Beautiful Bridges of Seoul

Beautiful Bridges of Seoul

The Han River is famous for flowing right through the centre of Seoul. Being nearly 1km wide though, that can cause some problems. 28 Bridges currently bridge (get it?) the gap between the north and the south of the river. Some of the bridges are famous for their beauty – bridges like Banpo and Hangang Bridge. While others are just… Bridges and nothing more. These are the bridges of Seoul!

However, one thing that nearly all of the bridges of Seoul have in common is that they have some amazing views. Last night I visited Mapo bridge (near Yeouido) with a friend to take some photos. With the Han being so wide, and there being so many buildings and roads bordering the river, there are some stunning views.

Mapo Bridge

Mapo Bridge’s view is quite stunning!

Not just Mapo bridge has good views though, as each bridge has its own unique view that can’t be found elsewhere. Last week I visited Dongho Bridge with some friends and that too has some beautiful views.

Dongho Bridge

Dongho Bridge is also rather stunning! I definitely recommend trying to visit at sunset.

If you are a photographer and are planning to visit Seoul (or already live here) then visiting the bridges of Seoul is a surefire way to get some good photos. They may not be the most stunning locations, but the photos will always turn out good. With such a stunning view it’s impossible that they don’t!

If you want more beautiful views I would also suggest the Seogang Bridge that leads towards Yeouido. Looking towards Yeouido and the Blue House (the presidential building) makes for a fantastic view.

Seogang Bridge

The view off of Seogang Bridge!

Right next to it is the Yangwha Bridge which also provides a good view of Yeouido. Not because it goes to Yeouido, but because it runs parallel to the Seongang Bridge (above). Looking to the east you will be greeted by some amazing views!

Yanghwa Bridge

Yanghwa Bridge in the distance!

Every bridge has its own unique characteristics and looks, and given the chance, I would love to visit them all. Next on my list is Seongsu Bridge!

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  1. The bridges look so beautiful at night with the apartments in the background. Thank you for sharing the Han and nearby bridges. Great pictures, I pinned for later and sharing!

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