Jeju Island

Jeju Island is often considered Korea's Paradise. Located off the southern coast of South Korea, it is a short trip from anywhere in the country. With mountain peaks, beaches, and everything in between, it is a must visit place for anyone wanting to explore Korea.

  • Udo Beach

    One Day Itinerary for Udo Island

    All of Korea isn’t Seoul. It’s something you will hear time and time again. Seoul isn’t all there is to Korea. This is something that few visitors realise until they get the chance to leave the city – me included. But once you leave the cities, there is a whole new dimension to the country. People with amazing stories, beautiful nature, and fascinating wildlife. If you come to Korea, make sure that you don’t only stay in the cities. The are amazing, but Korea offers so much more! This is where Udo comes in… Udo isn’t exactly a ‘country’ location. On the contrary, it’s really quite popular. However, it isn’t…