This section is all about South Korea. Whichever aspect of South Korea appeals to you it is probably covered here. From the streets of Seoul to the beaches on the East Coast, I cover every location I visit.

  • The Best Fine Dust Masks

    Fine Dust Masks – What You Need to Know

    The wrong fine dust mask, or one worn incorrectly, is only a waste of money. I recently published an article discussing the air quality in Korea and how to deal with it. After sharing the post on Facebook, a lot of people disagreed about the usage period of disposable masks. Many people said that they use them for a few days in a row, and that they are still effective for a few days of heavy pollution. I realize there is a lot of confusion out there as to how specifically the masks work, and I want to discuss which masks are the best, how long they last, and more, in…

  • Seoul Botanic Garden

    Seoul’s Newest Attraction: Seoul Botanic Park

    The Seoul Botanic Park is Seoul’s newest attraction, opening less than two weeks ago on May the 1st. The park takes up an area of over 70 football fields and the indoor Botanic Garden itself is over 7,500 square meters. Location Seoul Botanic Park is located at Gangseo-gu and can be accessed via the Magongnaru Station. Magongnaru Station is located on line 9 and the Airport Express Line – just before Gimpo Airport Station. Exiting the station from exits 3 and 4 will take you to the park. Exit 4 however, is slightly closer. This will take you straight into the Botanic Park, and from there it is a 15-minute…

  • Seoul sunset at Namsan Tower

    The 7 Most Beautiful Sunsets in Seoul

    I’ve been saying that Seoul has the most beautiful sunsets for years now. However, somehow, people still doubt that. This post is proof that Seoul has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. On top of that, I’ve wanted to write an article on the best views in Seoul for years now. While this isn’t quite that, it’s a precursor to a possible future article. I hope you enjoy learning about the most beautiful sunsets in Seoul! Yeouido I begin this list with one of the most popular places in Seoul to view the sunset. But that isn’t to say it should be discounted, it’s truly one of…

  • The Sunset Over Seoul

    Why Seoul Is the Best Student City

    Somehow, Seoul has sneaked into the top 10 student cities list for the three consecutive years. Yet why is it that Seoul is hardly ever considered as being a good place to study? Korea often isn’t the first place that comes to mind for study abroad options. I want to add Korea to people’s minds though – especially considering Seoul has currently rated as the 10th best student city in the world. So why is Seoul rated so highly? The Topuniversities rankings account for affordability, employer activity, desirability, student mix, rankings and student view. The reason that Seoul is rated so highly becomes quickly apparent when you sort the rankings – It…

  • Seoul From Namsan Tower

    First Impressions of Seoul

    This article is written by Ali, someone who came to Korea not knowing what to expect, or really anything about Korea at all. He talks about his experiences in Korea in the 12 days he spent here, and how he went from knowing next to nothing about the country to becoming someone who loves it. It’s always interesting to hear the experiences of others, and Ali’s experiences as someone who came to Korea not knowing what he was getting into, are both fascinating and inspiring. I hope you enjoy reading about his trip as much as I did, and if you want to learn more about him, check out his…

  • Naksan park blossoming in spring

    5 Must Visit Parks in Seoul

    It can be hard to find nature in the urban jungle of Seoul. However, Seoul has some amazing parks! While this list is hardly exhaustive, I wanted to cover some of the in Seoul that everyone should visit. From famous parks such as Olympic Park to lesser known parks such as Naksan Park, these are 5 of the must visit parks in Seoul. Naksan Park One of the most underrated parks in Seoul is also one of the best! Reasons to visit Naksan Park: Close to Dongdaemun and central to northern Seoul. One of the best places to view cherry blossoms in Seoul in spring. Stunning views over the city.…