Cat Cafes – Crazy Cats!

Cat Cafes – Crazy Cats!

Seoul is known for many things, super fast internet, efficient public transport, vast amounts of culture and tradition… But it isn’t known as the city of cats, something that I have come to associate with Seoul more often than not. What do I mean exactly? Well, the city is full of stray cats, they are nearly everywhere. Indeed, it is certainly more than I have ever seen in a city. But not only this, there are also tens (if not hundreds) of cat cafes scattered around Seoul, places that are popular for residents to go and visit and get their weekly dose of animal time.

By now you might think I’m crazy… I visit these silly cafes every few weeks! What am I doing?! Well, I have a few reasons. Being a student I don’t really have enough money or the time to look after my own pet. However, my whole life I have had pets, and these cafes are one of the few places I can still interact with, and see animals. It is something I miss, but something I have to put up with for the time being. Further, they provide an easy and fun location for me to visit and practice my photography when I have nothing else to be photographing.

The most recent cafe on my list of places to visit was a new cafe that has popped up near my home, a cat cafe in Sungshin (Sungshin Women’s University Station). This cafe is quite non-descript and is rather out-of-the-way on the third floor of a corner building. It is relatively small (but very modern and clean) and contains around eight cats.

What interested me the most though is how active the cats were. They are really playful and excited… From the ginger cat that had a crazy obsession with the box to the cat that kept attempting to fly, the cats here are very fun and active. If you want some excitement then this is definitely the cafe to check out. The cost is 7000 won for entry and 9000 for entry with a drink (of which they offer a range of standard drinks, coffee, cold drinks, etc). Here is the exact location of the cafe.

I have visited a lot of cat cafes, but this one is definitely in my top 5. The cleanliness and the overall feel of the cafe make it a nice place to relax while playing with some (crazy) cats. If you have any questions or comments please let me know down below and I will reply as soon as I am able. And don’t forget to share this post!

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