Places to Visit in Seoul

With 25 million people and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, how can you possibly find all of the places worth visiting in Seoul? While I am only one person and can't possibly visit everywhere, I hope to help you find some of the best locations to visit in this wonderful city.

  • Seoul Botanic Garden

    Seoul’s Newest Attraction: Seoul Botanic Park

    The Seoul Botanic Park is Seoul’s newest attraction, opening less than two weeks ago on May the 1st. The park takes up an area of over 70 football fields and the indoor Botanic Garden itself is over 7,500 square meters. Location Seoul Botanic Park is located at Gangseo-gu and can be accessed via the Magongnaru Station. Magongnaru Station is located on line 9 and the Airport Express Line – just before Gimpo Airport Station. Exiting the station from exits 3 and 4 will take you to the park. Exit 4 however, is slightly closer. This will take you straight into the Botanic Park, and from there it is a 15-minute…

  • Seoul sunset at Namsan Tower

    The 7 Most Beautiful Sunsets in Seoul

    I’ve been saying that Seoul has the most beautiful sunsets for years now. However, somehow, people still doubt that. This post is proof that Seoul has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. On top of that, I’ve wanted to write an article on the best views in Seoul for years now. While this isn’t quite that, it’s a precursor to a possible future article. I hope you enjoy learning about the most beautiful sunsets in Seoul! Yeouido I begin this list with one of the most popular places in Seoul to view the sunset. But that isn’t to say it should be discounted, it’s truly one of…

  • Naksan park blossoming in spring

    5 Must Visit Parks in Seoul

    It can be hard to find nature in the urban jungle of Seoul. However, Seoul has some amazing parks! While this list is hardly exhaustive, I wanted to cover some of the in Seoul that everyone should visit. From famous parks such as Olympic Park to lesser known parks such as Naksan Park, these are 5 of the must visit parks in Seoul. Naksan Park One of the most underrated parks in Seoul is also one of the best! Reasons to visit Naksan Park: Close to Dongdaemun and central to northern Seoul. One of the best places to view cherry blossoms in Seoul in spring. Stunning views over the city.…

  • Myeongdong Street Food

    The Best Street Food in Seoul!

    With the massive crowds and expensive shopping, why exactly does everyone like Myeongdong? Myeongdong is famous as it is one of the most built-up areas of Seoul. With one of the most stunning skylines in Seoul, it is also one of the most popular areas to visit. Myeongdong is also one of the most widely covered (in terms of blogs and articles) areas in Seoul due to its insane popularity. Nearly every tourist to the city has Myeongdong on their bucket list. I was not planning on covering the area as it is simply too common already. However, when visiting the other day there were a lot of cool street…

  • Nanji Han River Park Views!

    Best Han River Views

    With a river as large as the Han it can be pretty hard to find the perfect photo location. With that being said, I want to share with you some of my top photo locations – and a few that I don’t think you would have heard of before! The river has some fantastic locations to take photos. From more standard locations such as Nanji Hangang park to Ttukseom Resort to the Han River bridges, I will cover all of the best locations in this post! Most of these locations offer picnic locations and public facilities which make them perfect to enjoy an evening near the Han. With that being…

  • Silver Grass in Pyoenghwa

    Must Visit Fall Parks in Seoul

    World Cup Stadium(월드컵공원) is a well-known location in Seoul due to its large variety of beautiful gardens. Most famously known for Haneul Park, there is a lot more to World Cup Stadium than just Haneul. The area itself is very large, and you can easily spend a whole afternoon or evening there if you want to enjoy all of the gardens different sights and attractions. This week I had the chance to visit another of the five gardens located at World Cup Stadium – Pyeonghwa Park (평화공원). Together with Haneul Park, Nanji Stream Park, Nanji Han River Park, and Sunset Park, these five gardens take up a large area of…