Blogging Essentials

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Everyone has some things that they can’t do without. Whether that is a good book, a necklace with sentimental value, or whatever else.

As a blogger, there are quite a few things that I have realised I can’t do without. While there are a multitude of things that make blogging easier, more convenient, or faster, there are few true essentials.

However, that isn’t to say there aren’t a few essentials! These are my blogging essentials – things that I can’t do without on my blogging journey.


As a photographer first, my camera is a vital piece of my blogging kit. Something that you may not know about me is that my photography hobby actually lead to a job. That job then lead into another hobby. That hobby was blogging. Now I hope that blogging can become my job!

The camera that I use is the Sony A7Rii. I began using Canon cameras before switching to Nikon. After some unpleasant experiences however, I decided to sell and move to Sony. I have since fallen in love with my A7Rii.

Sony A7R2

As a blogging camera, it is overkill. Especially for anybody getting into the scene. However, as I said above, I came from photography and I already had a camera and some lenses. Since I am primarily a landscape photographer the camera suits me very well.

When in need, it is also a great double as a blogging camera. Due to the size and weight of the camera, it is far more convenient to carry than a DSLR.

There are a lot of great travel blogging cameras out there, and whatever suits your needs is the best camera.

Photography Gear

Photography involves a lot of gear. So much so that I really can’t be bothered going through all of it. However, there are a few key items that are definitely essential for me!

Manfrotto Befree

The tripods that I use are the Manfrotto Pixi and the Manfrotto BeFree. I love these tripods and they have both served me very well. They are small and compact and made from quality materials.

Manfrotto Pixi

To carry all of my gear I use the Lowepro Flipside 300. The backpack is fantastic and holds everything I need on my usual travels. It isn’t too big and while costly, it is much cheaper than many alternative options.

LowePro Flipside 300

Blog Hosting

I’ve gone through a few web hosts in my (relatively short) time blogging. Even in that time I have quickly come to see the value in having a good host. Not only for problem solving and speed, but also for SEO.

These days I use Siteground and I am more than happy. My time with them hasn’t been problem-free though. I had an issue with them which took a few months and some escalations to solve. However, since then everything has been smooth.

If you are looking for a great host that is also affordable then Siteground is an option to consider. They also offer free site migrations for one website and this makes their deals very tempting. 

Social Media Management

I no longer schedule social media posts. There is one exception though! That exception is Pinterest. 

Posting over 20 times a day manually is painful. Very much so. To avoid this issue I use Tailwind, and I love it! 

Tailwind Pinterest

Tailwind is a Pinterest management tool that manages scheduling and posting of pins. It does so much more though and is also capable of amplifying your pin reach. There is no other tool that is as in-depth as Tailwind is for Pinterest. 

The reason that Tailwind is so valuable for me is that a large portion of blog traffic comes from Pinterest. The cost of $9.99 per month for Tailwind is more than justified by the amount of traffic that results from it!

Neve Theme

A great wordpress theme can make or break a site. Not only for usability and appearances, but also for speed, and in turn SEO.

I’ve used a lot of different themes across a few websites and there are a few reasons that I settled on Neve. Not only is it mobile-friendly (I mean AMP, not just responsive!), but it is also incredibly lightweight and fast. It sets the basis that you need for great Google rankings. 

Neve is also a great choice because it is a one-off cost. Too many themes charge annually! Blog costs can quickly stack up and I appreciate the method that Themeisle took with Neve Theme.

Finally, the theme is highly customisable and works great across all devices. I’ve only been using Neve for a few months, but I already know that I will be using it for many more.


I’m sure that at this point everyone knows of Grammarly. It seems that I see their advertisements everywhere!

For anyone wondering, Grammarly is essentially an editor for your writing. It can correct most mistakes and it can even give you better word choices for your writing. It isn’t as great as reading over the text yourself, but it is a great third check.

You don’t need the paid version though! There is a great Grammarly option for free which provides most of the functions of the paid version. While it doesn’t have the more advanced features, it is more than enough!