Purchase Inspire Me Korea Box

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 9

Price range: $31.50 to $35 per month depending on length of subscription

Items per box: 8 items

Regularity: Once per month.

Nomakenolife (NMNL for short) is a beauty box that offers products from both South Korea and Japan. These products are generally split about 50/50, meaning that each box will have around 4 Korean beauty products and 4 Japanese beauty products.

I recently did a review on the NMNL beauty box and found that the box provided a lot more value than what the box costs. There was a wide range of different items, and every box also includes one beauty-related tool (such as the hair drying glove in the image above).

The boxes can include almost anything related to Korean and Japanese beauty and I had a good time experimenting with the included products. If you find a product that you like, NMNL also has a store that allows you to purchase more.

Purchase NMNL Box

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 10

Price range: $49.95 ($19.90 for face-mask box)

Items per box: Around 11 items

Regularity: Seasonal (once every three months).

Factory is a brand that is instantly eye-catching due to its cute product designs. Even more interesting is that since they are a skincare brand themselves, their boxes often include products from Facetory itself among other famous Korean brands.

The main subscription box from Facetory offers a range of skincare and beauty products as well as some sheet masks to try. This box will include 5-6 skincare products along with 5-6 sheet masks. Facetory also offers a cheaper box that includes only sheet masks.

In the sheet mask box, you can expect to find a variety of Korean beauty masks. This box includes 7 masks and can also include 1 or 2 other beauty items. The price of this box makes it very attractive for anyone looking to find their favourite masks!

Purchase Facetory Box

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 11

Price range: $39

Items per box: 8 items

Regularity: Once per month.

Bomi Box is a subscription box that is jam-packed with Korean beauty products. Even better, these boxes include skincare products from a range of popular Korean beauty brands such as Innisfree, Tony Moly, Skinfood, and more!

The box advertises a value of over $80, meaning that you are getting around double the value that you spend. While I am unsure of this box specifically as I haven’t tried it, I could definitely see this as being true after experiencing other Korean subscription beauty boxes.

From Bomi Boxes you can expect to find a variety of sheet masks, skin cleansers, moisturisers and more. There’s a very large variety of products that can come in each box and this adds to the surprise.

Purchase Bomi Box

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 12

Price range: $34.95

Items per box: Around 7 items

Regularity: Once per month.

The K-beauty Box is one of the larger Korean beauty boxes with a large variety of products inside. Each box could include anything from serums, cleansers, and mists to sheet masks and anti-ageing creams. As you may be able to tell, The K-Beauty Box has one of the most diverse beauty selections on this list!

You can choose to subscribe monthly, for three months, six months, or annually. Further, each of these subscriptions will give you a slight discount meaning that you can save further. The products included are often cheaper and buying the box will save you money compared to getting the items outright.

One of the biggest benefits is that The K-beauty Box offers free shipping. When factoring in this additional cost, this subscription box ends up coming in cheaper than many of the other beauty boxes on this list.

Purchase The K-beauty Box

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 13

Price range: $39.99 (starting at $9.99 for the mask only box)

Items per box: Around 5-6 items

Regularity: Bi-monthly.

The Kiyomi Beauty Box is another popular Korean beauty box and one that has been around for a few years. There are two boxes – the beauty box, and the mask box. The beauty box often includes masks, but it can also contain a variety of other cosmetic and skincare products.

The mask box, on the other hand, provides customers with an assortment of different masks every second month. This box is much more affordable and is a great choice for anyone that is still experimenting with Korean face masks to find their favourites.

Kiyomi Beauty Box is one of the only boxes on this list that is bi-monthly and this is important to keep in mind. Rather than receiving a box at your doorstep every month, you can expect to find one every second month.

Purchase Kiyomi Beauty Box

If you are a big fan of K-pop, then these are the boxes for you to check out! All of these Korean subscription boxes offer a range of different K-pop apparel, with some of them offering idol based products (such as water bottles or diaries) and some of them offering albums.

Since BTS and Blackpink are currently extremely famous, many of these boxes focus on them. However, there are some items from other groups/idols and some boxes (such as Korea Box) even let you choose what idols you are most interested in!

Price range: $39.99 for K-pop Box and $49.99 for album box

Items per box:

Regularity: Once per month.

Korea Box makes this list again as not only do they sell Korean snack boxes, but they also have a couple of K-pop subscription boxes! They provide a standard K-pop box which includes a variety of goodies, and also an album box which comes with an album a few items.

One of the best parts of the Korea Box K-pop boxes is that they allow you to choose a group/idol that you are interested in. The team at Korea Box will then do their best to include some items related to who you chose. Of course, it might not always be possible to get exactly what you want but it’s a nice choice to have!

Sunny (the creator), also does unboxing videos on her Youtube channel. If you are interested in seeing what’s inside past boxes, or perhaps even current boxes, then make sure to check out her videos!

Purchase Korea Box

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 14

Price range: $49.99 for BTS Box

Items per box: 5-7

Regularity: Once per month.

The BTS Box from Seoulade is every BTS lovers dream. The box includes five to seven BTS related items per month, and every month has a different collection.

In the past, the boxes have included items such as BT21 pillows, hoodies, socks, diaries, stickers, and more. From the reviews it also seems as though each box includes one or two bigger items along with a variety o smaller items.

Seoulade also offers an extensive store with BTS items for anyone that is looking for something specific. If you purchase a box and particularly like a specific item, it’s more than likely that there is more of that item in the store!

Purchase BTS Box

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 15

Price range: $46.95

Items per box: 6-8 items

Regularity: Once per month.

If you are a big fan of any of Korea’s current four biggest groups then the Kloot Box is sure to have something for you. These boxes currently come in four different flavours – BTS, Blackpink, EXO and Twice.

Each of these boxes will have a range of different K-pop goods inside related to the group that you chose. On top of K-pop merchandise, many of the boxes also include a few Korean snacks. This is a nice little bonus and means that every box will come with a small taste of Korea!

If you are a fan of a specific group (especially if they are currently one of the most popular groups) then the Kloot Box is a great choice of subscription box! It’s also a great gift idea.

Purchase BTS Box

While each of the previous subscription boxes on this list has been dedicated to a particular aspect of Korean culture that is popular, these boxes are more diverse. The boxes included in the last section of this article don’t focus on a specific niche, but will provide a range of Korean goods.

Inside these boxes you will typically find items such as K-pop merchandise, Korean food items (snacks and maybe ramyun), cute stationary and potentially stickers/postcards. If you have nothing in particular that you want to experience but instead want to experience a variety of Korean goods these are the subscription boxes to get!

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 16

Price range: $49.99 for an annual subscription of $54.99 for a seasonal subscription

Items per box: 10+ items

Regularity: Seasonal (once per three months)

Daebak Box is my personal favourite Korean subscription box for general goods and I recently did a full review of Daebak Box. Although this box seems more expensive initially, after doing some research I found that it was a great deal compared to purchasing the items outright.

The box comes out every three months (once per season) and every season has a different theme and items. In each box you can generally expect a few food/snack items, some cosmetic items, some stationary, and a variety of other (often cute) Korean goods.

Deabak Box also often includes rare or limited edition items. For example, in the winter 2020 Daebak Box limited edition Korean cultural Pepsi cans were available. These cans are quite unique and were limited edition here in Korea.

Purchase Daebak Box

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 17

Price range: $30

Items per box: 7+ items

Regularity: Once per month.

Inspire Me Korea also sells a K-Culture Box which includes a range of different Korean cultural items. Each box includes at least 7 items, with one magazine, one language flashcard, 5 cultural souvenirs and potentially some K-pop merchandise.

The included magazine is particularly interesting as it is a magazine unique to the Inspire Me Korea Box. These magazines provide information on topics such as the latest fashion trends in Seoul, the best cafes to visit in Seoul, and more!

While the Inspire Me Korea Box doesn’t include as many items as boxes such as Daebak Box, it’s also substantially cheaper making it a good choice to consider!

Purchase K-Culture Box

17 Korean Subscription Boxes to Try Out | Snacks, Cosmetics, and More! 18

Price range: $29.99

Items per box: 4-5 items

Regularity: Seasonal (once per three months)

The Daebak Jewelry Box isn’t really a general Korean cultural box like the other boxes listed in this section, but it didn’t fit elsewhere on the list and I still wanted to include it. This box comes from the same people behind Daebak Box and SnackFever and is a great choice for anyone who loves jewelry.

Each box comes with 4-5 items from the streets of Seoul. While Korea is known for fashion and cosmetics, many people don’t realise that local jewellery is incredibly popular – even better, it’s affordable! When exploring Seoul, you will find tons of jewellery stores around the place.

This box is sent out once every three months and can include a range of accessories. You can expect to find items such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Purchase Daebak Jewelry Box

What’s the Most Affordable Subscription Box?

The most affordable snack boxes are Korean Snack Box and Korea Box. For cosmetics, mask boxes such as Kiyomi are generally the cheapest. Finally, for Korean souvenir boxes the Inspire Me Korea Box is a great choice.

What Is the Best Korean Subscription Box?

If you are looking for general Korean goods then I personally recommend Daebak Box. There is a wide variety of items inside and they are well worth the price.

Where Can I Buy Korean Subscription Boxes?

This depends on the box. Most boxes will have their own websites, however, many boxes are also for sale on Cratejoy.

What’s the Best Korean Snack Box?

SnackFever has the biggest variety, but I also really enjoyed the Korea Box snack box.

What’s the Best Korean Beauty Box?

This really depends on what you want. However, I have heard good things about the Facetory Box and Bomi Box!

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